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These iPhone Hacks From TikTokers Are The Coolest Tricks Yet

Thanks to TikTok, there are always new life hacks. There was the time you got the scoop on how to clean your AirPods, and the time your favorite TikToker showed how to pose in mirror selfies. But, despite having tons of good hacks in your back pocket, you're still looking for more iPhone hacks on TikTok that'll make your life easier and, let's be honest, cooler.

You want to know all the shortcuts that exist, so you can amaze a coworker during your next Zoom meeting or a housemate during dinner. You don't want to be left in dark mode on the unique ways you can tap the back of your device or take photos that are as high-definition as a movie. So, you may be scrolling through the #iphonetricks hashtag in the days after each new iOS update to get the latest tips from TikTokers around the world.

Give your thumb a break from the swiping and scrolling, and watch the below iPhone hack videos on TikTok. Each might make your mouth drop or make you think, "Why haven't I been doing this all along?" These hacks just might be life-changing and make you look at your iPhone a bit differently.


How To Quickly Move Your Apps

When iOS 14 was released in Sept. 2020, many of us started to design our home screens to feature a specific color palette or photos we love. Whether you're changing up your home screen again or hopping on this bandwagon for the first time, this video will show you how to quickly move your apps around. Essentially, it requires holding down on the app until it jiggles, and then tapping on the other apps you want to move with it, while still holding down on that app.


How To Film Videos In 4K

If you don't already know, 4K definition is about as high-quality as it gets. If you film a video at this level, it will be crispier than if you did so at 1080p. This TikToker shows how to filma video on your phone in 4K and the shocking results you can achieve. Simply go to Settings > Camera > Record Video. Then, select either the 4K at 30fps or 4K at 60fps — fps standing for "frames per second."


How To Control Your iPhone With Head Movements

The Accessibility tab in your iPhone settings opens up the door to many cool hacks and tricks. One of these tricks actually lets you control your iPhone with head movements.

This works by going to Settings > Accessibility > Switch Control. From there, you'll want to turn your Switch Control on, and then you'll be able to name, create, and define movements. You can turn your head to the left to have your phone open up your camera, or to the right to go back to your home screen. It is all detailed in this TikTok video.


How To Use The Apple Logo Like A Button

Believe it or not, the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone is more than just a design. Thanks to the Accessibility settings, you can touch it to go back to your home screen — much like the old home button.

Here's how to set this up: Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap > Double Tap. Choose what you'd like a double-tap on the logo to do, including bring you to your home screen or muting your device.


How To Take Breathtaking Videos Of Raindrops

This hack is kind of unbelievable. It allows you to take the most stunning videos of raindrops, which you can then use in an IG story, a TikTok video, or any larger video project you may be working on.

To try it out, put your camera on Slo-Mo. Bring your lens close to raindrops that are about to fall, and then "drop" your phone, aka quickly lower it, as the drops fall to capture the rain in action.


How To Record A Video Without Your Music Stopping

Trying to take a video and play your music at the same time is impossible — except, it's not. This TikTok video shows you how you can do both simultaneously, as opposed to settling for quiet video recordings. Basically, open up your camera while playing music. Make sure you're on the photo setting, and then tap and hold the capture button. Drag it to the right and record away.


How To Create A GIF On Your Camera Roll

Have you ever wanted to create a GIF of your day? This hack is super easy and will create something magical for your feed. To do it, head to your camera roll and select photos you'd want to be in your GIF. Then, hit the bottom left options button, and a tab that says "Create GIF."

You might notice that your iPhone doesn't have this tab. To make it appear, you'll need to create a new shortcut. How to do this is detailed in this Instagram Reels video.

Sours: https://www.elitedaily.com/p/7-iphone-hacks-on-tiktok-that-are-the-coolest-tricks-yet-55316620

"Life-changing" iPhone hack revealed in viral TikTok video

You'll find many things on TikTok, from dancing to, er, more dancing. You'll also find, if you look hard enough, some pretty cool iOS hacks on the platform – and the latest viral video has revealed a feature we didn't even realise was possible.

If you've ever wanted to schedule a text message on your iPhone, it turns out you can thanks to the iPhone's built in Shortcuts app. Yep, as much as we might think we know the best camera phones, seems there's always something new to learn.


Did you know you could do this? 🤯

♬ Punk Monk - Playboi Carti

As Frank McShan's video (above) shows, the process is pretty simple. All you have to do is create a 'personal automation' in the Shortcuts app. Here, users can chose a specific time of day to automate a message. And by toggling off the "ask before running" popup, the message can be sent with zero input from the user.

Scheduling a text message might seem a pretty niche function, but there could be plenty of uses, especially when it comes to reminders. And it's clear from Twitter that iPhone users have been crying out for a schedule message function for a while:

See more

See more

The clip has already been viewed more than 1M times on TikTok, with commenters calling the hack "incredible," "life-changing," and, yes, "mind-blowing". While we wouldn't go quite that far, it's always fun to discover new functionality on a device we use every day. The iPhone 13 might sound incredible, but will it be able to schedule text messages? (Unless Apple pulls the plug on this particular shortcut, we have a feeling it will).

Read more:

Sours: https://www.creativebloq.com/news/tik-tok-iphone-message-hack
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TikTok Users Are Sharing the Wildest iPhone Hacks, and We Bet You Didn't Know These

TikTok is the place to go for all things hack-wise, especially when it comes to iPhone tips and tricks. Apple is no stranger to way-cool tech advances, and iPhones are filled with shortcuts, techniques, and little-known secrets that even some of the most tech-savvy people don't know about. For one, who knew that the Apple icon on the back of your phone is actually an extra button you can use? That should be common knowledge for iPhone users, not only because it's cool, but because it's also super useful!

If you're interested in getting the most out of your phone, these hacks discovered by TikTok users will amp up your screen time like never before. Complete with ways to take the coolest photos for Instagram-worthy content, unlock your phone using face ID with a face mask on (!), and ways to make your battery life longer, these hacks will give you a much better and advanced user experience. Keep reading to see the most groundbreaking iPhones from TikTok, ahead.

Sours: https://www.popsugar.com/tech/tiktok-iphone-hacks-48218737

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