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27 Years On, This Is What The Original Star Cast Of 'Baywatch' Looks Like!



There has been an entire generation that has swooned after the beach-babes of Baywatch. The most-loved series of the 90s which will turn 27 this September, had an impressive run from 1989 to 2001. Such was its impact, that even our Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra preferred it's movie reboot to kick-start her Hollywood outing. 

The show was a trendsetter. It was also a bold statement on the television dealing with drug arrests, rehab, criminal charges and bankruptcy. And all this with a brigade of sexy and beautiful lifeguards clad in their signature red swim wears, cordoned off the beach! Will you ever complain or feel scared of drowning if these men and women are the ones safeguarding you? Hell NO!

So much so that even Bollywood very happily copied it's signature scenes. Like this one in Dhoom 2.



And here is the original!



If you look in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most watched television program of all time, you'll find Baywatch having over 1.1 billion viewers! While its Hollywood reboot stars Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron alongside PC, have you ever wondered what happened to its original star cast? Where are they now and what do they look like? We give you a little sneak-peak.

1. David Hasselhoff as "Mitch Buchannon" (63)

David Hasselhoff

David continues to do television. He also had multiple Guinness World Records in his name, for being the most watched man on TV!

2. Pamela Anderson as "C.J. Parker" (48)

Pamela Anderson

She was a part of the show between 1992 and 1997. Pam was the boldest and sexiest female cast, whose name became synonymous with Baywatch. After the show she also starred in Baywatch films. Man, she still looks the same!

3. Jason Momoa as "Jason Ioane" (36)

Jason Momoa

*jumps* That's Khal Drogo! Brownie points to whoever guessed the actor from Game Of Thrones. Jason starred in Baywatch: Hawaii from 1999 to 2001. He continues to do films and television and is cast as Aquaman in the DC movies.

5. Michael Bergin as "Jack 'J.D.' Darius" (47)

Michael Bergin

This American model and actor is considered to be one of the first males to have achieved supermodel status. He flexed his chiseled body and women went weak in their knees in Baywatch too.

5. Alexandra Paul as "Stephanie Holden" (52)

Alexandra Paul

She joined the cast in 1992 and stayed there for five years. Including Baywatch, she has performed in a total of over 100 movies and television programs.

6. David Chokachi as "Cody Madison" (48)

David Chokachi

He began his acting career with the show at the age of 27. He looked adorable then. He looks adorable even today!

7. Gena Lee Nolin as "Neely Capshaw" (44)

Gena Lee Nolin

Baywatch can be called her first major show and she lasted for 65 episodes, that's four years. She was the show's resident bad girl and remained at loggerheads with her fellow employees and her boss.

8. David Charvet as "Matt Brody" (43)

David Charvet

He entered Baywatch in 1992 and became a recurring character. He had a relationship with C.J. Parker and was forced to resign because of a phony sexual harassment lawsuit. Watch the show to know more.

9. Kelly Packard as "April Giminski" (41)

Kelly Packard

She was the only female character to cross over between Season 8 and 9 after the rest of the female cast was let go during what was described as the "Baywatch Bloodbath."

10. Jaason Simmons as "Logan Fowler" (45)

Jaason Simmons

He was more like a rebel and a trouble-maker on the show. Jaason's career high still remains Baywatch, though he did several other shows after that too.

11. José Solano as "Manny Gutierrez" (45)

José Solano

He was one of the youngest members of Baywatch. He was 25 then. Afterwards, José was named as one of the "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" by YM magazine after winning their "Man of the Year" contest.

12. Donna D’Errico as "Donna Marco" (48)

Donna D’Errico

Does she look any different then and now? Well, not to us. Donna joined the cast of the spin-off series, Baywatch Nights and stayed for two years. She continued to appear in films and television even after that.

13. Nicole Eggert as "Summer Quinn" (44)

Nicole Eggert

Nicole was shown as a star athlete and a swimming champion and it reflected on her well toned body and antics. Apart from acting in films, she has even made several Christmas movies that premiered on the American channel Lifetime.

14. Carmen Electra as "Lani McKenzie" (44)

Carmen Electra

She played a lifeguard who also wanted to become a famous dancer, and hence eventually left Baywatch to pursue her dream, but was re-hired as a beach entertainer. Carmen crossed-over her Baywatch character to another series, Pacific Blue for one episode.

And just like an old wine, age has made these actors only better! We want to see if the new cast manages to come any closer to these guys.


Full Cast & Crew

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List of Baywatch characters

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This is a compilation of the characters found in the TV series Baywatch and Baywatch: Hawaii.

Characters table[1][edit]

  1. ^In Season 9, Jeremy Jackson is only credited in some episodes he appears in.
  2. ^ abErika Eleniak and Billy Warlock leave in "River of No Return, Part II" (episode 3.2). This was Eleniak's final Baywatch appearance, Warlock would return on its spin-off Baywatch Nights, reprising his role of Eddie Kramer.
  3. ^Shawn Weatherly leaves in "Shark Derby" (episode 1.19). Although she remained in the opening credits for the last episodes of season 1.
  4. ^In Season 1, Williams is credited as a guest star until episode 13, when he is promoted to starring.
  5. ^Nelson is credited as starring from episode 13 onwards.
  6. ^Richard Jaeckel first appears in "Panic at Malibu Pier" pilot episode, but he returns in the series as a regular cast member in "Nightmare Bay, Part 1" (episode 2.1) and leaves in "The Red Knights" (episode 4.13).
  7. ^In seasons 6 and 7, Pamela Anderson credited as Pamela Lee following her marriage to Tommy Lee.
  8. ^ abAlexandra Paul and Kelly Slater debut in "Tequila Bay" (episode 3.3).
  9. ^Yasmine Bleeth first appears in "Tentacles, Part II" (episode 4.7).
  10. ^Heather Campbell first appears in "Wet N' Wild" (episode 5.22), portraying Neely Capshaw. The actress was replaced by Gena Lee Nolin in subsequent seasons and Jennifer Campbell in season 9 after Nolin chose not to reprise her role as the same character.
  11. ^Nancy Valen first appears in "Panic at Malibu Pier" pilot episode, but she returns in the series as a regular cast member in "The Contest" (episode 7.2).
  12. ^Traci Bingham debuts in "The Contest" (episode 7.2) and leaves in "Quarantine" (episode 8.18), although she remained in the opening credits for the remainder of season eight.
  13. ^Marliece Andrada first appears in "Rendezvous" (episode 7.17), but she returns in the series as a regular cast member in "Rookie Summer" (episode 8.1) and she leaves in "Memorial Day" (episode 8.4). Although she remained in the opening credits for the rest of that season.
  14. ^ abAngelica Bridges and Michael Bergin debut in "The Choice" (episode 8.3).
  15. ^Kelly Packard first appears in "The Trophy, Part I" (episode 2.9), Packard would continue guest appearances in subsequent seasons before becoming a regular cast member in "Rookie Summer" (episode 8.1).
  16. ^Mitzi Kapture debuts in "Sharks, Lies and Videotape" (episode 9.3).
  17. ^Brooke Burns debuts in "The Natural" (episode 9.5).
  18. ^Simmone Mackinnon first appears in "Baywatch Down Under, Part I" (episode 9.16).
  19. ^Jason Brooks first appears in "Game of Chance" (episode 2.21), but he returns in the series as a regular cast member in "Aloha, Baywatch" (episode 10.1).
  20. ^Brandy Ledford debuts in "Weak Link" (episode 10.3).
  21. ^In season 10, the character shows Jason, but in season 11, it added "Ioane" under his last name.

Baywatch (1989–1990; 1991–1999)[edit]

Main Cast[2][edit]

  • Mitchell "Mitch" Buchannon (David Hasselhoff); (Pilot; seasons 1–9) - Mitch is the lead lifeguard who in the pilot received a promotion to lieutenant. He has a son called Hobie with his former wife Gayle. Due to Gayle's new job requiring frequent travel for the first year, it was decided Hobie would stay with Mitch while she moved to Ohio. His brother, Buzzy, is living in San Diego with his son.[3] A con artist he helped dies and leaves her daughter to Mitch.[4] Mitch decides to adopt the girl, Joey.[5] Joey's grandparents are eventually found and Joey begrudgingly goes to live with them.[6] Note: In the 2017 Baywatch feature film, he is played by Dwayne Johnson.
  • Craig Pomeroy (Parker Stevenson); (Pilot; season 1, recurring seasons 8–9) - Craig was a lawyer as well as a lifeguard, however part way through Season 1, he quits from the law firm he was working for to become a full-time lifeguard at Baywatch. He then set up his own private practice so he could continue to be a lawyer from home and still lifeguard but then left after Season 1 to start a family away from Los Angeles. Craig is married to Gina Pomeroy in Season 1. In Season 2 it is revealed via a letter to Mitch that they moved to Connecticut and Craig is working as a lawyer in New York. Craig returns to LA to defend a Chumash elder who is preparing his deathbed.[7] Mitch is able to coerce out of Craig what's going on with Gina, and he discovers that they've been separated for a few months.[8] Gina remained in Washington DC and Craig returned to LA for a fresh start. Thereafter, he begins a relationship with lifeguard April Giminski.[9]
  • Jill Riley (Shawn Weatherly); (Pilot; season 1) was the most experienced female lifeguard on the service, she trained Shauni McClain on how to become a better lifeguard and was respected by all of her friends at Baywatch. She died from blood embolism caused by a shark attack ("Shark Derby").
  • Eddie Kramer (Billy Warlock); (Pilot; seasons 1–3) - Eddie began life on Baywatch as a teenager with a complicated background. He moved out to LA from Philadelphia, PA. Being placed into the foster care system at a very early age, he learned to look out for himself and took up boxing, which got him into trouble quite a few times while in his first year on Baywatch. Eddie is homeless at first but is helped out by fellow lifeguard Craig Pomeroy (Parker Stevenson) whom he and his wife, Gina, invited Eddie to live with them and they took on the role as surrogate parents that Eddie never had from being in foster care. When the Pomeroys left at the end of Season 1, Eddie was able to secure a place of his own and developed a relationship with fellow lifeguard Shauni McClain. Even though Shauni's father didn't approve of his daughter dating a lifeguard even though she was one herself. When Eddie saved his other daughter's life, he still didn't respect him, but despite this, they eventually married and moved to Australia (Season 3, Episode 2).[10] In season 2, Billy was moved from a regular cast member to supporting lead, replacing Stevenson. He would remain there until his departure along with Erika in the beginning of Season 3. After his departure in 1992, Warlock explained his departure was voluntary as he had been unhappy with the direction Baywatch had taken.[11] Warlock later reprised his character for one episode in the spin-off series, Baywatch Nights in 1996 and also in the 2003 television movie, Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding.
  • Shauni McClain (Erika Eleniak); (Pilot; seasons 1–3) - Shauni started out the series as a spoiled rich girl and was a complete rookie when she started out as a lifeguard with Baywatch, being scared of people drowning and freezing up when people needed CPR. Seeing her potential Mitch put her under the wing of experienced senior lifeguard Jill Riley (Shawn Weatherly), where she became confident in her abilities. After Jill died due to a shark attack, Shauni was deeply affected because the two had become close friends. She fell for her colleague Eddie Kramer (Billy Warlock). After the two got together she realized how bratty she acted, and she mellowed. It was revealed that her father disapproved of her vocation, thinking she was just sitting around the beach all day doing nothing of importance. When he saw her doing rescue he realized how important her job was, however he did not approve of Shauni dating Eddie and wanted her to date someone better. Shauni disowned her dad and then married Eddie and moved to Australia with him for a lifeguard exchange program (Season 3, Episode 1 and 2). Their onscreen chemistry and romance became real for a time. Erika Eleniak played in 44 episodes of the first and second seasons, and first two episodes of the third season, she was the show's female mainstay from 1989 until 1992. It was reported by both producers and Erika herself that her departure was due to her dislike for the direction the show was taking.
  • Trevor Cole (Peter Phelps); (Pilot; season 1); Trevor was a cocky and arrogant clubhouse lifeguard who would rather save beautiful women than anyone else in trouble. After a boat party that left his then-girlfriend fighting for her life, he realized how little about life-guarding he actually knew. When Mitch made a suggestion to his bosses that he should be county certified, he joined Baywatch Rookie School where he passed top of his class. During his time as an L.A county lifeguard, Cole made a number of preventions, earning the respect of his colleagues and those superior to him (including Mitch, who had previously disliked Cole for his amateur lifeguarding and his attitude toward the job). Toward the end of his stay at Baywatch, there were hints of a romance between him and Jill Riley (Shawn Weatherly), but Cole was absent the day Jill died because of the shark attack. Phelps left the show the next episode and his disappearance was not addressed in the show. It's assumed that Cole went back home as he had previously expressed interest in returning to Sydney, Australia.
  • Hobie Buchannon (Brandon Call, Pilot; season 1 and Jeremy Jackson, seasons 2–9) - the son of Mitch Buchannon; through his time on the show, the audience sees him grow up from a young boy of 12 to adult. He later forms a romantic relationship with his long-time crush, Summer Quinn. His parents are divorced and his mom, Gayle appears in several episodes. According to Hasselhoff, the role almost went to Leonardo DiCaprio.[12] He would follow in his father's footsteps and go on to become a life guard and rookie of the year.[13]
  • Don Thorpe (Monte Markham); (Pilot; seasons 1–2) - A senior lifeguard with the rank of captain. By Season 5 Don Thorpe had become chief of the department.[14] He appears in the 2017 Baywatch feature film, he is played by Rob Huebel.
  • Gina Pomeroy (Gina Hecht, pilot episode; and Holly Gagnier, season 1) - Craig's loving and supporting wife.
  • Garner Ellerbee (Gregory Alan Williams); (seasons 1, 3–5, recurring seasons 2 and 8) - A good friend of the lifeguards. A police officer who patrols the beach but hates the water. He appears in the 2017 Baywatch feature film, where he is played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.
  • John D. Cort (John Allen Nelson); (season 1, recurring seasons 2, 4–5) - A former lifeguard who appears and disappears from time to time and was rather dodgy and often got Mitch in trouble with illegal money-making schemes. He had a close friendship with Eddie Kramer and started a relationship with C.J. Parker but eventually succumbed to blindness.[15] Trent ropes Mitch in to competing in the Baja Run.[16] His last episode was Deep Trouble.[17]
  • Harvey Miller (Tom McTigue); (season 2) A quiet, introverted lifeguard who often had lofty dreams of seducing beautiful women who were way out of his league. He would also try his hand at being an entrepreneur coming up with get-rich-quick schemes any chance he could.
  • Ben Edwards (Richard Jaeckel); (season 2, recurring seasons 3 & 4) - Edwards was part of the first team of lifeguards at Baywatch (formed in the 1950s), known as 'The Red Knights'. He was the longest serving lifeguard at Baywatch and retired in 1994. Ben had a close relationship with Mitch Buchannon, and served as a mentor to him. Sometime before the series started, Ben had crushed his hip when he jumped from a height of 100 feet to save a drowning fisherman.[18] He was unable to swim after this injury and required the use of a walking cane. Captain Thorpe promoted Ben to lieutenant instead of firing him. He was eventually promoted to captain, after Thorpe's departure. The day he resigned, he made his final rescue when he jumped off a pier to save a young boy. He was then happy to 'go out on top'.[19]
  • Note: Jaeckel played another character, also a veteran lifeguard, named Al Gibson, in the 1989 pilot TV movie, released the Spring before the first season.[20] The Al Gibson character is being forced into retirement in the pilot, but dies at the end of the movie heroically saving Hobie.
  • Roberta "Summer" Quinn (Nicole Eggert); (seasons 3 & 4) - Summer and her mother, Jackie, moved to California from Pittsburgh, PA to escape Jackie's abusive ex-boyfriend. They traveled across the country in their trailer and set up home in a local trailer park. Summer was a star athlete in her hometown winning many awards for swimming. Her mother's ex-boyfriend tracked them down and confronted Summer. When he began to get physical with her, Matt Brody stepped in and stopped him. This was the start of a long friendship between the two. Later, with the help of C.J. Parker, Summer overcame bulimia.[21] Summer and Matt became quite close and formed a relationship. They ultimately broke up and Summer left to pursue her education at a Penn State.[22] She nearly died in a boat accident, having to be given CPR to bring her back. She is a main character in the 2017 Baywatch feature film, where she is played by Alexandra Daddario.
  • Matt Brody (David Charvet); (seasons 3–5, recurring season 6) - Matt's stern father give Matt an ultimate: go to France with him or stay in LA and support himself. Stephanie and CJ allow Matt to couch surf for a short time.[23] Matt had a long-term relationship with Summer Quinn in the fourth season (Summer breaks up with Jimmy Slade while he's off surfing,[24] and pursued a similar relationship with C.J. Parker in the fifth and sixth seasons. He was forced to resign because of a phony sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Neely Capshaw, however was reinstated after the lawsuit proved to be false.[25] After a while, Matt went back to France unable to cope with Neely's return.[26] He eventually returned,[27] but after going on a holiday with some members of the team, he was never seen again, which suggests he returned to France again.[28] Neely apologies to Matt regarding her actions while they are on Scarab duty.[29] He is a main character in the 2017 Baywatch feature film, where he is played by Zac Efron.
  • Casey Jean "C.J." Parker (Pamela Anderson); (seasons 3–7) She was a whitewater rafting instructor.[30] She is a lover of animals.[31] Early on in her life she battled bulimia and helped Summer overcome her battle with bulimia as well.[32] She was very much in love with Matt, unfortunately she was not able to keep him at Baywatch, and Matt left on his own accord.[33] She was absent for the first six episodes of season 6 while she spent time with Matt.[34] Her last appearance was in the Season 7 finale "Nevermore".[35] A strongly dedicated lifeguard who is also the object of desire from several men on the beach. Eventually left Baywatch and married a rock singer in Mexico, but unfortunately, it didn't last.[36] She later opened up a Beach café in Hawaii and married one of her waiters Lorenzo. voted C.J. Parker one of the top 10 blondes.[37] She is a main character in the 2017 Baywatch feature film, where she is played by Kelly Rohrbach.
  • Jimmy Slade (Kelly Slater); (season 3, recurring season 4) - Jimmy Slade was a main character during the third season and had a gift for surfing. He was constantly trying to become a professional surfer and had a romantic relationship with Summer Quinn. He had a very strict, abusive military father, whom he did not get along with, and a mother who abandoned him. Due to his family circumstances, he lived alone on the beach in his van. He eventually did break into the professional circuit and left Baywatch to move to Hawaii to surf on the North Shore.[38]
  • Stephanie Holden (Alexandra Paul); (seasons 3–6, recurring season 7) - Stephanie was seven years old when her father died in a helicopter crash in Vietnam. This affected her deeply and she developed a huge fear of helicopters. Stephanie was eventually abandoned by her mother and was raised by her grandmother. She developed a romantic relationship with Mitch Buchannon, and the two became very serious. The relationship ended abruptly when Stephanie left Mitch without explanation (she was married and didn't believe in pre- or extramarital sex). Stephanie and Mitch eventually got over their differences and formed a strong friendship. Stephanie went sailing around the world with her fiance, but she ultimately made a decision between love and lifeguarding.[39] She dies from a collapsing mast while on a sailboat during a lightning storm at sea.[40] Alexandra would later reprise her role as the late Stephanie in a second-season episode of the spin-off series, Baywatch Nights in 1997. This scene was a near-death hallucination by Mitch. In 2003, Paul played a Stephanie doppelganger named Alison Ford in the TV-movie, Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding. She appears in the 2017 Baywatch feature film, where she is played by Ilfenesh Hadera.
  • Caroline Holden (Yasmine Bleeth); (seasons 5–7, recurring season 4 & 8) - Stephanie's younger sister who is a determined teenage girl but is also very stubborn especially when it comes to her love life. She divorced her husband and moved in with her sister, Stephanie.[41] She made it her goal to once again re-qualify to become a lifeguard. She had a short fling with JD.[42] Caroline moved on from Baywatch and finally landed an acting spot in New York.[43]
  • Logan Fowler (Jaason Simmons) - (seasons 5 & 6, recurring season 7); first appearance was in the season 5 premiere. He had just recently arrived in California from Tasmania as part of a lifeguard exchange program.[44] He had a reputation as being a top lifeguard in Australia but immediately began to create conflicts with other lifeguards at Baywatch. He did not work well in a team or obey orders from his superiors, this caused him to clash with many of his fellow lifeguards, including Matt Brody and C.J. Parker. He suffered from a childhood memory of watching his father, also a lifeguard, die in the line of duty while saving people from a burning boat, but was unable to escape himself before it exploded.[45] Logan ultimately decides his heart is with movie directing and leaves Baywatch.[46]
  • Cody Madison (David Chokachi); (seasons 6–9)[47] - An aspiring Olympic swimmer sidelined by an irregular heartbeat. He grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He had relationships with fellow lifeguards: C.J. Parker and Lani McKenzie. He proposed to CJ.[48] Lani became engaged and her relationship with Cody was no more.[49] Cody stayed in LA.[50]
  • Neely Capshaw (Heather Campbell (season 5[51]); Gena Lee Nolin seasons 6–8; and Jennifer Campbell, recurring season 9) [52] - Neely was the show's black sheep[53] being in constant conflict with her fellow employees and her bosses, Mitch and Stephanie. She ended up getting romantically involved with her ex-husband, Peter, and getting pregnant.[54] Neely was re-certified as a lifeguard after saving an elderly heart attack victim with CPR following a botched drugstore robbery.[55] Neely had a very difficult pregnancy and as a result became addicted to pain killers.[56] Through Mitch and Donna's help, Neely is able to kick her addiction. Neely became romantically involved with Mitch and they eventually got married, after which she returned to her conniving ways. Neely is ultimately forced to quit Baywatch.[57] During the Baywatch reunion movie, Neely is last seen trying to get back together with Mitch.
  • Mike "Newmie" Newman (Michael Newman); (seasons 7–9, recurring seasons 1–6) - Another one of Baywatch's longest surviving lifeguards. He played a caricature of himself and continued onto Baywatch: Hawaii. Michael is the only actor in the entire franchise to appear in every single season of Baywatch/Hawaii (excluding the spin off 'Nights') one more season than David Hasslehoff.
  • Samantha Thomas (Nancy Valen); (season 7) - Samantha was a lifeguard captain and had an elevated position at Baywatch headquarters. Occasionally got on Mitch's nerves and formed a relationship with him.[58] She quit Baywatch to pursue a business venture with her ex-fiance.[59]
  • Manny Gutierrez (José Solano); (seasons 7–8, recurring season 9) - Manny was one of the younger members of Baywatch. He was taken on permanently by Mitch Buchannon following an outstanding physical test. He had a relationship with April, but he ultimately found love with a girl he met in college.[60] Manny was in a life-threatening accident and was in a wheelchair for a significant amount of time.[61]
  • Donna Marco (Donna D'Errico); (seasons 7–8) - D'Errico originally joined the cast of the spin-off series, Baywatch Nights midway through its first season in 1996. Her character became the new owner of the nightclub/bar, Nights, while aspiring to become a lifeguard at Baywatch. During the second season of Baywatch Nights, D'Errico also joined the cast of the parent series, Baywatch, simultaneously appearing on both series during the 1996–1997 season. After the cancellation of Baywatch Nights in 1997, she continued on the original Baywatch series for the 1997–1998 season. She was let go during the Baywatch Bloodbath[62]
  • Jordan Tate (Traci Bingham); (seasons 7–8) - A strong and dedicated lifeguard. She was a friend of Donna. She was let go during the Baywatch Bloodbath[63]
  • Jack "J.D." Darius (Michael Bergin); (seasons 8–9) - J.D was one of the few characters to continue into the Baywatch Hawaii era and also appeared in the 2003 reunion movie, Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding. A failed pier rescue by J.D. resulted in a victim getting crushed and dying in J.D.'s arms.[64] Blaming himself for the death, he suffered PTSD and took time off to deal with it. He had relationships with fellow lifeguards Jessie, Kekoa and Leigh. But eventually got back with Kekoa.
  • Lani McKenzie (Carmen Electra); (season 8) - Lani was a lifeguard who also had great dreams of becoming a famous dancer. She became romantically involved with Cody.[65] Cody survived a plane crash on his way to see Lani, performing in New York.[66] She eventually left Baywatch to pursue her dancing career in New York and became engaged to someone else.[67] Electra crossed-over her Baywatch character, Lani, to another series, Pacific Blue for one episode during the 1997–1998 season.
  • April Giminski (Kelly Packard); (seasons 8–9); A dedicated lifeguard with a heart of gold towards physically and mentally challenged people mostly because of brother Charlie who died young from an illness. NOTE: Kelly played three previous roles in the series before being added to the main cast and April is the only female character to cross over between Season 8 & Season 9 after the rest of the female Baywatch cast were all let go during what was described as the "Baywatch Bloodbath"[68]
  • Skylar "Sky" Bergman (Marliece Andrada); (season 8) - Skylar was a skilled lifeguard who only appeared in a few episodes.[69] She was a friend of Lani and April. She was let go during the Baywatch Bloodbath[70]
  • Taylor Walsh (Angelica Bridges); (season 8) - Taylor was a lieutenant who replaced Mitch when he was promoted to captain in 1997.[71] She was let go during the Baywatch Bloodbath[72]
  • Jessica "Jessie" Owens (Brooke Burns); (season 9); continued onto Baywatch: Hawaii - Jessie first came to Baywatch as a cleaner, who occasionally made mistakes, but after the other lifeguards saw how talented she was in saving lives, she was added to the team.
  • Alex Ryker (Mitzi Kapture); (season 9) - A former member of a rival lifeguard team called "Bayguard" but after their team were setting up their rescues, she quit and joined the Baywatch team.

Recurring Cast[edit]

  • Gayle Buchannon (Wendie Malick); (Pilot; season 1-2, 4-5) - Mitch's former wife and restaurant consultant, who always struggled with the fact that Mitch was always on lifeguard duty 24 hours a day.
  • Jenny Drake (Jandi Swanson) - Hobie's first girlfriend, who appeared for 3 episodes.
  • Amanda Keller (Sherilyn Wolter); (season 1) - Hobie's school teacher and one of Mitch's many love interests who appeared in 3 episodes.
  • Kaye Morgan (Pamela Bach); (seasons 2–3, 5–6) - A former newspaper reporter who became sick of the politics at the paper she worked for, so she then went on to create her own community paper. Note: Pamela Bach's Kaye Morgan returned in later seasons to take over from Jackie Quinn's Beachside Café. She made an appearance in the first season of Baywatch Hawaii.
  • Jackie Quinn (Susan Anton); (recurring seasons 3–5) - Summer's mother. She briefly dated Mitch but they eventually decide it best that they remain friends.[73] Jackie opens up a fast food joint right on the beach after she reconsidered moving back to Pittsburgh, PA because she couldn't find work.[74] Jackie and Summer end up moving back to Pennsylvania to pursue work and education.[75]
  • Sheryl Whalen (Ingrid Walters); (recurring season 8–9)

Baywatch Nights (1995–97)[edit]

  • Mitchell "Mitch" Buchannon (David Hasselhoff); (seasons 1 & 2)
  • Garner Ellerbee (Gregory Alan Williams); (Season 1)
  • Ryan McBride (Angie Harmon); (seasons 1 & 2)
  • Destiny Desimone (Lisa Stahl); (recurring episodes 1–10)
  • Lou Raymond (Lou Rawls); (Season 1)
  • Griff Walker (Eddie Cibrian); (recurring episodes 11–44)
  • Donna Marco (Donna D'Errico); (recurring episodes 11–44)
  • Diamont Teague (Dorian Gregory); (Season 2)

Baywatch: Hawaii (1999–2001)[edit]

  • Mitchell "Mitch" Buchannon (David Hasselhoff); (season 1); His father has passed away, his mother has alzheimer, Hobie is off to college, and Mitch has lost focus. Saving a family of four reinvigorate Mitch into setting up a lifeguard training facility[76] Mitch continues to keep Tanner in his life.[77]
  • Jessica "Jessie" Owens (Brooke Burns); (season 1, recurring season 2); Jessie and J.D. are in a relationship and are convinced by Mitch to head to Hawaii with him.[78] Her and JD's relationship started getting rocky and she left for the mainland.[79]
  • Jack "J.D." Darius (Michael Bergin); (seasons 1–2); JD tried out for the America's Cup and qualified but turned down the offer to continue to work with Sean and Mitch.[80]
  • Sean Monroe (Jason Brooks); (seasons 1–2); a dedicated lifeguard, who thinks that he is making a difference in the world with his job. Mitch chooses him to be in charge of Baywatch Hawaii. Despite Sean's emotional strength, he has his demons. He blames himself for the death of his son Ben whom he was unable to save from drowning, which led to a divorce from his wife. After taking charge of Baywatch Hawaii, Sean successfully manages a good team of lifeguards.
  • Mike "Newmie" Newman (Michael Newman); (season 1, recurring season 2)
  • Dawn Masterson (Brandy Ledford); (season 1); Dawn was an archeologist and an expert in the human body, often testing experiments on herself that she learned in other countries. Her attitude sometimes makes her fall out with the other lifeguards but she is an asset to the team.
  • Allie Reese (Simmone Jade Mackinnon); (season 1); An Australian lifeguard who was hired after Mitch had seen her in action on his Australian vacation. She is very good at handling lifeboats and is a qualified helicopter pilot.
  • Jason Ioane (Jason Momoa); (seasons 1–2); originally from Hawaii, Jason moved to Texas with his mother when he was very young after his father disappeared. At nineteen years old, he was the youngest of the lifeguards at Baywatch Hawaii. Jason found it hard to work as part of a team, being very headstrong and obstinate. He was often cited as the best water person on the team.
  • Kekoa Tanaka (Stacy Kamano), (seasons 1–2); half Japanese, half Hawaiian. She didn't get on with Jessie Owens at first because of her untidiness and thinking she was after her boyfriend, but they gradually formed a friendship. After Jessie left J.D., he and Kekoa eventually started a relationship.
  • Kai Colburn (Kala'i Miller); (recurring season 1)
  • Brian Keaulana; as himself (seasons 1–2)
  • Jenna Avid (Krista Allen); (season 2, recurring season 1); Jenna was the series' femme fatale as Neely Capshaw was in the original series. She's self-absorbed and contrary, especially toward Sean Monroe. However, the two fall in love.
  • Zachary "Zack" McEwan (Charlie Brumbly); (season 2); a close friend of Jason Ioane, Zach's full of himself. He sports an extreme quiff-style of surfer hair and Elvis-style aviator sunglasses and Hawaiian clothing.
  • Leigh Dyer (Brande Roderick); (season 2); Formerly worked at the Coast Guard.[81]
  • Carrie Sharp (Alicia Rickter); (Season 2) A rookie lifeguard who enjoyed her job at first, until she was pursued by a stalker which added to her leaving after finding how much pressure the job was starting to become.
  • Hideki Tanaka (Pat Morita); (recurring season 2); Kekoa's father, a wealthy Japanese businessman with a high standard of living.


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THEN AND NOW: The cast of 'Baywatch' 30 years later

pamela anderson then and now
NBC; Michael Bezjian/Getty Images for Maddox Gallery Los Angeles

It's been 30 years since we were first introduced to the stunning, red bathing suit-clad lifeguards of "Baywatch."

The show is a mainstay in pop culture thanks to its dramatic storylines that tackled the emotional and physical toils that come with saving lives. But, most importantly, it gave us the trademark slow-mo scenes that featured its gorgeous cast running across the beach.

In celebration of "Baywatch's" milestone, revisit some of the series' original cast members, and see what they're up to now.

David Hasselhoff played lieutenant lifeguard Mitch Buchannon in all 11 seasons of the show.

DH baywatch

Mitch was known for being the leader, and took his job as a lifeguard very seriously.

Hasselhoff continued to act in soap operas, plays, and even appeared in a few reality shows.

david hasselhoff
P. Lehman / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Hasselhoff was a regular on the long-running soap, "The Young and the Restless" in the early 2000s.

In 2007, Hasselhoff went viral after one of his daughters posted a video of him drunkenly eating a hamburger from the floor. In response to the video, the actor's reps said that he is a "recovering alcoholic."

The 67-year-old has since starred in his own reality show with his daughters, "Meet the Hasselhoffs," appeared in "Sharknado 3" and "Sharknado 4," and had cameos in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vo. 2" as well as the 2017 remake "Baywatch."

Pamela Anderson portrayed C.J. Parker in five seasons.

pamela anderson baywatch
Fotos International/Getty Images

C.J. was the senior lifeguard, who was not only extremely fit but also brave and determined.

Anderson embraced her sex-symbol status and is known for gracing the covers of Playboy magazine.

pamela anderson
Michael Bezjian/Getty Images for Maddox Gallery Los Angeles

The mother of two also starred in several TV shows such as "VIP," the animated cartoon series, "Stripperella," and the 2017 French series, "Sur-Vie."

Anderson also wrote two books, 2004's "Star" and 2005's "Star Struck."

The 52-year-old also returned for the 2003 TV movie, "Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding," and made a cameo in the 2017 film "Baywatch."

David Charvet portrayed Matt Brody in four seasons.

david charvet baywatch

Matt was known for being one of the show's main heartthrobs, and for dating CJ and Summer.

Charvet went on to star in 'Melrose Place,' then focused on his musical career in France.

david charvet
Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Charvet released three pop-rock studio albums: the eponymous "David Charvet" in 1997, "Leap of Faith" in 2002, and "Se laisser quelque chose" in 2004.

He also appeared on "The Celebrity Apprentice" in 2017 with his now-ex-wife Brooke Burke, and faced backlash from viewers at the time after he wouldn't ride behind her on a motorcycle during a photoshoot.

Nicole Eggert played Summer Quinn for three seasons.

nicole eggert baywatch

Summer was the kind and hard-working girl-next-door.

But after three seasons, Eggert said she left the series after feeling "unhappy" with the way the show was affecting her reputation.

Eggert went on to guest star on several TV shows and in some TV movies.

nicole eggert
Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

She also starred in several reality shows like VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club" and ABC's "Splash." The 47-year-old is now busy with her own ice cream truck business.

Jeremy Jackson played Hobie Buchannon for nine seasons.

jeremy jackson baywatch

Hobie was the mischievous son of Mitch (Hasselhoff).

Jackson served jail time after pleading no contest to a count of assault with a deadly weapon in 2015.

jeremy jackson
Karwai Tang/WireImage via Getty Images

Jackson went on VH1's "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" in 2011 where he talked about his addiction to crystal meth. In 2015, he got kicked out of another reality show, "Celebrity Big Brother" after exposing a castmates' chest while drunk.

Later that year, he was arrested for allegedly stabbing a woman, according to People.

Jackson accepted a no-contest plea deal for the incident, People reported, and was sentenced with 270 days in jail and five years' probation.


Carmen Electra starred as Lani McKenzie in two seasons, but is still one of the most memorable characters to appear on the show.

carmen electra baywatch

Lani was half-Hawaiian and had dreams of becoming a dancer, with lifeguarding being her way to fund those dreams.


Tv cast baywatch


American action drama series

For the 2017 film based on the series, see Baywatch (film).

Baywatch is an American action drama television series about lifeguards who patrol the beaches of Los Angeles County, California and Hawaii, starring David Hasselhoff. It was created by Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, and Gregory J. Bonann, who produced the show throughout its 11 season run. The series focuses on both professional and personal challenges faced by the characters, portrayed by a large rotating ensemble cast that notably includes Pamela Anderson, Alexandra Paul, Gregory Alan Williams, Jeremy Jackson, Parker Stevenson, Billy Warlock, Erika Eleniak, David Charvet, Yasmine Bleeth, and Nicole Eggert.

The show was cancelled after its first season on NBC, but survived through syndication and later became the most-watched television show in the world, with an estimated weekly audience of 1.1 billion viewers despite consistently negative critical reviews,[3] earning it a reputation as a pop cultural phenomenon and frequent source of allusion and parody.[4] The show ran in its original title and format from 1989 to 1999. From 1999 to 2001, with a setting change and large cast overhaul, it was known as Baywatch: Hawaii.

It spawned a spin-off series, Baywatch Nights, which aired for two seasons from 1995 to 1997, and a 2017 feature film adaptation.


Baywatch revolves around the work of a team of lifeguards and their interpersonal relationships, with plots usually centering on dangers related to the beach and other activities pertinent to the California (later Hawaii) beach lifestyle. Topics from earthquakes and shark attacks to serial killers serve as plot conflicts on the show. Saving people from drowning is one of the most typical situations used in the shows.


Main article: List of Baywatch episodes


Main article: List of Baywatch characters

Baywatch is noted for its large ensemble cast with various members "rotating" in-and-out of the show, similar to many long-running soap operas. By the end of the 11 season run, not a single member of the original cast was still in the cast. David Hasselhoff appeared in the most episodes (totalling 220 including the pilot), followed by Jeremy Jackson (159), Michael Newman (150), and Pamela Anderson (111).

Following the Hawaii retool, many of the series longtime cast members left the show. The only remaining cast members were David Hasselhoff, Brooke Burns, Michael Bergin, and Michael Newman. Following the 10th season, Hasselhoff and Newman both left the series, leaving Bergin and Burns the only remnants of the show's original "L.A. era".

Baywatch (1989–1999)[edit]

Baywatch Hawaii (1999–2001)[edit]

Production history[edit]

Baywatch debuted on NBC in 1989, but was cancelled after only one season,[5] when it placed 73rd out of 103 shows in the seasonal ratings, and also because the production studio, GTG, (a joint venture of television station owner Gannett Company, later spun off into Tegna, and Grant Tinker, which was established only to produce the newsmagazine based on Gannett's newspaper USA Today) went out of business.[3] Due to high production costs, GTG was unable to finance the series any further.[6]

Feeling the series still had potential, David Hasselhoff, one of the principal actors, along with creators and executive producers Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, and Gregory J. Bonann, revived it for the first-run syndication market in 1991. Hasselhoff was given the title of executive producer for his work on bringing the show back. The series was hugely successful, especially internationally.[7][8]

The show led to a spin-off, Baywatch Nights, and three direct-to-video films: Baywatch the Movie: Forbidden Paradise, Baywatch: White Thunder at Glacier Bay, and Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding.[citation needed]

The audience was 65 percent female,[9] with its number one audience being women aged 18 to 34. Speaking in 2001, Schwartz explained that, after doing focus groups on Baywatch for about five years, they learned that the show appealed to this demographic because "most of [its] lead characters were strong, independent women who were heroic, who were saving lives, who were equal to men".[10]


Will Rogers State Beach served as the predominant beach location for Baywatch, although some scenes were filmed at Long Beach, California, and in Malibu, California. Interior locations were filmed at Culver Studios.[11] After the Baywatch: Hawaii retool, the series primary filming location relocated to Honolulu.

Theme songs[edit]

  • The original NBC theme was "Save Me", performed by Peter Cetera, with Bonnie Raitt on guitar and Richard Sterban, bass singer for The Oak Ridge Boys, as one of the background vocalists. The song is from Cetera's 1988 album One More Story.
  • On some DVD releases of the first series "Save Me" was replaced with "Above the Waterline" by Kim Carnes.
  • For the syndicated series, the new theme "I'm Always Here" (written by Jimi Jamison, Cory Lerios, John D'Andrea and Joe Henry, performed by Jimi Jamison of Survivor) replaced "Save Me". An instrumental version of "I'm Always Here" was used as the ending theme of seasons 6 to 9. A different instrumental version was used as the theme for season 10 (the first season of Baywatch: Hawaii). Some parts of the lyrics of "I'm Always Here" are written on Jimi's grave.
  • When the NBC episodes were added to the Baywatch syndication package, the opening theme was changed to a shorter version of "I'm Always Here", with some images of the original NBC opening retained.
  • David Hasselhoff sang the Kevin Savigar–Todd Cerney tune "Current of Love" as the ending theme of Seasons 2–4 (on Seasons 2 and 3, the version of this song has been fast and on Season 4, the version of this song has been slow). Together with Laura Branigan he sang "I Believe" as the ending theme of Season 5.
  • On the DVD edition of the second season, the original main title theme is replaced by the song "Strong Enough", performed by Evan Olson (from his album Audio).
  • The theme for season 11 (the second season of Baywatch: Hawaii) was called "Let Me Be the One" written and performed by Carlos Villalobos, Glenn Medeiros and sung by Fiji.
  • The spin-off series, Baywatch Nights theme song was performed by saxophonist Alfonzo Blackwell. "The Nights Will Never Be the Same" (Baywatch Nights Theme) was also featured on his 1996 sophomore CD release. Alfonzo Blackwell was featured with David Hasselhoff each week in the ending credits of the TV series.

Other versions of "I'm Always Here" include:

  • An instrumental version of the song appears in the episode "Battles" of the UK television programme Spaced.
  • The Swedish electronic musical group Sunblock remixed the song and released it as a single.
  • A soundalike version was used in the Hey Arnold! episode "Summer Love" over the end credits.
  • Swedish group Konditorns recorded the theme with Swedish lyrics for their album K2 (2012), titled "Jag är alltid här" which is a direct translation of the phrase "I'm always here".

David Hasselhoff also recorded a duet with Laura Branigan which was hugely successful for being broadcast as the closing track of the Baywatch TV series. The single I Believe was originally released on CD album in 1994.[12]

Baywatch: Hawaii[edit]

In 1999, with production costs rising in Los Angeles, and the syndication market shrinking, the producers sought to move the production elsewhere. They filmed a pilot and announced plans to title the show Baywatch: Down Under. However, strong local opposition from residents of Avalon Beach, New South Wales eventually led to Pittwater Council, the local government area of which Avalon was part of, to permanently ban future production.[13][14] As an alternative to Australia, Hawaii offered the producers large financial incentives to move the show to the islands, instead, and in season 10, Baywatch: Hawaii was launched.[citation needed]

Baywatch filmed for two seasons in Hawaii, from 1999 until 2001. April Masini, a newspaper advice columnist, pitched the move to executive producer Gregory J. Bonann. The agreement mandated that addition of the subtitle, to Baywatch: Hawaii, as well as the hiring local production crew, filming on-location for at least two years, and producing 44 episodes, each at a cost of about US$870,000 (climbing up to $1.1 million), 60% of which was to be spent in Hawaii.[15][16] The series was cancelled due to poor ratings.[17][18]

Home media[edit]

Baywatch "Nightmare Bay"/"River of No Return" DVD

  • Australia: On May 1, 2013, Shock Entertainment released seasons 1–9 on DVD.[19] They also released a complete series set on November 6, 2013, which features all nine seasons of Baywatch, both seasons of Baywatch Hawaii and both seasons of Baywatch Nights.[20]
  • France: The reunion movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding was translated to French language as Alerte à Malibu: Mariage à Hawaï and has been released.
  • Finland: Seasons 1–3 have been released by Future Film.
  • Germany: Seasons 1 to 11 have been released. These releases are presented exactly as they originally aired, albeit with German language credits (these are also available in the U.K. from Amazon as imports). The reunion movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding was translated to German language as Baywatch: Hochzeit auf Hawaii and has been released.
  • Italy: Seasons 1 and 2 have been released by Koch Media, season 5 and 6 have been released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.
  • Netherlands: Season 3 has been released.
  • Sweden: Seasons 1–3 have been released.
  • United Kingdom: Seasons 1–6 have been released by Network. In 2017, to coincide with the release of the movie, Network released a DVD entitled "Best of Baywatch" which includes the two-part episodes "Nightmare Bay" and "River of No Return".
  • United States: In June 1999 a single disc DVD was released featuring two 2-part episodes from the show's original run ("Nightmare Bay" parts 1 and 2 from Season 2, and "River of No Return" parts 1 & 2 from Season 3). These episodes are absent from the U.S. box sets of their respective seasons mentioned below.

First Look Studios released the first three seasons on DVD in 2006/2007. Although the box sets are labeled "Season 1", "Season 2", etc., the sets actually feature episodes of the following season (i.e. the "Season 1" box set contains the episodes of the literal second season (1991–1992) of the show). The second and third sets were released on October 31, 2006. Each set features a disc with Season 1 episodes on it. These releases also do not contain any of the original music as it appeared when the episodes aired. They have been removed due to copyright agreements.[21] However, these releases have been discontinued and are now out of print.

In August 2018, Deadline reported that Fremantle is remastering the series.[22] The series was released on Amazon and Hulu in HD and Pluto TV in 2019. Due to expired licenses for much of the show's musical soundtrack, many of the show's episodes are either cut to remove songs, or re-scored and re-edited with new "soundalike" tracks. Visual Entertainment Incorporated released seasons 1–9 on DVD for the first time in the United States on May 3, 2021, with a Blu-Ray release on May 21.[23]

In popular culture[edit]

The show is the subject of a running gag on Friends, where Chandler and Joey would watch Baywatch together religiously, including over the phone when Joey was living in another apartment. Among other related jokes, Chandler names their pet chicken after Yasmine Bleeth (although the bird later turns out to be male).

Many of the actors from the series have become closely associated with their roles in the series. David Hasselhoff has often referenced or satirized his role as Mitch Buchannon, notably in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie; in which he appears in lifeguard attire similar to Mitch, runs across a beach in slow-motion, and displays superhuman swimming abilities similar to Mitch's own feats of athleticism.

Babewatch is a satirical term sometimes used in connection with the series, which has been used by the humor magazine Mad and by television commentators.[24] The term was also used for a series of pornographic film released between 1994 and 1999 in list of feature film series with 11 to 20 entries.

Baywatch is prominently featured in the 2006 mockumentary film Borat in which the character Borat Sagdiyev (played by Sacha Baron Cohen), a Kazakh journalist with a misconstrued understanding of American customs and pop culture, becomes obsessed with Pamela Anderson after seeing her in an episode of the series (which he believes to be a documentary) and travels to America in a failed attempt to court her and later attempts to abduct her. In a deleted scene, Borat creates a pilot episode of a Kazakh remake of Baywatch entitled Sexydrownwatch, which features "I'm Always Here" and Alexandra Paul reprising her role as Stephanie.

The red swimsuit that the actresses wore in the series have become iconic.[25] The suits were custom fitted for each actress; Alexandra Paul wore a suit with a higher neckline while shorter cast members wore suits with higher cut legs to give the illusion of height.[26]

Baywatch running[edit]

"Baywatch running" refers to the show's numerous scenes, particularly in the opening credits, of its cast members running across the beach in slow motion, usually wearing distinctive red lifeguard gear. The trope is closely associated with the show and often referenced directly in parodies.[27]

Related media[edit]

Film adaptation[edit]

Main article: Baywatch (film)

The film adaptation is a comedy, written and directed by Jeremy Garelick. Garelick's previous successes include the rewrite of The Hangover.[28]

In September 2012, it was announced that Reno 911! co-creator and star Robert Ben Garant would direct the film version of Baywatch for Paramount Pictures.[29]

In October 2014, it was announced that Paramount was moving forward with its big-screen adaptation of Baywatch and has loosely attached Dwayne Johnson to the project. The studio also hired Justin Malen to rewrite and attached the comedy writing team of Sean Anders and John Morris to direct.[30][31]

In July 2015, it was announced Seth Gordon would direct with Damian Shannon and Mark Swift having written the latest script with Dwayne Johnson still attached to star.[32]

On August 10, 2015, it was announced that Zac Efron had been cast in the film. Johnson also announced that the film will be R-Rated. The report stated, "The story centers on a by-the-book and very serious lifeguard (Johnson) who is forced to team up with a young rule-flouting hothead (Efron) in order to save their beach from environmental destruction at the hands of an oil tycoon."[33][34][35] That same month, reports were saying that Kelly Brook was in contention to star in the film as C.J. Parker, with Kate Upton and Charlotte McKinney also on the shortlist, but Brook denied the rumor the following day on Instagram.[36][37][38][39] Brook later confirmed that she had read the script but was still uncertain if she would appear.[40]

On November 9, 2015, it was reported that several actresses, including Alexandra Daddario, Nina Dobrev, Ashley Benson, Alexandra Shipp, Shelley Hennig, Bianca Santos, and Denyse Tontz, were in the running for the female lead, with the possibility that some of them could join the film in different roles and other unnamed actresses could be in the running as well.[41] On November 18, 2015, Johnson confirmed Daddario (who previously worked with Johnson on San Andreas) for the role of Summer, originally played by Eggert in the TV series, and revealed the casting of C.J. and other roles would soon be announced.[42] On January 4, 2016, Johnson announced that actress and model Kelly Rohrbach was cast as C.J. for the film.[43][44][45][46] On January 11, 2016, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Priyanka Chopra was in talks to appear in the film in a villainous role. On February 16, 2016, Chopra and Johnson released a video to confirm her participation in the above-mentioned role.[47] On January 20, 2016, a release date of May 19, 2017, was announced and Ilfenesh Hadera joined the cast as Stef, the love interest of Johnson's character.[48][49] On January 27, 2016, Variety reported that Jon Bass was cast as Ronnie, described as funny, awkward and a skilled disco dancer who falls in love with C.J. at the beach.[50]

The film was released in the United States on May 25, 2017, by Paramount Pictures,[51] and grossed $177.4 million worldwide.[52]

Potential reboot series[edit]

As of August 2018, Deadline reported that FremantleMedia International were eyeing a reboot of the franchise.[22]

Baywatch: The Documentary[edit]

In 2019, it was announced that Baywatch was being revived as documentary feature film. As they explained on the Factual America podcast, filmmakers Matthew Felker and Brian Corso lined up some of the show's top-billed castmembers to take a walk down memory lane for Baywatch: The Documentary and talk about their time on the show and the hours they spent in skimpy red suits.[53]

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