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LOINC® Codes

Quest Diagnostics provides clients with direct access to Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC®) on The availability of these codes is in accordance with Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements that require LOINC codes with test results.

This functionality makes securing LOINC codes more efficient and faster. 

Please note that LOINC codes are laboratory-specific and applicable to all lab results. Additionally, matching Quest Diagnostics result codes and LOINC codes will be available along with Quest Diagnostics test result names and LOINC component names.

To ensure accuracy, Quest Diagnostics will review and update LOINC codes on a daily basis.

If you have additional questions about LOINC codes, please call the Quest Diagnostics Connectivity Help Desk at (800) 697-9302.

CPT Codes

The CPT Codes provided are based on AMA Guidelines and are for informational purposes only. CPT Coding is the sole responsibility of the billing party. Please direct any questions regarding CPT Coding to the payer being billed.

Panels and Profiles

If you have any questions regarding the individual components of a panel or profile, please cross-reference your hard copy version of Quest Diagnostics Reference Manual or Directory of Services or call your Quest Diagnostics Representative. Tests offered in any Quest Diagnostics panel or profile may be ordered individually using the Quest Diagnostics Test Requisition Form.

Reflex Tests

Quest Diagnostics offers its clients three types of reflex testing; standard required reflex tests, standard reflex tests and client specific reflex tests. Clients order reflex testing when they want additional tests performed automatically if the results of the first test meet or exceed the specified criteria. This range is determined by either medical experts at Quest Diagnostics in accordance with standard medical practice or by the client. The reflex test is almost always an additional charge above the initial test.


Making it easier to find the
testing she needs

Helpful links for your practice Women's Health Test Reference Guide

Quickly find tests and services that meet
diagnostic needs, from wellness to prenatal
to symptom-specific diagnoses.

Quest Diagnostics Women’s Health Test Reference GuideGenetics Test List

A guide to our comprehensive menu of over 700
genetic tests–more than any other laboratory.

Quest Diagnostics Genetics Test ListWell-Woman Testing Guide

A full complement of recommended test codes by
age to help you provide the best care for all of
your patients at their annual well-woman visits.

Quest Diagnostics Well-Woman Testing GuideHealthy Pregnancy Testing Guide

A selection of test codes by trimester based on
recommendations from the American College of
Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to help
you make the best decisions for your patients
who are expecting.

Quest Diagnostics Women’s Health Pregnancy Prenatal Testing Guide
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Quest Drug Monitoring

Drug/Drug ClassPresumptive Cutoff (ng/mL)Definitive Cutoff (ng/mL)Reportable Drug or MetaboliteAdditional Reportable Drug/MetaboliteaExamples of Generic/Trade/Street NameUrine Detection TimeaAlcohol Metabolites500500Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG)Ethyl Sulfate (EtS)
Up to 80 Hours100Ethyl Sulfate (EtS)Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG)

Amphetamine — Adderall®, Dexedrine®, Dextrostat®, Mydayis®, Vyvanse®1–3 DaysMethamphetamineAmphetamineMethamphetamine — Desoxyn®

Amphetamines with Reflex Methamphetamine d/l Isomers500250Amphetamine
Amphetamine — Adderall®, Dexedrine®, Dextrostat®, Mydayis®, Vyvanse®1–3 DaysMethamphetamineAmphetamineMethamphetamine — Desoxyn®
d-Methamphetamine — Desoxyn®Benzphetamine d-metabolite— Didrex®l-Methamphetamine
Selegiline l-metabolite— Eldepryl®l-Methamphetamine®— nasal inhaler

Antidepressantsb1010AmitriptylineNortriptylineAmitriptyline — Elavil®, Endep®1–3 DaysAmoxapine
Amoxapine — Asendin®Citalopram/EscitalopramDesmethylcitalopramCitalopram/Escitalopram — Celexa® (citalopram), Lexapro® (escitalopram)Desmethylcitalopram
ClomipramineDesmethylclomipramineClomipramine — Anafranil®Desmethylclomipramine
DesipramineImipramineImipramine — Tofranil®
Desipramine — Norpramin®DoxepinDesmethyldoxepinDoxepin — Adapin®, Sinequan®Desmethyldoxepin
Duloxetine — Cymbalta®FluoxetineNorfluoxetineFluoxetine — Prozac®Norfluoxetine
FluvoxamineNorfluvoxamineFluvoxamine — Luvox®Norfluvoxamine
Hydroxybupropion — Aplenzin® (bupropion)ImipramineDesipramineImipramine — Tofranil®Maprotiline
Maprotiline — Ludiomil®Mirtazapine
Mirtazapine — Remeron®NortriptylineAmitriptylineAmitriptyline — Elavil®, Endep®
Nortriptyline — Aventyl®Paroxetine
Paroxetine — Paxil®, Seroxat®Protriptyline
Protriptyline — Vivactil®SertralineNorsertralineSertraline — Zoloft®5050Norsertraline
1010Trazodone1-(3-Chlorophenyl) piperazineTrazodone — Desyrel®1-(3-Chlorophenyl) piperazine
Trimipramine — Surmontil®VenlafaxineO-desmethylvenlafaxineVenlafaxine — Effexor® XR (venlafaxine), Khedezla (desvenlafaxine)O-desmethylvenlafaxine
Vilazodone — Viibryd®Vortioxetine
Vortioxetine — Trintellix®

Antipsychoticsb22AripiprazoleDehydroxyaripiprazoleAripiprazole — Abilify®1–3 Days10Dehydroxyaripiprazole
Brexpiprazole— Rexulti®55Cariprazine
Cariprazine— Vraylar®1010Chlorpromazine7-OH-chlorpromazineChlorpromazine — Largactil®, Thorazine®7-OH-chlorpromazine
2525ClozapineNorclozapineClozapine — Clozaril®Norclozapine
55Fluphenazine7-OH-fluphenazineFluphenazine — Modecate®, Prolixin®7-OH-fluphenazine
Haloperidol — Haldol®55Loxapine8-hydroxyloxapineLoxapine — Loxapac, Loxitane®8-hydroxyloxapine
Lurasidone— Latuda®1010Mesoridazine
Mesoridazine — Serentil®55Molindone
Molindone — Moban®2.52.5OlanzapineDesmethylolanzapineOlanzapine — Zyprexa®Desmethylolanzapine

Antipsychotics1010QuetiapineNorquetiapineQuetiapine — Seroquel®1–3 DaysNorquetiapine
55RisperidoneOH-risperidoneRisperidone — Risperdal®OH-risperidone
Thioridazine — Mellaril®, Melleril55Thiothixene
Thiothixene — Navane®Trifluoperazine
Trifluoperazine — Stelazine®Ziprasidone
Ziprasidone — Geodon®, Zeldox®

Amobarbital — Amytal®1–3 Days Short-Acting; >3 Long-ActingButalbital
Butalbital — Esgic®, Fioricet®, Fiorinal®, Sandoptal®Pentobarbital
Pentobarbital — Nembutal®Phenobarbital
Phenobarbital — Luminal®Secobarbital
Secobarbital — Seconal®

Alprazolam — Xanax®1–3 Days Short-Acting; >3 Long-Acting50Alpha-hydroxymidazolam
Midazolam — Versed®Alpha-hydroxytriazolam
Triazolam — Halcion®25Aminoclonazepam
Clonazepam — Klonopin®50Hydroxyethylflurazepam
Flurazepam — Dalmane®Lorazepam
Lorazepam — Ativan®NordiazepamOxazepamChlordiazepoxide — Librium®
Clorazepate — Tranxene®Oxazepam, TemazepamDiazepam — Valium®Oxazepam
Oxazepam — Librax®, Serax®NordiazepamClorazepate — Tranxene®Chlordiazepoxide — Librium®Nordiazepam, TemazepamDiazepam — Valium®TemazepamOxazepamTemazepam — Restoril®Oxazepam, NordiazepamDiazepam — Valium®

Buprenorphine with Naloxone52BuprenorphineNorbuprenorphine, NaloxoneBuprenorphine/Naloxone Combination — Suboxone®, Zubsolv®1–3 DaysNorbuprenorphineBuprenorphine — Belbuca®, Buprenex®, Butrans®, Sublocade®, Subutex®Norbuprenorphine
NaloxoneBuprenorphine, NorbuprenorphineBuprenorphine/Naloxone Combination — Suboxone®, Zubsolv®

Carisoprodol Metabolite
Carisoprodol — Equagesic®, Soma®
Meprobamate — Equanil®1–3 Days

Cocaine Metabolite150100Benzoylecgonine
Cocaine — Coke1–3 Days

Eszopiclone — Lunesta®1–3 Days

Fentanyl0.50.5FentanylNorfentanylFentanyl — Abstral®, Actiq®, Duragesic®, Fentora®, Ionsys, Sublimaze®1–2 DaysNorfentanyl

Gabapentin — Fanatrex®, Gralise®, Horizant®, Neurontin®1–3 Days

Heroin Metabolite10106-Acetylmorphine
Heroin — Heroin1 Day

Marijuana Metabolite205Marijuana Metabolite
Dronabinol— dronabinol, Marinol®
Marijuana— pot, weed1–3 Days Casual Use;
>3 Days Chronic Use

MDMA/MDA500200MDAMDAEcstasy1-2 DaysMDMA

100/100MeperidineNormeperidineMeperidine — Demerol®1-3 DaysNormeperidine

Methadone Metabolite100100MethadoneEDDPMethadone — Dolophine®1–3 DaysEDDP

100Ritalinic Acid
Methylphenidate — Concerta®, Ritalin®1–3 Days

Kratom1–3 Days

5Naltrexone6-beta-naltrexolNaltrexone — ReVia®, Vivitrol®1–3 Days6-beta-naltrexol

Opiates (Extended)10050CodeineMorphineCodeine — Acetaminophen w/Codeine, Phenergan®, Phenergan® w/Codeine, Tylenol® #3, Tylenol® #4, Tylenol® w/Codeine1–3 DaysPoppy seed ingestionHydrocodoneCodeine minor metaboliteMorphine
Morphine — Arymo®, AVINZA®, Embeda®, Kadian®, MorphaBondz®, MS Contin®, Roxanol®; HeroinCodeineCodeine — Acetaminophen w/Codeine, Phenergan®, Phenergan® w/Codeine, Tylenol® #3, Tylenol® #4, Tylenol® w/CodeinePoppy seed ingestionHydromorphoneMorphine minor metaboliteHeroin MetaboliteHeroin metaboliteHydrocodoneHydromorphone, NorhydrocodoneHydrocodone — Hycodan®, Hyslingla®, Lorcet®, Lortab®, Norco®, Vicodin®, Vicoprofen®, Zohydro®Codeine, MorphineCodeine minor metaboliteHydromorphone
Hydromorphone — Dilaudid, Exalgo®Hydrocodone, NorhydrocodoneHydrocodone — Hycodan®, Hyslingla®, Lorcet®, Lortab®, Norco®, Vicodin®, Vicoprofen®, Zohydro®MorphineMorphine minor metaboliteNorhydrocodoneHydrocodone, HydromorphoneHydrocodone — Hycodan®, Hyslingla®, Lorcet®, Lortab®, Norco®, Vicodin®, Vicoprofen®, Zohydro®

Oxycodone10050NoroxycodoneOxycodone, OxymorphoneOxycodone — Endocet®, Magnacet®, OxyContin®, OxyFAST®, Percocet®, Percodan®, Roxicet®, Roxicodone®, RoxyBond, Tylox®, Xtampza®1–3 DaysOxycodoneNoroxycodone, OxymorphoneOxymorphoneOxycodone, Noroxycodone
Oxymorphone — Opana®

Phencyclidine — PCP1–3 Days

Pregabalin — Lyrica®1–3 Days

Propoxyphene — Darvon®, Davocet®, Dolene®, Progesic®, Trycet®1–3 Days

Synthetic Cannabinoidsb22AB-CHMINACA M2
AB-CHMINACAK2, Spice, Bliss, Blaze1–3 DaysAB-FUBINACA M2
N-pentanoic acid
AB-PINACA ADBICA N-pentanoic acid
N-pentanoic acid
ADB-PINACA 0.20.2AKB48 N-pentanoic acid
AKB48 22BB-22 3-carboxyindole
BB-22 0.20.2JWH-018 N-pentanoic acid
JWH-018 JWH-073 N-butanoic acid
JWH-073 22PB-22 3-carboxyindole
PB-22 0.20.2UR-144 N-pentanoic acid
UR-144 225-Fluoro-PB-22 3-carboxyindole

Synthetic Stimulants
Butylone — Bk-MBDB1–3 DaysMDPV
MDPV — Bath salts, Ivory Wave, Vanilla SkyMephedrone
Mephedrone — 4-MMC, Meow Meow, M-CAT, BounceMethylone
Methylone — Bath salts

50TapentadolNortapentadolTapentadol — Nucynta®1–3 DaysNortapentadol

100TramadolDesmethyltramadolTramadol — Conzip, Ryzolt, Ultram®1–3 DaysDesmethyltramadol

Tricyclic Antidepressants
100AmitriptylineNortriptylineAmitriptyline — Elavil®, Endep®1–3 DaysNortriptyline
Nortriptyline — Aventyl®, Pamelor®

5ZolpidemZolpidem MetaboliteZolpidem — Ambien®, Edluar®, Intermezzo®, Zolpimist®1–3 DaysZolpidem Metabolite

Test directory quest

Frequently Asked Questions – Laboratory Testing

We offer a variety of laboratory testing services, nationally, to healthcare professionals, individuals, employers, and government agencies. Each service meets a unique need and each is accessed in a different way:

  • Laboratory Tests ordered by Healthcare Professionals — Most of the laboratory testing services we perform are for healthcare professionals. These laboratory testing services may be covered by insurance. We will file insurance claims with a number of payers (see our Health Plan Lookup). If you are interested in having a specific laboratory test performed, please ask your healthcare provider if the laboratory test is appropriate for you, and if he/she can order the laboratory test(s) for you.
  • Blueprint for Wellness™— We provide employers with various testing and health management solutions that aid in employee hiring and employee management.
  • Testing for the Federal Government — We provide testing for, among others, the Department of Defense and Veterans Administration hospitals, as well as testing services to support federally funded research programs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laboratory Tests Ordered by a Patient’s Healthcare Professional

Unless otherwise noted, the answers to the questions below apply to tests ordered by healthcare professionals only.

Requesting Lab Tests

Preparing for a lab test and/or visiting a Patient Service Center

Lab Test Results

Payment & Insurance Information

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Requesting Lab Tests

  1. Can I request my own laboratory tests?
  1. You can use QuestDirect™ to select and pay for lab tests. Licensed professionals from PWNHealth LLC and affiliated professional entities (collectively, PWN) will provide clinical oversight of your lab testing, including ordering your selected tests, when appropriate. Then, have your specimen collected for the testing you purchased. Quest offers testing you can purchase for yourself, with physician oversight, as follows:

    •Tests with an In-Person at Quest or In-Person at Drive-Thru option can be purchased in all states except Arizona, Alaska, and Hawaii, as well as Puerto Rico.

    •Tests with an At-Home Kit option can be purchased in all states except Arizona, New York (with the exception of the COVID-19 Active Infection Test), Alaska, and Hawaii, as well as Puerto Rico.

    Please note that New York residents may only purchase an at-home kit for a COVID-19 Active Infection Test. New York residents may not purchase any other at-home kits.

    We strongly recommend that you share your test results with your doctor in order to make the best health decisions.


  1. What types of tests does Quest Diagnostics perform?
  1. We are the world's leading provider of diagnostic testing, information, and services. Our clinical laboratory testing services include: blood tests, body fluid testing, tissue pathology and cytology, health screening and monitoring tests, drug screening and testing as well as gene-based testing (genetic testing). Visit our Diagnostics Testing A-Z page to see a list of frequently ordered lab tests and learn why and how laboratory tests are done, and what information your doctor can obtain from the results.

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Preparing for a lab test and/or visiting a Patient Service Center

  1. My doctor has ordered a lab test for me, and does not collect samples in his/her office. How do I locate a Quest Diagnostics location near me?
  1. Find a convenient location with our Patient Service Center Locator. The address, hours, phone number, directions (map) and services provided are listed for each location.
  1. Do I need to make an appointment in order to be tested at a Quest Diagnostics location?
  1. Appointments are not required. However, we are pleased to offer online appointment scheduling for individuals who like the ease of scheduling at a location, date and time that is convenient for them. You can see which locations offer appointments by accessing our online scheduler. You also have the option of downloading our appointment scheduling app to your Smartphone.

    If you choose not to make an appointment, know that our locations are busiest in the early morning when patients who are required to fast for testing often choose to arrive. Your wait will usually be shorter after 10AM. You may wish to consider arriving after that time.

    We recommend you bring a completed test requisition or order form from your healthcare provider and a copy of your medical insurance card in order to expedite your visit.
  1. Where can I find the hours of operation for your patient testing locations?
  1. Find the location you are interested in visiting to see the days and hours the location is open, maps and driving directions. 
  1. Do I need to fast before being tested at a Quest Diagnostics location?
  1. Some blood tests do require fasting prior to having your blood drawn. Please contact your healthcare provider to determine his/her requirements for your specific testing.


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Lab Test Results

  1. How long does it take to receive test results?
  1. Depending on the test performed, most tests are completed and reported to your ordering healthcare provider within about 24 hours of receiving the sample for testing. Certain tests take several days to weeks. Results are sent directly to the ordering healthcare professional. Please ask your healthcare provider to contact you when your test results have been received.
  1. Can I receive a copy of my test results?
  1. There are several ways to access your lab test results:

    1. You can receive your test results directly from us on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Visit for more information.
    2. Once you've created a MyQuest account, before you can begin to see results, you must verify your identity. View icon  Watch the video.

      • Available on the Apple® iPhone, iPod Touch; Android™.

      You may also download a request form here or on our website or call us to request the form to get a copy of your test result directly from us by mail, fax or email. Once we receive your completed form, you will receive your test result within approximately 30 days.


    3. You can receive your results online if:

      • Your physician has an electronics results delivery arrangement with Quest Diagnostics, and
      • Your physician agrees to release your results to you, and
      • You have connected your account with Microsoft®, HealthVault™. Find out how to Get Started. Have a question? Send us a question or comment.


    4. You may receive your test results directly from your physician.

      • Next time your physician orders a lab test, ask your physician to indicate on the requisition that Quest Diagnostics should also send you a copy of the test results. Most tests take between 1 to 10 days to complete.
      • If you want a copy of previous test results you can ask your physician to send you a copy.


  1. Where do I go for help with MyQuest?
  1. Visit and click on Help for answers to these Frequently Asked Questions
  • Getting Started
  • Lab Results
  • Medical Information
  • Health Record Messages
  • Caregivers and Dependents
  • Blueprint for Athletes
  • Billing
  • Legal Notices


Printable Reference Guides
Forgot Username Password Reset Instructions
MyQuest Registration Step by Step Guide

MyQuest Video Tutorials
Forgot Username Password reset instructions video
Verifying your identity to receive results video



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Payment and Insurance Information

  1. I have a question about my bill. Whom should I contact?

Visit FAQ — Billing for all billing-related questions and answers. 

Visit the billing area to:



Your questions, comments, and feedback are important to us. For non–billing related questions fill out our contact us patient inquiry form.

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Women’s STD Testing from Quest Diagnostics

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