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BTS V Airport looks, fashion experts ‘obsessed’ with Kim Taehyung’s style

With BTS V’s new airport look coming to life after a year, we are bringing up Kim Taehyung’s airport style that has made fashion experts ‘obsessed.’

From top-selling designers to fashion critics, BTS V’s sense of fashion, where he seamlessly incorporates different textures and silhouettes in various airport outfits, has awed the fashion industry veterans.

If you are wondering which are some of BTS V’s most iconic airport outfits by fashion experts, read on.


BTS V top airport looks

BTS V, aka Kim Taehyung, has quite a few airport outfits which prove why the ‘Singularity’ crooner gets the crown of the most handsome man in the world time and again. Here are some of our favorite looks of Taehyung.

Black on black

George Collins, a fashion expert YouTuber, talked about this BTS V airport look calling it the best of minimalist and easy fashion that looks chic and expensive, yet fans can easily recreate. The thumbnail of his video says: “Obsessed with V!!!”

The YouTuber also mentioned V’s choice of accessories that complement the look including the black Kangol hat and an oversized leather bag that adds an oomph to the outfit.

Oversized 70’s business look from Taehyung’s airport fashion

One of the dreamiest BTS V airport looks has been dubbed as ’70’s business look.’

Speaking of this look, George Collins especially praised the clever use of silhouettes and textures. The trench coat, cropped trouser, messy hair, and square-shaped sling bag giving the ultimate ‘boyfriend look’ vibe that BTS V fans can’t get enough of!

‘Elite’ fashion king Kim Taehyung

This airport outfit of Kim Taehyung went viral exuding the eliteness that every V fan swooned over. The over-exaggerated coat looking cozy with everything else incorporated proves why V is hailed as the ‘K-pop fashion icon.’

Gushing over this look a fan said, “Remember when Kim Taehyung’s airport fashion went viral, he looks always an elite, a fashion icon indeed!”

Kim Taehyung made the airport his own runaway

Kim Taehyung fans have declared when it comes to airport fashion, V has surely taken it to a runaway level. Here are some of fans’ favorite outfits.

Speaking of Kim Taehyung’s fashion, Ko Tae-yong, designer of top-selling brand Beyond Closet said in his YouTube channel: “You need to have a clear philosophy on clothes, try various styles, and know yourself well” to ace the airport fashion like V does.

He further added, “Taehyung can match clothes and accessories in a way that knows no gender boundaries.” He concluded, BTS V has the ‘number 1 idol face’ who can fuse retro fashion with modern clothing making a distinct impression on fans.

Kim Taehyung airport look

Kim Taehyung was spotted leaving for New York on September 18th, Check out his outfit below.

Which Kim Taehyung airport look is your favorite? Let us know @HITCculture.

Click here to learn all about ‘SDG Moment’ of UNGA where BTS will represent South Korea as the presidential envoy. Check BTS OT7 airport looks here.

Stream a Taehyung focused playlist below.

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One of the birthday boys of October, JiMin of BTS is celebrating his 23rd B-Day this coming 13th. 

Despite his young age, JiMin and the his group has been making their way up to the top, not only in Korea, but in global charts. Their music is widely listened, enjoyed and acknowledged, even to some of the globally approved musicians. As the group widen their field to different countries, diverse music while containing their color were made, and were loved even more than the previous work.

Though the group and JiMin himself, is at the top of the stardom, they never seem to lose the heart full of passion and love of music. They always show great appreciations to fans and to each other. One of the member who shows such great care for his member is JiMin! All members of BTS picked JiMin for being thoughtful ans caring even since they were trainees. He seems like a person who would never lose the love towards his members and fans. Not to mention, his music as well! 

Well, let's hope that he doesn't lose his fashion sense either, cuz he is pulling things off pretty nicely. Here are some fashion items worn often by JiMin of BTS!


1st - Casual Black / White T-Shirts with Jeans

Airport Fashion JiMin of BTS

Star Journal / the luminary / DC Gallery


2nd - Formal Button Down Shirts

Airport Fashion JiMin of BTS

CBC News / myloverjimin


3rd - Jean Jacket 

Airport Fashion JiMin of BTS

OFF the DEEP END / Star Journal


4th - Flannel Shirts of Bright Color

Airport Fashion JiMin of BTS



5th - Stripped T-Shirts

Airport Fashion JiMin of BTS

the luminary / LiveEN / News1


6th - Unexpectedly Cute Items

Airport Fashion JiMin of BTS

Etnews / Topstarnews

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Throughout the years, BTS&#;s Jimin has made the airport his own personal runway. While it&#;s impossible to capture all of his iconic looks, check out some of his most fashionable looks below that no ARMY will ever forget!


Move over, Justin and Britney &#; Jimin basically invented denim-on-denim!


Cuddly Jimin in an oversized cardigan is the best Jimin.


This timeless look shows that sometimes simple is best!


Jimin&#;s grungey style is just *chef&#;s kiss.*


He spiced up a simple all-black look with fun accessories like a statement CHANEL bag and baker boy hat.


This is the pinnacle of summer Jimin looks!


&#;Blood Sweat & Tears&#; era is the gift that keeps on giving: It even blessed ARMYs with incredible airport fashion!


Jimin shows us how to rock the perfect winter outfit and stay toasty.


If you love all-black and leather, this look might be your absolute favorite!

Make way &#; Model Jimin is coming through in his gorgeous puffer jacket!

Jimin was made for a good peacoat and turtleneck.

It&#;s all in the details.

A crisp button-up shirt is sexy, masculine, and just the right amount of fashion.

If you&#;re a fan of preppy looks, this layered sweater vest look might tickle your fancy.

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:airplane: Jimin : Airport Fashion Appreciation

Hello lovelies ♡.

So, I opened up a poll a while back concerning the next star of my airport fashion blog and + of you voted, it was a close call but Jimin-ssi emerged victorious whoo ~ So here's a blog dedicated to his stunning airport fashion. :') ♡

x • x • x

Akin to the other members, Jimin hails from rather humble origins, trying to make it big as an idol in a city like Seoul. A boy known to be hardworking and dedicated, he also suffered from his personal insecurities regarding his looks and body.

user uploaded image

It was revealed that he didn't have a great sense of style starting out, which was probably because of an underlying nonchalance or lack of money.

user uploaded image

Having moved to Seoul, Jimin packed a carrier full of clothes but none of them were particularly likable to the other members.

user uploaded image
user uploaded image

Trainees share their clothes, but no one would share with him. Out of concern, even Yoongi told him to throw it all out haha. As a result, Jimin would borrow clothes from his hyungs and that's what he mainly wore.

user uploaded image

Well, now I'm happy to say that given BTS' years of hard work and perseverance has paid off so well that each one of our boys can dress well, eat and live like the kings they are. Jimin's fashion and personality has evolved with such magnetism that you can't help but be gravitated to his aura, so lets take a look at some of his off-stage fashion, handpicked and catalogued for your eyes. ♡

user uploaded image

x • x • x

user uploaded image

I love the ash and black combination of this downtown look. The silver hair is my true weakness, befitting the idol to levels of iconic attraction. It's a bit strong and bold for someone we call “mochi” with endearment. The broad lapels of the leather jacket emphasize the chest and in tandem with the multiple zips, they act like pipings to draw the attention of the viewer.

To add more mystery, the dark turtleneck plays a heavy role, much better than any regular shirt. To accessorize the Wayfarer, earrings and rings balance it out while not being too bold. Jimin is known to possess a very strong personality onstage and this outfit just screams that glorious side of him.

This outfit along with the ash grey hair is boldness with relaxation, one can't help but notice the strut and charisma carried with it.

x • x • x

user uploaded image

Feel that sudden drop of pressure? That's from the airy lightness that this outfit brings. I love the netted, pale yellow details of this low hanging but not too oversized sweater, Jimin has perhaps the tiniest waist in pictures that's very casually accentuated by the belt.

Even the golden-ish frames of the shades are meant to compliment the fluffy, pale outfit and it stays true to the agenda. I love the loose, ankle length pantaloons with the shoes. It only adds more dainty adorableness to the image which brings back the cuteness of our wearer ♡.

x • x • x

user uploaded image

I'm gonna come right out and say this, this is absolutely one of my favourite looks. I fell in love instantly with the serenity at the Bangkok airport when Jimin-ssi blended with the dripping sunlight to create such a romantic mood in this look.

Striped shirt, dark pants and slip ons that are interestingly studded on the bottom. I love how barefaced he is here, and the tiny crossed earrings. It's artful in such a simplistic fashion, I've been adding more jewellery into my collection that is similar to Jimin's being obviously inspired by him. It suits him so well in a way that makes my jaw drop. Even the beautiful light brown hair adds a tranquil beauty to the image, it all simply falls together in place even if it's seems non-intentional and rather free.

x • x • x

user uploaded image

This has been such an iconic airport fashion even if it's roots lie in the casualness, or maybe that was what sparked the interest of new gen fans, including me even if I lean more to the ancient side lmao. I love the hipster vibes this gives me, the beanie and empty Wayfarer lens, even the perfect cut side profile. The hair is not all the way back, but smoothly groomed to the front just like Jimin-ssi would've wanted it, as famed for his lovely locks.

Not even complaining about the sandals cause it goes so well with the shorts. The silver accessories add such a great highlight to the outfit, istg his rings and chains are my shopping goals hnng;;

A little more appreciation to the beanie for adding that relaxed omf which was so well-needed. A little bout of Bangtan in beanies later, shall we? ♡

x • x • x

user uploaded image

Welcome back to all-black looks again, this time a heavily layered and covered, comfy looking winter attire. I love the various extremities that Jimin plays with his outfits and how they have their own personality and voice. The coats, heavy muffler and inner sweater simply echo the memories of a very chilly day in some corner of the world.

I've seen few pictures of Jimin in oversized mufflers, covering his face, it's such a soft yet exquisite sight but hey the rarity of the situation only makes it more special fufu ~

The woollens our mochi is enveloped in, seem to be meant for some dreadful winter, even the ends of the muffler fall like vintage curtains. It's amazing how he carries them in twisted loops that cover his face and fall on the sides elegantly. Often the beauty lies not in the outfit, but how the person wears it and owns it. How the fabric folds, drops and curves around them. They become one with it, in that scene. This here, is just a fine example of how well Jimin has accomplished it.

x • x • x

user uploaded image

This is certainly not a Jimin fashion blog if I don't include stripes. The boy is said to own monochrome stripes, gradually inspiring me to join in. My Van Heusen striped outfits are pretty much the result of it ♡.

Old times with BTS were so delightfully filled with casual, laid back millennial outfits. Snapbacks, tied shirts, some edgy accessories and dominating black and white tones are just some of the nostalgic glints of a young past. Including the black hair that is so missed, isn't it? Even so, I spot Givenchy backpacks and hence an expensive touch to even the most relaxed looks, it's Bangtan after all, right?

x • x • x

user uploaded image

Endless loves for all the layers of artistry this look carries. Beginning from the soothing colors and surreal patterns on the sweater, I personally see beasts and waves blended in gray and white tones. The fabric looks so soft, the way it falls so low and puffy on the sleeves, then wraps around his tiny hands is so lovely.

One would've looked a little slouchy but Jimin otherwise pulls it off so well with the well-fitting pants that bring out his thighs (goals goals goals) :ok_hand: . And the boots are such a nice add, a bit stronger than the cuddly vibes given earlier, but as the outfit transitions, it has allowed to offer that good balance which was needed.

Pretty akin to seeing dainty figures in oversized attire, it's funny how his lavender ash locks also compliment the outfit effortlessly. The cross earrings and multiple rings completing the look and bringing it up to a new level ~

x • x • x

user uploaded image

Of course, the LA BBMAs outfits needed special appreciation for being such a blessing. I'm in love with the dark shades, denim jacket and how it all pairs so well with the chestnut hair. The multiple rings and single hanging earring once again impresses me. It's so casual, yet quite a sight. You can tell that maybe the intention wasn't to emerge as a fashionista, but it resulted with a tick in the box for that category.

I can't help but swoon over common things like how good denim and Bangtan go together, whether it's jackets or ripped jeans, it makes my knees weak.

Every part of Jimin has a very natural charisma, you can't even blame the boy for it cause no matter how cute and cuddly he is deep within, he knows how to make the wheels turn onstage and even offstage on his personal runways. He knows what works on him, and also how to up the ante for some added points in charm.

x • x • x

— E p i l o g u e

Jimin has grown from a person who used to wear mostly borrowed clothes and had little stylistic exposure to building his way up to have a deeper understanding of fashion, glitz and glamour. When you look at him in MVs, or heck just in photos he draws you in, it's the kind of natural, unavoidable aura that he emits even whilst being a shy fuzzball. He has that kind of confidence which is intrinsically wired, possibly from being a gifted performer, he knows that the stage belongs to him when he's on it.

user uploaded image

His fashion is not overly complexed, but relaxed and effortless making it altogether relatable and packed with tons of accessories and a hint of charisma that money can't buy. How to carry yourself confidently in the things you wear is key to enjoying fashion and celebrating yourself, something I believe has been portrayed by Jimin in his true sense of an idol and performer, and for that I really admire him ♡.

x • x • x

Thank you for the feature ~ Once again, thank you for reading and hope you like it!

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:arrow_right_hook: The complete S e r i e s

• Yoongi Airport Fashion

• Taehyung Airport Fashion

:small_orange_diamond: Source of pictures : WeHeartIt, Pinterest

:small_orange_diamond: Collages : Made using PicsArt

user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image
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Airport fashion jimin

BTS' Jimin's airport fashion through the years

BTS' Jimin's airport fashion through the years 

BTS gives some serious style goals whenever they step out, but their airport fashion definitely has a fanbase of its own. Over the years the boys have shelled out very dapper looks and even giving us style inspiration when it comes to airport fashion. Jimin especially has a lot going on for him in that department!

Jimin is also tagged as the IT guy because of his personal style and demeanour. One look at him and you will understand why! He carries himself with a certain air of confidence and elegance that it is almost impossible to look away from. That is why his airport looks are actually quite awaited.

BTS recently left Seoul to attend the UN General Assembly in New York. While they looked handsome in their formal fits for the occasion, their journey started off by making our jaws drop with their impeccable airport style. Decked up in expensive Louis Vuitton clothing, the boys were a total sight for sore eyes.

To no one's surprise, Jimin took our breath away with his very stunning all-black look. While skinny jeans and a black ensemble seems to be his go-to personal style, it never fails to amaze us every time. Take a look at his latest airport look:

Check out more of his unforgettable airport looks right here:

Now that BTS is leaving New York to go back home, we are bound to get more of their airport looks which are most definitely impeccable as always. We can't wait to see what style goals the boys shell out this time around!

BTS were in New York as a part of their special Presidential envoy duties that entailed their attendance at the UN General Assembly. The boys delivered a powerful speech touching upon the struggles of the youth and climate amongst much more. They will be returning back to South Korea after an eventful four days in the big apple!

Sours: https://www.zoomtventertainment.com/korean/article/8-times-bts-jimin-proved-that-nobody-nails-airport-fashion-like-him/

BTS leave for NYC and ARMY cannot keep calm as Kim Taehyung turns airport into his runway again; trend 'Fashion Icon V' – view tweets

BTS aka Bangtan Sonyeodan were snapped at the Incheon airport just a couple of minutes ago. The boys, that is, RM (Kim Namjoon), Jin (Kim Seokjin), Suga (Min Yoongi), J-Hope (Jung Hoseok), Jimin (Park Jimin), V (Kim Taehyung) and Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook), have left for NYC for the UN Assembly in which they would be representing their country, South Korea, along with their president, Moon Jae-in. This is the second time that BTS would be attending UN Assembly. BTS made yet another stylish appearance at the airport. RM, the BTS leader was snapped in casual tracks whereas Jin wore a simple white tee and denim. Suga opted for a causal avatar as well. He wore a blue tee and black trousers. J-Hope wore track shorts, a tee and a hoodie whereas Jimin opted for an all-black look. He carried a statement case too. Taehyung opted for a blue-black shirt and brown designer pants that he fitted with a Louis Vuitton belt. Jungkook, on the other hand, wore a co-ord set that he paired with a black tee. Also Read - BTS: Did you know this BIG aspect that makes Jimin different from all the other Bangtan Boys?

BTS ARMY is trending 'Have a safe flight' for the boys. They are going gaga over their airport style statements. Some have said that they missed their airport looks, and indeed it is a treat. However, the Winter Bear singer, Taehyung, has grabbed the attention of the ARMY most. He has turned the airport into his runway again. V, aka Kim Taehyung, is considered to be the fashionista of the BTS boyband. His looks from events, MVs and appearances often go viral on social media. And the Most Handsome Man is at it again. ARMY is going gaga over Taehyung's classy look. The Butter crooner went for a no-makeup look and had a mask up. But he oozed style nonetheless. Taehyung's model-like features often leaving ARMY breathless. BTS ARMY is trending 'Fashion Icon V' on Twitter right now. Check out their tweets here: Also Read - BTS: When an ugly fight with Jin left Taehyung aka V crying hard minutes before a concert; RM's wise advice saved the day

BTS carried their diplomatic passports this time around which they were given a couple of days ago by the South Korean President. BTS were elected as the Special Envoys of South Korea. The diplomatic passport comes with loads of perks, it is said. Also Read - BTS: Believe it or not, this year-old fan from California has spent a whopping $50, on the band – deets inside

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Our worldwide superstars BTS have spent most of their spreading happiness and good vibes everywhere, and their fashion choices never fail to impress us while keeping their personal styles. On September 19, the group set out from Incheon airport for New York to attend the U.N event as special presidential envoys.

Here are some of the comfy yet stylish outfits the boys wore for the long flight.

BTS&#;s Outfits at Incheon Airport on September 19,

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RM is a fashion leader when it comes to combining comfort and luxury. Here we can see him wearing a grey hoodie, a pair of grey sweatpants, and a pair of LV X NBA trainer mules, all from Louis Vuitton. He completed the luxury athleisure look with a carrot pouch and a Bandouliere 40 bag, also from Louis Vuitton.

BTS RM's Outfit at Incheon Airport on September 19,

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Jungkook has taken the footsteps of their leader and was able to combine his personal style and luxury, wearing a zipped monogram tie-dye shirt and a matching pair of cargo denim pants from Louis Vuitton. He also carried the Christopher PM satchel, from Louis Vuitton while wearing a pair of high-top sneakers from Wooyoungmi.

BTS Jungkook's Outfit at Incheon Airport on September 19,

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We can see J-Hope here wearing a zip-through hoodie from Louis Vuitton’s LV X NBA line, while sporting a pair of A View sneakers, from the same brand. He completed the look wearing a black logo-print face mask from Off-White. Mask up, everyone!

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Jin shined in this simple yet stylish all-Louis-Vuitton ensemble

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Jimin kept his fashion to a muted all-black ensemble, complementing the look with a black monogram essential cap, a pair of Vendome Flex Chelsea boots, and a Petite Male clutch all from Louis Vuitton.

BTS Jimin's Outfit at Incheon Airport on September 19,

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V can be seen here wearing a pair of latte and brown buckle strap slides from System Homme.

BTS V's Outfit at Incheon Airport on September 19,

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Lastly, Suga was wearing a chic pair of Damier knit travel pants from Louis Vuitton, a pair of Dr. Martens Chilton sandals, while carrying a black Steamer tote from Louis Vuitton.

Shop the Look for Less

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