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“imagine me and you? I do. I think about you day and night, it’s only right, to think about girl you love and hold her tight, so happy together.” 

jealous! shigaraki tomura - MY HERO ACADEMIA 

note: still looking for more characters to write for! leave me some suggestions! look at my post underneath this please! 


Originally posted by keikakus

you were sitting at the bar with Toga and Dabi. being that the two of you were seemingly the youngest in the league, the three of you strayed towards each other for company. 

“are any of you going out of the hideout tonight?” Dabi asked before taking a sip of his drink, “I might! I wanted to go to the mall and the grocery store to pick up a few things for the next few days. you know Kurogiri has been bitching about us leaving so often that we might get caught so I don’t wan to leave for the next for days just to shut him up,” you responded. 

Dabi hummed in response as Toga pondered on coming with you, “are you going alone?” she asked. you thought for a moment, “I think so. I know Shiggy wanted to come along but he hasn’t mentioned it to me again so I don’t know if he actually is or not.” 

“well let me know! I don’t want to ruin your date with Shiggy,” Toga exclaimed as you gave her a look, “who the hell said it was a date?” you asked as the two of them started laughing. 

“it’s obvious the two of you are like in love!” 

“stabby here is right. he’s like in love with you.” 

you rolled your eyes at what they were saying but remained silent, “shut up, I’m leaving now. I’m going to see if Shiggy wants to come along or not and I want to get back before it turns dark,” you told them before chugging the rest of your drink before slamming the glass and leaving. 

“they totally like each other!” Toga told Dabi as he nodded, “it doesn’t take an idiot to see that,” he replied. 

you made your way back to the hideout to find your blue headed best friend engrossed in a video game. you went to hug him from the back and embraced him, “hey,” you whispered into his ear, “I’m heading to the mall, you coming?” you asked. 

Shiggy sighed putting his controller down before looking at you. it might not have been obvious to you but Shiggy was actually head over heels for you. 

he knew of your past and how popular you were at school before you dropped out. you were cute, way out of his league, and if he was honest, he pictured you with someone more like Dabi. 

“sure,” he mumbled as you gave him an excited smile before grabbing your Converse and putting them on. Shigaraki couldn’t help but watch you bend down to tie the shoe and bite his lip at the show, “lets go, Tomura!” 

you grabbed your bag as he followed behind. even though it was the dead of summer, he still had to remain unidentified and by that, he was wearing black jeans and a black hoodie. 

you on the other hand were wearing something a lot less covered up. being that you and Toga were the only girls in the league, you two kind of matched in uniforms. the only difference was that your clothes was just a different color. 

“Shiggy?” you said with a sing-songy tone of voice, “can you give me a piggy back ride? my shoes are hurting!” you asked as you watched him slump down before bending his knees a bit for you to get on. 

you smiled before jumping on his back and holding on tight. the walk to the mall wasn’t far but he didn’t want it to end. he enjoyed you holding him so tightly and before he knew it, you were playing with his hair underneath his hood. 

“did I ever tell you how soft your hair is?” you told Shiggy as he shook his head no, “it’s really soft! I should use your hair regiment,” you joked as you gave him a kiss on the top of the head. 

he stopped dead in his tracks at the sudden affection making you hit him on accident, “jesus Shiggy! watch it!” you exclaimed as he muttered a sorry before continuing to walk, “how far are we?” he asked as you looked to your phone, “like ten minutes away. why, are you tired?” you asked as you tried to shimmy off of him. 

“no, stay,” he replied as he held you tighter, “aww, thank you Tomura,” you said giving him another kiss on the head. 

he didn’t say anything until the mall came into view. you finally got off of him before holding his hand. Shiggy made sure that whenever he was with you, he wore gloves in case you wanted to hold his hand. 

you ran your thumb over the top of his hand before dragging him to the entrance. your first stop was at the candle store. you tended to buy a lot candles for your room and even a few for the living room so it didn’t smell so awful all the time. 

just as you entered the store, Shiggy told you he would wait in the front while you shopped. he claimed that smelling all the scents would trigger his allergies. you nodded as you made your way inside of the store and grabbed a decently big bag. 

you smelled all the candles that caught your attention before dumping them into the black reusable bag. Shiggy could notice the few guys that were inside of the store watching you. even if they had their partners with them, they would stare at you whenever you bent down to smell one of the candles and if he was being honest, he wanted nothing more than to take his gloves off and turn all those men into dust. 

once he had enough, Shiggy walked inside of the store and walked towards you, “hey Tomura! I thought you didn’t like coming in here,” he didn’t say anything before grabbing your bag and holding it, “I’ll hold it, it looks heavy.”

you gave him a smile before giving him a peck on the cheek before continuing your candle hunt. that was the reaction he was hoping for as he glared down the very same men that were giving you looks before. 

“okay, I think I’m done,” you replied grabbing the bag and hauling it over to the cash register, “just because we’re villains doesn’t mean we won’t support local businesses!” you whispered to him making him chuckle. 

the cashier rung your candles as you gave her cash. after you left the store, you knew that you at least had to bring Shiggy to the game store after enduring your candle endeavor for what felt like two hours. 

“just for your troubles, you can buy one game,” you told him as Shiggy instantly lit up, “seriously?” he asked as you nodded. 

Shiggy immediately dragged you to the nearest Game Stop and ran over to the PS4 games. you weren’t much of gamer yourself but whenever Shiggy asked you to play or noticed that the game he was playing looked like it would be more fun with a second player, you offered to be his player two. 

now that you were thinking about it, maybe Toga and Dabi were right. the two of you did look like a real couple and there were a few instances where you did you things that made it seem like you were together. 

“I’ll wait for you when you’re done!” you told Shiggy as you found the nearest bench and started to smell the candles you just bought again. 

you knew that Shiggy took forever to find a game but you didn’t mind. being the leader of the League of Villains did drain him and you liked seeing him happy, even if it was for a few minutes. 

you heard the music from outside of the store playing and you couldn’t help but dance in your seat. the one thing you did know was that you were probably one of the most attractive people inside of the store so you dancing did turn a few heads. 

“hey, what’s a pretty girl like you doing in this store?” one of the guys asked as you felt yourself rolling your eyes, “waiting for the person I came with to finish their shopping,” you replied with absolutely no sense of emotion. 

the man laughed as he bent down to your height and even went as far to touch your knee, “get your hand off of my knee,” you whispered, “the person I came with won’t take to kindly to your action,” you added on. 

“sweetheart, you can just admit that you’re by yourself, I can buy you whatever it is you want,” he said completely dismissing your entire point, “please take your hand off me. I really don’t want to cause any harm to you but if I won’t, I won’t hesitate to kill you right here. this is your final warning,” you said again as you grabbed your knife from your back skirt pocket. 

you didn’t even get the chance to do anything when you noticed Shigaraki do the very same thing he did to Midoriya when they first encountered each other. his four fingers were wrapped around the mans throat as his fifth stroked it slightly. 

“leave her alone or I will kill you and it won’t be quick. I will torture you until you realize that even thinking of touching her was okay. plus, for your benefit, you really don’t want the entire League of Villains after you.”

you gave the man an ‘I told you’ look as you finally looked to Shiggy, “don’t, it’s not worth it. let’s buy your game and head out. I still need to stop at the grocery store,” you told Shiggy as he nodded and shoved the game into his back pocket. 

just because you liked to purchase things the legal way didn’t mean he did.  

“you guys are weirdos!” the man screamed as he jumped off the floor and ran to the exit. you couldn’t help but laugh as you and Shiggy made it out of the store, “you didn’t buy the game, did you?” you asked feeling the game in his back pocket. 

Shiggy the entire way to the grocery store remained silent. you grabbed his hand in a way to comfort him but his grip on your hand was tighter than usual. 

his mind couldn’t stop thinking of your interaction with that bastard at the game store. the last thing Shiggy wanted to do was place the blame on you but now that he was looking at you, he couldn’t help but look at your clothes. 

your skirt was undeniably short. the top covered what it had to but regardless, he thought your bottom was the issue. Shiggy wasn’t going to make you change it but maybe if you made it even a tad bit longer he’d be fine. 

by the time you were paying for all your items, Shiggy was pissed. he knew it wasn’t exactly like him to do what he was planning doing as soon as you both made it an alleyway but if he didn’t do it before he got back to the hideout, he wouldn’t do it at all. 

you were carrying the food for the week in the bag as you turned the corner to an empty alleyway. you immediately felt Shiggy shoving you against a wall as his hands roamed your thighs. 

“Tomura, what are you doing?” you whispered as he chuckled, “that little stunt at the video game store really pissed me off,” he mentioned as his face was shoved inside of your neck, “I know it wasn’t your wrong doing but it still pissed me off,” he murmured before biting down on your neck. 

you let out a mixture of a moan and a gasp as he sunk his teeth to your neck, “maybe this mark will show everyone to back the fuck off,” he said looking at you through the strands of his baby blue hair. 

you ran your fingers through his hair as he continued attacking your neck, “Shiggy, all you have to do is ask me out and I’ll be yours forever,” you responded as he laughed, “it’s more than that now. someone thought it was okay to touch you so the only way I know how to fix that is to make a mark,” he said as his tongue grazed the bite mark. 

you let him continue his little game until you realized that it was getting a lot more steamier and you really didn’t want to fuck Shiggy in a public alleyway. 

“if we sneak back into the hideout through your room, you can put any marks you want to leave on me,” you said seductively into his ear before nibbling on it, “just carry me back home.” 

Shigaraki did just that and pulled you on his back before booking it back home. during that time, you were leaving small hickey’s on his neck as he tried to run as fast as possible. 

maybe Toga and Dabi were right. maybe it took one action of a man to release the monster that Shiggy had inside of him. whether his intentions were romantic, completely sexual, or both, he was glad you were on board. 

Shiggy wouldn’t know what to do if he had to continue watch you walk around the hideout with that short skirt of yours and not be able to do anything about it. 



Do You like Bakugou Katsuki from BNHA?

Do you constantly want to jump that fine toned booty?

Well look no further, this is where all your wet and wild dreams will come true~! :D

This is a collection of one shots to the occasional mini series with more than one part. Most of the stories will focus on Bakugou Katsuki, but sometimes I might mix in another character I feel like writing about. The book overall will be about Bakugou.

Most chapters will contain descriptive smut. But I tend to use a key for my chapters that go like this:
(F) - Fluff
(A) - Angst
(L) - Lemon/smut
(Au) - Alternate Universes

If it's a mini series they will be marked in (p)'s like p2 p3 p4 - Meaning part 2, part 3, part 4. (No mini series will exceed more than 5/6 parts tops)

I do not accept requests. There are special occasions where I will ask for SUGGESTIONS. Usually this is around Halloween and Christmas, the suggestions have to fit my criteria to be eligible.

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Angel Kiss - Shigaraki Tomura x Reader

Wholesome Shigaraki fluff where your cute crusty leader nurses you back to health… kinda. 

After pacing back and forth outside, Shigaraki finally decided to level up in being an awkward creep and slipped into Y/n’s room. He saw Y/n sick and sleeping (have been for days) in bed. He crawled on top of her to creepily observe and check on his favorite league member.

She looks peaceful like this. Well, she’s always been eerily calm all the time. It didn’t really come as a surprise. With his arms planted on the space beside her head, he was about to lean closer to her face until she opened her eyes and spoke, much to his surprise.

“Boss? Why… what’s up?“

Poor Tomura froze, too stunned from being caught. He thought she won’t wake up because she’s been out for days. Kurogiri even had her on IV cause she only gets up to go to bathroom and nothing else. And even that puts a lot of strain on her beat up body.

"How long have you been conscious?”

“Been awake for quite some time now. Heard some scurrying outside my room.”

They just stayed there in silence with him hovering above her. She sighed and weakly patted the space beside her.

“Lay down.”

And he did, albeit hesitantly.

It was quiet, the bed wasn’t big and Tomura could feel her warmth against his arm as he lay there flat on his back beside her. Her steady breathing and the loud thumping of his heart were the only sounds he could hear. He wondered if she could also hear the latter.

“How are things? I’m sorry i haven’t been… of much use to the league.”

He bit his inner cheek, that wasn’t true at all. If anything, she was one of the most efficient members and could even operate alone. Looking at her weakened form, regretted giving her that particular mission.

It was pure luck that Kurogiri got a gist of the danger she was in and took her back to base before she was about to be pummeled to death. She got the flash drive containing the much needed info though.

But looking at her still healing bruises and broken arm, he thought if that info was even worth all this damage to her.

“Everything’s fine. The information we got from the police intel department was quite useful. The goons managed to get past tight security to create havoc during the inauguration.”

She smiled a little. The League of Villains is starting to pave its way into the society, slowly gaining recognition and striking fear into people’s hearts and becoming a growing thorn in the heroes’ side.

“That’s good. I’m glad.”

“Have you been well?” she continued.

He looked at her in surprise. Clearly she wasn’t in the position to ask about the wellness of someone else when she’s even struggling to get up.

“Better than you’ll ever be” he internally cringed at how much of a jerk he sounded.

She just silently chuckled.

“That’s good to hear.”

She glanced at him, a genuine smile on her face.

“So, Kurogiri told you to check up on me?“

He snorted, as if that mist fucker can tell him to do shit.

"No, i came to check if you’re still alive. Can’t have you rotting here and making the base smell like shit.”

She tried her hardest not to smile, but it came out out anyways.

“What a thoughtful leader you are, Tomura.”

He scowled, although much of his face was obscured by his messy light blue hair.

“I sure am. Can’t have my best pawn dead before everything has come into fruition.”

“Best pawn? I’m deeply honored.”

“Shut it, sick people shouldn’t talk too much.”

She laughed, he blushed and turned away.

Then came the silence again. It was a comforting silence as both of them steadied their breathing.

“Won’t you kiss me, please?“

The sudden bold request caused him to glare daggers at her, and it didn’t help that they were physically close. Just having a glaring psychopath beside you should have anyone pissing in their pants.

"The fuck are you up to?”

 She shrugged.

“They say kisses makes physical ailments go away faster.”

“That’s bullshit.”

“It’s not. It’s backed with medical evidence.”

“That’s dumb.”

“It increases the release of ‘happy hormones’ and lowers stress. I’m quite stressed, you know.”

“It’s part of your job and,” he paused to gulp, “w-why would i even do that?“

"Don’t you want me to feel better?”

She gave him a side glance and smiled smugly, as if expecting him to give way to her request. He was silent in thought, contemplating to knock her down unconscious or actually humor her.


Still casting him short expectant gazes, she waited patiently until he came to a conclusion.

“… Well, you’re a useful asset to my league. T'would be a shame to have you dead.”

She grinned, her eyes fixated on the ceiling. In the corner of her eye, she saw him slowly rising from bed and crouching just above her. If it wasn’t for the absence of light, she would’ve seen the growing blush on his pale face.

He just stayed there for a bit, quite unsure how to proceed. It must be quite a chore for him to even agree, much more going through it. It was very surprising for him to actually agree to her silly whim. Sensing his dilemma, she decided to lessen his burden.

“A kiss on the forehead would be enough.”

“On the forehead?“

"Yeah, that’s how mothers do it when their kids are sick.”

“Fuck off. I’m not your mom, Y/n.”

“Will you rather do it on my cheek or lips?”

He growled, his face felt like it was on fire.

“You’re fucking annoying. Just shut up and stay still.”

With one hand planted on the side of her head, he ever so slowly dipped down to place a kiss on her forehead. It lasted for a few milliseconds before he pulled away but to say she felt like being on cloud nine was an understatement.

Wow. The leader of the League of Villains, the Tomura Shigaraki, successor of All for One….actually kissed her.

He pulled away almost instantly with a huff and flopped back into his little space beside her. She laid there, unmoving and silent, eyes blinking every now and then. She relished the feeling of his dry yet warm lips on her skin, the feeling of his hair brushing against her face when he leaned down. His warmth, his scent.

It was the closest he has ever been.

Now its her turn to have her heart beating like a frantic drum. She bit her lip to forced down a smile from creeping out. And again, she failed. She’s been failing a lot lately, it seems. So instead, she looked at him with gratitude written all over her face, pulled back the thin blanket (which was the best the league can ever provide) and smiled. 

A smile that made his heart skip a beat.

“Thank you Tomura. I’m sure to be all better tomorrow.”

 And then just like that, she slept, leaving him tending to his own wildly beating heart.


The next morning, Tomura woke up annoyed. Why the hell was it so noisy so early in the morning? He growled as he got out of his room, not minding how messy his hair is. It has always been messy anyways.

As he traversed down the hallway, he could hear Toga’s high pitched voice squealing and Spinner’s cackles along with a very familiar voice speaking.

He raised a brow and his strides became faster. It couldn’t be… She could barely stand, let alone get up and walk without groaning like a wounded animal. He sharply turned around a corner and into the shared hall, which was actually a bar that Kurogiri runs. There he saw Y/n, casually leaning against the counter and chatting with the two other members.

She looks perfectly alright.

The bruises are still there, but considerably lighter. Her once broken arm, now she can effortlessly move. She was even waving it lazily to prove a point to Spinner in their conversation.

What the actual fuck?

Does he actually have a healing quirk all along?

Sensing his arrival, the woman in question glanced at him and smiled before straightening her back to give him a well deserved acknowledgement.

“Good morning, boss. How are you?“

"How in the world are you out here?”

She smiled.

“I’m feeling better now. It’s been almost a week, it’s nice to be among you again.”

His eyes narrowed, doubtful and obviously baffled how one could dramatically recover in such a short while.

“Kurogiri said you won’t be out for another week, you were pretty beat up ya know,” Spinner said, equally in awe how Y/n was suddenly up and about. Toga grinned, an apparent blush adorning her pretty face.

“Well, Tomu-kun was hella irritable when you were gone,” her tactlessness earned her a glare from the man in question. “I’m glad to have you back, Y/n-chan!“

Toga ignored the death glare sent her way as she wrapped her arms around Y/n adoringly. Shigaraki couldn’t help but feel irritated at how close the blonde girl is to Y/n. The irritation doubled when Y/n nuzzled her face with Toga’s in return.

"Oya, oya~ Is that so?“

Toga gave out a happy hum while Tomura growled out how he wants to turn her into ashes. Before it could even escalate into a full blown argument, Spinner interjected.

"How were you able to get back to shape so quickly?“ he asked, interested on how fast she recovered.

Y/n placed a finger on her chin and appeared to be in deep thought. The other three stared at her expectantly, very eager to know.

"Well…” she started, a knowing smile slowly creeping upon her face.

“I dreamed of an angel kissing me to health last night.”

By the end of the statement, Tomura has become a blushing mess that he had to turn around and leave in haste.


Shigaraki x hero!soulmate!Reader

Based on two soulmate prompts:

  • You can only see color when you and your soulmate are touching.
  • You can’t use your quirk to harm your soulmate. 

word count: 2.4k

a/n: is two soulmate prompts cheating? idk. anyways, this is just some random angst I thought of a while ago, and just recently found in my drafts. probably some typos. pretend not to see it (:


If there was one thing worse than recruiting weaklings, it was recruiting slackers.

Active enlistment in the criminal world had the unfortunate ramification of attracting the lowest of the lows. The last two miscreants Giran drafted for the League had used the weaponry rationed to them for petty crimes. This included the robbing of a video store. Not just any video store, but one directly down the street from the League’s hideout.

Of course, that was unacceptable.

Shigaraki had little patience for the new recruits to begin with, but it was rapidly extinguished with their hazardous act, along with any leniency he might have had for their punishment. These men had exploited the power Shigaraki gave to them, and worst of all, undermined the League’s legitimacy. The solution to this problem was clear.

Kurogiri offered to dispose of the traitors swiftly and soundlessly, but Shigaraki’s hunger for retribution against these trespassers required a personal effect. And so, Kurogiri transferred Shigaraki to the location. The men were hobbling around in the same alley they’d been found in when Shigaraki emerged from the black vapor’s of Kurogiri’s quirk.

Upon seeing him, the duo went into an indignant frenzy. They knew who he was, and without even needing to ask, without even needing to hear the promises of violence that Shigaraki muttered under his breath, they knew what he was here to do.

The confrontation lasted mere seconds. They were as meek as they were stupid, and neither men were fast enough to counter when Shigaraki grabbed for them. He dispatched the first man with voracious haste, but took his grueling time with the second.

As the man’s sleeve cracked like dried mud, pieces falling to give way to vulnerable flesh underneath, Shigaraki reveled the sight with a sickening smile.

The deteriorating man’s cries of anguish were dreadful: the cries of a man forced to confront his imminent death.

It was a sweet tune of victory to Shigaraki’s ears.

Then, something ruined it.


At the sound of your voice, Shigaraki glanced over his shoulder, his feverish, red eyes glaring at you from behind Father’s mask.

A hero. A hero on patrol, Shigaraki guessed, seeing that you were fitted in your uniform.

“Put the man down,” you demanded of him, with that confident, entitled authority that heroes enjoyed, and Shigaraki detested.

But Shigaraki granted you the request, not much concerned with revenge, or the man, now that he was soon to be a pile of dirt. Indeed, the minute Shigaraki loosed his grip on the man’s arm, Decay took its freedom in stride and consumed him within seconds. The screams abruptly stopped.

Now it was just you and Shigaraki in the empty alleyway. What had remained of the forgotten men floated away in the light breeze.

Your throat was tight, acid edging its way up the back of your mouth. The scene before you was horrific. Where the distressed man had just been, now remained only dust. And the villain standing over the formless corpses was looking right at you.

Shigaraki didn’t recognize you, didn’t know what your quirk was. But it didn’t matter. He would have killed you anyways, but the fact that you’d just disrupted the recreation of his revenge was all the more reason to do so.

He took a step forward. Not to be daunted, you did the same.

“Stop right there,” you demanded again.

Just another disillusioned display of hero supremacy. Shigaraki had no patience for it.

Stop,” you commanded, firmer now as his approach went undeterred.

The eery slowness in his gait betrayed the bloodlust he radiated; his fingers twitched with their vitalized hunger for violence, and after you’d seen the carnage those fingers extracted on human flesh, you weren’t about to let your guard down.

In an instant, he was lunging for you. His speed shocked you, and the second you spent activating your quirk for a counter-move was enough time for him to invade your space. Adrenalized fear shot through your limbs, and briefly, you wondered how your quirk might defend against his. But it didn’t matter. You were about to find out.

With surprising agility, he ducked out of the way of your defensive attack, then took hold of your forearm. His quirk descended upon your flesh. The pain registered, and your throat tightened around a cry of alarm—

But then, something in the air between you burst.

Like ripples fanning across a puddle, euphoria extended from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, filling every space inside of you as it invaded your senses.

Shigaraki suffered a similair disturbance. The explosion was almost nauseating. But even more shell-shocking was the world which greeted him once his eyes adjusted.

It first registered in his peripheral: something glaringly present, something striking against his vision—

Was that his hair? 

No, it couldn’t be. 

It didn’t look like his hair. Not the hair he normally saw shrouding his face.

But then he realized it was in fact his hair. His hair, but colored.

It stood out unimaginably stark against the drab schemes of the alley. But then, the alley too found life. Its color came to fruition: a wash of brown along the brick wall, dirtied, beige cement holding the structure together.

Then, from the periphery, the infectious color worked its way to the center of his retina. The kaleidoscope of color that was you hit him in full force. Your outfit, your hair, your face and eyes—your eyes which flicked desperately between his own, and the place where his hand made contact with your skin.

Reminded of his assault, Shigaraki looked to where his digits curled around your forearm, and took in the color of your skin. The color was intervened by another now, deeper and angrier, as fissures broke along your flesh under his Decay. Lines of destruction that had always looked grey in his monochromatic world, like topography on a map, were now imbued with life—with the real, true physical destruction.

But the new life in his vision was momentarily overshadowed by another discovery: you were still alive. Alive, and whole.

He looked again, closer, at the place where his lethal hands gripped your arm. The spread of his Decay was compromised by some unknown force, the destructive lines breaking your skin denied in their desire to consume you completely.

His quirk had been stopped. He couldn’t hurt you.

All of these discoveries happened within seconds, and for a moment, his mind lost its war with rationale. He came as near to speechless as he ever got. While his sense of the world, of its truths and realities, tried to reassert itself, he became ignorant to the dilemma before him, and lost himself in the pleasure of color.

Something suddenly caught his eye, and he glanced downward. 

Were those his shoes beneath him? 

Their vibrant color was the very same as that of the raw sinew that showed itself beneath your flesh, as it cracked away under his quirk—


That was the name of the color.

He’d heard it before: a way to describe spilt blood. It was blood he was seeing. Your blood.

And the reason he was seeing it, the reason he was granted the gift of this true sight, the reason this contact hadn’t yet ended in your demise—was because you were his soulmate.

Shigaraki pulled away, eyes wide. The color left the world, replaced with the grays he’d endured for a lifetime.

He wondered if breaking contact would elicit Decay to recover its power. His mind raced as he prepared to watch you crumble, to watch you scatter into flakes and blood and organ—

But no. Decay was still obstructed by something unseen. It had damaged you, but refused to do any more than that.

“That’s impossible,” he muttered, almost uncertain if he’d spoken it out loud or not; the fretful shock on your face, and your lack of response, giving no indication.

Apparently, you didn’t even notice the catastrophe his quirk had left on your skin. You merely stared at him, stunned into silence, consuming the same realizations he was.

Then, stirred into an involuntary need to confirm the revelations, to make certain it wasn’t some trick of the mind, you started to move toward him.

It couldn’t be, you told yourself. It couldn’t be him: this villain. It couldn’t be…

Shigaraki knew that you intended to reach out and touch him, your hand shaking as it angled upwards. But before you could make contact, he stepped back, extending his own hand not in an invitation of contact, but as a threat, his
palm out and fingers ready to deliver Decay. Useless as it had proven itself to be against you, it was the only sense of control he had in the situation.

“Don’t,” he warned you, his voice weaker than he’d thought it to be.

There was a lump in his throat, centering his confusion and panic, both which spread over him in quick fashion. Mania returned to him like clockwork, a mania he often endured when facing accursed heroes. But he’d never felt it like this. Now there was anger, bewilderment, curiosity, and adrenaline all in one.

Unlike him, you worked through your confusion vocally, sputtering strings of rampant logic.

“But you’re—We—” You shook your head, and your arm moved again, inching up to him, seeking a touch that would give you answers. “We can’t be.”

Distress rushed through Shigaraki and he growled. “I said don’t.”

“It can’t be,” you kept on sputtering. “You’re a —It can’t be.”

A what? A villain? A monster? He dared you to go on. 

But even as his frustrations rose at the implications, Shigaraki concurred. You were a hero. A plague on society. But wasn’t the truth inescapable? Hadn’t that flash of colorful vibrance that nearly stopped his heart been evidence enough? Evidence that you two were fated to each other?

“It can’t be.” You said your mantra again, so close to touching him now.

Kill, a voice in his head urged. Kill, kill, kill

The pad of your finger made feather-light contact with his wrist, and the iridescence reinvented itself without delay.

All the colors that had teased him made themselves known again, bringing with them some disgusting bliss that made his insides curl with warmth. It was a delectable temptation, so overwhelming it made him nauseous.

Your eyes searched him, scrutinizing his colors and imbedding them into memory. An inkling of degradation tugged your brain as you realized the life
of color you so desperately reaped was from a villain, one of the worst you’d ever encountered. Only from him would
your sole, real taste of reality come.

You both pulled away this time, and the dull world of gray welcomed you like an old friend.

You shuffled back defensively, no colorful heaven able to erase the precarity of the situation. The throbbing, searing pain in your forearm returned, reminding you of the death he’d aspired to bring you.

Shigaraki stared behind Father’s fingers, eyes red and wide.

Kill, the urge came to him again. Kill you. Kill the colors, kill it all.

But he wasn’t sure if he could.

“Get me out of here,” he muttered.

You stared at him, wide-eyed. “What?”

“Get me out,” he demanded again, infuriated. “Now.”

And after brief static, Kurogiri’s dutiful voice answered from the other end of the hidden communicator. Shortly after, the promised warp gate opened against the alley wall.

Shigaraki stepped back into its gloomy arch quickly. Realizing that he made to escape, you stepped forward, eager to prevent it.

“Stop,” you pleaded, but not with the antagonistic authority you’d shown before. It was a simple, desperate plea. Shigaraki knew he was leaving you with no less confusion than he felt in his departure, but his mind was scattered, and unable to rationalize this so long as he was in your presence.

Your mouth opened around another fruitless protest, but Shigaraki was already backing into the safety of the hideout, its colorless interior granting him security.

With one last valiant effort, you shot forward to reach for him. Shigaraki stumbled back and hit the floor when you lunged for the portal, but it was too late. The warp gate conjoining you both disappeared, separating you from him for good.

With Kurogiri’s gate officially closed, and you officially out of reach, Shigaraki simply stared at the spot where you’d been eager to touch him just moments before.

He was reminded of his station on the ground when he felt the hard wood on his backside. But he didn’t bother getting up; his muscles refused him.

“Shigaraki Tomura.”

He ignored Kurogiri. He ignored it all, let it fade into the gray banality of the colorless, lifeless world around him. How else could he describe it except lifeless, now that he’d had a taste of the true world?—The colors and their vibrancy?

And what was the price of attaining this world of bliss? Knowing that his fate was tied to you. A hero. The very thing he’d dedicated himself to hate, to kill. You, a hero, his soulmate.

It was disgusting. It was cruel. It was unfathomable.

Kurogiri was saying his name again, but Shigaraki didn’t care. He instead looked down at his body, down his stiff legs to his feet. His gaze remained fixated.

His shoes. What fucking color were his shoes? Red, he knew. But what did red look like? Why couldn’t he fucking remember what it looked like?

Kurogiri’s voice was harsher now, spurred by dutiful compulsion. “If you’re injured you must let me know,” he pleaded.

“What?” Shigaraki answered, voice thin, and lost.

“What happened? Are you injured?”


“Then… why did you retreat?”

Now Shigaraki looked at his hands, the hands that had tried, and failed to kill.

His quirk. His Decay. For once, his touch had bore something other than destruction; it had shown him life.

Years before, when he’d still doubted his purpose in the world, and had yet to fully commit to any ambition besides to survive, learning about the histories of soulmates had been a gratifying discovery. Learning that there might be someone out there that would see him as more than just a destroyer, more than just a wielder of such a deadly power, had inspired hope.

But now, now that he’d all but given up on the idea of a soulmate—ridiculed it, in fact, having seen the optimistic idiocy it swelled through the populace—he wanted no part in it.

He’d always known the idea of a soulmate was baseless; that two people were to be decided for each other by fate.

Fate? What did fate matter?

Only cruel fate, the very same which had left him to suffer under the mantle of false heroes in his youth, would presume to make his soulmate one of those very heroes. Only cruel fate would show him a world of colorful life, but put its key in the hands of the enemy.

And what—he was expected to willingly accept it?

No. That wasn’t his fate. It wouldn’t be. This was no blessing. Tasting the promised world of color wasn’t worth the fretful irony. It was filthy. It was greedy. It was wrong. And he didn’t want it.

However alluring the true world was, however satisfying its colors and exquisite its details, Shigaraki fought the compulsion of its visual pleasure. He wouldn’t be a slave to destiny.

“Send me back,” he suddenly commanded.

Kurogiri lingered over him, nervous in his confusion. “Are you sure? But, you asked me—”

“Send me back.”

There was only one way Shigaraki would find resolution. He would have to destroy the unattainable world of color, so he would never be weak to its promise.

And to do that, he would have to destroy you.


X reader shigaraki

Archive of Our Own betaArchive of Our Own

Your life had never been easy, your quirk too dangerous to be shown to the world and a mother who tried to keep you to herself which would result in a fucked up childhood, but for someone like you a fucked up childhood made sense.

When the hero commission took you under their wing at six years old you`ve been taught many things, one of the most important being that you should never, under any circumstances, remove your blindfold outside of a mission. When you`re asked to spy on the League of Villains and become an imposter you didn`t think that you`d be open to an entire new world, especially one that is offered by the infamous Dabi. Maybe your dangerous quirk can be tamed by his azure flames that seem all too familiar to you, and maybe hidden plots can be revealed on both sides.

A story of romance, danger and pretty lies.

Shigaraki x Listener - Morning Voice Pillow talk and a Make out session!

Writing Is Hard — Clingy (Shigaraki x Reader)

Clingy (Shigaraki x Reader)

[Summary: The crusty man gets some well-needed love and affection.

Requested by: Anon, who can apparently read my mind. I was hoping for a chance to write some Shigaraki x Reader. This one is a lot shorter than usual, so I hope that’s ok.]

Dating the leader of the League of Villains was a little hard sometimes. You were constantly worried about him and your other friends. Missions went wrong or ran long and you started to worry the worst. You didn’t exactly have a quirk that would be useful, so you ended up staying behind during all the missions and watching the news to make sure they were alright. 

You were basically there as their equivalent of a support hero. You made them all of the gadgets and gear they needed on both missions and to survive in their regular lives. You had made a tear-proof mask that turns into a headband for Twice. You redesigned Dabi’s jacket so that it would stop tearing and burning. It smelled terrible every time he accidentally set it on fire. And of course, you designed special gloves for Tomura so he could actually touch things.

It was your days off that made it all worth it. The days when you had nothing to do. When the main squad was just hanging around the bar. Toga and Twice were happily chatting. Dabi and casually talking to Kurogiri over a drink. And Spinner and Tomura were playing video games and getting increasingly more competitive. 

You had sat on the couch between Tomura and Spinner. You were a good bit closer to Tomura than to Spinner, and about halfway through the level they were on, you leaned on his shoulder.

“You’re going to mess up my game,” He muttered under his breath, knowing full well that you could hear him. 

You just whined a little and snuggled further into his side. You missed him, to be honest. He was so busy lately, running a full villain organization. You were sure he was pretty stressed too. He never admitted it, but you knew he appreciated the affection.

He just sighed and continued the level, ignoring your cuddling. He usually did that when everyone else was around. You didn’t really mind. He didn’t really like showing affection around that others. That was fine as long as he didn’t mind that you’d get cuddly enough for the both of you.

Eventually, they finished the level. He had managed to beat Spinner, though you always wondered if Spinner went a little easy on him. Tomura had a bit of a temper sometimes, especially after big missions. Either way, he set down the controller and was about to get up, only for you to cling onto his arm, making him fall back onto the couch.

“Can I please get up and get a drink?” He sighed, adjusting so that he was comfortable. He knew you weren’t about the let him get up.

“No,” you whined, sitting in his lap and cuddling into his chest. 

You could hear Dabi laugh from across the room, “That’s what you get for leaving her here alone all the time, boss.”

You nodded, snuggling his head into Tomura’s neck. And finally, in a very un-Tomura-like move, he wrapped his arms around you, holding you close to his chest. 

Yeah, it was hard to date him sometimes. It was hard to worry. It was hard to have to hide. It was hard to help him through all of his hardships and emotions. It was hard to get attached to and lose the League members. But times like this, snuggling into the crooks of his neck, feeling his body heat through your clothes, made it worth it. You really did love him. And loving him was worth all of the hard work.

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Bird’s Nest (Hawks x Reader)

[Summary: You finally reach out to your soulmate, only to realize that he may need you even more than you need him. (She/Her pronouns)

Warnings: soulmate AU, swearing, Hawk’s backstory referenced (slight angst and minor spoilers),

Part 2 of Bird Hunting. Part 1: here]

It had been a few days since the night that you met Hawks in that alleyway. He had left you his phone number, but you were hesitant to reach out. He seemed unsure about having a soulmate, so you didn’t want to cause him any trouble. Sure, he didn’t tell you to leave him alone, but you weren’t sure if he really wanted to hear from you. He could’ve just been trying to be nice. You didn’t want to bother him, especially since he was on the news so much lately. He was so busy with all of his hero work. You were sure that he didn’t need any more problems to deal with.

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Dating Villain Kirishima HC

Request: From my request survey (

  • Villain Kirishima truly isn’t all that different from hero Kirishima.
  • He joined the League of Villains because he realized that modern heroes were nothing like the heroes that he idealized as a kid.
  • He just wanted to force the world to change. He feels bad for having to hurt people, but he also feels as though it’s needed.
  • After a while, he becomes unwaveringly loyal to the League. Those are his people, and he values loyalty completely. That loyalty extends to you, but more.
  • Even if you’re also a part of the League, he will do everything in his power to keep you out of danger. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.
  • Sometimes he even goes behind your back to make sure the Shigaraki doesn’t send you on really dangerous missions without him. He doesn’t like to do it, but he’d rather you be safe.
  • If you get mad at him, he’ll pout like a scolded puppy and beg for forgiveness. It’s really hard to stay mad at him.
  • “I’m sorry… I was just worried…” full puppy dog eyes. Being a villain does not revoke his cite skills.
  • If you manage to stay mad at him, he will just follow you like a lost puppy until you forgive him.
  • He won’t pressure you or anything, but he’ll definitely just follow you around at a distance. He just doesn’t know what else to do.
  • “Are you still mad? … It’s ok if you are… I just want a hug…” *pouts*
  • Very handsy. Even before he was a villain, his love language was physical touch. Being a villain just made him a lot bolder.
  • Arm around your shoulder all the time. Hand on your thigh. Pulling you to sit on his lap. LOTS OF PDA.
  • WILL commit murder if you get hurt. Has gotten yelled at a few times because it’s made him get off task on missions before. He still does it.
  • Overall, despite being a villain and a killer, he’s still a soft boy around you. But only around you.

Friendship HCs (Platonic PS4 Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: From my request survey (

  • Peter is not good at keeping secrets, meaning you figure out that he’s Spider-man almost immediately.
  • It’s partially because you know him so well, being a long time friend of his. But it’s mostly because he’s terrible at hiding things. He just forgets to account for things, because he has so much on his plate.
  • He really appreciates it if you don’t mention his work as Spider-man when you’re hanging out. The boy is tired and he just wants to be Peter Parker sometimes. Just for a little bit.
  • But he also appreciates it if you forgive him for having to skip out on the times that you planned to hang out. Sometimes he has to leave in the middle of a movie. He’s sorry. Please don’t scold him too much.
  • Peter Parker is a nerd. He will rant to you about science things. If you understand, cool. If not, it doesn’t matter. Just smile and nod. He just wants to talk.
  • Sometimes he makes gadgets for fun, just so he has something to do when he’s stressed. If you can think of a use for one of his useless gadgets, you can have it.
  • Sometimes, for gifts, he’ll take really cool pictures from places that only he can get to. Your apartment walls definitely have a few pictures that he took from some insane perch.
  • You will probably have to listen to him rant every time he gets in a fight with MJ. You can try to give him advice if you want. The odds of him actually taking your advice are… not great.
  • ADHD. If you can handle people with ADHD, you can handle him. That’s his brand of chaos. ADHD but make it superpowers. Just be patient.

Fighting and Flirting Masterlist

[Summary: As a student at UA, you already have a lot to deal with, whether it be villains or just classes. However, somehow you failed to consider what your biggest challenge at UA could be. How in the world could Katsuki Bakugo be so annoying? And the even bigger question is why is he so distracting?]

Chapter 1 

Chapter 2 

Chapter 3 

Chapter 4 

Chapter 5

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Reposting for access, I must C O N S U M E.

Just a reminder: I will be rewriting and reposting Fighting and Flirting on my AO3 account: here! I already have the first two chapters posted, and will hopefully be able to continue past where I originally left off there, so please check it out!


I will be posting longer fics on my AO3 account (since linking fic through masterlists here on Tumblr is a bit of a process)! My first long fic will be a rewrite of Fighting and Flirting, my Bakugo x Reader fic!

Please be sure to check out my AO3 account: Here!

I will be updating you as chapters are posted!

Bird Hunting (Hawks x Reader)

[Summary: In a world where your soulmate was found through a symbol appearing on your left forearm, hinting at the quirk of your soulmate, you had to admit that you were lucky. You already knew who your soulmate was. The bright red feather was fairly notable. The only issue was that there was really no way for you, an ordinary person, to get anywhere near the number 2 hero. (She/Her pronouns)

Warnings: soulmate AU

Request: From my request survey (]

The bright red feather, printed deeply on the inside of your forearm felt a bit like it was taunting you. The color stood out boldly against your skin, almost seeming to glow in certain lighting. It always seemed so bold. No matter what, your soulmate mark would always be visible until the day that you meet your soulmate in person. It was a constant reminder of the person you were looking for, the person you were destined to meet someday, but hadn’t yet.

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Hi, could we please avoid calling the reader insert “dumb” in reference to my writing? I am most likely autistic, so the traits you see as “dumb” are likely autism traits that reflect in the way I write social interactions.

I understand you may not mean any harm, however it is a bit hurtful. Please just keep this in mind in the future.

Showers (Karl Heisenberg x Reader)

[Summary: You love Karl Heisenberg completely. And because of that, you are more than willing to put up with his quirks and flaws. However, you make sure to try everything in your bag of tricks to help him take care of himself a bit better and deal with his trauma. That means you have to come up with a plan to help distract him while he showers so that perhaps he can enjoy it a bit more. (They/Them pronouns)

Warnings: SMUT (18+), shower sex, oral sex (male receiving), swearing, depressed/traumatized Heisenberg, gender-neutral reader

Request: From my request survey (]

Karl Heisenberg wasn’t exactly the easiest person to be in love with. You both knew it. He got angry easily. He would lock himself in his workshop for hours at a time. He was overly protective often, and wouldn’t let you wander without him there to protect you. He forgot to pick up supplies much more frequently than you’d like. And he was terrible at taking care of himself. He didn’t make it easy for you to care for him, but that never stopped you.

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Painting (Steve Rogers x Reader)

[Summary: You decide to paint your friend, Steve Rogers, realizing that no one had ever painted him without his uniform. However, things start to get heated after you start to daydream during your painting session. (She/Her pronouns)

Warnings: SMUT (18+, but with emotions), Not Canon Compliant (Because fuck you, Marvel.), Swearing, unprotected vaginal sex

Request: From my request survey (]

You and Steve Rogers were widely considered to be an unlikely pair. There were a lot of things that you didn’t exactly agree on. Steve was a lot more social, being bold and outgoing. You were a bit quieter, preferring to avoid the company of a crowd. Steve was prone to waking up early to exercise. You stayed up into the quiet hours of the night, choosing instead to get a majority of your sleep in the morning. You weren’t exactly fond of Steve’s workout routines either, though you would join him on a short jog on occasion.

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