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couleuvre wrote:@jjensson
Yeah, same place.

Snow shaders off:

Snow shaders on:

I usually keep them disabled because I can't stand those little white dots.

Couleuvre. I'm the the mod author for Fluffy Snow. i'm not having this issue when running blended roads and my snow mod. Are you running his latest version of Blended Roads?

If so, could you try the following:
1.) Install Fluffy Snow again. When prompted to replace SnowRoad/SnowRoad_N from blended roads, choose NO. Let him use his textures.
2.) Install my Optional Fluffy Snow - Blended Roads Patch. This will remove his additional colors he applies to the road.

See if that works. If you are not running the latest, might be worth it to try it out. Otherwise, try my steps above.

In the end, it should look like this: ... 32845.jpeg

Making Skyrim look great is a big part of the modding game. There are hundreds, and even thousands of graphics mods out there. In this guide I’ll mention pretty much everything that I use in my full modded build. I’ll give you the big ones and if anything else shows up later, you can find on Nexus yourself relatively easy. We can try and categorize them a bit too.

If you don’t know how to mod Skyrim, check out my beginner’s guide to modding Skyrim SE (Special Edition). It opens in new tab so go ahead and click it.

It’s the same for LE (Legendary Edition). You just need to download appropriate mods between them.

If you notice any broken links or discontinued mods, leave a comment!



I’m not going to talk about ENBs because on Skyrim SE their performance is horrible. However, if you do have a monster GPU and you’d like to try one of them, here’s my ENB guide.

I’ll also skip all the LOD generation stuff because that deserves its own guide as well. If you don’t know, LODs are basically those small objects you see in the distance while playing.

In vanilla Skyrim they are very low detail and the textures are badly optimized, so learning how to fix up the LODs will not only improve how the game looks, but actually net you even better performance depending on the settings that you use (it frees up your vRAM).

Weather & Lighting

Probably the most important graphics mods that you can install. Usually players always go for textures first, and while those are really important as well, I do those last.

Why? Because unless your GPU is monster-level, you don’t know if you’ll have enough vRAM to handle them all. So you want to get all the essentials up first, and then start re-texturing the game until you no longer can’t.

You need to monitor vRAM consumption while playing to test this.

Here I use Vivid Weathers Definitive Edition and Enhanced Lights & FX.

These two mods alone will overhaul the game’s atmosphere like crazy. I also use the hardcore option for ELFX because I love my dungeons dark and creepy in combination with high difficulty, audio overhauls, combat mods, new enemies etc.

I also use True Storms but you need a patch for Vivid Weathers.

All links open in new tabs so if you want to see exactly what a specific mod does, just click on it and read the description of the mod’s page. Usually there’s screenshots too.

Flora & Fauna

Skyrim Flora Overhaul is my favorite environment mod. There are other ones but they can be even more taxing on the system than this one. You should also install performance textures and overwrite the main mod’s files.

Water, Snow & Mountains

Sky & Roads

Environment Texture Packs

These are pretty much the most important textures you could install. There are many such packs out there, but these are my favorites:

Also remember that some of them might need patches to work together.

Or for example, if you overwrite Noble’s textures with Skyrim 2019 or 2020, then those are the ones you’ll see in the game. So asset loading order matters here.

Noble Skyrim has nice environment textures as well by the way.

Fire & Effects

Fog Removal

If you’re like me and you want to get rid of those badly done fog effects (just look at some of the screenshots).

More Textures & Texture Packs

Small Re-Textures (Environment, Creatures & More)

Everything in here is categorized as a small re-texture, but in reality there might be a few larger mods (in terms of size and file count) as well. I just keep them all bookmarked under that folder so that’s why.

Most of these can be placed in a single folder in MO2 with almost no conflicts (and if there are any, it won’t matter really).

Also, if you notice any Skyrim LE links, they are fine for Skyrim SE as well.

1st Group.

2nd Group.

3rd Group.

4th Group.

5th Group.

6th Group.

7th Group.

8th Group.

9th Group.

10th Group.

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Skyrim:Snow Veil Sanctum


During the related quest, there will be a tent, two bed rolls, and Karliah's dead horse to the south of the entrance to the ruin. Several random items can be found on the dead horse, including potions and poisons. Mercer Frey will be in front of the barrow entrance and will initiate conversation as you approach, confirming he was the one who killed Karliah's horse to prevent her escape. Only Mercer can unlock the door into the ruin, and followers are unable to enter. There are two barrels of ingredients and two food sacks to the left of the entrance, and blood splatters on the ground in front.

There is an alternative entrance to the northwest, but the way is blocked by an impassable gate until you've passed through the entire ruin from the main entrance.

Snow Veil CatacombsEdit

The interior of the ruin is filled with traps set by Karliah for Mercer Frey, as well as the normal traps found in typical barrows, including bone chimes to wake the draugr she also left for you to deal with.

Upon entering, as with many other Nordic ruins, you'll be at the top of a set of narrow stairs. At the bottom of the stairs is a cluster of Nordic barnacles and an iron helmet on the ground. Continue through the first room and down another flight of stairs to a room containing two urns, two burial urns, a dead draugr, a pull chain, an apprentice-level trapped chest, and two ominous upright sarcophagi. Opening the chest without disarming the trap will trigger the sarcophagi to burst open and draugr to attack. There are two gates in the corners of the north wall operated by the chain on the south wall; however, the right-hand gate has a cave-in behind it and won't open. Behind the left-hand gate is an alcove with a random potion of healing, a random potion of stamina, and a small coin purse on a set of shelves. A doorway to the east descends to the next room.

This room contains several more sarcophagi, all of which are already open with draugr inside. One of these is leveled and only slumbering, but will only wake if you attack it. There are three more dead draugr lying on the ground, and a woodcutter's axe in front of a gate in the south wall. There is a chain to the right that opens it, but also triggers a spike wall to the right. To avoid the spikes, immediately jump back once you pull the chain.

Follow the passage as it takes a turn before reaching a typical catacomb area with upright alcoves and many burial urns; many of the alcoves contain slumbering leveled draugr. The second small section of the catacomb features an adept-locked iron door, beyond which is a small alcove containing a sideboard with a random potion of healing, a random potion of stamina, and two random potions of magicka on top, with an ancient Nord sword and an ancient Nord war axe on the shelf underneath. There are three bear traps on the ground in the next small section of the catacomb, and a draugr patrols the next corridor. A total of eight draugr are in this area, many leveled, with two tripwires that cause two nearby oil lanterns to fall to the ground and ignite an oil slick. A chest lies against the east wall by the oil slick among some rubble, and to the south is a lowered gate, with the chain that opens it to the left.

Beyond the gate are stairs leading down to a passage with two draugr on guard. A short passage is on the left, and an apprentice-locked door is ahead. There is a flute and three loose septims lying on the ground before the door. Behind the door is a small room containing three large urns, three burial urns on a stone table, an unlocked chest, and an empty set of shelves. There is also a barred opening acting as a window into a two-level room farther ahead, with several leveled draugr and skeevers wandering in and out of view. It is advisable to use ranged attacks from here to avoid a potentially difficult fight later. The passage on the left leads into a room with many bone chimes hanging from the ceiling; around the room are five upright sarcophagi, up to four of which contain slumbering leveled draugr. There is a sideboard to the southeast with the Sneakskill bookThree Thieves and three random potions on top: one healing, one magicka, and one stamina. To the east is a closed gate, with a chain to the right to open it.

The passage behind the gate descends several flights of stairs and takes three turns before entering the room seen from the window. As you near the entrance, one of the sarcophagi in the room will burst open, and a magic-using draugr will emerge. There are stone stairs to the right and wooden stairs in front leading up to two balcony areas. Taking the wooden stairs leads up to a balcony with two sarcophagi; one is open and contains a dead draugr, while a set of shelves by the other holds nothing but clutter. Between the two sarcophagi is a passage patrolled by a leveled draugr. The passage eventually leads to a third balcony in the main room, with a trapped pedestal holding the Model Ship that can be sold to Delvin as part of The Litany of Larceny quest. The pedestal is surrounded by an oil slick, and has an oil lantern hanging above that is dropped when you remove the model. There is a potion of healing, a potion of magicka, a potion of stamina, an ancient Nord sword, an ancient Nord war axe, two ruined books, and two burial urns on sideboards around this balcony; these items may be blown about if the trap is triggered before you collect them. To avoid damage, leap off the balcony back to the bottom of the room as soon as you take the model. The stone stairs lead to another balcony, with two large urns flanking a passage heading south. This passage climbs and turns to the east, north, and east again. At the end it leads out onto a covered walkway that passes high over the main room below. By a pillar where the walkway turns is a salt pile on the ground by an animal skull. The walkway continues to an iron door, which opens into the second zone, Snow Veil Sanctum.

Snow Veil SanctumEdit

A barnacle cluster out of water...

The Sanctum opens into more catacombs with the dead laid out in alcoves along the walls, some draugr only slumbering as before. Two draugr sleep on the left, and one sleeps opposite on the right. Sneak attacking any of these is likely to alert all three. There is a Nordic barnacle cluster on the ground just before the three sleeping draugr. Around the corner, stairs descend to an area with two chests opposite each other; one is unlocked, and the other is adept-locked, while each is behind a string of bone chimes. A total of five leveled draugr are in alcoves nearby; again, this can be a difficult fight for the unprepared. Once the draugr have all been dealt with, at the end of the room is another lowered gate, with the chain to open it on the left. Beyond the gate is a brightly lit area, with a pressure plate partially concealed beneath pottery that triggers a poison dart trap.

Around the corner, a narrow passage leads to another leveled draugr and stairs leading up. On the right at the bottom of the stairs is a burnt corpse, with a second burnt corpse at the top lying beside a dead draugr in the middle of the passage. Behind the dead draugr is a pair of open double doors, with a wide passage beyond. At the end is a pair of closed double iron doors. As you approach, Mercer will warn you to be ready, as the door is perfect for hiding an ambush. Opening the door causes two draugr (one of them a boss, which at higher levels may be a dragon priest) to awaken and burst from their sarcophagi on a raised area in front of you. There is also a sarcophagus at either end of the room to the east and west, with each containing a draugr that will burst forth and attack if you get too close or make too much noise. At the rear of the room behind the central raised section is the word wall, which teaches a word for the Disarmdragon shout. There are wooden stairs leading up to the raised section both in front and behind it, with a stone table to the left of the front stairs holding a copy of the Light Armor skill book Ice and Chitin. There is also an unlocked boss chest on the raised section. To the east is another lowered gate, with the chain to the right.

The passage beyond the gate leads around to a short passage with three bear traps on the ground and a puzzle door at the far end. Mercer will take over and start talking while opening it. This is the only puzzle door in the game without a corresponding dragon claw. Once the door is opened, a cutscene plays.

Should you return after the events of Speaking with Silence, you can traverse the ruin again. The final room is a series of terraces up to an upright sarcophagus, with a lowered gate behind it, and the chain to operate it to the right. Behind the gate is a short passage to an iron door leading outside via the alternative exit. The only thing in the final room after the quest will be a lootable skeleton on the floor. Outside, flanking the alternative exit are two barrels of ingredients and a food sack. This exit is located west of the main entrance, midway between the main entrance and Whistling Mine.


  • Even after finishing the quest, followers will not join you inside.
  • There is a stone platform west-northwest of the entrance to the Sanctum with an inaccessible grate-covered well in its center. Two ice wraiths will periodically spawn here, and can often be seen fighting with a frost troll that spawns nearby.
  • Setting off the oil lantern traps in the room with the Model Ship before picking it up can cause it to be blown off of its pedestal, making it potentially difficult to find again.
    • PCSelect the Model Ship through the console by entering , then type to move it to the player.


  • Snow Veil Sanctum cannot be cleared because the boss creature does not have the boss flag.

How my quest for photorealism in Skyrim turned it into a much better game

Like the rest of Earth’s population, I had a wonderful time with Skyrim when it released in 2011, and for hundreds of hours afterwards. Then one fateful Sunday I realised I’d spent six hours smithing weapons and mining for ore, and decided it was probably time to stop playing now. 

Skyrim Console Commands

There's no need to play Skyrim as a humble warrior. Become a giant, fly, walk through walls, spawn any item you want, and even become Santa Claus with Skyrim console commands, and give yourself every item in the game with Skyrim item codes.

It turns out I got off the train early: in the intervening years the modding community has gone from strength to strength, doing its best to keep The Elder Scrolls V looking like it was released last week. With Skyrim Special Edition those modders have a new and improved base game to work with, and the results are getting seriously close to the hyperbolic promises made in my YouTube sidebar. ‘PHOTOREALISTIC SKYRIM: INSANE MOD!’ they shout. And ‘ULTIMATE SKYRIM GRAPHICS’. And ‘Justin Bieber FORGETS words to "Despacito" LIVE’, although I’ll concede that’s not immediately pertinent here.

Curiosity got the better of me. Exactly how good can you make Skyrim look these days, using Special Edition as the new baseline and cherry-picking the finest community-made visual mods? Deadendthrills achieved a frankly fearsome level of fidelity with the original version, but years have passed since then and graphics cards have gained multiple zeros on all their spec sheets. Is it possible to get Skyrim looking so realistic that it takes a second for your brain to distinguish it from reality?

The results of my own personal quest surprised me: not only did I get the game looking beautiful enough that I want to play it all over again, but those gorgeous graphics mods have fundamentally changed the way I play now.

Finding the right mods

There’s a particular alchemy to selecting a series of mods that work well together. Very often one mod will want to overwrite another’s files, or there’ll be some overlap between seemingly disparate mods (like a snow replacer and a water overhaul) which will end up cancelling each other out. I’ll throw my hands up at this point and admit I let YouTube’s sizable Skyrim mod content creator community do the hard work for me on this front. Taking the recommendations of Fevir, NcrVet, Ultimate Immersion, and others, I compiled a list of texture mods, weather mods, flora overhauls, water improvements, armours, and NPCs—in addition to essentials like the Static Mesh Improvement Mod—that looked believable, consistent with Skyrim’s world, and above all, beautiful.

Personal preference is the ultimate deciding factor in any mod list like this, but to make Skyrim SE look like my screenshots, these are the ones to use:

Immersive Armors - Really high-quality, high-resolution and lore-friendly apparel for NPC and player alike.

ApachiiSkyHair SSE - In all honesty the vanilla hairs were fine by me, but this hair overhaul is required by Diversity (see below).

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - If you only install one mod, make it this. It squashes bugs and refines things you never noticed were broken or clunky before. It won’t make your game look better, but your experience will be much more polished.

Realistic Water Two - A water overhaul that improves everything from transparency effects to foam texture resolution and coloring. I like the watercolor version, but that’s just my preference.

Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin - Fills the outdoors with wonderful grasses, mosses, ferns, bushes and flowers to frolic in. One of the most immediately transformative mods on the list.

Vivid Weathers - I tried out a few different weather mods, and Dolomite Weathers nearly prevailed, but to my eye Vivid Weathers produces the more realistic lighting conditions in conjunction with the lighting mods below and my chosen ENB (more on that later).

Cutting Room Floor - A lot of unused assets were found in Skyrim’s code after release, probably relics of content that Bethesda ran out of time to include. This mod puts it all back into your game, and is required by several other mods.

Simply Bigger Trees SE - Sprawling new four-hour expansion which… just kidding. It makes the trees bigger.

Forgotten Retex Project - Improves the textures of commonly found items and quest items.

LeanWolf’s Better-Shaped Weapons SE - Turns the vanilla weapons into artisanal masterpieces. You can see the individual marks on each blade and the texture where it’s been hammered into shape. Incredible. Works well with Immersive Armors to make the game feel new (and look new in screenshots).

Nordic Snow - Improves snow textures to higher-resolution images, simply. 

Ruins Clutter Improved - Like Forgotten Retex Project, this mod improves a lot of the incidental items used as set dressing throughout Skyrim—specifically, in this case, those found in dungeons and caves.

Skyrim 2020 Parallax - Another hugely transformative mod, with enormous scope. Retextures much of the wild and several cities up to 4K. Use this as your base retexturing mod, upon which other more specific textures can be added.

Skyrim Flora Overhaul SE - More lovely plant life to populate Skyrim’s once brown and barren tundras. It’s compatible with Verdant, but be careful which files you overwrite when installing. Load Verdant after this to get the best from both mods. 

Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM - An absolutely staggering piece of work which improves the 3D modelling of items and architecture throughout Skyrim. 

Diversity - An NPC Overhaul - Diversity completely changes the appearance of every NPC in Skyrim. The end result is a slightly disconcerting uniform attractiveness, but if you’re sick of everyone you encounter looking like Danny Trejo this is the mod to fix it.

Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE) - Special Edition - It’s not an ENB, but more of a pre-ENB lighting mod which changes light values so that all lights look better after you apply an ENB. To be honest I’m not sure whether I have this working with the below mod or whether one is cancelling the other out, but I’m really pleased with the end result so I’m too scared to upset the apple cart.

Enhanced Lights and FX - Removes all lights that don’t have sources, and modifies the values for the lights that do. That means it gets really dark outside at night and in unlit areas of dungeons. It also means, together with all the other mods in this list and my chosen ENB/Reshade, the lighting always looks believable. 

Enhanced Textures Detail - An incredibly clever mod that doesn’t overwrite any of your current textures but instead uses actual magic to make them look nicer in your game. Magic or .ini file values, at least.

Using the Vortex mod manager to install these mods and set their load order is basically essential. It’s theoretically possible to do it all manually, but in the time it would take you to modify the .ini files correctly and ensure the right files live in the right locations, you could have coded The Elder Scrolls VI from scratch. It also affords you the advantage of swapping particular mods in and out to observe their effects.

On to the installation.

Choosing an ENB

Initially I was almost disheartened when I installed this giant list of mods, loaded my game, and found a familiar-looking Skyrim staring back at me. The textures were much improved, yes, and the landscapes populated by much more realistic plant life. But it didn’t look like a generational shift. It was still recognisable, and that was exactly what I wanted to avoid. Applying an ENBSeries preset, a popular community lighting mod available for games like Fallout, Skyrim, and Grand Theft Auto, would change all that in an instant.

You’ll hear it said a lot among the modding community, but there’s no more dramatic change you can enact on your game than applying an ENB to it. Therefore, my particular pick would be paramount. There are so many competing ‘photorealistic’ or ‘next-gen’ variants of Boris Vorontsov’s famous lighting mod that you could lose days watching those transitional wipe videos on Youtube demonstrating them all, but in the end I landed on one I was very happy with: the catchily named . While the majority of ENBs feature way too much contrast and bloom for my taste, this one works beautifully with Vivid Weather and my existing lighting mods. It produces dramatic but believable lighting conditions at any time of day, indoors or outdoors, and also exaggerates the depth-of-field and ambient occlusion effects for a more cinematic view.


At this point Skyrim started throwing out some really impressive imagery, so it was time to take things to the extreme. GeDoSaTofrom Peter “Durante” Thoman will let you render games at resolutions far exceeding your monitor’s native output, and then ‘downsample’ the image so that it fits back on your screen. But you likely already know that, because you’re reading an article about making Skyrim look photorealistic. The question, really, is how much closer it can bring us towards that goal. 

My monitor’s native resolution is a slightly unusual 2560 x 1600, so I used GeDoSaTo to render Skyrim at twice that: a retina-seducing 5120 x 3200. All those high-res texture replacements really come into their own at this resolution, and the confluence of ENB, mods, and resolution produced natural landscapes that approached photorealism, given the right framing. 

It’s a frame rate killer, of course. My specs (GTX 1070, i7 2600K, 16GB RAM) were no match for that downsampled resolution and could only render the game at around 14fps. Attempting a 12K resolution resulted in a single-figure frame rate, which was frankly too unwieldy even for screenshot-hunting.

Making Skyrim playable again

My longstanding reservation with mod collections like this when I see them elsewhere is: yes, but is it actually playable? There’s fun to be had by being a photojournalist in Skyrim and scouting out the best locations for screenshots, but after you’ve spent all that effort imbuing all that beauty into the game, it’d be a shame if you didn’t actually play it. 

I was able to pull it back to around 45 fps (I know, I know) by disabling downsampling and making use of . Simply put, it’s a handy tool that modifies your prefs.ini file and comes with new graphics presets which really boost performance. Using BethINI’s ‘ultra’ preset is much kinder to frame rates than the vanilla ‘ultra’ setting, without compromising any visible fidelity. 

Image 1 of 14
Image 2 of 14
Image 3 of 14
Image 4 of 14
Image 5 of 14
Image 6 of 14
Image 7 of 14
Image 8 of 14
Image 9 of 14
Image 10 of 14
Image 11 of 14
Image 12 of 14
Image 13 of 14
Image 14 of 14

Meaningful gameplay improvements

I was surprised by how far I could push Skyrim, which is another way of saying I was surprised by the sheer talent and enduring commitment of the modding community. What surprised me even more, though, was that the concessions I made on my photorealistic screenshot quest actually improved the gameplay experience, too. 

Firstly: play without the HUD. Really. I disabled it just to take screenshots at first, and my inherent laziness meant that it stayed disabled while I played. I soon found that not having a bunch of quest markers, a crosshair, dialogue subtitles and health meters is, to use the Skyrim modder’s favourite word, a hugely immersive experience. Archery was suddenly satisfying again, and in the absence of a big quest arrow guiding me forth I engaged with the environments properly, looking for signposting cues and navigating using landmarks. 

All my efforts to produce realistic lighting changed the way I played, too. Suddenly going out at night without a torch was a terrible idea (a mechanic I always loved about Dragon’s Dogma), and certain areas of caves and dungeons were simply pitch black unless I illuminated them. It meant I had to treat lighting like a game mechanic, like Skyrim had suddenly become a Thief game. 

Having those little moments of revelation as I realised I had to play the game differently was a wonderful thing. It’s inspired me to go through Skyrim all over again, which is what I always secretly hoped the right collection of mods would do. And now as I do it, I’ll perpetually be on the lookout for killer screenshots.


Skyrim nordic snow

15 Best Skyrim Graphics Mods You Should be Using Right Now

Already Stunning Unmodded, Mods Bring An Undeniable Edge To TES V

Although Bethesda’s 5th Elder Scrolls has brought us fantastical scenery and settings previously unmatched in their catalogue: Skyrim’s modding community never ceases to amaze. From borderline beautiful 2K textures to entire lifelike oceans: Graphics mods can alter the way you’ve perceived the latest Elder Scrolls chapter in its entirety. Below are 10 choice cuts from the many graphics mods available.

15. Enhanced Blood Textures

Skyrim Mod: Enhanced Blood Textures

So if you’ve never felt that Skyrim was gory enough given the apocalypse-level stakes at hand: bDefinder’s mod should sort you out. Enhanced blood textures adds very clear open wounds, blood pools, and detailed amputated limbs (bones tendons and all).

Download bDefinder’s mod here

BDefinder’s Enhanced Blood Textures brings blood pools and (more visual) splatters of gore to Skyrim’s battlefields.

A frost troll with its head blown apart - gore on display in super HD!

14. Xenius Character Enhancement

TES V Skyrim Retexture - Xenius Character Enhancement [HD 1080p] ​

Removing angular compression of character models (meaning that details are less blocky): Xenius’ character mod dresses Skyrim’s player and non-player characters up in finer details. This allows for more detail in character eyes, feet, lips, scars, and even fingernails and fingertips.

Download Xenius’ mod here

Elvish eyes become more of a sight in themselves, with greater detail

A Dark Elf’s feet have features, rather than being blocky and indiscernible.

13. Gamwich Texture Collection

TES V - Skyrim Mods: RUSTIC DINNERWARE by Gamwich

Although not strictly a single mod: Gamwich’s personal mod collection is something to behold – earning them almost 300,000 views on Nexus. Gamwich has given us rustic, HD retextures of Dawnguard’s Gargoyles, Horkers, Foresworn, and Word Walls, just to name a few. All of them are in straight-up higher detail.

Download Gamwich’s collection here:

Dawnguard’s Gargoyle’s looking all-the-more intimidating.

An East Empire Company’s sign more readable post-Gamwich.

12. Enhanced Light and FX

BEST LIGHTING MOD EVER - Skyrim SE mods - Enhanced Lights and FX

Delivered to you by anamorfus – and featured on Gameplay Enhancement Mods for Skyrim – Enhanced Light and FX is merely designed make in-game lighting seem more real. It does this by removing light without sources, while bringing out light from actual light sources (like lanterns, windows, or candles), and also changing the light in Inns and entire cities’ colours palettes to suit local weather. All this and more give Skyrim’s lighting a much more natural feel.

You can download anamorfus’ mod here

Sovngarde’s Hall of Valour is bathed in more radiant light…

Anamorfus mod emphasises more realistic light sources – even going so far as to make smoke drift from candles.

11. Enhanced textures detail (UV tweaks)

Enhanced textures detail for Skyrim

Some_Random_Guy38’s Enhanced textures detail mod is designed as an anathema to those smudged textures you get when you happen to pass Skyrim’s objects too closely. Now objects retain all detail close-up, so immersion is never incidentally broken.

Extra textural detail is applied to over 1085 of Skyrim’s objects (and counting as the mod is continually updated)

Download Some_Random_Guy38’s mod here

Ascension…an Imperial tower carries greater detail at shorter distances.

Maybe if I squint I can now make out the damn words on those Windhelm murals.

10. Skyrim Realistic Overhaul

Skyrim Mods Daily - Skyrim Realistic Overhaul - Skyrim Mods - Arsenalrobert

From super-clear realistic blades of grass to entire mountains rendered in HD. Starac’s Realistic Overhaul gives a life-like hone to general textures across Skyrim’s wilderness, making for more convincing grass, stones, and leaves.

This mod’s for you if you’d like the finer textures of Tamriel more defined and convincing…

Download Starac’s mod here

Rocks are rendered a little better on a Solitude Staircase - though it’s all still in 2096k.

SRO is most evident in the finer ground-bound grass, stones and leaves.

9. Enhanced Lighting for ENB – Lite

TES V - Skyrim Mods: Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE)

Although Bethesda's latest fantasy is an epic to be reckoned with: you might feel that the feast-hall of say Jarl Balgruuf ought to paint the epic scenes of civil war unfolding within it with more appropriate moodiness. ENB adds a natural aura to Skyrim’s lighting, giving individual locations a more definitive character. JawZ does this with particular regard for that scene and setting, giving discernible definition to differing places.

Download Jawz’s mod here

Jarl Balgruuf’s keep, bathed in more natural tones

Hermaeus Mora’s brand of Oblivion takes on a more unsettling air under magic shades of light.

8. Skyrim Flora Overhaul

TES V - Skyrim Mods: Skyrim Flora Overhaul 2.0 

Skyrim Flora Overhaul – by vurt – buries the inevitable blemishes of a land ravaged by the end-times beneath 16 new trees, 180 new floral textures, and 65+ new grasses and plants. While you might expect an arctic frozen wilderness to be a tad barren, vurt’s mod brings out the climatic differences in Skyrim’s varied regions.

Download vurt’s mod here

The river beside Riverrun’s banks, nicely enriched with 180+ new floral textures.

Skyrim’s wonderfully enveloping landscapes are even livelier

7. Nordic Snow

SKYRIM SE ULTRA GRAPHICS MODS Nordic Snow aka HQ Snow Texture ​

Formerly “HQ Snow Texture”, Erik1988’s Nordic Snow aims to bring a more ice-like quality to Skyrim’s low-res snow texture. It does this by adding a crystal quality to the snow, so that it looks less like foam and more like the hard-icy stuff you’d be accustomed too.

Download Erik1988’s mod here

Winterhold guards patrol an icier, more realistic snow-scape

With Nordic Snow the slopes are whitewashed with crystal-like layers of frost.

6. AMidianBorn Book of Silence

Skyrim Mod: aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Armours

CaBal’s Book of Silence mod is an attention-to-detail update of the graphical features of  equipment, architecture, and landscape all across TES V. It’s huge, giving definition to smaller details - like defining the belt buckles on your #1 leather chest-plate – to bring out the whole.

Download CaBal’s mod here:

An ashen giant wields a retextured blade on the Isle of Solstheim.

Individual plates are visually refined on this Dwemer plate armour – reflecting its masterful Dwarven craftwork.

5. Skyrim Winter Overhaul

SKYRIM MOD SANCTUARY 98 - Skyrim Winter Overhaul ​

In Skyrim Winter Overhaul AceeQ’s mission was to make Skyrim into an actual winter paradise. The mod buries Skyrim under thicker layers of snow, turning several of its rivers and lakes into pure ice – like the river outside Riften town. AceeQ also adds expansive snowy effects, such as icefloes and blowing snow. Although not strictly a graphics mod: it certainly has something to be said for aesthetic.

Download AceeQ’s mod here

A frozen lake brings a new set of battlegrounds on which the Dovahkiin can fight for Skyrim.​

Deck the halls of Winterhold. Rooftops are buried beneath sheets of sullen snow.

4. Realistic Water Two

Skyrim Mod: Realistic Water Two

Those who tired of the unconvincing, static pitch-black texture of vanilla Skyrim’s rivers and lakes will find this mod agreeable. Isoku’s Realistic Water Two gives Skyrim’s water a real water-like texture, along with an apparent flow and direction to its rivers.

Download Isoku’s mod here

The seas beneath the arch of Solitude are a shining reflection of real Arctic waters.

The sun glints – rather convincingly – off a sea of salt and sapphire.

3. Skyrim HD – 2K Textures

Skyrim Mods - Skyrim HD 2K Textures ​

Modelling up to 600 of Skyrim’s textures in 8K total: AHBmods invigorates the game’s aesthetic, giving it a very shiny finish. AHBmods brings this radiant HD shine to just about anything, from burnt wood and barrels to entire cities like Markarth and Riften.

Download AHBmods’ mod here

Slopes of trees looking over a more-real looking flowing ravine.

Even the tiny riverside town of Riften looks bright and brand-new.

2. NobleSkyrimMod HD-2K

TES V - Skyrim Mods: NobleSkyrimMod HD-2K

An overhaul for architecture by Shutt3r, NobleSkyrimMod aims to put a fresher perspective on Skyrim’s castles, buildings, and keeps. The mod’s aim is to make Skyrim’s weathered architecture look polished and brand-new - more-so like the Skyrim of an early era, which raised the Nordic heroes of old.

Download Shutt3r’s mod here

Stark contrasts. A refined, stronger Winterhold architecture is apparent in both its standing structures and is ruined ones.

An alluring air is given to a Temple of the Divines – bricks and windows both shinier and more textured.

1.Windsong Skyrim Character Overhaul

Skyrim Mod: Windsong Skyrim Character Overhaul

Bringing a more stand-out, cinematic stature to player characters and NPCs alike: Windsong’s Character Overhaul mod hones all character models. The face, body, and hair textures of player and NPC characters alike are renewed in HD. Facial and bodily textures reflect their surroundings, turning different shades depending on light and surroundings.

Download Windsong’s mod here

Woah man…a high elf’s face carries more bone-chilling profile, thanks to broader detail.

Shadows are cast upon Nord’s armour-plate and expression, making for a moody scene.

From altering the aesthetic of the game as-is, to making entirely new physical additions to the game-world: it seems that mods can transform a game’s feel entirely. Skyrim is no exception. Whether rehashing it so that age-old veterans can enjoy it with fresh eyes, or maximizing a first-time player’s experience: a good graphics mod can only add to a game already adored by millions. If you’re tired of vanilla Skyrim – or looking for a little extra visual flare – you’d do well to consider the mods we’ve recommended.

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