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DefaultRe: ONkyo TX-NR626 Check SP Wire

Thanks for the heads up.
I also have a 515 and 616, one in my living room and the other in the bed room.
515 will have to go when this one it will work.
I will switch the fan connector, to the empty one(I still have to check on this), to run it all the time, when is on. I don't want to heat up to much.
I did the same thing on the 616.
The 515, I have purchased refurbished, I have not looked into it, but I believe that there is no fan in there. I have made a power only, USB cable and I have plugged it into my TV and I'm using a laptop cooler with adjustable fan control(Target $14), to set the fan at a speed level, that is not bothering me.




Can not turn on the unit

 Make sure that the power cord is properly plugged into the wall outlet.

 Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, wait 5 seconds or more, then plug it in again.

The unit turns off unexpectedly

 The unit will automatically enter standby mode when Auto Standby has been set and launches.

The unit turns off and after restoring the power, it turns off again

 The protection circuit has been activated. Remove the power cord from the wall outlet immediately. Make sure that all speaker cables and input sources are properly connected, and leave the unit with its power cord disconnected for 1 hour. After that, reconnect the power cord and turn the power on. If the unit turns off again, avoid resetting it and unplug the power cord. Then contact your Onkyo dealer.

Caution: If "CHECK SP WIRE" is appeared on the display, the speaker cables may be shorting.

WARNING: If smoke, smell or abnormal noise is produced by the unit, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet immediately and contact the dealer or Onkyo Support.

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(C) Copyright 2014 Onkyo Corporation Japan. All rights reserved.

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Check SP Wires? Help!

shiftymcgoo said:

Alright. I stopped by The Source on my way home and picked up a multi-meter. After getting a defective unit (jeez) I came home and ran continuity checks on my speaker wire. No issues.

For fun I stuck the taps into the speakers I'm using and the audible alarm sounded. I assume that's fine as there's probably some way for a signal to make it through the speaker. Am I correct in assuming that? I tried it on 3 of the 5 and they all did the same thing. Then I went and tested an old speaker and it did the same.

So now I'm currently updating to firmware 1.08 in the hopes it's some glitch but I'm not holding my breath that will solve the problem.

As it stands I've tested the wires, re-cut and reconnected them, and STILL it won't stay on longer than a few seconds under load.

EDIT: Update is done and still no go. It stayed on a little longer than normal but as soon as it got loud the unit cut out. BUT, it seems as though it will work if I keep the volume relatively low. Right now I only have one speaker hooked up but a movie has been playing for about 5 minutes now with no issue.

Am I dealing with a defective unit?

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The meter will make the continuity tone as long as it's within a certain range. You need to check the speaker wires, too. Disconnect them from the speaker AND the receiver and connect the probes to the meter's leads. You need to set the meter to the lowest range (often 200 Ohms) and once the + is on one lead and the - is on the other, you should see OL on the meter If you see anything when the meter is on the lowest range, you have a short. This could be from a table or chair sitting on the wire, pets, exposed wire at the ends (1/2" maximum), one strand touching from one side to the other or if the wires were hidden in the walls before the drywall went up, a nail or screw.

You would only need a problem on one speaker cable to cause the warning. If you can run it with one speaker at all normal volume levels, that one is fine but the others may have problems. Isolate each speaker and run it. If it works on all but one, that one needs to be repaired or replaced.

What numbers did you see when you connected directly to the speakers? Write them down for your reference. If your speakers show less than 4 Ohms, the receiver may not work with that load. What speakers are you using?

If you have a way to measure the AC voltage, do that, too. Low electrical service voltage will cause all kinds of problems.



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Onkyo check sp wire

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