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With Blue Mountain State football star Thad Castle recently signing a multi-million dollar NFL contract, his teammates and college life seem like a distant memory. However, when a new school dean threatens to clean up the BMS image by auctioning off the infamous Goat House, Alex, Sammy and the boys must find a way to convince him to get involved. Despite his new fortune and fame, there is one small favor that Thad needs done before he saves the day: the biggest booze-and-sloot fest in BMS history. Welcome to Thadland!

Popular reviews

  • Matthew Saponar

    not a movie.

    a twisted pile of cancerous, drug-fueled, toxic misogyny. a sweaty, aneurysm-including aurora of gay panic and masculinity. a laugh-less comedy wrapped and sealed with a faux letter of acceptance.

    excuse me while i fucking drown myself.

  • Wood

    I'd rather inhale a balloon of Jenkem than ever watch this movie again.

  • Thomas Ringdal
  • Ole Holgersen

    If I were to take a dump every single day, on the exact same spot in my apartment for a year, and measure my pile of shit against the pile of shit film that is Blue Mountain State, my ass would still be jealous of the amount of crap this film was able to produce.

  • Arnika

    A true cinematic masterpiece. Blue Mountain State™: The Rise of Thadland™ expands on the vast universe created in the Television series Blue Mountain State™. With the use of deep and intricate characters that reel you in with their relate-ability this flick not only serves to wow the audiences of but it shall continue to do so for decades without question.
    The true star of this movie is none other than Chris Romano who, not only being one of the creators of the Blue Mountain State series, stars in a leading role as the character Sammy. Romano subjects himself to many embarrassing moments just to achieve the perfect scenes for this motion picture. Without him supporting the narrative of the…

  • KK Slider

    I disappoint myself, with movies I chose to watch

  • jaydeqt

    I’m craving a medium rare well steak (maybe I’m the only one who found this hilarious as I waitress). Blue Mountain State used to be super popular among my friend group in my first year of university despite it being obscene  and crude. Thad is such a hilarious character - imagine trying to not laugh as a costar during his scenes. 

    I couldn’t watch during the weird animal parts - that stuff is too weird for me and unnecessary..

  • Mike McCabe

    I didn't watch, but this looks like a movie for guys who like to slip stuff into girls drinks, so i wont watch

  • Jonathan Case

    Well, what can I say about this one. Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland isn't a great movie nor is it really a good one, but I had a fun time watching it. Being a fan of the show, I will no doubt be much easier on this than others will be.

    This movie really suffered from overkilling the main source of humor from the show. Thad Castle was the funniest character from the original TV show. His bizarre and brain dead antics are hilarious to watch at times. The show speckled him into each episode the perfect amount and based some great ones around him. This movie was really one of the Thad-centric episodes stretched out too long.…

  • Thomas Fjellum

    Okey, I am not denying it. BMS - The Rise of Thadland is a horrible movie. It's dumb, sexist and the plot is overall horrendous. But damn, I enjoyed it.. You know, kinda.

  • Matt Maddock

    Very funny and exactly what you're looking for if you loved the show. 

    However, if you didn't find the show funny, you won't like this movie. It doesn't try and win over any doubtful fans, but rather it aims to give hardcore BMS films what they've been asking for forever: Just a little bit more BMS. And it's wilder, funnier, and has a lot more nudity and swearing. 

    If you like the show, you'll like this. I thought it was a little bit worse than the show, honestly. I think it works better as a show, but I still got a ton of laughs out of it.

  • MikeBoffardi

    One of the writers of this film co-wrote Smosh: The Movie. That makes a lot more sense now.

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Directed by


Ed MarinaroEd Marinaro
 Coach Marty Daniels 39 episodes,
Shane DalyShane Daly
 Conner (Thad's Father) 3 episodes,
Larry DayLarry Day
 Coach Jimmy Wells 2 episodes,
Tod FennellTod Fennell
 Overland Male Cheerleader #1- Evan 1 episode,
Xiao SunXiao Sun
 Goat House Hot Girl #2 1 episode,

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Blue Mountain State

Blue Mountain State is an American television sitcom that premiered on Spike (now Paramount Network) on January 11, The series was created by Chris Romano and Eric Falconer, and produced by Lionsgate Television. The series is about a fictional university, Blue Mountain State, and its football team, the "Mountain Goats". It portrays certain aspects of American university life, including college football, sex, binge drinking, drugs, wild partying, and hazing. Over the years, due in large part to being streamable on Netflix, the series has developed a cult following.

In February , it was reported that Blue Mountain State would not be renewed for a fourth season.[1] On April 8, , The BMS Movie was announced and a Kickstarter launched on April 15, The Kickstarter campaign reached its goal of $ million on May 11, , and the film was released in February



  • Alex Moran (Brooks): A Junior starting quarterback, acting Captain, from Cheyenne, Wyoming.
  • Sammy Cacciatore (Romano): The team mascot (Billy, The Mountain Goat Mascot) from Cheyenne, Wyoming and Alex's roommate, childhood friend and Mary Jo's half brother.
  • Kevin "Thad" Castle (Ritchson): A Senior linebacker/team captain from Connecticut.
  • Martin "Marty" Daniels (Marinaro): Marty is the coach for Blue Mountain State, and former NFL player.
  • Radon Randell (Kennedy) (Starring Season 2)&#;: Radon was the new freshman starting quarterback from Detroit.
  • Craig Shilo (Jones) (Starring Season 1)&#;: A running back from Columbus, Ohio. National High School Player of the Year, Craig Shilo was the team's star freshman player.
  • Denise Roy (Dennis) (Starring Season 1)&#;: Denise is Craig Shilo's high school girlfriend.
  • Mary Jo Cacciatore (Shaw) (Starring Season 2, Recurring Season 3)&#;: Mary Jo is Sammy's younger sister.
  • Debra Simon (Richards) (Recurring Season 2; Starring Season 3): Debra is Marty's ex-wife and current girlfriend.


  • Harmon Tedesco (Cade): Harmon Tedesco is the drug-abusing kicker for the football team. Harmon exploits anything to get him high, from smoking weed to sticking ice rods up his rectum. Harmon lives at the Goat House with Thad, Alex, and Sammy.
  • Donald "Donnie" Schrab (Ramsay): Donnie Schrab is the center for the Blue Mountain State football team. He is somewhat childish and very easygoing. Donnie lives in the Goat House. It was revealed in Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland that Donnie is gay.
  • Larry Summers (Newton): Larry lives in the Goat House, is Thad's best friend, and is often seen following him around. He has shown to do anything to help his team, even diving his finger up Thad's butt on Coach Daniels's orders.
  • Jon Jon Hendrix (Sangui): Coach Jon Jon is Coach Daniels's best friend and second-in-command. He is extremely loyal to his boss
  • Pauline (Chantal Quesnelle) (seasons 1–2): Pauline is the resident cougar at the Blue Mountain State Goat house. She loves it when people pee on her, which is what made her become attracted to Sammy since he peed on her while she was drunk. She's had sex with all the football players and Sammy. She lost her virginity years ago to the lacrosse team in order to broker a truce between the football and lacrosse players. In Season 2, she becomes pregnant and leaves a message at the Goat House. She ultimately decides to raise the baby on her own, until it is announced that Coach Daniels is the father.
  • Kate (Heffern): Kate is Captain of the cheerleading squad. She has shown great disdains towards both Sammy and Mary Jo. In Season 2, it is revealed that she is Thad's personal cheerleader after she sprains her ankle, and makes Mary Jo fill in for her.
  • Warren Simon (Ted Atherton) (season 2): Warren is the dean of Blue Mountain State. He was a nerd in his youth and resents Coach Daniels. He tried to humiliate Alex by holding a banquet in his honor and giving a speech on a paper he knows Alex didn't write, and he convinces the nerds to turn on the jocks. His plans were ruined by a prank led by Sammy. Warren was dating Debra, Daniels' ex-wife, but she and Daniels eventually got back together.



Main article: List of Blue Mountain State episodes

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release date
Sneak previewSeason premiereSeason finaleRegion 1Region 2
113 N/A January 11, March 30, October 5, August 22,
213 October 16, October 20, January 19, September 13, N/A
313 September 17, September 21, November 30, February 4, N/A


Metacritic gave the series 38 out of , from the four reviews it collected.[2] Brian Lowry of Variety found that "Blue Mountain embraces that (crude comedy) aspect of Spike's mandate over all else – putting the bodily function/semi-nudity cart before the sitcom horse."[3] Lowry also stated: "[Spike] has simply made this too-blue "Mountain" into a comedic molehill."[3] Mark A. Perigard of the Boston Herald gave the series a favorable review saying, "Blue is also frequently funny in a raunchy American Pie way. It's a college comedy in which the guys want to get wasted and laid, in whatever order." Joe Walljasper of the Columbia Daily Tribune describes the series as appealing to those who viewed the film Porky's and "felt that the jokes were a little too high-brow.".[4]

In its first season, the show averaged , viewers in its first six episodes while improving on the time slot by % among men 18–[5] In its second season, its premiere drew a rating in Men 18–34, up 34% compared to the first season average and was ranked No. 2 in its timeslot. Over the season it showed significant ratings growth compared to season 1, delivering a +33% increase in Men 18–34, +50% in Men 18–24, and +14% in Men 18–[6] Season 3 of Blue Mountain State started airing on September 21, on Spike.[7]

The show has gathered a small cult following after it was released on Netflix.[8][9] Fans of the show often start petitions and Facebook pages to make Spike bring the show back for a fourth season. Many members of the cast, especially Page Kennedy, hinted at a reunion project in the month leading up the announcement of the film. Kennedy made Vines and tweeted with show stars Darin Brooks, Alan Ritchson, Frankie Shaw, Chris Romano and Sam Jones III.

Filming locations[edit]

The Herzberg buildingon the John Abbott College campus, which doubles as Blue Mountain State University in the show.
  • Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Quebec
  • John Abbott College, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec (Practice field) (Fraternity House Ext.)
  • McGill University (Macdonald Campus), Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec (Dorm, Class Room)
  • Lower Canada College (Chamandy Ice Rink), Montreal, Quebec (Ice Rink)
  • Cunninghams Pub, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec (Bar)
  • Mel's studios (Fraternity House Interiors)


The series premiered on Spike on January 11, in the United States.[10] In Australia and New Zealand, the series airs on MTV Australia and MTV New Zealand, respectively, beginning April 22, [citation needed] The series began airing in the United Kingdom April 18, on MTV.[citation needed]MTV Germany and Viva (TV station) also broadcast the series with great success in Germany and The Netherlands. MTV Brasil began airing the series August 3, [11] The show also began airing on The Score in Canada in October

Season 3 began airing September 21, on Spike at 11&#;pm.[12]

Feature film[edit]

Main article: Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland

In March , Ed Marinaro stated in an interview with Class Act Sports that he was working on a Blue Mountain State film. He continued to hint on Twitter at some 'behind-the-scenes' work being done on said movie.[13] In early March , Page Kennedy started hinting at Blue Mountain State reunion project on Instagram, Vine and Twitter along with Darin Brooks, Kelly Kruger, Alan Ritchson, Sam Jones III, Frankie Shaw and Romanski.

On April 8, , Blue Mountain State: The Movie was officially announced. To help make the announcement, Alan Ritchson, in character as Thad Castle, made a fake video featuring Jimmy Kimmel (the Kimmel footage was from a interview with Kanye West).

On April 15, the production launched a Kickstarter campaign, much like the hugely successful campaign by Veronica Mars to get the cancelled show made into a feature film. The project's goal was to raise $ million by May 15 in order to fund the film. There were rewards for donating to campaign, such as personalized tweets from the cast (for donating $10), shot and pint glasses with the BMS logo ($20), and a speaking role in the film (for a $10, donation).

On May 11, , the Kickstarter goal of $ million was reached. On May 15, the Kickstarter campaign ended, with the final funds raised being $1,, from 23, backers.[14]

In May , it was announced Jay Chandrasekhar would be the director of the film.[15] However, on September 28, , Lev L. Spiro was announced as the new director of BMS: The Movie.[15] The crew started filming in late on location in Wilmington, North Carolina.[16][17] Filming was reportedly complete by December 14,

The film, titled Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland, was officially released on February 2, [18]


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