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GreenHealth - 4oz - Premium Menthol Crystals % Natural by Greenals (Melting Point is Approximately 95 to Degrees F)

GreenHealth - 4oz - Premium Menthol Crystals % Natural by Greenals (Melting Point is Approximately 95 to Degrees F)


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Product Details

  • % Pure Menthol Crystals, all natural
  • NOTE: MELTING POINT is approximately 95 to degrees F.
  • Packaged in food grade metallized poly bags. Metallized poly provides two layers of protection from moisture and light
  • Zipper-top closure and bottom fold. Reusable.
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎No
Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ x x inches ( x x cm); Ounces ( grams)
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Manufacturer ‏ : ‎WFMED


Menthol is a compound obtained from Peppermint Oil. The anti-fungul and anti-bacteria action of Menthol has been studied extensively. Menthol Crystals finds diverse applications because of its characteristic aroma, flavor, and its cooling effect. Menthol Crystals can be used in perfumes, cosmetics, analgesic balms, lotions, creams, shampoos and conditioners. Recommended usage level is - 8 %.

**NOTE: Menthol crystals must pass through the Phoenix, AZ postal system, where temperatures easily exceed degrees F in summer months. Your crystals may show up melted. You can place them in your fridge and lightly hit them with a rubber mallet. Please do not order if this is a problem for you.

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Customer Questions & Answers

  • Question: Can you suck on them like a lozenge?

    Answer: Yes, No, and Maybe - details below Yes, the best source I can find says the lethal dose for menthol is 1,mg (1gram) per kil, which works out to be about 68,mg for a lb adult, or about oz. Given the mass of menthol, that works out to be about 2 tablespoons of menthol. Why on Earth would you ever consume 2 tablespoons of pure menthol? So, if you are taking the teeniest tiniest sliver orally, as I do, it's probably not a big deal. I experience a tightness in my chest due to anxiety from time to time and this just kills it instantly. To get the same effect, I'd have to have about 5 cough drops, which come with loads of corn syrup. No. For starters, the package states "For external use only." Surely they have their reasons(?). Second, if you're only putting a little sliver in your mouth, I'm not sure I'd call that "sucking on them like a lozenge." The crystals can be pretty big and are all extremely potent. Just try dropping a teeny tiny sliver into a tea and you'll see what I mean. You would never want to suck on a big crystal, and if you did, it would probably start to hurt before it dissolved. Menthol doesn't dissolve until it reaches 97% degrees so it goes very slowly in your mouth. Maybe (or more reasons to consider not doing it). There's only one known death due to menthol and it was a high dose of menthol fumes. The only other menthol-related case of menthol related injury involves an elderly man who ate two bags of menthol mints a day for 20 years. So, I don't think lethality related to menthol or even healthy daily amounts is exactly well documented. One website suggests 50 mg as a max for human consumption; That's 1/20th the number I cited above or about grams. How confident can these people be? How close do you want to get to an unknown number? Lastly, I'm not a doctor :) For me personally, I vote yes as long as you're talking about a sliver or shaving.
  • Question: How is this different from the peppermint essential oil? I plan to put the crystal instead of oil in the wax warmer, has anyone tried it before?

    Answer: The crystals will not melt on their own they melt with oil. I used mineral oil to melt them and they are very strong so use only a little. Peppermint oil is a mint where these are menthol like Mentholatum. You can use camphor oil it is very strong as well and one of the ingredients in Mentholatum along with the menthol and eucalyptus oil.
  • Question: What kind of menthol is used to make cough drops? I'd like to make some with menthol or camphor if possible.

    Answer: Menthol is an organic compound with the chemical formula C10H20O that occurs naturally in mint and some other plants. It can be extracted from the leaves by distillation, but is more commonly made synthetically. Pure menthol is a crystalline solid, but it is often used in the form of peppermint oil. It produces a sensation of coolness in the mouth or when applied to the skin and can act as a mild anesthetic. The compound is widely used in cough and cold remedies because of its soothing effects and as a flavoring in candy, chewing gum, medical products and cigarettes.
  • Question: Can you smoke menthol crystal with tabacco

    Answer: No you can not smoke it with tabacco. menthol crystals will burn private sensitive areas. I like it in soap because it open up the sinuses and it would be great if you have a cold but careful around sensitive areas. It is great in shower steamers as well.
  • Question: Do you think that menthol crystals will go further than the essential oil of menthol? I discovered it repels mosquitoes and want to make body spray.

    Answer: I would say crystals. I am not sure what essential menthol oil is. Is if different from the distilled oil? Menthol is derived from peppermint and other plants and is also made synthetically. So I wonder if the essential oil is pure menthol oil or menthol dissolved in another essential oil. In either case it seems that crystals are the way to go. Surely crystals are more concentrated as they are made by freezing the menthol oil. It will dissolve in alcohol or oil if you heat it to about degrees as I remenber. I think about 5% is what is considered a safe max concentration for topical use, though rawhides like me use a little more. There are a lot of things that repel mosquitoes: citronella oil of course, lemongrass oil, cinnamon oil, lavender oil, and also thyme and tea tree oil but these two stink a bit. I like to experiment with essential oil bug sprays too but Bite Blocker is hard to beat and it has none of that nasty DEET in it. DEET melted the crystal of my watch.
  • Question: someone mentioned it's a waxy substance, does that mean it will dissolve in carrier oils and butters?

    Answer: It's actually hard Crystal. I put them in my home made massage muscle rubs and they melt and dissolve perfectly in them. I like them.
  • Question: why do these crystals have a lower melting point than other menthol crystals?

    Answer: I don't see why. Menthol melts at about 80 - F. This is natural menthol, maybe synthetic would be slightly different. Natural menthol crystals form when peppermint oil is frozen.
  • Question: What is this menthol extracted from? I know when it can come from, but I want to know about this brand.

    Answer: The product states it is natural. Natural menthol is obtained by chilling peppermint oil which causes the menthol crystals to form. So if natural it is from peppermint plants.
  • Question: Why does the product claim to be 4oz. while the shipping weight is oz.?

    Answer: Check to see if it measures 4 oz in a measuring cup. The product claim may be bulk rather than weight . Just a thought. I am about to order some for the first time.

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  • 4 Star 11%
  • 3 Star 3%
  • 2 Star 1%
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Customer Reviews

Ya•• ••ks

September 23,

It's worth every penny

I bought this for steaming as recommended by my sister. But she didn't tell me that a small piece goes a long way. I placed 3 pieces on the hot water and I couldn't use itit is very strong which is a good thing. However, I used a very small piece each time I steam. This package will last me a very long time.

J.•• ••oo

September 6,

Great for a little tingle in homemade soap

This is great stuff. Been working on creating a CP soap that has that Paul Mitchell Teatree shampoo refreshing zing to it. These menthol crystals have gotten me far closer than teatree and peppermint EOs alone. % menthol to fats has a nice cooling when ya step out of the shower. Gonna try 3% next batch. Moving slowly with increasing %. A fine line between refreshing coolness and IcyHot fire. Will buy again when out. 5 stars. Hope this review helps you with your menthol crystal buying decision. :)

Ke•• ••ie

September 4,

Costly but worth it

Second time ordering it’s costly but it worth it I use this thing anytime my child is has the flu or sinus he will get better by the morning I purchase this batch for a friend who was battling Covid help him a lot this is something everyone should always have in their home especially if they have a child

St•• ••Ty

August 24,

I love mixing menthol into home remedies

Lot's of uses, I was pleased to find this quality product.

C.•• ••ge

August 17,

GreenHealth - 4oz

Enjoy using this product have purchased a few times.Will continue purchasing .My Shih Tzu loves the smell.

ch•• ••na

June 18,

Great for nasal issues

I have allergies/asthma….this is excellent for opening up the nasal passages. I put one crystal in boiling water and inhale the vapors

Je•• ••s

June 2,

This product is a very good product and great quality

It is too little bit for the money, but overall it is a wonderful product great quality

Ch•• ••ll

May 30,

Poor scent

Not much scent


GreenHealth - Menthol Crystal Pure Natural 8oz

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GreenHealth - Menthol Crystal Pure & Natural - 8oz



Reviewed in the United States on August 2,

Opened on arrival and burned me

My package was “leaking” the menthol. And i didn’t know it when I opened the Amazon package. Therefore it burned my skin Read more


Reviewed in the United States on May 29,

Wonderful product!!!

This is wonderful to open up your sinuses!!!! If you put a few in a hot bath and soak, you will not regret it, trust me!!! Read more


Reviewed in the United States on January 4,


Made lotions with it. Very potent More potent then I was expecting, my husband will no longer blindly trust me and test my lotions, but that's fair that last lotion was probably % menthol Read more


Reviewed in the United States on May 3,

Super potent

I love the smell of cherry cough drops. I mix a couple with cherry fragrance oil. Also great with lemon essential oil for smells in your house. Just refreshing!Please don't forget to wash your hands before you use the restroom Read more


Reviewed in the United States on July 26,

Great value!

I dissolved these in pure essential oil for a cooling affect and they are excellent! Wear eye and breathing protection when using to avoid contact with sensitive tissues Read more


Reviewed in the United States on April 6,

Poor product

This is the worst menthol crystals that I have ever bought, there is hardly a smell to them. The crystals don't look right either. Won't be buying this brand again Read more


Reviewed in the United States on May 11,

Great product at a great price.

This crystal menthol is absolutely delicious! You can smell the menthol before opening the bag. It will surely clear your sinuses. I brought this product to make homemade pain relief ointments, and liniments. It is very powerful and of great quality. I received it in two days with Amazon Prime. Some of the crystals crumbed, but that is to be expected during shipment. I melted some in my oil burner with eucalyptus oil and my entire home smells divine. You can also diffuse a little in your diffuser to clean and sanitize the air Read more


Reviewed in the United States on June 13,

Bottled Mint

These came in a large pill bottle. Not like, someone's empty medication bottle, but a bottle made specifically for them that looks like a supplement bottle. The plastic walls of the bottle are a deep amber color, which I'm assuming is a good thing for keeping these fresh. They smell intense, and are perfect for my purposes. On a funny side note, I was watching the news and they showed what crystal meth looks like. These crystals are identical. Don't worry though, take one whiff and you'll know they're menthol Read more


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