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Town of Tonawanda, Village of Kenmore lift overnight winter parking restrictions

TOWN OF TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WKBW) — A sign of spring has come to the Town of Tonawanda and Village of Kenmore as officials announced the overnight winter parking restrictions are being lifted as of today, March 5.

Officials say the decision to lift the restrictions is due to the favorable forecast for the month of March.

"As is the case when this was done in previous years, in the event of a significant snowfall in the Town please use common sense and remove your vehicles from the street so our Town Highway plows can get down your street easily to clear them. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated," a release from the Town of Tonawanda says.

"EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: Due to favorable weather forecasts the Village of Kenmore is lifting our overnight parking restrictions effective immediately. If we do get some measurable snow please use common sense and remove your vehicles from the street. Thank you. Please share," a Facebook post from the Village of Kenmore Police Department says.


Frequently Asked Questions - All FAQs

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FAQs - All FAQs

Can I receive financial assistance for needed housing repairs?

Residential Rehabilitation Program - 0% Interest, Deferred Payment Loan Program

Low to moderate income homeowners in the Town of Tonawanda are eligible for the 0% interest, deferred payment loan program. This loan program provides qualified applicants with funding for needed housing repairs. Eligible work items include things such as your foundation wall, roof, siding, windows, heating system, and electrical system. The program may not be used for room additions or luxury items. The loan is secured on the property through a mortgage filed in the Erie County Clerk's Office. The loan does not have to be paid back until the homeowner passes away, property title transfers (house is sold or people are added/removed from deed), homeowner obtains a home equity loan or line of credit, homeowner refinances their mortgage for additional amount or if it ceases to be the homeowners’ principal residence. The Town of Tonawanda does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, disability, military status, the presence of children, sexual orientation, source of income, gender identification, or immigration and citizenship status in determining admission to the housing programs we administer. 

For More Information & Details

Resident homeowners in the Town of Tonawanda, outside of the Village of Kenmore, who wish to participate in the 0% Interest, Deferred Payment Loan Program or would like further information should call DeAnna Mancuso at () ext. 4 or send an Email. For more information about the program, click here:  Residential Rehabilitation Flyer

Accident Reports On-Line

Crashdocs Banner Border

CRASHDOCS website makes it easier to get accident reports

There is no need to make a trip to the police station to obtain a copy of your accident. Simply search for your report, go to checkout (no charge at checkout) and receive a copy that you can print or save to your files.

No more:

  • Travel to the police station
  • Long forms to fill out
  • Postage and wasted paper

Reports are available 24/7, so you can get your accident report when it is accepted into this system from the police department.

To obtain an accident report for the Town of Tonawanda you can follow this LINK to start the process.  You will need the complaint number that you were given previously.


Anything court related to fines, you should contact court directly at as fines and surcharges are subject to change
I can't make my scheduled court date, now what?
Court dates are set by the Town Court. If you were scheduled in court and can't make it, contact the court at ()
What is Cafeteria Court?
Cafeteria Court is the window in the court office where you can plead guilty to a ticket without appearing in court.
Are all equipment violations dismissed?
No. Sound, brakes and no headlight violations are not dismissible.
Where is the Town Court located?
Town Court is located on the second floor of the Police Building at Sheridan Drive. Entrance to the Town Court is located on the extreme west end (door closest to Delaware Road) of the Police Building. Do not enter the doors in the center of the building for court as you will only be told to exit the building and go to the next set of doors.
What is the town prosecutor?
The town prosecutor is a member of the Office of the Town Attorney who prosecutes traffic violations and non-criminal offenses.
What is the ordinance for barking dogs?
The ordinance for barking dogs is Section , Paragraph D, subsection 2 of the Town of Tonawanda town ordinances as listed below.

D. It shall be unlawful for any owner of any dog in the town to permit or allow a dog to: (2) Engage in habitual loud howling, barking, crying or whining or conduct itself in such a manner so as to unreasonably disturb the comfort or repose of any person.

I have a dog, what do I need to know and do?
  • It is unlawful for a dog to be unleashed off of the owner's premises in the Town of Tonawanda and Village of Kenmore. This includes all parks and recreation areas. The fine for this offense ranges from $25 to $
  • All dogs four months or older are required to be licensed. The fine for an unlicensed dog is $ Persons harboring an unlicensed dog will be subject to arrest and fine upon conviction.
  • It shall be the duty of every dog owner or person having possession, custody or control of a dog to remove any feces left by said dog on any public property owned by the Town of Tonawanda and deposit it in a container lawfully used for the disposal of refuse.
  • Dog licenses can be obtained at the Town of Tonawanda Office of the Town Clerk, which is located at Delaware Avenue. For further information, please call ()  ext. The form can be downloaded here, DOG LICENSE


How do I become a police officer in the town?
Candidates must be a U.S. citizen and must reside in the Town of Tonawanda for at least four months prior to taking the Civil Service exam.

Selections are made from a Civil Service list based upon exam scores. For each selection the person must be in the top three places on the list. Exams are given every two years by the Erie County Personnel office.

For additional information connect to the Erie County Civil Service Commission. Erie County Civil Service Commission

How do I get fingerprints taken ?
Fingerprints are taken by the department Monday through Friday between am to am and pm to pm. We do not take fingerprints for a pistol permits, you must contact the Erie County Pistol Permit Bureau for additional information (). For other fingerprinting requests you must make an appointment with the Detective Bureau by calling ().

The fee for fingerprint cards is $10 per card for Town of Tonawanda residents and $50 per card for non-residents. You must bring exact change, no personal checks are accepted. You must also have proper identification.

When can garbage be put out for pick-up?
Garbage can be placed out no earlier than am the day before the designated collection day.
When do garbage cans have to be removed from the curb?
Garbage cans must be removed from the curb no later than pm on the designated collection date.
How do I dispose of an old refrigerator?
Remove the doors and/or locking mechanism and place it out on collection day. For more information, see Waste Disposal Information from the Tonawanda Highway Department.
How can I obtain a handicap parking permit?
Applications are available 24 hours a day at the front desk of the Police Station or online at this LINK. Once the application is completed, it may be returned to the Police Department Records Bureau for processing.

If the application is personally returned during the hours of operation (Monday through Friday between am and pm), the permit will be issued immediately. There are no fees for handicap parking permits.

Permits are issued to Town of Tonawanda residents only.



What are the ages for a junior operators license in New York?
In New York, junior operators licenses are for and year-olds
Can a person with a junior operators license drive after pm with a friend who has a full license?
Different counties have different rules. In Erie County, the supervising driver must be at least 18 years of age with a license of the same class. This person must also be in a position of "Loco Parentis," meaning a guardian or relative (technically not a friend).
What is the rule for school functions regarding junior operators licenses?
Those with junior operators licenses are allowed to drive to and from school for instruction, education or training.
Is a school club a valid reason to drive after pm with a junior operators license?
No a school club is not a valid reason to drive after pm with a junior operators license.
Who must be riding with a driver that possesses a learners permit?
A person at least 18 years of age with a license in the same class as the vehicle being operated must ride along with a driver possessing a learners permit.
How is a motorcycle operator that possesses a motorcycle learners permit supervised by a licensed operator?
The licensed operator can either supervise as a passenger on the motorcycle or in another vehicle.
Does the learning motorcycle driver have to remain in view of the supervisor?
Yes, the learning motorcycle driver must remain in view of the supervisor.
What do you mean by moped class?
A moped is placed in a class based on its maximum attainable speed.
Can I drive a moped without a helmet or insurance?
You can drive a moped without a helmet or insurance only if it is a class "C."
How do I obtain an Order of Protection?
To obtain an Order of Protection in the Town of Tonawanda Justice Court, you must sign a complaint charging another party with a crime. When you sign the complaint in the Detective Bureau you should make your request known to the detective so the family protection registry form (TTP) can be filled out ahead of time, and accompany your complaint to court.

Once your complaint reaches court the judge will preview the complaint you signed, a criminal summons will be served on the defendant and the judge will then issue a temporary order of protection, until further action in court.

For an Order of Protection through Erie County Family Court, please call ()  Monday through Friday, from am to pm.

How do i know if an Order Of Protection was served?
As an alternative to calling the Town of Tonawanda Justice Court or The Town of Tonawanda Police Department , you can go to the following NYS site

This system is a service available to victims, or their designees, who have been granted certain Court Orders of Protection. It allows victims the option of registering to be notified when an Order of Protection has been served.

Do not depend solely on this notification for your protection. If you are at risk, seek help and take appropriate precautions.

This program is part of the SAVIN-NY initiative funded by the Bureau of Justice Administration (BJA) and coordinated by the NYS Sheriffs' Institute.


Can I park a trailer, house trailer or boat in the street?
The answer is yes, but it is very limited based on the over all length of the combined trailer and vehicle together. The combination of both vehicles together must not exceed 21' 10". This is the exact Town Code pertaining to this topic: Due to safety reasons involving obstructed vision pertaining to pedestrians, children, emergency vehicles and other motorists, no vehicle or transport device longer than 21 feet 10 inches, inclusive of load and bumper (even if not attached), nor wider than seven feet 10 inches, as measured by the body, nor higher than seven feet two inches, as measured from the underside of the tire to the top of the vehicle, shall park upon any street within any residential district in the Town of Tonawanda. This provision is applicable, but not limited to, boats and/or jet skis with trailers, recreational campers, vehicle transport carriers or trailers.
Can I put a dumpster in the street?
No, dumpsters can not be placed in the street in the Town of Tonawanda.
Can I park my car on the lawn?
No, cars can not be parked on your lawn in the Town of Tonawanda.
Can I park in front of my own driveway?
No, you can not park in front of your own driveway.
How do I obtain a peddlers permit?
Peddlers permits are only valid for the named individuals, not multiple parties or companies. Applications are available at the front desk of the Police Department or you can Download it here and fill out to bring in. Once completed and submitted with the proper fee and two proofs of ID (one being with a picture), they are processed and either approved or disapproved.

Permits must be picked up in person and are issued at that time. Each permit is good for a period of 30 days from date of issuance.

Can I get criminal records on the internet?
No. Criminal records are not available through the internet, nor are they a matter of public record. Very stringent rules are in effect even for police officers and investigators pursuing this type of information in regard to ongoing investigations.
How do I get an arrest record check or a summary of a police report?
Request forms are available at the front desk of the Police Department. Forms need to be completed and submitted with the proper fee and two proofs of ID, one being a picture ID. The record check or summary will be processed within five business days and mailed to the requesting party, unless otherwise requested.

You may download the form now and have it ready for the desk officer when you arrive at the police station.


What are the fees for a specific report?

Police Incident Report $ per page

Police Incident Report - Victim No Charge

Fire Incident Report $ per page

Accident Reports $ per page

Paramedic Medical Report $ per page

Record Checks on Individuals With Copy $

DWI Attending School BAC $

Peddler & Hawker Applications $ per month

Fingerprints -Town & Village $ per card (Resident)

$ per card (Non-resident)

Pistol Permit Applications $

Photographs $ each

Sketches $

Surrendered/Safekeeping of Firearms Processing Fee $

CD/DVD $ each


If my child is under four years old but over 40 pounds does he/she still have to be in a safety seat?
Yes. The law only refers to age.
Anything court related to fines, you should contact court directly at as fines and surcharges are subject to change
I got a ticket, now what do I do?
If you wish to plead guilty to a traffic violation by mail, date and sign Part A of your summons and remit it to the Court before the court date which is printed on the front of your summons. Upon receipt, the Court will notify you in writing of the fine due.

For most minor traffic infractions, you may pay a set fine by appearing in person at the cafeteria court window during regularly scheduled hours. Be sure you have your conviction stub with you. It may be helpful to call the Court to verify that there is a set fine for your particular infraction. Please note that the Town of Tonawanda Court will only accept cash, money orders or certified checks.

If you wish to plead not guilty by mail, you must date and sign Part B of the summons. Upon receipt of your not guilty plea, the Court will notify you in writing of your court date for arraignment.

If you do not want to enter a plea by mail, you should appear in Court on the date listed on the bottom of your summons. Upon arrival in the Court there are lists posted in the hallway. Locate your name on the list and follow the directions on the top of the sheet. If you have any questions go to the cafeteria court window, where a clerk will assist you.

How do I get my defect inspected and verified for court?
The inspection and completion of a defect correction form must be done by a police officer or an authorized inspection station. A statement of correction may be completed by an automobile repair shop and the statement must be on the letterhead of the shop.
Is an inspection violation a moving violation?
No, an inspection violation is not a moving violation.
Anything court related to fines, you should contact court directly at as fines and surcharges are subject to change
How many points will I get for a speeding ticket?
The amount of mph below is the amount over the posted speed limit:
  • mph: three points
  • mph: four points
  • mph: six points
  • mph: eight points
  • Over 40 mph: 11 points
How much will the fine be?
The fine will be between $30 and $ plus a surcharge of $
Are studded snow tires legal in New York State?
Studded snow tires are only legal between October 16 and April
Where can I get studded snow tires?
Studded snow tires can be purchased at a tire dealership.
Can I tow a car with a rope?
A car can be towed with a rope only if the towed vehicle is occupied by a licensed driver to control steering.
If I buy a car, how do I get it home without plates?
You must tow the car home until you get plates.
How do I get my trailer to a weigh station (for the registration application) if it isn't registered?
The law allows you to tow a trailer to and from a weigh station only for the purpose of determining weight for registration.
When does the winter parking ban go into effect?
The standing or parking of vehicles is hereby prohibited on all streets and highways within the Town of Tonawanda between the hours of am and am, beginning November 1 of each year and ending April 1 of the next succeeding year.

Vacation House Check | Going Away? Submit a form for us to check your property

Vacation House Checks are a service provided by the Town of Tonawanda Police for residents who are away from home for vacation. After filling out the required paperwork, an officer will check the premise at random times and contact you or your emergency contact person to report anything out of the ordinary.

This service is not provided for homes that are for sale or vacant.

Click here to fill out the form which we will enter into our system

You can also request a house check by calling , or in person at The Town of Tonawanda Police Department located at Sheridan Drive. We will be happy to assist you. We are open 24 hours a day for this service.


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Police Department

Police Department

Niagara Street

Tonawanda, NY 

Chief William Strassburg


Welcome to the City of Tonawanda Police Department. We are located at the western terminus point of the Erie Canal and on the shores of the Niagara River between Buffalo and Niagara Falls in Western New York State. We are approximately 10 miles from Canada and about 90 miles from Toronto, Ontario. We serve a population of 18, citizens with 28 sworn and 10 civilian employees. Tonawanda is an Iroquois Indian name when translated means swift water. Situated only nine miles from the brink of Niagara Falls, the water of the Niagara River truly flows "swiftly".

The City of Tonawanda is a full service organization with a proud history of over years in existence. Our agency followed the Community Policing philosophy long before the term was coined. Our Officers participate in many community events including the annual Canal Festival, and many others. Much of our duties include the patrol of the many parks located adjacent to our waterways and our Marine Patrol. Officers patrol the parks not only in cars, but bicycles and a golf cart for added flexibility. We are very proud of our heritage and look to providing the best Law Enforcement services possible as we enter the millennium.


Overnight Parking on City Streets and Public Areas

The City of Tonawanda has a very specific ordinance regarding the overnight parking of vehicles. Signs are posted when you first enter the City from any roadway. The ordinance says:

Section All Night Parking 

(a) The standing of vehicles between the hours of a.m. and a.m. on all City streets is hereby prohibited from October 1 through March  
(b) The following vehicles are prohibited: any trailers, semi-trailers, recreational vehicles, campers, boats, commercial business vehicles, or livery vehicles. 

The Police Department attempts to accommodate people when it is possible. During the winter months normally exceptions are not granted to the parking ordinance, but during the warmer months when no snow plowing is a possibility, we will grant permission for a vehicle to be parked on the City streets if a request is made and a valid reason is offered. Permission will NOT be granted for extended periods of time, but valid reasons for overnight permission may include:

    • Overnight guests and no parking available in your driveway to accommodate the extra cars.
    • Construction prohibits you using the driveway.
    • The vehicle is disabled and cannot be removed until the next day.

If this situation exists, you may call our Dispatch Center and request permission for the vehicle to be parked on the City Street. We can continue to accommodate these requests as long as the situation is not abused.

Parking Problems (General)

Disabled Vehicles. If a vehicle becomes disabled, the Police must consider the complications of leaving the vehicle for any period of time. If the vehicle is obstructing vehicular or pedestrian traffic, the vehicle will be towed at your expense. We normally will attempt to contact the owner first, but this problem cannot be left unattended. If your car does break down in traffic or on a city street, please call our dispatch center at and we will do whatever we can to accommodate your removal of the vehicle.

Parking Across the Sidewalk. This is a year round problem. Pedestrians need and deserve the right to use the public sidewalk without obstruction. Even leaving your car there for a "couple minutes" while you run into the house does not help the person who is walking, particularly those handicap residents and child strollers. Please be courteous and leave the sidewalk clear. During the winter, it would also help to clean snow off the sidewalk as you do your driveway.
Snow Removal

Complaints about snow plowing of driveways and discharging snow into the street are common during the wintertime. Snow Plow operators need to have a City permit and insure that they entirely remove snow from the street. When you are shoveling or snow-blowing, please don't deposit the snow in the street. This can cause a hazardous situation for traffic, and even more basic is the fact the City spends many thousands of dollars plowing the streets to make them as usable as possible during inclement weather. Please think of your neighbors when doing this activity. Phone Numbers FOR ALL EMERGENCIES DIAL  For non emergencies and all inquiries please dial This automated system will list all options or for: Administration Offices: Press #1 For complete individual Officer Directory: Press #2 Detectives Office: Press #4 Records Office: Press #5 Juvenile Aid Office: Press #6

Everybody Has Needs – Do the Right People Know What Yours Are? 

            If you or someone in your household has a disability or a special medical need, the people whose job it is to respond when you call for help in an emergency need to know.             Whether it affects your entire community, your street or just your home, seconds can make a life-or-death difference.  Having specific details about your special situation will significantly help us help you.               Follow this link to print out form and send to Fire Department, 44 William Street, Tonawanda, NY 

 Safe Summer Driving from A to Z Child Passenger Restraint Law .

If your vehicle has been towed for a violation of the Vehicle & Traffic law or due to the fact it was abandoned, you must call Dan Walter & Son Towing at to make arrangements to take possession of the vehicle.  The City of Tonawanda has contracted Dan Walter & Son Towing for all vehicle tows but has no relationship with them in regards to towing/impound fees charged or losses claimed by vehicle owners.

 If your operator’s license was confiscated by this department for a suspension or revocation it has been mailed to New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.  You must go to a local DMV office to begin the process of retrieving your license.  ALL suspensions and revocations must be lifted before DMV will return your license to you.  By receiving your operator’s license back does not dismiss or absolve you of any charges pending

If your vehicle’s license plates have been confiscated by this department for a registration suspension or revocation (or improperly used plates) they are turned in to the DMV, you must go to a local DMV (there is one in this building) to start the process of clearing your suspended registration.  The DMV will explain to you this process.  Please note that the charges placed against the driver are still pending and must be answered in court.  Clearing up your suspended registration does not dismiss or absolve the driver of charges pending.  Bring all your paperwork to court on your court date to show that you are clearing up the suspension.

Victim Notification Program
Homeland Security Investigations is committed to protecting the public and ensuring that the rights of victims are carefully observed.  HSI administers a Victim Notification Program which allows eligible victims and witnesses to obtain reliable and timely information regarding a criminal alien's release from custody.  Victims and witnesses are required to register with the HSI's agency in order to receive notification of a criminal alien's release.  If you would like to register, click here to register and receive valuable information.




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