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Crochet Paw Coaster You Can Make Easily

Learn how to make this unique coaster that is in the shape of a cute animal paw! Watch the video tutorial for a full step by step tutorial on how to crochet this easy and adorable animal paw coaster.

Crochet Paw Coaster - Learn to crochet this unique coaster that is in the shape of a cute animal paw! Watch the video tutorial to learn making this adorable crochet paw coaster.


The materials that are needed to make this cute crochet paw coaster are 2 different coloured yarns, a short 5mm crochet, and a needle. First, make a circle that wraps around your finger and put the needle through the circle and start with a 3 chain. Continue with other chains as you make a snail like circular pattern that grows outward.

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Keep reading for a few additional creative ideas to incorporate to your paw coaster.

Paw Coaster - Learn to crochet this unique coaster that is in the shape of a cute animal paw! Watch the video tutorial to learn making this adorable crochet paw coaster.

Next, choose the color you prepared for trimming and start adding the second colour to your crochet paw coaster. For color ideas, you can do white and pink or white and baby blue like in the video. Or you can do a light beige or brown color when you do the C1 pattern, a yellow for the C2 pattern. The final size of this crochet paw print will be about 5 x 5 in.

Crochet Paw Coaster Sided - Learn to crochet this unique coaster that is in the shape of a cute animal paw! Watch the video tutorial to learn making this adorable crochet paw coaster.

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Creative Ideas Use This Crochet Paw Coaster

You can also do another crochet paw coaster that is a square and add a trim at its sides. You can even add a pet’s name somewhere in the middle in beautiful cursive writing or in the bottom. This would make a wonderful gift for someone who adores their pet companion.

The perfect season to give a sweet gift like this is the holiday season. It would make quite the thoughtful christmas gift.

You can even make other crochet snazzy items with this animal paw print pattern. Or, you can make a keychain and crochet your adored pet’s name on it. Also, you can even make a magnet for the fridge or turn these adorable paws into earrings!

All of these crochet animal paw coasters would make the perfect gifts! Enjoy this tutorial and share it with your friends.

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Tutorial and photos of this pattern by: AmiaMikancl Crochet.

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Quirky Crocheted Dog Coaster [FREE Crochet Pattern + Video Tutorial]

Delight In This Quirky Crocheted Dog Coaster

Have even more enjoyable coffee breaks with this quirky crocheted dog coaster. Its sheer cuteness is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face!

In fact, this pattern is an ideal project for intermediate crocheters to work on.

The pattern contains detailed written instructions on how to make the crocheted dog coaster in one size. As always, you can tweak the directions and make the  coaster any size you desire.

Also included in the pattern is a video tutorial to aid you in crafting this awesome project.

This crochet pattern is another wonderful design by Noramon Dron.

In fact, you can access the FREE pattern for this quirky crocheted coaster from the Amigurumi Piano Sound website.

To access the FREE pattern for this fun crocheted home must-have, please click on this link: Crochet Dog Coaster Pattern.

Watch this awesome video tutorial and start making your very own quirky crocheted dog coaster now!

Featured image: Amigurumi Piano Sound/ Noramon Dron – thank you!

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Peeking Cat OR Dog Butt Coasters [FREE Crochet Patterns]

These Peeking Cat OR Dog Butt Coasters Ara A Naughty, But Adorable Little Project

A quick and easy little project you can do in an evening or two while using up some of the scrap yarn you have laying around.

Do you know a dog or cat owner? Maybe it will make a perfect little present for them?

Both of coasters have been done in cotton worsted weight yarn. Depending on how tightly you crochet, you may want to use a G or H hook. It is recommended that you use cotton and not acrylic for this pattern. Acrylic coasters can become a bit icky when wet.

The finished cat and dog butt coasters measures approx. inches (about cm) across the circle part.

These FREE crocheted coaster patterns come with detailed instructions and accompanying images. We suggest you start with the dog pattern, as there are more detailed images that come with that pattern. The techniques used are the same for both coaster types.

You can really let your imagination loose with the color combinations, or just keep it plain. Whatever you go for, any one of your finished crocheted coaster is bound to be cute!

For the FREE crocheted coaster pattern for the dog, click here: Peeking Dog Butt Coaster.

For the FREE crocheted coaster pattern for the cat, click here: Peeking Cat Butt Coaster

Featured Image-Upper Crust Crochet-Many Thanks!

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Dog coaster pattern crochet

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Dog Coaster Crochet Tutorial

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