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40+ Hilariously funny Fortnite memes to make you laugh

In July of 2017, a video game hit the homes of PlayStation, Xbox, and PC lovers everywhere. It has become so popular — it's now meme-worthy. Fortnite revolves around a storm wiping out most of our planet and those that have survived have to build themselves shelter to keep safe from oncoming storms and to hide from these zombie-like creatures that are blood-thirsty.

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Funny Fortnite Memes

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However, as a non-video game person, I had no idea what the heck Fortnite was — I just kept seeing people playing the game on Twitter and people making memes out of it. It seems to be a real bonding experience for those who play, since the game teams up with other players to help build forts to keep them safe, accomplishing missions and gaining rewards.

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So whether you're a Fortnite fanatic or someone who has no idea what it's about — these memes are for you.

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You might have heard of a little game called Fortnite. It’s been blowing up ever since its free Battle Royale mode launched last year. And with the release of Fortnite on mobile, its popularity is only skyrocketing. Any game that can rack up many millions of players is going to have a strong presence online, and when it comes to memes, Fortnite doesn’t disappoint.

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The game drops 100 players onto a map and has them fight to the death as an ever-shrinking border forces them closer together. It’s like The Hunger Games, but with an added emphasis on building. As the stage dwindles and players close in, you can build walls to shield yourself from enemy attacks and erect stairs to get a better angle on the action. It’s intense, with endless opportunities for hilarious hijinx. Ever since its popularity skyrocketed, Fortnite has inspired meme upon meme, with no signs of stopping. Here are some of the best Fortnite memes we’ve seen so far.

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10 Hilarious Fortnite Memes That'll Make Gamers Say "Same"

Love it or hate it, Fortniteis one of the biggest video games right now. With Epic continuously supporting their popular battle royale game, there seems to be no end in sight for every kids' favorite shooter. With the game becoming so popular, just about everyone knows what it is and loves to make jokes about it. After all, that's the best sign of popularity these days.

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This has made Fortnite a gold mine for relatable memes. There are countless images that capture what it's really like to play this game. Without further ado, we'll be looking at 10 hilarious Fortnite memes that'll make gamers say "same."


Bushes are rare items in Fortnite. After spending a few seconds to apply them, players essentially become a walking, shooting bush. Those who know how to stay low and blend in with the background know how to catch other players off guard.

One second, you'll be running through the terrain, and the next, a bush just throws a grenade at you. Many times, players have been taken out of the game by someone who was crouching while camouflaged as a bush. Needless to say, it's a scary moment that forces players to constantly be on their toes if they want to win.


One of the draws of Fortnite is its building mechanics. With the right amount of resources, players can construct all sorts of buildings either for a battle advantage or just for cover. Because most buildings are constructed so quickly, they often look haphazard at best.

Keep in mind that the intent for the game when it launched was for players to create some impressive buildings that would also function as tower defense centers for taking down zombies. Nowadays, those buildings are some of the ugliest things in the game that are dead giveaways as to whether there's a player nearby or not.


When Fortnite begins, players hop off a big Battle Bus to pick a location on the map. Sadly, there are times when there are so many players all around that it's hard to pick where to land.

Sometimes, the only way to hit the ground before players can grab all the good loot is try and land on a building in Tilted Towers. While it can be good for the resources, it's only a matter of time before you get caught in serious warfare where players better than you just wipe the floor with you and take the resources you worked hard to find.


Fortnite is beloved because not only does it have a big mode for solo players to enjoy, but it others for teams of two and teams of four. People working together to win a round is fun to experience, but it can also be frustrating.

When your partner gets knocked down, you have a choice to either revive them or let them die so you can get all their loot. Believe it or not, there are plenty of people who would much rather get some more ammo and better guns than have a teammate working with them to win the game.


Traps are deadly in Fortnite not because of how good they are, but because they're not frequently used. This means that people camping out in certain spots who hide traps will often surprise other players because they weren't expecting it.

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Unfortunately, when you try to warn your friends that there are traps ahead, plenty of them don't get the warning and barge in anyway. Even with the help of a full shield, those traps will still wipe the floor with them, putting your entire team in an extremely vulnerable position. Some players even manage to put traps behind stairs, so be on the lookout.


Wailing Woods has become an intense close-quarters battle since it was first added to Fortnite. Featuring a maze with a small shack in the middle, it becomes a battleground of shots being fired and grenades being thrown. Only the strongest or smartest players will come out on top.

When everyone first arrives there, it's a mad dash to get to the first treasure chest before anyone else can. The worst part is when you get loot that wasn't worth the effort. Make no mistake, opening a chest in Wailing Woods is very close to having a death wish. Go for it if you dare.


Tilted Towers is one of the biggest locations in Fortnite, featuring several tall buildings and streets lined with vehicles and more loot to find. With it being so big, there are dozens of people that immediately travel there the moment they get off the Battle Bus.

In Squads mode, it's often a bad idea to even pass through Tilted Towers because of the sheer number of other people that usually hide there. If you have a teammate that decides to pass through or, heaven forbid, drop there in the first place, it might be better to just choose a different route.


There's not a whole lot of explaining that needs to be done with this meme. There's a running joke that Fortnite is a bad game that leads to a serious back and forth between those who love it and those who don't.

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Either way, it's hard not to get a chuckle out of Epic Games finally adding mirrors to the game, giving every player a proper opportunity to see what their character looks like in a reflection. There's no doubt that performing a goofy emote while looking at the mirrors will only make their characters look more ridiculous in the long run.


Epic Games has embraced the goofier side of Fortnite and reflects it with their new costumes. There are plenty of cool and silly outfits in the game, but there's one that looks a little familiar to fans of a certain undersea sponge. This orange fish outfit strangely resembles one of the background fish in SpongeBob SquarePants named Frank.

Is this Epic's way of getting the popular show some representation in their hit title or could it be one of Frank's more conspicuous identities? We need to get Bikini Bottom Mysteries on the case pronto. Either way, the color palette resemblance is uncanny.


While PUBG was the biggest battle royale game for a time, Fortnite quickly came and dethroned it, leading to more people playing it instead. While it seemed like Fortnite would rule forever, with Blackout not even being big enough to beat it, something came out of the woodwork.

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Respawn and EA suddenly launched Apex Legends, which combines the stellar shooting of Titanfall with the class-based action of Overwatch. It's possible that this is the battle royale game that could soon dethrone Fortnite, at least with the more mature players that is. It really is the Surtur to Fortnite's Hela.

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The Top 10 Funniest Fortnite Memes of All-Time

The 10 Best Fortnite Memes

You’re probably staring at your main PC monitor forging ahead in yet another game of Fortnite. Everybody else in your neighborhood can’t fight the addiction, either. Well, I implore you to keep your eyes squarely fixed to your second monitor as you scan this “Top 10” list. It captures all the funniest memes of that very game everybody in your orbit spends entirely too much time playing.

10. Get to Work

When a marathon gaming session turns your body lifeless

Whenever you launch a game of Fortnite, you must come to terms with the next four-to-24 hours of your day disappearing. Just like Lay’s famous “Betcha can’t eat just one!” slogan, nobody can play just one game. Lost a close encounter against a pump shot-wielding spastic? You’re now officially tilted. Failed to connect with your sniper rifle? That feeling of disappointment will disrupt your routine until you can earn payback. Let’s land shifty.

9. Don’t Be a Toxic Partner

We all have that one friend...

Friends and Fortnite, what could possibly go wrong? You’re only as good as your weakest link. When your duo is barking orders at you like some half-assed, low budget rent-a-cop who thinks he’s storming the beaches of Normandy, there’s a problem. Being obnoxious and wrong damages your game, which is why this clip is so funny.

8. Battle of the Ego

Don't challenge my gaming pride 

Let’s face some cold hard facts. You may think you’re the next Ninja or Tfue. But reality is a cruel reminder that these claims are largely unfounded. When you reverse-engineer your gameplay, some things will become clear. That final shot registered just fine. Your timing, positioning and aiming; however, left a lot to be desired. Next time you get genuinely outplayed just accept it and soldier on.  

7. Friendly Fire

A real friendship can survive anything 

Just being a good teammate can lead you astray. Certain death may be unavoidable. As long as you’re communicating with your team and working in tandem, you’re doing your job. Maybe you need better friends. It may be time to empty your piggy bank. Send a message to TSM_Myth and ask to game. Perhaps your generosity will motivate his and you’ll find yourself running games with somebody who won’t lead you to death. Good luck!

6. When Losing Can Be a Life Saver

When losing at Fortnite is winning at life

The peak of your professional life may be a #1 Victory Royale. Surely most students obsessing over Fortnite would agree. But when it comes to your personal health, grinding endless hours to reach #1 may be deadly. Manage your goals wisely. Rewarding a rare victory with a guilty pleasure may be worthwhile. But don’t punish yourself to reach the Promised Land.

5. We Can All Relate

The crushing loneliness of defeat 

Everybody who plays Fortnite will fall victim to an early death. The true anguish follows in the afterlife. You have no choice but to spectate. All your teammates can wax poetic about their strategy to survive and advance. What you’re left with is the remains. All you can do is romanticize about what could have been.

4. Hell Hath No Fury Like a Pissed-Off Shopping Cart

Fortnite meets Final Destination 

Courtesy of r/FortNiteBR is a hilarious sequence involving a shopping cart, which appears to have gained sentience? Maybe Skynet programmed it and it’s the next iteration of Terminator. Who knows? What I can say is don’t ever leave a shopping cart unattended. Especially true if said cart is overlooking a massive hill.

3. Who Reads the Terms and Conditions?

Clicks "Agree" without reading a single line

Another gem courtesy of the highly esteemed brain trust at r/FortNiteBR emerges a clever little nod to legalese. Let’s face it. Nobody reads the terms and conditions. We all implicitly trust the overlords responsible for producing our greatest pleasures. The minute chance we signed away our future children and life savings is secondary to the joys we’ll experience playing a game we love.

2. Cooking Up Some Skin

"Inspect and "beat people's meat" is all that's required  

Imagine a scenario where Jeffrey Dahmer is the lead map designer of your favorite game. The imagery circling in your head will lead you to a charming fella who goes by the name Meat Inspector. You see, our final plunder taken from the massively popular Fortnite subreddit is an ingenious work from a skilled user who frequents there, u/whicketywack. This user pieced together a variety of everyday items that actually resonate with the free-flowing, cartoonish themes Fortnite offers. Bravo!

1. Popular YouTubers Ice Poseidon and Sam Pepper Sneak Into VidCon by Hiding Inside a Llama

They said a Llama is the perfect disguise

The world’s most famous game and one man-made Trojan horse spent an afternoon at a convention. Two YouTube live streamers chose to document their daring escapade, which involved the most famous llama on planet Earth and Greek mythology. Should we punish these brazen streamers for breaking the law? Or do we commend them for giving every gamer a valiant history lesson?  Well, I can tell you staffers at Vidcon chose the former. These tricksters shared a jail cell all night.

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10 Fortnite Memes That Even Haters Will Laugh At

Fortnite, and especially its battle royale mode, has been a great source for memes since its release back in 2017. Inspired by its gameplay, and from some of its best seasonal events, multiple great memes have been created.

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With some date back to its initial release in 2017, structured around iconic locations like Tilted Towers, others are freshly made based on the new season and the alien vibe. Either way, both old and new memes can make even haters of the game laugh out loud.

10 The Pressure Is Real

Every player can remember the first time they were on a 1v1 and their heart was pounding like crazy. For most, this didn't happen only on their first time, but in almost every similar situation.

The stakes are really high and the pressure is real when there are only 2 people remaining and they have to fight each other, especially when they don't know where each other is.

9 Landing At Tilted Towers

Tilted Towers, as well as its most recent variations, have always been considered one of the most infamous and dangerous spots in the game.

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Unless the player manages to really pop off and kill everyone, landing in Tilted Towers usually has only one end, and that is death. Only the toughest can drop at Tilted Towers and consistently survive, so that's one way to gain the respect of others.

8 1v4 On Squads

One of the situations that all players who've played squads have been in is a 1vs4 situation. These are almost impossible to clutch, especially by facing the enemy team head-on.

So the most common approach followed by players, as shown in the meme, is hiding. Even if there is only one bush in the zone and it is really obvious where the player is hiding, it is always worth the try.

7 Getting One-Shot By Pump

Probably one of the worst feelings in the game is landing Tilted Towers, popping off, and being ready to leave with a scar, one of the most powerful weapons in Fortnite, but then dying with one shot to someone with no shield who only carries a pump shotgun. Having to go back to the lobby after a great start really feels bad.

Of course, then next time in Tilted Towers the player won't have the same luck in finding equipment and will probably die instantly. That's a Feelsbadman.

6 Tilted Towers In Real Life

Living in the neighborhood of Tilted Towers and being able to climb everywhere would be truly amazing, although one would have to really deal with the noise and the havoc that is always present.

Now having Fox News confuse the infamous Tilted Towers with a real-life location would be hilarious, although most fans can probably guess that this never actually happened.

5 Wailing Woods Chest

Back in the day, when the map hadn't changed much, Wailing Woods was one of the best landing spots for solo players, not due to having many players, but because of its' little to no chests.

Specifically, there was only one chest, and everything was fine if only one player landed there, but there were occasions where 3 or 4 landed on the same spot. Whoever got the chest, probably ended up winning the fight.

4 Fortnite Vs. PUBG

It is impossible to talk about Fortnite memes without referring, at least once, to its greatest competitor during launch, PUBG. There was some kind of enmity between the players of the two games since they were constantly arguing about which one was the best.

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Nevertheless, PUBG released a few months before Fortnite, so perhaps some elements in Fortnite were inspired by PUBG's early success.

3 Getting a Scar

Although now there are multiple new weapons in Fortnite, a few seasons ago, the scar rifle was considered one of the best weapons in the game, and if a player got one they were especially lucky.

Nevertheless, if there were other ways to get their hands on one, players would even enter the infamous horror movie sewer. Sometimes it really is all about the loot, especially when talking about a scar which can almost surely lead to a victory royale.

2 The Faster Builder Wins

One of the most common occurrences in the game is a 1vs1 fight and it usually comes down to who can build high the fastest.

Although it usually ends the other way around with the player shooting the opponent once and then watching them build a 5-star hotel within 5 seconds, there are cases where the player is actually faster and manages to get the high ground. A great meme, especially when considering the well-known Star Wars reference.

1 Hearing A Chest

Looting an area and moving on, without checking on teammates' positions can be a big mistake. Sometimes players get absorbed into looting and completely forget about the zone until it's too late, so they might as well just find the chest that has been bugging them for the past minutes.

Nevertheless, there's always that one player who takes damage by the zone just to loot one more building or to check one chest that they heard.

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