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The Legend of The Cursed Game

I was developing a My Little Pony Game featuring Pinkie Pie and her friends. Everything seemed alright until the demo was finished. Something feel odd in the Core Files of the game, but I didn't bother to pay attention to it so I published the build anyway. The game was running correctly until... ∞¢∞¢∞¢∞%3rRr0r%¢#∞##∞¢#∞¢up©[email protected]¢#æ¢@œ¢3rRørr梀ø≠ø Delve deep into the Cellar of Pinkamena. Look out for the Trapped Ponies while traversing the Dangers lurking within the Dark Corridors of the Dungeon. Will you Rescue them all from the Grim Fate that awaits them or will you Let them Die?

Now being serious.

Controls Left Mouse Button(On Click) - General Object Interaction / Click and Hold to carry some objects. Right Mouse Button(When Holding Object) Throw the carried object.

R- Rotate The Grabbed Object Around

W - Move Forward S - Move Backward D - Strafe Right A - Strafe Left F - "Friendship that will bring light to the darkest room" :3 Ctrl - Crouch Left Shift(Hold) - Run

If you enjoyed playing the Game or If you got some money by playing the Game and you want to share your Gratitude with Me or just because of the Kindness from the Deepest Part of your Heart (If by any chance you happen to have one). There's the link to my Ko-Fi:

Thanks, and enjoy the Game!!!


More information

Development log


Character Information

Name: Pinkamena Diane Pie

Age: 14

Height: 5'6

Eyes: Blue

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Birthday: May 3rd

District Region: Unknown

Moral Alliance: Insane Antagonist

Tribute App

Name: Pinkamena Diane Pie

Age: 14

Gender: Female

District: All

Weapon: Torture, Sickle, Knife, Trust (you'll see what I mean)

Appearance: Pinkamena has long, straight and dull pink hair. She has a bored, depressed look on her face and looks as if she longed to get revenge for something. She has light blue eyes and a slightly thin face. She is 5'10 and has a normal body, not fat but not skinny either.

Personality: Pinkamena is very depressed and does not like touching the topic of friendship. She can tend to use disturbing humor and she is a fan of puns. However, on the inside she longs to "play" with her friends, cut them open and "see their colors run", basically a sadistic, insane and bloodthirsty monster. However, she can always easily convince people into becoming her friends, being the first part of her trap. She likes torture and gains random sorts of pleasure from doing so, ranging from joy to sexual pleasure. She is very rude to people she sees as annoying too.

Backstory: The niece of a baker couple in her district, Pinkamena was left with them whilst her parents tried to sort things out back home. Pinkamena had a bright childhood ahead of her, making friends here and there and always throwing a party to keep them close and happy. But, one day, her friends suddenly rejected her. She was alone, sitting like a fool in her room until she lost it. She argued with her "real friends" (a bucket of turnips, a pile of rocks, a bag of flour, and a ball of lint) until she decided that her old friends had to pay for the personal humilation and social betrayal. She left the house dressed in black, and went to the house of her once closest friend, Dash Pastel.

She left a note on her window inviting over for a sleepover, which Dash attended without a problem. Things were fine, until she ate the pastry laced with crushed sleeping pills as powedered sugar. Dash wasdizzy, tipping over here and there until she was about to go out cold, seeing Pinkamena give a giant, disturbing smile as she closed her eyes. Pinkamena dragged her into the basement, where she tied her down and pulled out her tools. A sickle, a mallet, a knife and her own imagination. Dash soon woke up, seeing Pinkamena leaning over her, her hands behind her back and still smiling, her white teeth glowing in the darkness and her eyes wide open, the light blue iris barely trembling as they looked at Dash's face.

"What the hell is this Pinkie?" was the only thing Dash got to say before suddenly, Pinkamena took the knife and began to scalp her carelessly, gagging Dash with a cloth that was partially dipped in a tranquilizer aroma to keep her quiet. "Just plucking the feathers off the chicken, Dash!" she replied, referencing to an insult she received when she was younger. The bad jokes started rolling, until she was done scalping Dash. Her friend's face was soaked in blood, and the thin inch of pink flesh slowly throbbed from the exposure to the bare atmosphere of the basement. "Now, lets gut the chicken!" She replied once more, suddenly taking out a mallet and a knife.

"Shame you won't get to see the result, Dashie. But I promise, Flutter and the others will once I catch them too!". And with that, the knife was hammered into Dash's ribcage, delivering a painful and rather messy death. Pinkamena began to laugh maniacally, hammering the knife into Dash's gagging corpse so hard that the concrete table began to dent, and shatter. She held the mallet with two hands, and sometimes with a single, loose swinging hand. She got into it, and began to cut every part she could think of on Dash's body in every way she could imagine. She would cut a chunk of flesh once again, as long as she had fun.

Once she finished, she had an idea. Dash's death started the insane mission Pinkamena now has. Why not have her help out although she died? With that, she snuck parts of Dash's flesh into the cupcake batter, leater using it to make customized cupcakes for each of her friends. She went out and invited them all to come over for a simple visit, and to have some cupcakes she mader herself. Again, she laced them with the crushed sleeping pills and as soon as they saw one go out cold, they followed suit. All of them saw nothing but Pinkamena looking around the room smiling like she did with Dash. "It's great to have friends over" were her final words to them, and then, they woke up in a dark basement. Standing over them, was Pinkamena, a dress made out of Dash's skin on her and a necklace made from her teeth around her neck. They tried screaming, but the cloth was pulled out and then, they were ready for Pinkamena to start her work on.

She was almost late to the reapings due to working on who was now a random victim. She now completely loved killing, and she loved it more when her victims were friends. Now, she wants to make more in the arena and hopefully share what she's capable of doing to them as well.

Strengths: She knows how to make quiet kills, going almost unnoticed when performing them. She gains trust easily and is very convincing, and she knows how to keep a snitch quiet. She's good at masking her emotions as well.

Weakness: Pinkamena is helplessly torn, and she won't believe in an alliance easily. She takes a long time to torture her victims if they're alone or isolated, and she can't help but be a complete traitor. She also has a very picky choice of weapons.

Fears: Being lied to or made a fool out of.

Bloodbath Strategy: Pinkamena will just start the games with a knife, quickly escaping once she grabs one and following a loner similar to Jeff's style of stalking tributes. Then, she will convince them for an alliance, where she will then backstab them and torture them. If her "ally" has food, she will eat it. If not, she's seen cannibalism, so she won't have a problem doing it either. As long as she gets enough meat before the carrier arrives.

Games Strategy: Lure and bait loners, later trying to avoid the larger alliances until they deplete enough for her to kill one by one again.

Feast Strategy: She won't go until every single tribute has taken their turn, then she'll decide on whether or not she'll go.

Token: The tooth necklace made from her dead friends, she'll add more teeth to the collection if needed.

Alliance: She'll go alone, but create alliances with her targets so she can kill them later.

Interview Angle: Smile a lot, and creep out the interviewer in a way that the audience would still enjoy. Ask him some questions about friendship to add a more personal tone to the interview

Mentor Advice: (If the woman wasn't a completely bloodhtirsty psycho, then MAYBE she would have gotten some)


  • Having many close shots at victory, Pinkamena is a very effective tribute
  • At some point in every one of her games, her death was a result of an intense and painful mutilation or a fatal accident
  • She's based off of Pinkie Pie of course. Just, when she's depressed
  • I'm actually kinda creeped out at how.. detailed I made her backstory
  1. Sony baby call charger
  2. Smittybilt roof top tent xl
  3. Hollywood squares cast
  4. Voice 14 year old


Dark times are coming...
Welcome to the world of My Little Pony, which you didn't know.
Pinkamena The Origins tells about the moral fall of the main character - Pinkie Pie, but also about the catastrophe that hung over the world of sweet ponies.
In the prologue Star Swirl The Bearded tries to solve the riddle of disappearing ponies. He hits the trail of a mysterious stallion and begins to chase him what takes Star Swirl to the Balmimare mineral mine. During the passage of the underworld, he encounters many anomalies and discovers other disgusting results of pony experiments. Can you stop a crazy stallion from kidnapping innocent ponies?

A polish production game, based on the My Little Pony series, programmed on the basis of the RPG Maker engine. It has a system of active turns during the battle.

Some information about the game:

– It has a system of active turns during the battle. ATB system

– Only the prologue is available. The duration of gamplay is between 30-45 minutes,

– you have the quest log and journal available

– the game has quite a lot of ready scripts that give the game a whole new quality (credits can be found on the gamejolt website)

– the game was translated from Polish into English, so errors may occur. My English is not the worst, but I also used a translator that could have grammar depths somewhere. I probably haven't seen all such mistakes, so I apologize in advance for this.

– at the end, the game contains a few disturbing pictures, appearing suddenly with a louder sound

Have fun!

Beta tests;

-Frederic Mitz






Nadchodzą mroczne czasy...
Witajcie w świecie My Little Pony, którego nie znaliście.
Pinkamena The Origins opowiada o upadku moralnym głównej bohaterki - Pinkie Pie, ale również o katastrofie, która zawisła nad światem słodkich kucyków. W prologu, Star Swirl Brodaty próbuje rozwiązać zagadkę znikających kucyków. Ostatecznie trafia na ślad tajemniczego ogiera, którego zaczyna ścigać, a pościg doprowadza go do kopalni minerałów w Balmimare. Podczas przemierzenia podziemi, spotyka wiele anomalii i odkrywa wiele innych obrzydliwych wyników eksperymentów na kucykach. Czy potrafisz powstrzymać obłąkanego szaleńca od porywania niewinnych kucyków? #strategy#adventure

Gra polskiej produkcji, oparta na serialu My Little Pony, zaprogramowana na bazie silnika RPG Maker. Posiada system aktywnych tur podczas bitwy.

  • Ma system aktywnych tur podczas bitwy. System ATB

  • Dostępny jest tylko prolog. Czas trwania gamplayu wynosi od 30 do 45 minut,

  • masz dostęp do listy zadań i dziennika

  • gra ma sporo gotowych skryptów, które nadają grze zupełnie nową jakość (kredyty można znaleźć na stronie gamejolt)

  • gra została przetłumaczona z polskiego na angielski, więc mogą wystąpić błędy. Mój angielski nie jest najgorszy, ale użyłem też tłumacza, który może mieć gdzieś błędy gramatyczną. Prawdopodobnie nie widziałem wszystkich takich błędów, więc z góry przepraszam za to.

  • na koniec gra zawiera kilka niepokojących zdjęć, pojawiających się nagle z głośniejszym dźwiękiem

Dobrej zabawy! Pozdrawiam!


-Frederic Mitz






MLP RPG GAME Pinkamena The Origins Prologue by GRENTO YTP

Scripts used:

  • CSCA Light Effects
    version: 1.1.0
    Created by: Casper Gaming (

  • Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Message System v1.05

  • Yanfly Engine Ace - Battle Engine Add-On: Enemy HP Bars v1.10
    (Hidden Enemy HP Bar Fix)

  • ** Victor Engine - Basic Module
    Author : Victor Sant

  • ** Victor Engine - Active Time Battle
    Author : Victor Sant

  • +++ MOG - Battle Hud EX (v3.2) +++
    By Moghunter

  • +++ MOG - Animated Title A (v2.4) +++
    By Moghunter

  • ** Region Names
    Author: Hime
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  • RETCON Library
    Journal Version 1.2
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  • Quest Journal [VXA]
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  • Basic Enemy HP Bars v 2.9
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  • ** Victor Engine - Light Effects
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  • EXP gauges v1.4 by Rbahamut

  • Enhanced Camera by RPG Maker Source.
    Version 1.0.1 13/12/14 DD/MM/YY

  • ** TDS Stat Distribution
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  • Survival System v1.11 (formerly known as Needs System)
    Created by: Apellonyx
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  • Yanfly Engine Ace - Party System v1.08

  • Scrolling Help Descriptions.
    by RPG Maker Source.

  • Yanfly Engine Ace - System Options v1.00 -- Last Updated: 2012.01.01



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Arts and Artists:

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I once slept in Moscow with a diplomat, I liked it so much, lets lie on top of me with a jack and. Love my Sonya, and Im your Alex, I will call him that. Okay.

Game pie pinkamena diane

F-f-fu. I'll think about the rest later. Where am I going. Destination - Kaluga. His mother….

-Pinkie Pie's Cupcacke Party- MLP Horror Game - Gameplay -

Piggy's face, lying under the hunchback, was not distorted by a grimace of pleasure, no. It was distorted by a truly bestial passion and this made the youngsters uncomfortable. The eyes were open, but they expressed absolutely nothing and seemed plastic.

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