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This blog is closed. All that remains, is a reminder of what it was, and what it became.

Thank you, so much, for the purpose and love and joy you gave me, and allowed me to give you, for all those beautiful months.

Love you, always.

~ Your Luna 🦢

Oh but let’s not forget that in 100% of the asks I have received over the past weeks…2 or three months, I have not once seen a single please nor thank you 😧.

It’s all “give me give me!” 😂

No thank you…just so you know? 🙂😂 Love and appreciate you all.

~ 🦢

Eh checking my asks again after some time. I still don’t have wifi in my new home hehe.

So. Luvs. After checking my asks, I just want to get rid of this account. There is those of you that are so kind and with such a pure heart. And I should just appreciate those of you, above anything else. But that is just one percent of my inbox. One percent of my inbox, but probably 90% of my loyal friends here. For you I really want to make it work, and I hope I can find a solution.

Cause that 98% of my asks that is the BTS soulmate crap, and the last one percent is asking me if I’m obese and saying I was rude about Rose’s weight?? 😂😂 I do analyses people…the people they are on, are the object of said analyses, and I happen to choose people I take interest in, otherwise.

I swear to god, stop obsessing over these frickin idols, they are people, and I literally feel so ashamed, to apparently be of the same species as some of y’all, jesus christ.

Actually, those very special cases out there; be obsessed with a person all you want. Escape your own reality all you want. But please, do me the favour and leave me out of it.

Okay friends, I’ll figure something out. I’ll try and see if I can remove all my content, but keep my blog. And moving forward I will do everyone a favour, and block this special type of human being. Not sure if it will work, cause what a coincidence, they are always on anon. Afraid to show their own face 🙄.

I will make it work. This is not something I want to have on my blog, even if it’s just me talking about it. I am perfectly fine, my loves, my life is better than ever, in all areas.

I took on a new job, the best one I could have wished for, and better than I ever imagined. Through that job I found a new home, of which I can just say the same, a new group of people, and with whom I have a connection like never before. I found love. And my body is in great shape, thank you for asking 😉😂. I am healthy and thriving. And all that in the past two and a half months.

I think I previously talked about trying to find a good time to return to you guys. I don’t think I mentioned a time…I have been keeping September/October in my mind. I’ll keep you updated. I’ll keep you updated. And …if you are okay with it. I will keep this blog, but remove the content, and start anew. I am so comfortable with you guys, I don’t feel obligated anymore, to reply to every ask, and show all of you an equal amount of attention and focus. I said I want this to be a happy place, so I will keep it this way, and not open the door when the delulus come knocking. Ahaha I swear, I used to not believe in this word. I thought they are just people too. But maybe I was wrong 😂. They just live in a different world, and I don’t want to try and understand it anymore.

Anyways, let’s end this with different words. I am excited, and I now feel like I can return to a comfortable place. I’m excited to connect with all of you cuties again. I’ll go through my inbox today. Maybe we can have a little chat and catch up 🙂

Peace ✌🏻

We are all Kings and Queens my friends. You just have to believe in yourself. Walk in your own shoes with pride.

About the Rose thing though. I am repeating myself, but while I am analysing an object — in this case a body —through my studies of astrology, there is that other person that reads it…and takes it in a negative way, because I didn’t use the words “absolutely and unbelievably perfect”, to describe their idol? Apparently we don’t have the same vision. I don’t view them as an “idol”, the way you seem to. I just don’t, and I am not gonna apologise for it. Not to say that anything is more normal than something else, but for your own best interest, maybe you would want to think about it too — trying to see them as someone or something on your own level, and not above you. Or, if you have a high opinion of them…put yourself next to them. In your mind. How does that make you feel?

If it makes you feel insecure, and imperfect or unworthy…just keep yourself there. Next to them I mean. Until you feel more and more comfortable.

Anonymous asked:

Hi can you do a reading on the singer ruel ❤️

What kind of reading? 🙈🤍

~ 🦢

Anonymous asked:

I just saw your latest post and I hope you're doing okay, love 💗. Sometimes people don't really understand the amount of work and energy you must put into readings, so I really hope that they will become more aware in the future and thank you for your hard work. For now, I will thank you first! I hope you have a lovely weekend and all the best 💗🌹❤🦋

Thank you. Do enjoy your weekend love 🤍✨.

Kisses xx

~ 🦢

Anonymous asked:

We appreciate you a heck lot idk who sent those give more give more asks I wasn't one of them but we appreciate you hell lot. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Thank you love. I know you do 🤍 Have a wonderful day.

~ 🦢

Anonymous asked:

Do you do readings now? I thought you stopped? 😬Lol

I haven’t stopped 😧. However, I am on an unannounced? break, when it comes to personal readings.

~ 🦢

Anonymous asked:

I thought youd delete your bts readings.. Wait you'll still run this blog right? 🥺

Weeellll, I don’t stand behind a lot of BTS content I out out…and I am moving on to another …blog or whatever. I’m just not sure yet, on how what when and where.

How much I will connect the two spaces…and how much of this space should remain, if any at all. I would keep this blog, perhaps. But remove myself from it?

You see…90% of asks I get are …those f-ing soulmate asks and I always made an effort to appear understanding,…I really did try 😂. Although, now that I am not making an effort, is the reason I am getting them.

Dunno. Still thinking. But not actively, all the time. I have a very full life outside this blog right now 🙂. I do want to include the latter more into the former again though. Just again, haven’t come to a conclusion yet 🤠😂.

~ 🦢

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🔮🌟BTS astrology links masterlist pt. 2🔫🛡👯‍♂️

all the astrology tumblr stuff I have found and loved by fellow users that are linked in my other masterlists but have been put in a separate list for those who are big into astrology like I am. (and yes i had to create another masterlist AGAIN bc i have like 16k likes and this shit website cant handle multiple links in a post)


🔮🌟BTS astrology links masterlist🔫🛡👯‍♂️

😏 got7/ bts bias and wreckers masterlist 🤤🍆

💚 GOT7 astrology links masterlist 🐦

Astrology Links Masterlist🌟🔮

Last updated July 27, 2020

🔮🌟BTS astrology links masterlist🔫🛡👯‍♂️

🗝 Chiron 🗝

  1. bts chiron, bts chirons,

💘 Relationships & Love 💖

As Fathers

  1. bts as fathers, who in bts best with children, How many children will BTS have, bts as fathers and husbands,
  2. who wants a family the most, who in BTS wants to marry and have kids and settle down first,mtl family oriented,

In Relationships

  1. bts in relationships, BTS as lovers/boyfriends, bts in relationships, bts as boyfriends maknae, bts as boyfriends hyung, bangtanastro bts in relationships, Bts as boyfriends- Based on astrology 🌟,
  2. mtl jealous, argue with partner,
  3. who date bad vs good girl, mtl date extrovert,
  4. MTL who would date a foreigner ?, who attracted to foreign languages, most likely to date a foreigner,
  5. How would each bts member console their gf when theyre feeling down?
  6. negative traits bts brings to relationship, pros and cons of dating BTS ,


  1. who in bts is most clingy, affectionate talkative in a relationship, who in bts most likely to show pda, bts pda skinship, BTS - Skin-Ship/Physical Affections from Others
  2. mtl like skinship astology, mtl to be the most clingy and affectionate in a relationship, mtl most clingy,
  3. bts love languages how bts expresses love, Bts, how they love - Based on astrology, Sun signs - Maknae line, mtl hopeless romantic,
  4. How BTS Loves According to the Stars - Venus Persona Chart (Hyung Line), The hyung line in love - Venus sign, The maknae line In love - Venus sign,

As Crushes / Friends

  1. how bts around act around crush, how flirt with crushes zodiac, how bts act with crush or if rejected,
  2. bts as friends, BTS as friends,
  3. how make best first impression to bts

👉👌 Sex 🍆👅💦


  1. hyungline kinks , weird kinks, mtl to like more a sub and younger partner, Who in bts would be a soft dom and who would be a hard dom?,  Who would give good aftercare?,
  2. most likely to have no strings attached relationships, mtl open to threesomes, mtl have a higher sex drive, mtl good in bed,

In Bed Based on Astrology

  1. bts in bed maknae line filthtae, bts in bed according to their mbti,
  2. bts in bed hyung (venus and mars), bts in bed maknae (venus and mars),
  3. bts in bed hyung (lilith and eros), bts in bed maknae (lilith and eros),
  4. BTS in bed, Hyung line - Venus&Mars signs, BTS in bed, Maknae line - Mars&Venus signs,
  5. eros traits

Turn Ons and Offs / Erogenous Zones

  1. how bts are sexually, how to turn them on/erogonous zones, BTS erogenous zone/how to turn them on, zodiac turn on and offs fav,
  2. what type kissers bts are, Bts kissing style / how they kiss 💋💋💋,
  3. Parts of a Woman’s Body BTS is Most Attracted To , physical traits the boys would like in a girl,
  4. whos packing down south?

💞 Soulmates ☯️

  1. BTS Juno Signs Analysis, hyung line juno, maknae line juno, bts juno and marriage, Hyung Line - Juno Signs Analysis,
  2. BTS’s Soulmate (according to Juno) - Hyung Line, BTS’s Soulmate (according to Juno) - Maknae Line
  3. astro characteristics most compatible with bts, best match based on bts’ placements, sun signs bts attracted to,
  4. BTS’ Future Soulmates (Based on Astrology) - Hyung Line , BTS’ FUTURE SOULMATES (BASED ON ASTROLOGY) - MAKNAE LINE
  5. Bts soulmates: based on astrology 🌟, Where do you think each member would meet their future s/o’s?
  6. what placements do you think the members would connect with in regard to their s/o?


1. July 2020 soulmate update,ideal types, what look for in someone, bts reaction to seeing s/o first time, first thing bts notices about s/o, what makes bts blush, 

🔍 Other Hidden Things About BTS 🔎

Public Vs Private Selves

  1. BTS: Virgo Boys - Importance of Public | Private Self (JK - NJ | Virgo Sun), hidden sides of bts,
  2. who acting in bts and who showing true personalities, real personalities, descendants/ sides we dont see
  3. who among bts most observant,
  4. other careers for bts, midheavens


  1. bts pettiness, bts anger, who in bts most confrontational, The “ugly truth”, Sun signs - Maknae line, what makes them the most angry

Best Liars

  1. who values honesty most in bts/most likely to lie, who has trust issues in bts,
  2. who best at keeping secrets, who keep relationship a secret/ date secretly, mtl most private about relationships,

Planet Analysis Multiple Members

  1. maknae line sun and moon analysis, hyung line sun and moon analysis, Moon sign - Hyung line, Sun sign - Hyung line, Moon sign - Maknae line,
  2. bts birth charts, who most like their sun sign, Some of my fav aspects in BTS, bts group chart energy
  3. rising signs, descendant signs,
  4. A closer look - Neptune (hyung line),
  5. Jupiter Analysis - Maknae Line, Jupiter Analysis - Hyung Line
  1. He needs space will he come back
  2. The beatles book monthly
  3. Simple trumpet sheet music
  4. C5500 used parts
  5. Marlborough trail apartments

idolsastrology — ✨MASTERLIST✨ BTS All BTS posts Ascendant...

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hii, i wanted to update you guys a bit. i’ve decided to take a break from tumblr because i just lost all the passion i had for making posts here. i also have to focus on school more and stop distracting myself with tumblr lol.

i have no idea if i’ll ever come back but you never know. but i wont be answering any asks or making posts anytime soon. it was so much fun and i appreciate all of you babies💓

i love you and wish you all the best x

i’m sorry i havent been that active:( my laptop stopped working again and i hate writing posts on my phone agshah

Anonymous asked:

Hi🥺 can i ask you? Why do i relate to a certain member deeply on a personal and emotional level even though we don’t share any common placements?

I’ve heard that the idols we like the most represent what we want to be ourselves, so maybe that could be it

Anonymous asked:

hey sweetie💛💕Could you do an "Ideal date" post for BTS (ofc based on their astrology) like what would be the perfect date?Stay at home, a picnic, a visit at the local aquarium etc and why. It would be interesting to see if the ideal date based on astrology is similar to what the members said their ideal date would be like hehe.Thank you💕 P.s. I luv u 💛😶

oh wow this is such a cute idea! luv you toooo xx

BTS ideal dates:

Jin: anything that involves you two being alone and having lots of good food. he‘d enjoy taking you on a nice dinner but would also love to just cook for you and watch movies at home!

Yoongi: something very chill and relaxed. i feel like Yoongi might prefer staying home! he would love to have a drink and discuss everything you two have on your minds the whole night

Hoseok: this guy would come up with the most unique but also romantic dates! i can totally see him setting up a picnic or taking you somewhere fun, like a zoo or an aquarium.

Namjoon: he would love going out on walks in nature and stopping by some cute cafés! but also if you take this man to a botanical garden, there’s a chance he might marry you

Jimin: he likes adventurous and fun dates. going on a day trip out of the city and exploring new places is something Jimin would absolutely love. also expect romantic gestures and lots of affection

Taehyung: okay this one is probably super predictable, but please take this man to an art gallery or a museum. deep conversations about what the artist wanted to express are a huge plus

Jungkook: anything where he can get his adrenaline running. going to a fair where you can ride all those crazy rides and he can win you the biggest teddy bear in one of those shooting games, would be so much fun for him!

Anonymous asked:

Mtl in bts will always want to make his s/o laugh and be extremely happy if she laughs at his jokes :D

Jinnie! He deserves someone who’s finally going to appreciate his jokes


haechan giving doyoung a lap dance i’m-

jeou asked:

omg i have been obsessed with your account for the past hour and i myself enjoy astrology for myself and those around me, i think it helps to understand how someone is. now we wouldn't personally know about celebs and how they are, but i wanted to know about taeyong's overall natal chart (he's a fav) i think you have a good sense how someone is, so i'm curious on how his sense of self/character/style/attitude to the world would be based on his chart. thank you for this and future posts!

💗 thank you babe! this must have been in my inbox for so long, i cant believe im answering this soo late im sorry!!

i kinda stopped doing chart analysis’ on idols because it takes me so long, but im trying to come up with a new way of doing those. I was thinking maybe just sharing how i see the charts and mentioning a few things that stand out to me.

But we’ll see haha! If i do something like that, Taeyoung would def be one of the first ones because he is such an interesting person to me

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I hope you're having a nice day! I was wondering if you know Eunwoo from Astro? and I was wondering do you have any idea what rising he might have? I feel like I get a water rising from him. I did see that you don't write for Astro so you might not know who he is, if not then sorry to bother you! x

Hii babe, thank you, hope your day is going great as well!

He actually confirmed his birth time! I read it here on tumblr and he supposedly said it during one of his vlives, it should be 12:08pm, so he’s a cancer rising.

I thought he’d be a pisces, but his chart with cancer rising makes sooo much sense

Anonymous asked:

Impenetrable jk means in terms of attention. for example fans asked him what would he do if a pretty girl at school, he said he will just pass by😂 or when hobo was tired and showed him aegyo, jimin jokingly said that he is unwell too and asked to show him aegyo as well, jk responded “if you are unwell, go to hospital” lololol That’s why i was wondering what placements back up this behaviour of him?🤣

oooh okay, i get it know hahah

That must be the virgo in him lmao. And also, I think he used to be really shy in the past and overall is a private person who likes to have his own space because of his sun and mercury being in 12th house.



Updated 12/28/17

(M) = Mature Content


Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned


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Note: for various astrological posts on your faves, please feel free to look through my tags for each member!


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Vic, I whispered again in a broken voice, trying not to hear the buyer, I really need. You are welcome. My stomach twitched again, and I almost groaned, bent over, burying my stricken Vick in the shoulder. Imagine the scene the buyer saw: Oh, God, - I sobbed, unable to. Fight in silence, - poh.

BTS Birth Charts: V

On all fours. He ordered sternly. And Oksana obeyed. She knelt on the edge of the bed, resting her hands on the soft mattress.

Now discussing:

Well, lie down again on the table, just so that your ass was on the edge. Slowly buttoning up her blouse, she. Replied: I really needed to work on my term paper, but seeing you walking around here with your horny cock, I just couldn't concentrate on anything and control myself, Mr. Librarian.

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