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Pros: "Not much. I got to my destination on time."
Cons: "If the crew had been better and they hadn’t packed every single seat. It is truly amazing - American still packs planes so that there is not one seat available. Getting on and off the plane is a cattle shoot with no room. Pre pandemic this was normal and nothing has changed. They are the only airline that ignores all post pandemic recommendations. If one sees how dirty the planes are I find it hard to believe they are being cleaned more than a cursory dusting."

Pros: "Yes amazing"
Cons: "Enlarge the jet."

Pros: "Crew and pilot were great."
Cons: "The plane was absolutely PACKED during the peak of a global pandemic. Completely irresponsible to not have people spaced out by at least one seat."

Cons: "We need food"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Could not checking or do anything from the app unlike others"

Pros: "Me rompieron el equipaje"

Pros: "Smooth ight"
Cons: "Need to add cabin service"

Cons: "Departed 1 hour late."

Pros: "The seat was a caca"

Cons: "Pagar una maleta pequeña mortifica"

Cons: "That’s ok"

Pros: "Good overall."

Pros: "yes"
Cons: "nothing"

Pros: "Yes they were amazing and the seats were comfortable."

Cons: "Wifi"

Cons: "IFE was not streaming movies, WiFi on but not loading"

Pros: "The cleanliness and the seat arrangements"
Cons: "Snacks could have been given & Small bottled water."

Cons: "Crowded and hot just like Miami"

Cons: "Passenger that sat next to me occupied part of my seat."

Cons: "People seated in front of me disregarded wearing their mask during the flight."

Pros: "Boarding"
Cons: "Better seats, the main cabin extra seats were just like the other main cabin seats. One particular stewardess was very rude to all the passengers, while the steward Jeffery was very nice and friendly."

Pros: "That the flight attendant was really helpful"
Cons: "If the flight would have been on time"

Pros: "Good range of entertainment, comfortable seats."
Cons: "Some dinner choices had become unavailable by the time I ordered."

Cons: "Equipment delay"

Pros: "I was able to sleep comfortably, even in the middle seat."
Cons: "Not been in a middle seat"

Pros: "Good entertainment, seats were ok."
Cons: "I paid for a seat with extra leg room and then was told at the gate that there were none of those seats left, despite the fact that I booked and paid for that seat 3 weeks ago!"

Cons: "A small meal would’ve been appropriate on this flight considering it was first class. Only thing offered was a cookie"

Pros: "I liked the ability to choose my meal before the flight."
Cons: "Customer Service at the Priority Check-in could have been much friendlier, I’ve experienced much better customer service from Delta Airlines. Plus the flight attendants could have been more attentive that sitting up front in the galley and just chatting with each other."

Cons: "No food on the International flight from Kingston to Miami."

Pros: "The same as in Amsterdam."
Cons: "well it was okay. Since i was happy to board my flight to miami in time."

Pros: "Crew is helpful, seats comfortable"
Cons: "If they don’t offer free food why not offfer snacks for money. Movies are quite old."

Pros: "1st class!"
Cons: "They booked me a 2 day flight but wouldn’t check my bags all the way through. Cost me an extra $30.. some “priority”"

Pros: "Flight crew were very apologetic"
Cons: "Missed connecting flight from Miami. Only one flight per day. Had to take a flight to an alternative location, drive for an hour down the coast and take a ferry to my final destination."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything There was a huge delay and just sat on the tarmac for about one hour and a half. Ugh"

Pros: "Old plane - needs scrapping or a refit"

Pros: "The staff tried all they could to move things along"
Cons: "The congestion at the gate, and the staff’s frustration dealing with the people who weren’t listening caused some of the problems. This plane took about twice as long as it should have to get everyone into their seats. I don’t know why. Maybe it was a lot of people who’ve never flown before. The rollaboard bags always are a problem. There was plenty of room in the overheads."

Cons: "Lost money traveling and moving offered to snake up for it."

Cons: "It was late."

Cons: "No movies or other entertainment that I could find"

Cons: "For a flight five hours or more I was disappointed that there was no complimentary food. It otherwise it was fine"

Pros: "Crew was exceptional (as usual), everything ran smoothly and on time."
Cons: "It doesn't make sense to board from the front of the plane backward. I know this is not an AA thing, but a way to make customers paying more feel more special by having the privilege of sitting on the plane longer...but it's really silly."

Pros: "Not much."
Cons: "There are NO ENTERTAINMENT, and I had two flights that were more than 5 hours each. It was not operated by British, it was actually American Airlines."

Pros: "Tiny airplane but single flght crew managed my and from what I could see fellow passengers needs commendably. Whilst I didn't like needing to hand in my carry on (without much warning so I didn't have time to pull out a magazine to read) on the plus side it was stored well as my suit carrier came out unscathed and you get your bags curb side as soon as the plane lands so you don't have to wait for the rest of the bags to unload."
Cons: "Because the airplane is so small there is not much room to move in the aisle (thankfully most people just sat down for the short flight), also you have to hand in your carry on baggage so that it is stored with the main bags."

Pros: "Nice Jet."
Cons: "During boarding, we were pulled out of the line. The attendant that diverted us did not explain why he diverted us. Our boarding passes were printed by our hotel as were many others that we saw. We went to a desk where another individual started asking question about our life and where we were going. Still, no one thought it was necessary to explain what part of the process or what exactly is going on. The man that diverted us, I'll bet, does not have reasons or any idea why he diverted us. I hate to think that he did it because we were Black Americans."

Pros: "Arrived early and flight wasn't packed."

Pros: "New regional jet Efficient boarding"

Pros: "Their customer service sucks."
Cons: "Their customer service sucks."

Pros: "The flight attendants were awesome. Great interior and vibe. Also great entertainment choices."

Pros: "Flight attendants were very pleasant smooth flight take off and landing."
Cons: "When the caption came over the speaker it was very loud it started me every time should be toned down."

"Weather delays of hours but staff were professional."

Pros: "All was okey"
Cons: "Snacks"

Pros: "The crew was fantastic!"

Pros: "Check in was"

Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "Better to board back to front!"
Cons: "At least offer water!!"

Pros: "Fast and easy"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Complimentary something! Entertainment options would be nice."
Cons: "No complimentary anything! No entertainment:("

Pros: "Absolutely awful! I have never seen such a ridiculous airline before. More than 3 hours delays? Unbelievable! I am now at Miami airport stranded because of the long delays with Frontier flight from Atlanta. This is absolutely unacceptable!"
Cons: "Absolutely awful! I have never seen such a ridiculous airline before. More than 3 hours delays? Unbelievable! I am now at Miami airport stranded because of the long delays with Frontier flight from Atlanta. This is absolutely unacceptable!"

Cons: "The flight was delayed more than an hour. Also, once we landed, the jet bridge wouldn’t work."

Pros: "Same as all the other airlines in my opinion. Just way more afreoadable."

Pros: "Plane was newer"
Cons: "They charge you for everything! Water, peanuts, seat selection....and $45 for a carry on bag! Ultimately ended up paying as much as someone flying on a respectable, upscale airline....seats were basically plastic coverd in pleather. 2 thumbs down"

Pros: "Affordable and direct flight. Great friendly staff."

Cons: "The only thing I didn't care for was that when my flight was delayed by three hours; when I landed the crew in the airport because an attendant refused to take minute to look at my ticket. If she had looked at my ticket she would have seen that I didn't miss my connecting flight because it was also delayed by three hours. I almost missed my connecting flight because this artentand kept refusing to help me and kept sending me to customer service who would have told me to get on my same connecting flight. The attendant was working at the desk near my connecting flight but refused to take a minute to try to help me even though she wasn't busy nor was she helping someone. I had to figure this out on my own while standing in line at customer service, which had about 100 people waiting who also missed their flight so I would have missed my flight if I had done what the frontier attendant from my connecting flight desk had instructed me to do. I had to run back to the gate minutes before boarding ended almost missing my connecting flight because of the attendant. Attendant worked at the denver , co airport. The crew on the plane and everyone else was great. Also didn't care for the charge for a carry on bag."

Pros: "very good boarding and nice crew"
Cons: "very cold in the flight and seats were very uncomfortable"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "All about it"

Pros: "This was my first time flying Frontier, and I was pleasantly surprised with how smoothly everything went! Check in was simple, the flight was on time, the cabin was spacious and we arrived almost an hour ahead of schedule! I will definitely be flying with Frontier again!"
Cons: "I was charged $10 extra to check a bag because I didn't pay in advance. This was my first time flying with Frontier, so I was unaware of this."

Pros: "The captain and crew were fun and positive. They entertained us and always had a smile with a joke."
Cons: "The seats..... Anything more than 2 & half hours hurts your butt. Bring seat cousion for longer flights. It's truly an air bus."

Pros: "Boarding was a little confusing towards the end I said in zone three Arbor they got the preferred passengers board it then they called 12 and three all at the same time"

Cons: "All flights out of Philadelphia were cancelled by Frontier due to a bit of snow, yet almost every other airline was still flying out. You didn't even try! And I had to pay $200 more for a flight."

Pros: "Nothing - the flight was cancelled several hours before departure time for unknown reasons as were other Frontier flights and the only recorde was to get a refund or get customer service rebooked Wednesday or Thursday"
Cons: "Customer service was poor - waited on the phone about 2 hours upon learning of cancellation, arrived at airport while still in the phone - lines at ticket counter were long and chaotic and clearly understaffed and able to offer no good solutions"

Cons: "Due to the weather several flight were cancelled causing a back up with numerous complaints. I was unable to check my bags in a timely manner, which resulted in the agent giving me a slip for a full refund"

Pros: "Crew was fine."
Cons: "Everything else wasn't. PLEASE CLEAN THE AIRCRAFT INTERIOR."

Cons: "High charge on baggage. Not even water. I will not want to flight with you again. Sorry."

Cons: "I've traveled consistently between 4-6 times a year for the last 15 years and this was my first trip with Frontier. It was by far the worst travel experience of my life. One of the passengers was so drunk that she threw up all over the gate agent's podium, and this passenger was still allowed on the plane. When we boarded, we had to circumvent the vomit because it hadn't been cleaned up yet. There were multiple passengers on board who brought their own alcohol, were noticeably drunk and extremely loud. I understand that this is not your crew's fault, but there was a complete lack of understanding as to how to handle the situation. The pilot scorned passengers as a whole, and noted that if people didn't calm down, he would force a landing in North Carolina. The responsible passengers such as myself not only had to tolerate the debauchery, but also felt like we would be potentially be punished for other people's bad behavior. The flight crew seemed to have no idea how to handle this situation. I don't understand why is passenger are blatantly breaking federal regulations, the crew would not do anything about it. When I attempted to check in online, literally ever seat (including middle seats, back row) had an up-charge which is simply ridiculous. the seats were small and very uncomfortable. I will never fly Frontier again. I'd pay double for a flight with another company just to avoid them."

Cons: "$45 for carry on"

Pros: "The flight attendants were fairly kind and considerate when going about their job."
Cons: "I fly a lot and have taken a fair share of disappointing flights but this one certain hits the top. The boarding process was chaotic; the woman at the counter was down right rude and did not once make eye contact. The flight crew was close to useless when people were taking too long to be seated or placing bags in the overhead. I cannot rate food or entertainment because frontier is too cheap to even hand out tiny bags of mixed nuts. You certainly pay for what you get. Then we all waited 45 minutes for our bags to be unloaded at baggage claim. That is an unacceptable amount of time! Only for me to realize my bag was lost and somewhere in Mississippi. I've been traveling as a frequent flyer member on united and American for five years and I was considering joining frontier'/ program but after this experience I need to reevaluate."

Pros: "I paid for a two-star flight"
Cons: "I got a two-star flight"

Pros: "I sat in the first row, so the leg room was pretty good."
Cons: "Kayak quoted ticket prices in search results that were not consistent and I didn't know off the top of my head that Frontier makes you pay for all luggage, even carry ons. The woman at the ticket counter did not notice my luggage and let me know that I needed to pay extra for it, so I paid twice as much at the gate ($60) after being pulled out of the boarding line. These results should be marked differently so it's not so difficult to figure out which tickets are actually less expensive. Only water on the flight (unless you want to buy a can of soda for $5), only one chance to get water, food is also only for purchase. No entertainment options. An oil slick of grease and grime over my window. Very, very unimpressed."

Cons: "Not enough staff in the boarding area to ask about luggage etc"

Pros: "People were professional and everything ran smoothly."
Cons: "I'm sure there's some tiny print somewhere explaining carry-ons are $45 but it should be more obvious when booking - even if you do it through a third party. It soured the rest of what was otherwise perfectly good service. Other passengerss reacted the same way. I was charged and then noticed the family next to me was charged only $40 for checked bags. The looks on their faces for having to pay for both types of bags was priceless. I mentioned the cheaper check-bag fee at the counter and she said, "Oh, but you said it was carry-on". It just felt scammy. Easy-Jet has been a discount airline for ages and they give you all the options up front so you know what you're getting into. They practically charge you for toilet paper but there are no surprises. Add the extra aggravation of LaGuardia's third world style and you end up with a frustrating day for avoidable reasons."

Pros: "Boarding was well organized"
Cons: "Stewards totally ignored me for food and beverage service"

Cons: "Frontier is cheap, but I guess this is because they cut corners by not paying people to attend to their check-in kiosk. As a result, fifty or more people were waiting at the check in with no idea whether or not it was the right place or whether someone would eventually come. There were no chairs benches or waiting area---and we were forced to watch while other people were welcomed by their airlines. Also, having to pay for a single carry on seems like overkill to me."

Cons: "Delays are terrible"

Cons: "I did not like all of the hidden fees and lack of beverage service without having to pay for it."

Pros: "Left on time. Arrived early. Crew was pleasant enough. Luggage arrived safely. Having a non-stop flight from east coast to central Texas was great."
Cons: "Price of ticket looked good online, but ridiculous add-ons put price above cost on other airlines. Seats were too close. Felt cramped. Price of snacks and beverages too high. Plane looked a little rough on outside, which doesn't matter, but makes one wonder about maintenance of engines and vital parts. Several years ago I felt ripped off by Frontier. They sent tickets to wrong place but charged me $100 for not having paper ticket. So far with my recent experience this time, I would continue to consider using Frontier."

Cons: "Charging to choose a seat. No distinction in check in between "personal item" and "carry on" so you're almost tricked into buying a carry on when it prompts "no, I don't plan to bring anything with me", must print boarding pass unless you use Frontier app but there were no self help Kiosks at the airport"

Pros: "The stewardesses were very nice and did everything they could to calm the passengers down. They were professional and courteous when certain irate passengers (not me or us) screamed at them."
Cons: "There was NO COMMUNICATION with the passengers to explain what was going on with they delayed boarding. We woke up at 230am to make the 605am flight which was not easy. My wife is stage 4 cancer with a 7% survival who, after 9 months of surgeries, chemotherapy treatments-9 and countless procedures, struggled to get up to make this early flight. Despite calling the airline, going online there was no indication whatsoever, even after we had checked our bags, that a nearly 7 hour delay was already in store. When we asked the Frontier personnel they had no idea what was going on and did their best to control the situation. Even when they had changed the gate it was a communication nightmare. Folks, we don't live in a perfect world, far from it, but communication would have gone a LONG, LONG way for us and the many other passengers. I did appreciate the $100 credit voucher but I pray that the flight back home will be a lot less dramatic and stressful, especially for my courageous but ailing wife."

Cons: "There is a lot to complain about with this airline. I cannot comment on the comfort, food not entertainment because I missed my flight. Granted the flight missing was not the fault of the airline however I would have imagined that the staff would have told me in no way would I make my flight with the security lines the way they were. Once we made it through we ran the entire length of the airport to try and make the flight in hopes that they might delay the plane. That's is not the whole complaint because it happens. However; my bags flew with the flight I missed. The ticket agent assured us the bags would get to the destination and I could pick them once I arrived on the later flight (through a different airline). When I arrived NO employees where to be found. The "helpline" not helpful not even to tell me if the bags were there and lock and I could get them in the morning. Instead I was talk to condescending and rude, thanks to Kim in Colorado. I stayed the night over since my home is 3 hours from the airport. Next morning at 8:30 I call to speak to someone, helpline again unhelpful. Could not tell me when someone would be there or anything about my bags. I show up the airport. No staff. I waited for an hour and half for a ticket agent. Once I posted on their social media page that I was unhappy that person told me when they would be there and their hours. NOT THE HELPLINE but I already stood around picked up my bags and was out of there. I will never fly this airline. They nickel and dime you and have terrible customer service."

Pros: "Flight going was pretty issues. Although return flight was canceled....customer service found later flight thru another airline."
Cons: "Flight coming back was continuously delayed than canceled."

Cons: "The cost for carry on, paying for water, the delay"

Pros: "The flight attending Andrew was very rude. Rude to me and many others. I felt it was the worst experience ive had on a flight, i fly often."

Pros: "Flight was on time arrived early. Price to check baggage was ridiculous."
Cons: "Lost my luggage going on fourth day still haven't found it. Price to check or carry on luggage was ridiculous."

Pros: "The crew was very friendly"
Cons: "This was my first flight with Frontier. I didn't know that the seats do not recline, there is no wifi, and you have to pay extra for literally everything. I didn't realize that you had to pay extra for all bags (I've never heard of anyone charging extra for a carry on) when I purchased my ticket. I chose Frontier due to the affordability of the fare, however once the extra fees are taken into consideration, this was no longer the lowest price available, and there was certainly no other reason to make this airline stand out as preferable over other airlines."

Pros: "Quick and easy boarding and security"
Cons: "It cost $20 extra for a crappy seat and more for a normal seat and $30 extra to take my single carry on. It would have been more honest to tell people these costs up front to allow prices to be properly compared."

Pros: "The crew had an excellent sense of humor that helped with the not-so-great situation of being delayed for 4 hours."
Cons: "Since when did one have to PAY for a very light refreshment on a plane?! We had been in the airport with no food/beverage available because of the time and then not to be compensated even a little bit with a snack of any sort was just more than I could stand. My kids were hungry and thirsty and I was not going to use a credit card for cheese curls and a bottle of water. The interest alone would have been about the same as my mortgage payment! The seats on the plane do not lean back and there is hardly any cushion on them. It was uncomfortable and will make me rethink using Frontier airlines again."

Cons: "I left several messages with the customer service people. I had jewelry stolen from my checked baggage. No one ever got back to me about the theft. My email is [email protected]"

Pros: "The people were nice and the boarding process was smooth"
Cons: "The seats were horrible, no leg room at all, and they didn't recline at all"

Pros: "Only thing i liked is That we didnt crash"
Cons: "-$40 fee for personal bag that was slightly over regulation -one hour delay PLUS 2 hours stuck on runway in the airplane without access to water nor could we stand up out of our chairs for bathroom -finally when they were serving food and beverage only paying passengers had first access to food and water even if the crew had to walk all the way to the back and then back to the front to serve and charge them, it took about 45 minutes until they started serving water (of which the second cup of water they needed to charge for supposedly although we got "lucky" and they gave us a free second little glass of water)"

Pros: "Not much to like the plan was clean."
Cons: "The flight was two hours delayed. And the pilot or staff did not have the common courtesy to let us know what was happening. Pilot explained why they were delayed in landing at LGA. And it would be a two hour flight. However we waited another hour on the runway with NO updates!!! Just sitting on a plane, on a flight that was already late, was very frustrating. Frontier staff should really work on better communication. They also had an elderly woman pay $60 for her carry on. They could have waived the fee, she was elderly and she stated she wasn't aware that she had to pay for her carry on. It would have been a nice gesture when the flight was delayed."

Pros: "The loading was taking along time"
Cons: "More organized"

Cons: "Me robaron el dinero"

Pros: "Was comfortable the sits it cut be better, the crew was amazing."
Cons: "Free snacks and coffe!!!!"

Pros: "Crew, seat contable and price was great"

Cons: "Boarding officers need to smile a lot more"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The airlines cancelled the flight an hour before. Then only offered a refund or a flight 24hrs later."

Cons: "Everything seemed to go well until my daughter had to go to the bathroom, we were sitting in the front area but they blocked it cause the pilot was in the bathroom. Which was fine, but a few minutes past and still nothing the she said you can go to the back so i got up and she yelled maam “ you need to sit down” and then she proceeded to speak in Spanish as i didnt understand english. So I explained firmly that I u derstood her but she just told us to go the back and then to sit so which one is it."

Cons: "I had an issue with their policy on face masks. I came wearing one, but was told that my mask was not allowed because it had some sort of filter/valve on it. Now I do understand the theory behind not allowing masks with valves, because they are supposed to let moisture out. But there are two layers of material that stood between my face and the filter/valve of my mask. Besides for an N95, I have not seen a mask where there was no material blocking the inner side of the filter/valve. I could have simply ripped the filter/valve off the mask and there wouldn't have been an issue, because my mask would still have no holes, and would be a complete face covering. The implication I got from this experience was that material itself does nothing to keep particulates from passing through, which means that we are all wearing masks as a placebo to keep people from panicking."

Pros: "We left on time"
Cons: "The whole row behind me was super loud during most of the flight yet the crew didn’t say anything. At one point they started ordering alcohol and chilling like they were in a bbq. One of them standing and chilling with her drink. Laughing super loud, the guy behind me kicking my seat again and again cause spirit has no space and of course there wasn’t a choice to be moved cause in the middle of a pandemic the flight was packed!"

Pros: "Nothing was enjoyable except the price, but JetBlue it ten times better for only a tiny bit more."
Cons: "The cabin was out of control. People were running around, cursing, not wearing masks. The crew did nothing about it. The seats were wildly uncomfortable. There was no food, no entertainment, no comfort. I will not be flying Spirit again unless they're my only option."

Pros: "Everything"

Cons: "Flight delayed one hour. Second time in one day. Seats uncomfortable. Flight was completely booked. No consideration for Covid. Should keep middle seats open."

Pros: "Good services"
Cons: "Free snacks"

Cons: "During this pandemic they could have just refunded out money but instead they have, thru Kayak, just got it all confusing. Not sure where to go to get credit on a flight i dont even want to book but from what i heard is pigeon holed that its use it or lose it. Good Job. Spirit and Kayak. The Spirit of ripping off America."

Pros: "ive been emailing spirit for two weeks now about getting a refund/credit."
Cons: "if they actually responded."

Pros: "Bad experience I was sitting in the last row and half way through the flight one of the toilets got clogged and started to overflow and smell up the area. There was a puddle of water running down towards the isle and the crew member was telling her colleagues to leave it alone and let it run so she can see how bad it gets for when we land. Extremely unsanitary and unexceptable to travel with that smell and conditions. Plus to top it all off towards the end the overhead bin got jammed and I had to wait for someone to pop in open, again its unfortunate I had to go through this. Never again, I would not recommend spirit sorry."

Pros: "Crew was nice. However the spirit airline attendant at the desk told me to gate check my bag. I stood there waiting for someone to grab my bag for sometime. So I asked the stewardess and she told me just to bring the bag in and put my carry on in the over head compartment."
Cons: "However the desk attendant came on the aircraft took my bag out of the overhead compartment. And then left it outside or the plane. I waited at the airport for until 1:30am before I got a confirmation that the back was in fact at Newark still. I had a nursing convention to go to and I had no clothing. So I had to Uber to Walmart than Uber back to my hotel. So I didn’t get any sleep. I didn’t check into my hotel til 4am due to a negligent spirit employee. I paid for the checked bag and there was plenty of space in the over head compartment. She caused me unnecessary stress and an embarrassing morning with my administrators due to my lack of sleep."

Pros: "The crew were all pleasant. The flight overall was a pleasurable one. Thank you!"
Cons: "If nothing was stolen from my luggage & damaged. Unfortunately it happens in which I was warned about."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything. The baggage policy is terrible. The flight service is terrible. The comfort is terrible. Definitely the worst airline I have ever flown."

Pros: "My seat selection was great on leg room"
Cons: "The seats are too narrow seating is one on top of the other"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight was over three hours delayed They charge you for putting a bag in the overhead compartment They charge you for WATER There is no room whatsover in the seats Stewards ignore you Very disorganized"

Cons: "Confort"

Pros: "We had a weather delay— so we sat in the plane for 3 hours before we left. Should have had the option go leave."

Pros: "Nothing. How could a flight not give free water? People need to take meds and should be required to pay $5 for bottled at the terminal. Everything is just highway robbery. Some folks don’t even have a credit card or fir that matter the cash."
Cons: "I was totally humiliated at the gate when I was taken off line because I had one extra bag to carry on. I was then charged $65 to then bring it on board an additional $20 to secure a sit since the flight had been over booked. The flight was delayed for the late arrival of on board staff. Most of the passengers were flight crew either connecting."

Cons: "Spirit isn’t an airline for frequent travelers. The aircraft is always delayed to depart due to beionh last in line after reputable airlines, files the have check in counters in popular airports or located on bottom levels, not accommodating for travelers that missed flights, and last but not least their luggage weight requirements are extremely low compared to all other airlines. The normal requirement is 50lbs and Spirit is 40 so one checked bag is $70. By the time you pay for every single detail you could be on a Delta Airline with complementary Biscotti and water!"

Pros: "The flight attendants heard that it was our bachelorette party trip for the bride to be, Chelsea. They started us off with mimosas- on them! At the end of the flight they brought Chelsea up front with a tiny dance down the asisle by one of their very own. We also did a fun marriage advice game with the other passengers. I’d say the other passengers throughly enjoyed the entertainment and felt involved as well!"

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Even with the additional padding I bring with myself, the seats were not comfortable."

Pros: "Boarding was easy"
Cons: "Not roomy, on the returning flight the person behind me kicked my chair the entire flight on top of being surrounded by children on the flight there and back. They should at least let you know you're surrounded by crying babies I would have never booked or paid more to not sit around it. I understand people have to travel with kids but it was my only vacation wouldn't fly spirit again. On top of I called spirit airlines to help extend my flight and the guy couldnt/wouldn't help me told me to check online, but their system that day was not cooperating"

Cons: "Flight was over booked I arrived at the airport to find out that I was put on stand by and would not know if I got on the flight until after all the other passengers boarded"

Pros: "Plane departed on time and arrived early."
Cons: "I have flown on a lot of budget airlines, both domestically and internationally, but this was my first time flying with Spirit....and it will be my last. I am used to the a la carte pricing and know how to avoid additional charges, so I wasn't expecting anything different than usual. What I wasn't prepared for were the smallest seats I have ever seen. Granted, I am 6'2", but these seats cannot be anything but pure torture to anyone over 5'9". If you're shorter, maybe it's worth it, but I can't guarantee it. But, if you're 6' or taller, I would recommend you avoid regardless of how much cheaper the flight is; It's not worth it."

Pros: "Didn't die."
Cons: "A passenger vomited prior to take off. She went to the restroom then was taken back to her seat, where she got sick again. The Purser/Senior Atttendant did not handle well in my opinion, by allowing the clearly ill elderly woman who was disoriented and confused back to her seat and in her "freaking out" reaction (her words). After the woman vomited the second time, they had her sit in a different seat up front, spreading the possible pathogens and uncleanliness to more rows. The woman vomited a 3rd time in this new seat. The woman was FINALLY removed from the plane and her former dear mates were moved to the row up front where the woman was sick for the 3rd time. (The crew who came on to clean the "biohazard" used a dirty mop and did not appear to use any bleach solution. The Senior flight attendant said they were going to seal off the bathroom (good idea) bc the elderly woman, according to the Spirit attendants, made a big mess and it was a "biohazard". Cut to later in the flight after a 2 hour delay and then the sick woman- where Spirit attendants allowed many passengers to use this restroom -bar potentially exposing them to pathogens. The Purser was self-confessed overly dramatic about the entire situation. I can't imagine how she would have behaved in an escalated emergency situation."

Pros: "Quick boarding"
Cons: "Flight delayed, no agent at gate and no mark of the delayed flight at the gate until minutes before boarding"

Pros: "The airline changed the flight to 2 hours earliet without any warning. When we called they said they didnt have my email, but they had emailed me my itinerary, so this was untrue. Missed the flight and had to stay overnight at a hotel in nyc at my own expense."

Cons: "I was involuntarily bumped from my flight."

Pros: "The crew was great and did their best to make the flight smooth. The plane was a pretty color yellow..."
Cons: "Baggage fees were ridiculous. If you check your bag, it's $52. If you carry on, it's $57. During the flight, you pay for any beverages or snacks. Also, we purchased our tickets together, obviously to be sat together. On our return flight, we were instructed to purchase seats if we wanted to be together, otherwise there were no assignments. We got charged an additional $40. Overall, we spent an additional $200! We chose this airline for the lower fares, but they get their money back by charging for everything. You pay for everything. I was very dissatisfied and likely to never fly this airline again."

Pros: "The price for a short flight was great."
Cons: "The flight was delayed 2 hours. Seats suck. The only thing they dont charge for is AIR and I am sure if they could they would."

Pros: "Smooth landing and take off, friendly crew"
Cons: "Seats were not too comfy"

Pros: "Efficiency"
Cons: "Very small seats"

Cons: "The lauggage I checked in arrived in San Jose completely demolished. I can't even carry it anymore. There is a big whole in my bag pack, so my close are hanging out and the shoulder strap is ripped of completely."

Pros: "Nothing, the Worst people and they took my money and didn't travel"

Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Pilot called out waited so long for another flight People's connecting flight were unable to make them , nothing was offered in return for our wait so we were left hungry and thirsty and no explanation right away"

Pros: "Attendants on plane and at gate counter were good in the turmoil"
Cons: "Flight coming and going we're delayed several hours including the first flight of the does that happen with perfect weather? Suitcase was lost on return trip and after 3 days finally was sent delivered to destination airport for pick up. They would deliver it to home but could not give a specific time, worse then the cable company so just will pick it up directly. Also the customer service folks in the baggage area speak very little English, have no customer skills and And frankly have no understanding of how their processes work. Also with the delay notification to email received over 1000 email notifications... must be a system glitch in their system. Will never use this airline again in life!"

Pros: "My 9:00 a.m. flight was canceled. You were unable to get me on another Spirit flight until the next day, but found a flight on United that left at three. That one was delayed until 7. I found a different United flight that left at 3:30 and was able to switch to that one. It was delayed until 4:10, but did eventually depart. Was not my best day flying."

Pros: "Of the five flights it took for me to get to and from Las Vegas, I met one pleasant flight attendant and 2 pleasant ticketing personnel, all other Spirit employees couldn't have cared less."
Cons: "Every single departure was delayed - the shortest delay was one hour others were 3 hrs and 7 hrs and the ripple effects from these delays meant missing connecting flights.. overnight stays at the airport.. missing days of work... I fly a lot, delays are common, but not every single flight in one trip. Most delays are also due to factors beyond the control of the airline. Only one departure delay on this trip fell into this category... Air Force-one delayed the entire airport - understandable. All others were caused by ineptness on the part of Spirit airline staff and poor business practice and airline policy. For example, delayed departure caused many of our flight's passengers to miss a connecting flight. Many of us had checked bags. All of use were booked on the next available flight the next morning. Our bags were not moved onto that flight. This is frustrating but almost understandable, what's not understandable is that the airline staff had no idea what to do about this situation. Multiple staff members said they didn't know what we should do about the bags and suggested talking to other staff members. Eventually we were told to go pick them up ourselves and take them as carry-ons on the next flight (fortunately my bag was small enough to be a carry-on, others were not)... this meant leaving TSA and the comfort of the terminal to go get the bag. Then couldn't get back in through TSA because my ticket still said I had a checked bag, not a carry on. I then had to wait another hour in line to get it changed to say carry-on. Then of course, couldn't get back through TSA into the terminal because my new flight wasn't until the next day so I had to sleep outside the terminal at the baggage carousel. Of course no meal vouchers were given, no hotel stay... just kicked to the curb. This also happened on another return flight - fortunately the delay, which was caused by the pilot not showing up on time, was during the day, so we didn't have to sleep outside.. no meal vouchers were given for this 7 hour delay. All of this and more might have been somewhat acceptable if the flight had actually been cheaper then other flights... Not the case. Although the list price of the ticket was about $30 cheaper then the direct American Airlines flight my co-workers took for the same trip. Their flight included a personal item and a carry-on bag in the price. Spirit allows one personal item and charges $50 - $60 for carry-ons.. $40-$50 for checked bags. After the disaster of given them my suitcase as a checked bag, I decided to go Carry-on on the next flight. Spirit also charges for anything on the flight... even water (water=$3). To top it off.. Spirit airlines has as little legroom as any other airline (Other then Jet Blue witch has the most standard legroom)... but Spirit has the cheapest seats I've ever seen on an airplane.. They actually don't recline and there is not entertainment on the plane... by no entertainment, I mean not even a magazine :)"

Pros: "I am usually able to find something positive about an experience and have traveled much so I understand that some things come up with air travel that cannot be helped. But, there is nothing positive to report."
Cons: "From the delay in Houston on 6/15 on our outbound flight to the delay on 6/18 on our return flight, customer service was poor and Spirit Airline employees - whether at the airport or on t he other end of the 1 -800 number - were not articulate, did not communicate effectively nor did they seem to care about their customers concerns or comfort. You might want to rethink what you could offer to your customers in the event of a delay, esp one that is not weather related. Offering something as simple as a free bottle of water & bag of pretzels to everyone once on board, could go a long way to thanking everyone for their wait. As well, your seats are too close together for comfort. I will not be flying on Spirit Airlines again which is a shame as I have a niece & family in Miami to whom I plan to travel to see."

Pros: "The plane left on time."
Cons: "All was good."

Pros: "My flight to Newark wasn't great but this trip back home to Orlando was great! Much smoother landing, better staff, I was more comfortable."
Cons: "I still don't agree with the food prices"

Pros: "I liked that the wing said Howdy."
Cons: "Spirit is the absolute WORST airline on the market. The seats are so tiny, the airline attendants were incredibly rude. My flight home was canceled after they made us wait on the airplane for over 3 hours. They did not tell us what had happened or give us any kind of update during the time period. The flight was canceled and they were extremely unhelpful. I ended up purchasing a ticket through JetBlue to get home finally. I will NEVER fly Spirit again. You should be ashamed to work for this company."

Pros: "Buying the ticket and checking in were good experiences. Getting updates about the flight was a good thing too."
Cons: "I didn't get a choice on seat assignment. The flight attendants were loud and bumped into me quite often when two were passing on the aisle. I requested to not do that as there is only space for one body to go through. I got 'I'm only trying to do my job' to dismiss my request. Heard complains from one attendant about the delay causing her to miss her sleeping hours. Was not able to relax because of the attendant's loud conversation with one of the passengers and the loud noises made by the slamming of the doors in the food and refreshment area. Tried to keep occupied but the tray was too small to place my apple laptop. So just tried to squeeze myself in my seat to avoid being bopped into my head and shoulders. Not a very relaxing flight. Was not impressed about the are of a customer comfort. Another passengers were also complaining."

Cons: "In addition to one hour delay that created so much inconvenience, the performance of the flight attendants were not acceptable. Non of them checked the security aspects of the flight before departure including seat belts or not letting people keep their back packs between the legs instead of putting them under the seat. Furthermore, my seat was beside a person who needed two seats instead of one seat and all the time during fligt I was in an extreme discomfort. I talked to the flight attendants and asked them if possible to give me another seat but they were not willing to help much.Totally I am really disappointed with boarding+comfort and the crew. I will definitely try my best not to fly with Spirit airlines anymore."


Cheap Flights To Miami (MIA)

Frequently asked questions

Our Covid-19 Travel Advisor contains everything from comprehensive information on travel advice reports to the latest quarantine regulations. Make sure you check it out before booking your flight to Miami.

For info about altering flights due to COVID-19, please head to our Customer Service Portal. Also, it’s always smart to read through your carrier’s terms and conditions before you make a booking.

In order to reduce contact between passengers and aircrew during the COVID-19 pandemic, many airlines across the world are bringing social distancing on board. Here are some examples:
  • American Airlines - this airline is known for providing passenger masks and cleaning with disinfectant.
  • Spirit Airlines - this airline is known for providing passenger masks and cleaning with disinfectant.
  • JetBlue - this airline is known for keeping the middle seat empty and capped capacity flights.
With 20 airlines to choose from, finding a suitable flight that suits your plans and budget will be easy. Miami Intl. Airport (MIA) is the main gateway to Miami and where you’re likely to be touching down. These well-known international carriers are waiting to take you there:
  • American Airlines - 3726 flights to Miami per month
  • Copa Airlines - 273 flights to Miami per month
  • LATAM Airlines - 221 flights to Miami per month

Public Seaplane Base Airport (MPB), around undefined mile northeast of downtown Miami, is one option. Miami Intl. Airport (MIA) is another port of entry to this exciting city. Compare the fares between the airports, along with which terminal is closer to wherever you’re staying.

Prices for round-trip flights to Miami this last week ranged from $45 to $60. If you were flying one-way out of New York (LGA), you could have snapped up fares from as low as $23.

Landing cheap flights to Miami is as simple as booking with Orbitz. But if you’re eager to make sure you’re getting the best flight deals around, here are some suggestions to follow:
  • Consider other airports to save on your airfare. Enter your preferred departure and arrival points in the form fields, then select the ‘Nearby airports’ function below. It will list any available options.
  • Similarly, click on the ‘Show flexible dates’ option to see the prices on days either side of your chosen departure. You may be able to pick up cheaper flight deals if you’re flexible with your dates.
  • You can also hit the ‘Show options’ link to filter results for your preferred airline, seating class, nonstop flights and refundable flights. Under ‘Sort & Filter’ to the left, you can even pick the time of day you want to fly.
  • If you’ve sorted your travel dates, don’t delay booking your flight. Ticket prices generally climb as the departure date nears.
  • Make serious savings on your trip by combining your hotel, flights and car rentals into a package with Orbitz. Your wallet will thank you.
  • Flying during the busy season can mean costly airfares. Try to travel outside of popular periods, such as Easter, Thanksgiving and school breaks.
Where you’re jetting out of and if you have a stopover will help determine your flight time. However, these popular routes to Miami will give you an idea:
  • Atlanta, GA Airport (ATL-Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Intl.) to Miami Intl. Airport (MIA) - 2 hours and 3 minutes
  • New York, NY Airport (JFK-John F. Kennedy Intl.) to Miami Intl. Airport (MIA) - 3 hours and 16 minutes
  • Newark, NJ Airport (EWR-Liberty Intl.) to Miami Intl. Airport (MIA) - 3 hours

Purchase your tickets to Miami in January. This is the best time of the year for low prices, followed by February and August. Land cheap flights and let your dream vacation come true with Orbitz.

In general, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the cheapest days of the week to book flights to Miami. If you’re after the best airfares, search across those days and you just might score a great flight deal.

Look into departing early in the week to nab cheap flights to Miami. Orbitz data from 2020 indicates Monday is generally the most affordable day to set off, followed by Tuesday. Saturdays were shown to have the highest airfares. Presumably, this is because many passengers choose to start their trip when the weekend rolls around.

You can jet for less in August. This is generally the best month to take off if you want cheap flights to Miami, based on Orbitz data. The most expensive time to take off is June, so try to avoid this month if you’re on a budget.

If you’re worried your travel plans may change, Orbitz can help you lock in a flexible fare. All you have to do is click on “Filter by flexible change policies” when searching for your Miami flights. We’ll show you all the airlines that include free cancellation and no change fees — all on top of our awesome low prices.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than flying to a new place, but it’s wise to be prepared. These handy tips will help get your journey off to a great start:
  • Before you step on to the plane, you’ll need to show some type of government-issued ID, such as your passport. You’ll also need your boarding pass. If you’re traveling with kids, check with your airline about which documents they require — if any.
  • Make time fly by even quicker on your short hop by packing the right gear. Think tasty snacks, a water bottle and entertainment. If you want your journey to Miami to go quietly, put some headphones into your bag too.
  • Even if you’re flying when it’s 100 degrees outside, take a cardigan or sweater on board with you. Airplane cabins can get chilly!
Savvy travelers know how to find business or first-class fares to Miami that don’t cost a packet. Be like them with these handy tips:
  • Be flexible with your travel dates and hold out for sales on business or first-class airfares.
  • Budget airlines offer first or business-class seating at more affordable prices. Give the full-service carriers a miss and book with one of these cheaper options.
  • Make a bid for an upgrade. Some airlines hold online auctions that let you offer a price for a seat at the front of the plane. You can also try upgrading with points earned through a loyalty program.

If you like to explore at your own pace, book a car rental. Take a look at the options at Enterprise and Avis, which are both close to the city center. Want to travel around Miami with the spare change in your pocket? Travel by train. Knight Center Metromover Station and Riverwalk Metromover Station are central rail hubs that’ll bring you around the city and to all the great attractions. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and Miami Seaquarium are two of them.

Miami is an awesome vacation destination year-round, but the most popular months are . If you like warm weather, visit in summertime. Like most destinations in the Northern Hemisphere, the summer season begins June 20. Temperatures normally hover between 82Fº (28Cº) and 86Fº (30Cº) during the day.

  • Walk around lively streets and lanes, hang out in cozy cafés and explore big attractions like Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. There are lots of things to keep you busy in this appealing city.
  • Book one of our low-cost car rentals and venture out to Hard Rock Stadium. Close to the downtown area but far enough away from the city action, this must-see sight is a magnet for travelers and locals alike.
  • Miami isn’t the only city in Miami-Dade County with a wonderful personality. Spend a week or so soaking up the unique culture of Florida City before discovering some of the region’s harder-to-reach places.
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Miami Airports

For your next trip to the Sunshine State, fly into the Miami International Airport. When you book your Miami flights through this Florida airport, youíll enjoy easy access to the cityís hottest attractions as the tarmac is just 8 miles northwest of downtown Miami.

Next time you fly into this Miami airport, browse the various gift shops and duty-free stores to purchase last-minute souvenirs or stock up on some snacks and a good read for your flight. The terminals also offer a number of cafes, restaurants, and bars, so you can fill up your belly before your journey. Youíll find both sit-down restaurants and fast-food options to satisfy your every craving. There are even spa services, art exhibitions, and a chapel at the airport to further accommodate your travel needs and preferences. Find out more information about Miami International Airport on

Airport Transportation

After booking your flights to Miami, FL youíll find that the airport provides various ground transportation options to help you get where you need to be. For starters, you can always rent a car in advance right here with, but if youíd prefer public transportation, you have a number of choices. From the airport, hop on the MIA Mover to arrive at the Central Station, which provides MetroBus. Tri-Rail, and MetroRail connections. Taxis, shared-ride vans, and hotel shuttles also service the terminals.

Miami Activities

Thereís an endless number of things to do in Miami. Join the sun worshippers in the sand at Miami Beach and South Beach, or mosey around the ritzy boutiques, galleries, and cafes along Lincoln Road. Dabble in the Cuban scene in Little Havana and venture through the lavish Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. If youíre a sucker for art and architecture, the designs in the Art Deco District are sure to impress, while the Perez Art Museum Miami showcases contemporary masterpieces. After spending the day soaking up the sun, culture, and city vibe, retreat to one of the best hotels in Miami.

Planning Your Trip

When youíre deciding on the best time to reserve cheap flights to Miami, consider visiting between March and May, when the temperatures are starting to heat up but peak season has yet to hit. Summer and winter are some of the most popular times to visit, so beeline to the beach. The summer months see temperatures in the 90s F, while the winter months are pleasant with temperatures hovering in the mid-70s F. Keep in mind, hurricane season lasts from September to November, which means a storm could rain on your beach day if youíre visiting during this time.

Allow us here at to pair you with cheap tickets to Miami, Florida, regardless of the season you decide to visit. When you bundle your airfare with your vacation package, you can save even more money to further keep your vacation within your price range. Sign up with our Expedia Rewards program to receive additional perks and even upgrades. Make your round-trip reservations today and start dreaming of ocean breezes, Cuban cuisine, and exquisite exhibits during your next Miami getaway.


Find the best flight to Miami

Miami International Airport, the main gateway between the US and Latin America, is centrally located just seven miles from downtown Miami and is an easy commute after your cheap flight to Miami has landed. Forty-nine domestic and international airlines fly in and out of Miami and provide services for booking any Miami flight. If you’re an international traveler, there are foreign currency exchange booths at four locations throughout the terminal.

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If your airfare to Miami includes a rental car, the ground transportation counters are just shuttle ride away. Taxis are always easily accessible at the airport and throughout the city, and many hotels offer shuttle services. Metrorail offers riders a fast and convenient way around many of Miami’s biggest attractions. Miami-Dade Transit provides affordable and reliable bus transportation to your destination without the expenses associated with having a rental car and the hassle of searching for parking. Walking and biking are other good options for exploring the city and stretching your legs after a long flight to Miami. If you want to take a day trip, hop on a ferry to Key West where you can get lots of sunshine and fresh air.

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Miami’s greatest attractions are its extensive beaches and its parks, many filled with unique flora and fauna. The Everglades National Park and the Biscayne National Park are two of the most known local parks. Whether your flight to Miami brings you to a meeting in the downtown business district or a night out in the Latin quarter of Little Havana, Miami has attractions around every corner to please even the most discriminating of visitors.

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Miami’s outlet malls offer great discounts where you’ll find bargains even more impressive than your cheap airfare. Many Latin American tourists book flights to Miami to enjoy daily promenades and to visit the wide array of specialty shops available. Food appreciators who book flights to Miami will experience a New World cuisine filled with a variety of tastes, sights, aromas, and seasonings. The eclectic mix of Cuban, Haitian, Peruvian, Colombian, Indian, Thai, Japanese, and Argentinean flavors available in Miami can satisfy anyone’s palette.

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For visitors booking flights to Miami for a late-night experience, Miami’s South Beach and Coconut Grove is teeming with energy at nighttime. Visitors should be ready to put on dancing shoes and dance the night away at dance clubs featuring Afro-Cuban and Latin rhythms. Find your airfare to Miami, and join the others who have discovered this enchanting paradise.

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  • Miami is 6 mi from Miami Intl Airport (Miami, FL).
  • Miami Intl Airport (Miami, FL)
    • Right now, 58 airlines operate out of Miami Intl Airport.
    • Miami Intl Airport offers nonstop flights to 126 cities.
    • Every week, at least 3,552 domestic flights and 1,364 international flights depart from Miami Intl Airport.

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To 2020 flights miami

It's time to fly. What's waiting for you in Miami?

Perhaps you’re searching cheap flights to Miami for a much-needed vacation or you simply have to roll in to see the relatives. Either way, we say rock that family reunion. Tell one too many stories at the hotel bar. Traveling for work? Crush it. If you lie back and relax without your cell phone, we won’t tell.

In the end you want to score a great deal and have a fantastic time, right? Flying is a small part of the whole adventure. We get that. Wherever you’re excited to go – or get away from – start this story with Hotwire’s cheap flights to Miami.

Not sure how to get the best price on plane tickets to Miami?

We know there are some airline aficionados out there. If you don’t know the industry like the back of your hand, don’t worry. You can make spending less look good with our booking tips.

Search certain days of the week for Miami flights

For better savings, consider departing on a Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday. Return on a Sunday, Tuesday or Wednesday. International deals are often available when departing Monday through Thursday.

Change up your days for cheaper weekend getaways

Jetting off on Thursday and returning on Sunday is generally less expensive than flying on Friday and returning on Monday.

Stay a Saturday night to play more

Spending the weekend at your destination will generally result in lower airfares. We’re all for that.

Consider alternate airports when searching Miami flights

Other nearby airports may offer different fares from your current search results. Clicking “Nearby Airports” after your initial search will give a list of the closest options.

See a fare that you like? Pounce!

Coordinate with your travel buddies before searching and you’ll be able to act quickly when it’s time to book. Airline ticket prices often change in minutes. We know you’re combing for the best prices but so is everyone else! If the deal is right, snag it and feel the sweet satisfaction of booking victory.

Fly during the off-peak season

Certain travel destinations have especially high volume during particular seasons. For example, Europe, Hawaii and Alaska are big hits in the summer. Florida, New Orleans and Southern California are the most popular in springtime. Winter is prime for Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as ski and snowboard destinations like the Colorado Rockies. In the autumn, Northern California, the Pacific Northwest and New England draw visitors. Flying during less popular periods can mean extra money in your wallet – yes, please!

Popular Hotel Destinations

Flights to Cities Near Miami

Our Favorite Destinations

Things to know BEFORE you go to Miami - Florida Travel Guide

Cheap flights to Miami, FL

Getting around Miami

Driving is an easy way to get around Miami, but you’ll have plenty of options. You can find desks for rental car companies like Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise and Hertz at Miami Airport. You can also take the Miami Metrorail from Dadeland to Palmetto for just a few dollars. The Metrobus covers the whole county for similarly priced fares. If you need to change buses, make sure you ask for a transfer when you buy your ticket. You can also take the Metromover, a free automated people mover that runs downtown. It’s a great way to see Miami’s most popular tourist and shopping areas.

Why you should take a flight to Miami

Your trip to Miami brings you to the southern-most tip of Florida, near Cuba, where you’ll see a melting pot of culture and diversity. First-time travelers to Miami will find the city welcoming and catering to tourists. But before you break out your bikini and head to South Beach, take some time to explore other aspects of Miami.

Miami flights give way to Coral Gables and Miami Gardens, which are a short drive from the city center. Little Havana boasts one of the largest Cuban populations in the country. Miami visitors should also reserve a rental car for the duration of their trip. Take a drive through Miami-Dade County and enjoy the largest concentration of Art Deco buildings in the world. North Miami Beach features more modern architecture and Spanish-influenced designs and landscapes. Flying to Miami for a cheap vacation in South Beach means days on the beach and the nights at some of the hottest clubs in the country.

The Port of Miami – one of the largest ports in the U.S. – accommodates the major cruise lines. Cruise passengers embarking and debarking from Miami will do so via the Port of Miami Cruise Terminal and those passengers on Miami flights will be shuttled to/from the airport to the cruise port. Whatever the reason for booking a trip to Miami, visitors are likely to return home rejuvenated and ready to book their next Miami vacation.

How long is the flight to Miami?

Because Miami is a major city in the United States, you will be able to find lots of non-stop flights to it. This will save you lots of time. When flying from Seattle, it will take you 5h 48m, while a flight from Dallas will clock in at three hours. Other big cities like Los Angeles take a little under 4 hours, and Chicago will have you in Miami in a bit over three hours.

Where can you get direct flights to Miami from?

It is easy to find a direct flight to Miami, FL when flying from a big airport like John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City or Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington. Other cities and airports where you can find non-stop flights to Miami include Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in Dallas, TX and Denver International Airport in Denver, CO.

How do you get from Miami airport(s) to the city centre?

Miami Beach is a fabulous island city that is connected to mainland Miami by a bridge. To get there from Miami Airport, a car ride will take close to 30 minutes. You can rent a car, take a taxi, or use a car service like Uber to take you to your destination. If you prefer to try your hand at public transportation, take the train to Airport Station and then transfer to the 150 bus.

What are some things to do in Miami?

With so much to do in Miami Beach, there is something different to enjoy every day. Want to relax at the beach? You’ll be happy to know that there are seven miles of beach to hang out at or go swimming in. Surfers can head to everywhere from Tides South Beach and The Fontainebleau Beach to ride some waves. Foodies are going to revel in the vast amount of amazing restaurants that come from famous names like Thomas Keller and Scott Conant. There are a lot of cuisines to try out, such as Middle Eastern, Italian, seafood, and much more. Miami Beach is full of nightlife as well. From bottle service to dancing the day or night away, you can head to South Beach to check out some of the venues with special guest DJs. In addition, South Beach is full of beautiful art deco architecture. A walking tour to discover different neighborhoods is highly recommended to soak up the Miami Beach culture.

Do I need a passport or visa to fly to Miami?

A visa is not required when traveling in the United States. However, travel ID requirements do change from time to time, which is why it is recommended that you double-check the TSA website before heading to the airport. Certain state identification cards and types of identification cards may no longer be used to board a domestic flight. In these instances, it would be handy to have your passport with you, as a valid passport would allow you to travel within the United States with no issues.

Getting around Miami

Driving is an easy way to get around Miami, but you’ll have plenty of options. You can find desks for rental car companies like Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise and Hertz at Miami Airport. You can also take the Miami Metrorail from Dadeland to Palmetto for just a few dollars. The Metrobus covers the whole county for similarly priced fares. If you need to change buses, make sure you ask for a transfer when you buy your ticket. You can also take the Metromover, a free automated people mover that runs downtown. It’s a great way to see Miami’s most popular tourist and shopping areas.   

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Miami Travel Information

  • Although it is not enforced strictly, there is an alleged curfew in effect for minors after 11pm on weeknights and midnight on weekends in all of Miami-Dade County. After these hours, children under 17 should not be out on the streets or driving unless accompanied by a parent or on their way to work. Remember that when you see them at Coconut Grove and on South Beach.
  • Around half of Miami’s population is Latin American. Visit the Museum of Hispanic & Latin American Art to better understand their culture. The annual Art Basel Miami Beach is helping the city fast become an art capital.
  • Take full advantage of South Beach Nightlife. Miami’s pulsating dance clubs are considered among the best in the world.
  • Explore the Everglades in an airboat and get close to the swamps’ inhabitants such as alligators, manatees, raccoons and Florida panthers.
  • The largest Botanical Gardens in the U.S., the Fairchild Tropical Garden, has 83 acres of palms and other exotic fronds. From Miami, the drive here through Coral Gables offers great views of some fine old Florida mansions. Open daily, admission is $10.
  • If you’re planning on leaving Miami and heading to Latin America, boarding a cruise ship, or transferring to another Miami flight, make sure you have the right identification and documentation with you. Most cruise lines only require a picture ID from U.S. citizens, but those travelers boarding Miami planes to other cities in other countries will need a valid passport.

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What airport do you fly into for flights to Miami?

For a flight to Miami, you will be flying into Miami. Miami (MIA) is just 6.1 mi from the center of the city.

How popular are flights to Miami (MIA) this year?

Flights to Miami have seen a 85% increase in demand compared to the previous year.


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