Interior door slide bolts

Interior door slide bolts DEFAULT

How To Add Slide Bolt (etc) When There Is Trim

That frosted door is actually only one of the doors I have - it's security I'm after. To clarify: I do understand that someone could just kick the door open. That I'm not so concerned about. That makes noise - and I'll hear it. It's giving an outsider the chance of entering without making noise that concerns me. Also, if someone "breaks" to enter, they leave a trace. I had someone pick a lock in my back-door and set my alarm off. The police came...the door was open...but since there was no visible sign of a break-in, I was out $200 bucks for the "false alarm". Ridiculous, I know. But an indoor-locking dead-bolt will save me that hassle in the future.

"Primary" means of entry. RStripe probably did mean that. Toldja I was missing something.

I actually never even thought of taking the key lock off the one patio door. I suppose I could since, like you, I usually do not enter the house that way. In any case, I think RStripe's question may have diverted things anyway - since my initial question was NOT about putting a key lock on these doors, it was about supplementing the existing keyed with a key-less deadbolt lock on the door (for the above reasons). I could take the keyed lock off - but I'd think a inside-locking deadbolt by itself isn't as a deadbolt PLUS a keyed lock. Someone would have to pick and kick (or kick harder). The key-lock question came up when someone suggested I just install that kinda lock in place of something that may interfere with my trim.

Which brings me to a whole other question. My patio doors aren't wood. So even if I were to put something kind of sliding deadbolt on those doors (they don't have the trim issue)...what do I screw them into? I imagine there's got to be some kind of standard wood support bar near the locks.

Oh, and thanks for the reply!




Door Bolt and Surface Bolt Selection

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