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Many of today’s most elegant, sleek bathrooms feature showers with glass doors. But if your shower requires a curtain, there are plenty of chic options that will give your powder room a luxury look. Today we’ve rounded up a collection of high-end, luxury shower curtains that will elevate your interior to spa status! We’ve also included links to purchasing information if you’re in a shopping mood. Enjoy…

Powerful Patterns Make Luxury Shower Curtains Shine

We begin with shower curtains featuring patterns and prints, and nothing adds modern decadence quite like marble designs. That’s why we’re crazy about this Marble Shower Curtain from ferm LIVING, crafted from 100% cotton with an acrylic coating:


We can’t discuss luxury shower curtains without shining the spotlight on Thomas Paul selections, which are always designed with creativity. Below we see the 72″ Octopus Shower Curtain in Ink (left), as well as the Octopus Vineyard Shower Curtain (right), both of which are hand silk screened and hand sewn:

Octopus shower curtains from Thomas Paul

The Fish Scales Shower Curtain from Jonathan Adler brings retro luxury home, thanks to a Deco-style pattern on cotton duck canvas:

Patterned shower curtain from Jonathan Adler

Here’s another Jonathan Adler item, this time a vision in grey and navy. Say hello to the aptly named Hollywood Shower Curtain, which exudes Hollywood Regency style:

Navy and grey shower curtain from Jonathan Adler

For a modern take on chevron and herringbone motifs, check out the Feather Shower Curtain from Serena & Lily, made from 100% cotton canvas:

Patterned shower curtain from Serena & Lily

Luxury Materials For An Elegant Shower Curtain

Not a fan of patterned shower curtains? Keep it simple. After all, when the materials are high quality, they can speak for themselves without pattern and print. This Heathered Cotton-Linen Shower Curtain from Restoration Hardware is “woven with premium long-staple cotton from Turkey.” Plus, it’s super lightweight and fast drying, adding convenience to the mix!

Cotton-linen shower curtain from Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware also offers a Parallel Border Turkish Cotton Shower Curtain by Italian linen maker Carlo Bertelli. A cotton sateen double border is available in a range of color options. Or you can keep it neutral, as shown below:

Turkish cotton shower curtain from Restoration Hardware

Pure cotton matelasse is the material of choice for the Diamond Matelasse Shower Curtain, which is lightly brushed and diamond-stitched. Naturally elegant!

Matelasse shower curtain from Restoration Hardware

Add some flair with tassels! This French Tassel Shower Curtain from Serena & Lily couldn’t be more festive, yet the pure white cotton of the curtain keeps things crisp and understated.

Tasseled shower curtain from Serena & Lily

Pique cotton shines, thanks to a stripe of peacock blue. It’s the Peacock Alley Pique Tailored Shower Curtain from Anthropologie, and it’s simply striking:

Pique cotton shower curtain from Anthropologie

Also from Anthropologie is the Draped Wisteria Shower Curtain, and it’s hard to believe it’s made from nothing more than cotton. There’s power in strategic stitching!

Cotton shower curtain from Anthropologie

Cascade Coil Makes For An Unusual, But Luxurious, Shower Curtain

We now spotlight an unusual shower curtain choice that’s continuing to grow in popularity: Cascade Coil. This exciting material consists of woven aluminum coils that add eye-catching texture but also serve a clear purpose. After all, the coils trap water and direct it downward, so a shower liner is purely optional. Yes, a curtain filled with holes gets the job done! Below we see the Serenity Luxury Shower Curtain with Brite Aluminum Finish by Cascade Coil:

Close-up of Cascade Coil

In fact, Cascade Coil also has a warming effect since the aluminum heats up from the steam and creates a warm barrier that enhances your shower experience, especially on those chilly evenings. The look is modern, sleek and high-end.

Cascade Coil shower curtain in a modern bathroom

Cascade Coil is growing in popularity, as it creates a contemporary look and can even veer into industrial territory. Plus, it’s practical and functional, and you can choose your own weave size, finish and more! [image via Houzz]

Metal Cascade Coil shower curtain

Not to mention, Cascade Coil is lightweight, easy to install, and rust-, fade- and stain-proof. And it’s 100% recyclable. The perfect solution for those who don’t want to feel boxed in while showering. See how the light shines through the curtain in the image below? [from Garrison Hullinger Interior Design]

Cascade coil shower curtain

Ceiling Solutions

Last but not least, we highlight the way ceiling-mounted curtains and rails can add a designer look to the powder room. For example, in the bathroom below, we see a custom-made curtain mounted on a ceiling track system, a strategic choice by Tobi Fairley Interior Design. [image via Houzz]

Shower curtain with a ceiling track system by Tobi Fairley

Ceiling tracks create a seamless look, as they eliminate the need for the standard shower rod. There are even curved track options, as shown below. [from Interior Designer Ideas]

Ceiling shower curtain track

Don’t forget about options such as mounting the curtain rail from the ceiling, which can be ideal for showers over standing tubs. In the next image, we see a Rectangular Shower Curtail Rail from Just Shower Rails. [photo by James Balston, from Oliver Burns]

Luxury bathroom with a ceiling-mounted shower curtain rail

Did any of today’s featured high-end shower curtains catch your eye? Tell us about your favorites by leaving a comment below…


18 unique shower curtains to give your bathroom a glow up

Redecorate your bathroom on a budget with these quirky shower curtains.

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

If eyes are the window to the soul, shower curtains are the same, but for the bathroom.

Speaking personally, it’s been, uh, some time since I’ve updated my bathroom. The meme that features Gloria Stuart saying, “It’s been 84 years…” from the much-lauded scene in Titanic right before the main storyline starts comes to mind, in fact. Although there are lots of cosmetic things I want to do, like changing out the tile and buying new fixtures, there’s one extremely easy way to achieve that change of scenery I so long for: buying a new shower curtain.

When I started looking around for replacements, I unearthed a lot of options. There’s a curtain for everyone now, no matter your taste or style, from the gloriously high end to ones that look like they would also make hilarious greeting cards.

When it comes to bathrooms, the best shower curtains frame the whole experience! Even if your powder room already has all the proverbial framing it needs, take a look at these eye-catching shower curtains and try to tell me you aren’t inspired!

1. A sophisticated shower curtain with snap-in liners

Straightforward and minimalistic with a built-in liner.

This shower curtain from Bed Bath and Beyond is hookless and features a built-in liner, which means it basically has a do-it-all functionality. I knew that there were options that had a do-it-all approach, but I didn’t know they were this convenient. Plus, this one comes in a ton of cool colors and is simple enough for a very straightforward design aesthetic, and features a built-in liner. I’m living old school right now, where I need to buy the curtain and liner them separately, and let me tell you—this combo is kind of a game- changer. With a near 5-star rating and more than 1,500 reviews, I’d say other people’s games are changing over this option, too.

Get the Hookless Waffle Fabric Shower Curtain at Bed Bath and Beyond for $39.99

2. A green-and-white shower curtain with tassels

This green and white shower curtain is a subtle but tasteful addition to a bathroom.

When I saw the tassels on this UGG Napa Shower Curtain from Bed Bath and Beyond, my immediate thought was, “How extremely appropriate for me.” As someone with tastes that swing in extremes—sometimes, I’m really only interested in a shower curtain that is highly functional and fairly subdued in design, while other times, I could care less if it actually keeps water inside the tub, as long as it has a fun phrase—this one strikes a perfect balance, and could for shoppers who feel similarly. It's tasteful yet fun, and it’s machine washable, which is a big selling point.

Get the UGG Napa Shower Curtain at Bed Bath and Beyond for $49.99

3. This faux silk shower curtain with colorful stripes

There are 10 colors to choose from for this shower curtain.

This shower curtain by Madison Park is pretty much what I imagine when I close my eyes and think, “jazz musician’s bathroom.” First of all, the broad stripes are beautifully done on a faux silk fabric, so you’re getting luxury at a super affordable price. To crank things up a notch, there are 10 colors to choose from, each with an aptly done shade gradient that’s harmonious with its blending complementary colors.

Get the Madison Park Amherst Shower Curtain at Bed Bath and Beyond for $20.99

4. A simple no muss, no fuss plastic shower curtain

A simple monochromatic shower curtain won't detract from other upgrades.

For bathroom renovations that might involve a lot of pageantry in other areas, like a really fancy faucet or a gorgeous new tile, you don’t want the shower curtain to detract from the work you’ve done. This one has you covered: It’s one solid color, plastic, and comes with weighted stones built into it so it’ll hang correctly.

5. A high-quality linen shower curtain that won’t break the bank

You don't have to spend too much to get a quality shower curtain.

Looking back, I think I’ve had exactly two linen shower curtains in my life, and they were both pretty expensive. I definitely felt decadent, but had my roommate not cajoled me into stepping my bathroom game up, I probably wouldn’t have gone with them. Had I known this option on Amazon existed, I could have had the linen curtain of my dreams at a much more affordable cost. (Lucky for you, you can learn from my example.) It’s made of polyester, so you’ll still need the interior liner, but it does come with built-in ring holes and has over 4,000 reviews and an overall 4.5-star rating.

Get the Lush Decor Shower Curtain at Amazon for $33.99

6. This weird but great shower curtain of a man punching a bear

Try something bold.

I can absolutely see this shower curtain in a rustic-looking cabin in the woods, or perhaps in a new apartment, where you’re trying to be anything but average. It’s absolutely phenomenal, whatever the final setting might be, and you only need to look at it to see why: It’s a shower curtain of a man punching a bear.

7. A floral-printed shower curtain by a famous designer

An eye-catching floral print from designer Christian Siriano dazzles.

Any Project Runway fans will immediately recognize the name behind this shower curtain, Christian Siriano. While his talents are usually reserved for red carpet gowns, this time around, he's helping your bathroom look elegant and eye-catching with this lightweight, floral shower curtain. Featuring rose, gray, blue, and pink hues, it's a great pick for those with similar color schemes in their bathroom, and totally makes it feel like you've been transported to a botanical garden. As an added bonus, reviewers also praise how silky smooth the fabric is.

Get the Christian Siriano NY Dreamy Floral Shower Curtain at QVC for $59.99

8. This gorgeous shower curtain with an ivy print

A chic ivy-print shower curtain.

I am in love with this shower curtain by Andover Mills on Wayfair. The print is so chic, and although it looks like it’s made of delicate lace, it’s actually vinyl. For bathrooms trending toward the botanical, a pattern like this one is perfect. This 4.5-star rated pick is simple, but the silver detailing pops, which is also great for bathrooms that don't have a ton of light. The clear fabric and the silver shimmer will give the illusion that it’s brighter in there than it really is, plus, close to 1,000 shoppers swear by it, so you can feel confident that this one is a solid choice.

Get the Andover Mills Ivy Shower Curtain at Wayfair for $29.99!

9. A shower curtain with vintage floral pattern

Spring will always be sprung with this floral design.

If I could dedicate an entire house to faded, pale pastels, I would absolutely do so. If you’re like me, this shower curtain could be a must-have, as it's so reminiscent of that beautiful vintage, cottage-on-a-hillside vibe that so many long for. This August Grove shower curtain is available in nine colors—all floral of course. One major perk of this one is that you can machine wash it, which is so convenient and apparently a major selling point with Wayfair shoppers, as close to 600 reviewers rave about it and have collectively given it a 4.7-star rating on the site.

Get the August Grove Anatoli Floral Shower Curtain at Wayfair for $38.99

10. A shower curtain with cracked glass accents

Add some opulence and luxury to your bathroom.

Love that 60’s mod style? For whatever reason, it’s what comes to mind whenever I look at this pattern. This 4.7-star rated pick feels like it would be stellar in a quintessential 60’s mod abode—think, lamps with chunky glass beads, a lot of art featuring colorful geometric shapes, a kitchen with a lime green refrigerator, and a bathroom (of course) with this exact shower curtain design.

11. This underwater treasure of a shower curtain

Live your undersea fantasy.

It’s appropriate for a shower curtain to feature sea creatures, but we’re used to seeing repeating patterns of fish with the occasional palm tree. This beauty is on theme, but it’s a whole octopus rendered in absolutely stunning colors. It’s an actual work of art that’ll really set a trendy mood in your bathroom, and I’m here for it.

12. This shower curtain with flowers and cats

Add some kitsch with these cute cats and flowers.

Everything is better with a cat picture, and this is no exception. It’s as if the genius behind this design featured on Society6 started with an artful collection of muted florals and then thought, “ah, yes—it needs cats,” and voila, this curtain was born!

13. A shower curtain with a nighttime garden vibe

Vibrant and contrasting shades add drama to this floral shower curtain.

If you’ve ever thought, “I wonder what it’s like to shower in a jungle at night,” then boy do I have the shower curtain for you. This gorgeous option from Society6 boasts vibrant, contrasting shades in an almost watercolor style, with a black backdrop to really cement the exotic garden mood. It’s 100% polyester, so you’re getting a high-quality fabric, and you can throw this stunner in the washing machine and tumble it dry on low.

14. A shower curtain with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor

Add some humor with a tongue-in-cheek direction.

Technically, this shower curtain isn’t really saying anything out of the ordinary: One typically does remove their clothing before bathing. It’s the perfect thing to add to your bathroom wardrobe if you like to change things up every now and then. The premium fabric (it’s a polyester and cotton blend) makes it possible to throw it in the washing machine, which is fantastic for maintenance. It does lift the price a bit, but for comedy gold, you get what you pay for.

Get the “Get Naked” Shower Curtain at Etsy for $49.99

15. A shower curtain for fans of famous designers

Add some fashionable je ne sais quoi.

I’m not saying this particular shower curtain is top-tier designer fashion, but it features enough of the biggest names that it might as well be. The print makes it look like boxes from well-known names, such as Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton, are all stacked up beneath a stunning Yves Saint Laurent bag. All done on a black background, to boot, for that extra high class "je ne sais quoi."

Get the Fashion Illustration Shower Curtain at Etsy for $59.99

16. This shower curtain depicting a tree in stunning rainbow water colors

Add a pop of color.

This shower curtain by Loftipop on Etsy is rendered on a beautiful white backdrop with a solid black outline of a tree comprising the shape. The leaves are multi-hued water color splotches in a rainbow pattern, which is totally eye-catching. Like with most other polyester curtains, feel free to machine wash this one! Just note that because of the vivid colors, make sure you wash it cold and tumble dry low.

Get the Tree in Watercolors Shower Curtain at Etsy for $59.99

17. This shower curtain featuring Japanese art

Make your bathroom a showroom for art.

Sometimes, all your bathroom needs to be is a showroom for your favorite artwork. Take, for example, this shower curtain from Etsy. It’s a stunning piece of art displaying vividly-rendered cranes on a black backdrop, and each shape has so much movement. The birds are flying upward at an angle, which is evocative of flight and energy. The fabric is polyester and, as a nice added perk, it’s waterproof and mildew resistant. When you do want to give it a good clean, throw it in the wash and tumble dry low.

Get the Japanese Art Shower Curtain at Etsy for $49.99

18. A summer-ready shower curtain with dragonfly detailing

Signal a season change with a new shower curtain.

I’m such a sucker for the warm months, and there’s truly not a better indication that they’re approaching than seeing dragonflies zipping through the air. They’re such pretty insects, so having them hanging out all year ‘round would be such a mood lifter. It’s the perfect thing to chase away winter blues.

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I could spend hours on Instagram scrolling through pictures of dreamy bathrooms. You know, the ones that look like mini spas? Sadly, you've gotta shell out thousands of dollars to get that HGTV look. I mean, have you ever seen the price tag on marble tile or jacuzzi tubs? Whew, definitely too rich for my blood. If you can relate, but still want to give your place a chic makeover, don't pout. Something as simple as a cute shower curtain can change the entire mood in your bathroom. And you can find a good for less than 20 bucks. Yep, that way you can live out your Mariah Carey on MTV Cribs dreams while sticking to your budget.

Whether you want something that's colorful and wild or looking for a neutral beauty, the trendy shower curtains ahead will upgrade the entire bathroom. So keep on reading for fun, decorative ideas.

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This mosaic design

Shower Curtain


No need to spend all your money on custom mosaic tile when you can get this less-than-$15 pretty curtain.


This color block one

Sun Shower Orient Phlox


When you can't decide between going bold with color or sticking to something neutral, do both with this two-tone, clear-and-pink design.


This graphic option

Shower Curtain


A silly message is always a clever way to add a little personality to your room; plus, the classic gray background here will never go out of style.


This geometric curtain

June Journal Shower Curtain


Go back in time with a curtain that has a retro design. This one will light up the entire room.


This boho design

Soleil Shower Curtain


If you already have a ton of lil plants in your bathroom, you might as well add this sun medallion curtain to emphasize those bohemian vibes.


This fruity one

Shower Curtain


Summer showers are ten times better with a gorgeous lemon-decorated curtain. Oh, and this one is cheap enough to swap out every season.


This ombré option

Ombré Shower Curtain


The gradient on this seafoam green curtain is absolutely heavenly. It also has subtle texture for something extra. 


This fringe curtain

Tassel Fabric Shower Curtain


Triangles and stripes give a plain white design a chic upgrade, and I can't forget to mention those frilly tassels.


This holographic design

Shower Curtain


Anything that's iridescent instantly gets my attention, including this hypnotizing curtain.


This polka-dot one

Prosperity Shower Curtain


Prints don't have to be intimidating. The polka dots on the curtain here are gathered together into little diamond-shaped clusters which will look good in any bathroom.

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