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Pentesting with the SQLi Dumper v8 Tool

Individuals interested in performing penetration testing on Structured Query Language (SQL) databases should look at SQLi Dumper. This is an excellent automatic SQL injection tool that scans web applications for SQL injection vulnerabilities. It can be downloaded through the https://sqli-dumper.com/ website. Use/download with caution. The website also provides SQLi Dumper tutorials and other pertinent information.

This overview aims to support legal and authorized activities undertaken to improve the security of SQL databases. It does not promote SQLi Dumper as a "hacking" tool or to be used in illegal or unauthorized activities.


As SQL became more popular in database design and management, so did its popularity with hackers. A central repository (database) containing personally identifiable information (PII), credit card data, and other information was still a tempting target for hackers. A business can use SQLi Dumper as part of its cybersecurity program to prevent SQL Injection attacks.

SQLi Dumper

This tool uses a 6-phase process to provide the requested information. Each phase, in turn, has several steps, and all are easy to understand.

  • Phase 1. Collect dorks.
  • Phase 2. Use a Proxy or VPN.
  • Phase 3. Insert dorks and start the scanner.
  • Phase 4. Click SQL Injection and start the exploiter.
  • Phase 5. Select URLs for searching.
  • Phase 6. Dump and save the data.


Dorks are search criteria selected by the user. There are three categories located within the SQLi Dumper Dork Generator. The user can select dorks from Names/Keywords, Page Format, and Page Type.

The Names/Keywords category focuses on the names of pages and/or keywords to search. The name of a page can be seen in the browser address bar. Examples of this are "home" and "new products." On the other hand, keywords refer to the specific content within a page like "jacket" or "social security number." Page Format refers to the type of scripting language used to create the web page and file extensions. Examples are “.asp”, “.html”, “.php” as well as “.jsf” and “.raw”. This category helps refine the type of page for the search.

Page Type is used to provide specific query information based on a value category. Entries in this category can be used to identify a specific product (IDProduct=), a cart item (cartID=), or other assigned values and/or categories located within a database.

After the dorks are specified, they are then saved to a file for further use.


The rest of the steps are easy to understand and follow. The dorks file is inserted into the SQLi Dumper white box. The user then selects a specific search engine or engines to use to gather the results. The next step is to click the Start Scanner button. After that, the user selects the SQL Injection option and then clicks on the Start Exploiter button. At this point, the user just waits for the results.

In the event of any confusion, there are pictures and diagrams available on the website. There are several tutorials available on YouTube.


The scan results are viewed in one of five category tabs: URL's Queue, Exploitables, Injectables, Non-Injectables, and Trash Collector. The Injectables tab is of particular interest because the information presented includes the URL and the Method but may also include SQL Version and User information. The Method refers to a specific vulnerability while the User information may show an email address. Both are valuable for further exploitation attempts.

The results are displayed in rows and columns. The user can click on the specific row, bringing up a pop-up window with more information. This allows the user to select specific URLs for further searching or for saving the scan results.


Overall, SQLi Dumper is a robust penetration testing tool. The variety of dorks available helps the pen-tester target specific pages and information. The ease of use and the straightforward design make SQLi Dumper a solid option for the novice and expert alike. Anyone involved in cybersecurity should take a look at this powerful tool.

Pertinent Training Options.

Cybrary provides online training courses in information technology and cybersecurity. These courses cover a myriad of subjects, from project management to penetration testing to auditing. The following links are provided for your consideration.

Sours: https://www.cybrary.it/blog/0p3n/pentesting-sqli-dumper-v8-tool/

SQLi Dumper tool is a very powerful windows tool to automate the process of Detection and Exploitation of SQL Injection vulnerabilities. SQLi Dumper tool will do everything for you from detection or identification of vulnerability to Exploitation of vulnerability automatically. It is very powerful than the most famous Havij tool.

It is a very useful tool for the Pentesters or Bug hunters as this tool will do everything for them from detection of the vulnerability to exploitation of the vulnerability. SQLi dumper tool is able to dump all the data in the database once it has been the SQL injection vulnerability detected.

In this article, I will explain step by step process to use the SQLi Dumper tool for detecting and exploiting the vulnerability and in the end, I will also show how to dump the data once the vulnerability identified.

SQLi Dumper tool has many key features that make it the most useful tool for SQL injection vulnerability detection, Exploitation, and Post-Exploitation purposes.

Key Features of SQLi Dumper tool

Here is the key features of this tool that makes it very useful,

  • It has inbuilt support of many search engines to find the targets online.
  • Automated search for the targets using Dork queries.
  • An automated way of Analyzing and Exploitation of the injection points.
  • Bulk URL analysis and exploitation feature.
  • Automated analyzer for URL GET and POST parameters, cookie values, etc.
  • Supports multi-threading for Analysis, Exploitation, Dumping of the data from databases, tables, columns, etc.
  • It has a custom query box to dump the specific data using the SQL queries.
  • It has the advances WAF bypass techniques, can be used while analyzing, exploiting, or dumping the data.
  • One can manually control delays and timeouts for better performance and WAF bypassing.
  • Supports to route the data from the multiple proxies automatically.
  • It has also an Admin Login finder feature and an Online hash cracker mechanism.
  • It supports the Reverse IP technique.
  • You don’t need to install the SQLi dumper software(provides standalone .exe).

It supports many SQL Injection Methods listed below,

– Error (Integer / String)
– Union (Integer / String)

Error Methods:
– Double Query
– XPATH – ExtractValue
– XPATH – UpdateXML
– Blind
– Brute Forcing
– Load File Scanner

Illegal Mix Of Collations:
– UnHexHex()
– Binary()
– Convert Using utf8
– Compress(Uncompress())
– Cast As Char
– Union (Integer / String)
– Convert Using latin1
– Aes_decrypt(aes_encrypt())
– Error (Integer / String)

Illegal Mix Of Collations:
– SQL_Latin1;
– Oracle
– Cast As Char.
– Union (Integer / String)
– Error (Integer / String)

Error Methods:

Illegal Mix Of Collations:
– Cast As Char.

Supports TOP N Types:
– RANK()

Analizer also detects:
– MS Access
– PostgreSQL
– Sybase

So, Download SQLi Dumper tool and start using it.

Practical Demonstration of SQLi Dumper

So, here we will discuss how it’s useful to you in practical scenarios like detection of SQL injection, WAF Bypass while doing the stuff, Exploitation, Post Exploitation, etc.

Introduction of the software first, Currently I am using SQLi Dumper v8.5 and it has five main tabs as follows,

  1. Online Scanner
  2. URL Analyzer
  3. Dump SQL
  4. File Dumper
  5. Tools & Settings

Let’s go more deeper in all this features.

1. Online Scanner

If you don’t have the target to perform testing of SQL injection vulnerability then you can use Online Scanner functionality to search for the targets. An online scanner will search for URLs using Dork queries. You can search in most famous search engines for the target using the Dork queries. SQLi Dumper will fetch the URLs where might be SQL injection possible. The online scanner first fetches the list of “Might be possible” case URLs and it will list it under the “URL’s Loaded” portion.

You can find SQLi dorks just by googling the same. After the fill-up of the list of dorks, click on the “Start Scanner” button remains in the top right corner. You can also change the number of threads to perform the task using the input box also remains just left side of the “Start Scanner” button. When you start the scanner, the tool will start to fetch the URLs that can be exploited for SQLi. The progress bar will show the progress of the tool to search for the targets. If the search engine blocks you, you can also use the proxy for the same.

Once all processes completed to 100%, the tool will show all found URLs under the “URL” section.

Now to Confirm for SQLi vulnerability, just go the the “Exploitables” tag and you found that all the found URLs from the dork will be listed here. Just click on the “Start Exploiter” button resides in the top right corner. The exploiter will start to test and confirm if there the vulnerability exists or not. Here I will just give information about the tool, its features, and the process.

Observe the figure of Exploiter. The target found from the Scanner will be listed here.

Once the SQLi dumper tool identifies if the URL and parameter are vulnerable or not, it will be divided into two categories, Injectables and the second one is Non-Injectables and it will be shown in two different tabs. This feature will help also most help full to the bug bounty hunters to automatically find the injectable URLs and parameters on the targeted specific domains using the Dork Queries.

2. URL Analizer

URL analyzer feature allows users to test the specific or defined URL and parameter for SQL injection vulnerability. It will allow us to test for the URL using an automatic or manual method. you can enter the URL or paste it. We can test for both the GET or POST method using the option specification. If the URL is accessible for the authenticated user then you can use authenticated session cookies of the application. Here we have the option to add the cookies in the “Setup” option.

To test for the POST method parameters, you get the required format or body data using Browser developer tools, Burpsuite tool, or any other proxy tools to get the request. Here we also have the option of the method of SQLi vulnerability like Error based, Union Integer based, Union Keyword based, etc. Specify the options “Union in MySQL error” and “Union in MSSQL error” if you know the exact technology used for the database. You can modify many more options shown in the figure. You also use “Web Preview” and “Response Details” tabs to understand the page response in deep.

To test the URL, enter all the required data and click on the “Go” button. It will start to test for the vulnerability on the specific URL. The feature will most useful for those uses who have the target-specific URL to test for.

If the SQLi vulnerability found then the tool will use the vulnerability to dump the data from the database.

3. Dump SQL

Once you found the vulnerability, you can use this feature to dump the data from the database. You can specify the database and tables from which to dump the data. You can also use the previous session achieved from “Exploiter” or “URL Analizer”. Specify the options listed in the figure.

Specify the number of threads to perform the data dumping task. It will take less time if you use more threads, but use it with some cautions in mind like database server performance. Also modify the parameters like TimeOut, Delay, Retry Limit by taking the server performance and Firewalls in mind!. To dump the data using custom quires, use the “Query” tab near the “Schema” tab.

4. File Dumper

If you found the SQLi vulnerability then you can also proceed for the post-exploitation to show the more impact to the clients. Give a try to SQLi dumper to write or retrieve the system files. In many cases, it might be possible to retrieve the arbitrary file of the system or write the data on the server web directory. It will increase the impact of the SQLi vulnerability. If the attacker can write the files on the server then they can get the OS command injection and the complete takeover over of the server!

Here we have two main options for Read and Write the files.

To read the arbitrary files of the system, specify the path of the file and click on the “Load_file” button. To write the file on the server, specify the data in the “Query” box and path of the server to write the file in the “Path” box then click on “Write”.

5. Tools & Settings

The settings tab will allow you to set up global parameter values to use in all other features like Methods of the attack, WAF Bypassing methods, etc. It has many more options to fully customize the attack. Observe the figure for more details.

Specify the proxy settings to use the Poxy while testing. If you own any service in a private proxy server then specify its address and credentials, or you can use free proxy servers. Here am using free proxy servers that I found the list of websites by just googling the same.

I hope you found this article useful. You can share the article with your friends or team members to share the knowledge. Thank you for reading.

You can find also find a similar tool article, cheat sheet of SQLmaphere. And other many SQL Injection toolshere.

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Make HQ dorks get HQ databases

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Ultimate GUIDE by KOSTRIKOV “From Dorks to Database”

Terms of service (Must-Read):

- You will not resell, leak, share or slender my ebook anywhere; - Databases are guaranteed if you follow the instructions carefully and understand my answers; - No REFUNDS; - I hold the right to deny refunds at my discretion; - I hold the right to stop helping you if I decide that you are ready; - I hold the right to decline or ignore your stupid questions; - This is for educational and security purposes only; - I can change the terms of service at any time without notifying the buyers; - By purchasing this ebook you agree to all of the terms of service.

*A refund MIGHT only be given if the user didn’t get any databases at all with all the tries and my help*

What will you learn from this ebook: - My methods of creating HQ (private) dorks to get great databases; - How to use the dorks to get databases; - How to dump databases in great speed; - Few helpful tips when making combolist + reveal of private cheap dehashing tool.

GOAL: Get HQ private databases as fast as possible.

Intro (stuff you must know before you begin): Okay, this won’t be formal at all, I will tell you some truth that you must know before you start all of this. You must understand that this is not cracking, but hacking. Of course, cracking is a version of hacking, but SQL Injection is mostly treated as hacking and it is very illegal. Lets go from the start, what are dorks? Now, there are different answers for this, because this word has been mistakenly used so many times that those mistakes became an actual name. Before we go deeper the true answer is that dorks are codes used to find vulnerable URLs by hackers. There are different types of dorks. I like to differ them in: simple dorks and google (complex) dorks. Simple dorks: A simple dork is a dork that contains a keyword, a file type and a parameter. These dorks can be found in the URLs of the sites, Example:

These are the most commonly used dorks among crackers/hackers and tho the quality of the databases could be good, the privacy (the number of people that have dumped this site) of the site can’t be promised to be private. Google (complex) dorks: These are the real deal, the dorks you want to use. These dorks are a command that will tell the browser you are using exactly what to look for. They can be different, we will go full into detail on how to make them later, we will just have an example here now. Example: Allinurl: index.php?app= intext: death site:com OR Related: “nulled” + “.com”

OR Inurl: index.php?app=death + site:com e.t.c. Now, we need to know how we use these dorks? Tons of ways actually, the first way is the old fashion way – by hand. You can literally go one by one dork in google, bing, yahoo, or any other browser, give them commands and they will search for those URLs. The other way is to use programs that automatically do this with multiple threads. Some programs like this are SQLI Dumper, Dork Searcher EZ, V3n0m-Scanner and others. Once you find tons of sites with your dorks, you will need to test and see if they might be vulnerable. A site being vulnerable means that SQL Injection can be performed gaining you access to its database. Now same as before, you can try this the old fashion way, by going to the url and at the end of it you need to add ‘. If you get an error that means that the site is vulnerable. Now as before we got programs that already do that for us, sqli dumper, v3n0m-scanner, sitehunter so it is easier. Once we get our vulnerable URLs we need to perform SQL Injection on them and try to get to the database and at the end, extract it. Now manual (by hand) SQL Injection is hard and I would definitely not gonna explain how to do it, but as before, we got programs that already do that for us, SQLI Dumper, SQLmap. Later on we will learn how to use both of them and combine their powers to get the best out of it.

PART #1: How to make Dorks Now I will teach you 4 ways of making HQ dorks, so this part will be split in 4 methods. All 4 methods are different and all 4 produce different quality of dorks.

METHOD – 1 (simple and easy, decent simple dorks): This method will involve a dork maker, combiner, that will combine our keywords, file types and connectors. These combiners are common on the internet, combiners like this are Dork Maker v2 by Calix, n3rox dork generator, SDS’ dorker, gorker, dorker deluxe, e.t.c. We can go all night, I personally love dork maker v2 by Calix.

You can download it from his nulled thread: https://www.nulled.to/topic/182217-dork-maker-v2/ Download: https://mega.nz/#!LfoxxIgR!uNf5ALyaf3YSQ6190SwXC40pqGP9jfY5_3_plpW9eHE Now, once we get this type of program, we will need keywords, file types and connectors. 1. Keywords: This is where you get creative. If you are making gaming dorks for example, you will need gaming keywords, keywords that are commonly used on gaming sites. Now, using keywords like steam, game, play, e.t.c.

is too common and will probably give you URLs that others have already dumped. So you will need to use some smart stuff, something like: New-game-release-weekend League-of-legends-crash Poodlecorp-server-ddos Blizzard-servers-down Steamapichecker e.t.c. You can also get good keywords from google. Just go on google, write something you are interested in, let’s say arma 3 and you will get some URLs, now here are some stuff you can use as keywords:

Once you are positive that you have gathered enough keywords you need file types. Now, many people will rush and get file types that are a lot, but that is not the point. You will need file types that support SQL code and that SQL Injection can be performed on them. File type like .html doesn’t have SQL code and is useless. So for this I will recommend you using only: Php Asp Aspx

For the dork maker u will need to write them in this form: .php? .asp? .aspx? After this you will need parameters. Now, this is the hard part. To get parameters you will need a program like dorker DELUXE. These programs support an URL to parameter extractor, meaning if you got some URLs they will extract the parameters from them so you can use them. Programs you can use: https://www.nulled.to/topic/209126-url-to-dork-converter-parameterconverter-tool/ Download: https://mega.nz/#!h64QTSwI!yx3QOLHmze5XrfZ4lopBRMgj3VGBAgW55 FLxhpr4UWc Or here are some from my private collection: Gaming parameters: https://mega.nz/#!KPAAzLCD!KVAasN_Xdfi4T26EfosfVOw4_2Y0NuvtIQVdWbRmbY Porn parameters: https://mega.nz/#!3XhxVYoL!x95l0e1C-2iOyuYBq2kFR9mgDRGnq87MGeSGu3zZq8 Amazon parameters: https://mega.nz/#!yCoGRSRY!y1T5IRvYp_f95iSw_enqiw14XYvvKQYYCu6 BT1AVlHk

After you gathered all the parts it should look something like this:

Press start and it will combine all three parts. Once it is finished you should get this:

Now, In this case we got 900 dorks, which isn’t a lot if you are using dorks like these. You need to be extremely lucky for 900 of this type of dorks to be HQ. If you use more keywords and find more parameters and choose to put more file types the number should significantly increase.

Conclusion for Method 1: This method isn’t recommended if you are trying to get HQ databases in a short amount of time, though these kind of dorks can be HQ as well you will need a large number of these dorks to get good results (recommended number 50K – 100K). Note: keywords, file types and PARAMETERS mean A LOT when you make these dorks. You need to watch for keywords and parameters that are commonly used on the sites you are going for and file types that SQL Injection can be performed on – the ones listed above.

METHOD – 2 (HQ simple dorks made for huge amounts of URLs): This method will involve any of the other methods, but to be as fast as possible with this method I recommend using method 1 with this method. Depending on which method you choose this method will involve: dorks made with any of the methods listed or dorks you bought/found online and a program that can convert URLs to Dorks. If you want, let’s say gaming dorks, you will need to get yourself some gaming dorks, either make some with the other methods or get some online or some you have bought, just make sure they are strictly made for gaming. Getting gaming dorks will help us get gaming ULRs, which we will use to get HQ Dorks.

Once you get the dorks you will need a program that can get URLs from dorks, such ass SQLI Dumper or Dork Searcher EZ and others, but for this the recommended program is Dork Searcher EZ.

Load your dorks and (if u use) proxies and wait ‘till it collects the URLs. Once finished you will need an URL to Dork converter program, such as this one made by PlusUltra:

You can download it from his nulled thread: https://www.nulled.to/topic/209126-url-to-dork-converter-parameterconverter-tool/ Link: https://mega.nz/#!h64QTSwI!yx3QOLHmze5XrfZ4lopBRMgj3VGBAgW55FLxhpr4UWc

Don’t load up more than 2k URLs because the program could crash. Once you are finished with getting the dorks (simple as opening the url list and clicking convert to dorks and removing the duplicates and at the end saving) then you just randomize them. You can randomize them with TextUtils. It is a text editor program. You can download TextUtils from here: https://mega.nz/#!KTAGGIIB!qA-NSE6MMQ8wxLxMFWTOgcmPjMmQLs6xxVBRgt85Mug

Conclusion for Method 2: This will get you simple but really HQ dorks. These will probably be semiprivate, but with these dorks databases are guaranteed and programs that get URLs with dorks will work a lot faster than regular dorks.

METHOD – 3 (Making google/complex dorks – 2 ways): Method 1 (the most HQ method): First of all for this we need to understand google/complex dorks. I also like to call these commands. The BEST way to make these is to write them by hand, because then you know what you are looking for and you make each one of them different and specific and even a 100 of these dorks hand-written can bring you more of the results than you wanted or can imagine for that matter, but if you are in a rush and lazy there is a way to make these with dork makers. Now if you go on google.com right now and lets say you are looking for someone, maybe try to dox someone and their name lets say is “Jimmy Smith”. To get all the sites that got something to do with Jimmy Smith you go on google and write: Related: “Jimmy” + “Smith” And to make it even more precise, you can target .com sites and write: Related: “Jimmy”+ “Smith” site:com Try this and you will understand how these dorks are used.

Now these dorks have a few parts to them, there are way more than what I will give you, but for SQL Injection and cracking I consider these to be the only ones you need. These are called prefixes: Related: Inurl: Allinurl: Intitle: Intext: Site: Allintext: Source: These are the body of the command, this is the actual command. Now if we want to look for “Jimmy Smith” and we write: Related: “Jimmy” + “Smith” “Jimmy” and “Smith” will be our keywords and “Related:” will be our command and it will tell google to look for sites that are related to the keywords “Jimmy” and “Smith”. As we did before we targeted .com sites so the dork Related: “Jimmy” + “Smith” site:com Will tell google “look for sites that are related to “Jimmy” and “Smith” or “Jimmy Smith” and please provide only sites that have the .com domain”. It is simple as that, that is why the best way is to hand-write these. Just simple logic is needed and you need to have an idea on what you are looking for. Now a little explanation for the other ones: Inurl – Will look for the specific keyword we put on, so when using this command it is best to put a simple dork as a keyword, example index.asp. Allinurl – Same as Inurl but will go through the whole URL. Intitle – Will look for the specific keyword in the titles of the sites. Intext – Will go through the content of the site and look for the provided keyword. This command is more of a support command. Allintext – Same as intext, but will take more time and go through the whole content.

Site – Will target specific sites, eg. Site:com will target com sites, site:nulled.to will target only nulled. This command is more of a support one. This one is good if you want to target specific countries, for example site:de will target german sites, site:kr will target Korean, e.t.c. Source – will locate the source of the site. This is pretty much all the informations you need. There is no short way of hand-writing these, you just do it. Here are a few examples of gaming ones: Related: “fortnite” + “court” site:com intext:cheating Now we all remember when someone was cheating in fortnite and they sued the kid, now this will give us all the sites that are .com and that have something to do with this. Inurl: gaming-industry-growing.php?news= site:com Will look for that simple dork in the site’s URLs and will force .com sites. Once you are finished with writing your commands or so called dorks, load them up in a searcher (dork searcher ez, v3n0m or sqli dumper) and get your goods. Bonus: This is my private thing, I am pretty sure almost no one has came up with this, or those who did kept it pretty private. When hand-writing your google/complex dorks, as a keyword you can use part of the url when using the inurl or allinurl commands, could work with related as well. What I am talking about is this:

You can copy that and write it in a dork, which will look like this: Inurl: “/topic/389000-499month-online-dork-scraper-hq-dorks-with-oneclick-best-dork-provider-on-the-market-vouched/” Might sound weird, but the results with this bonus tip are insane.

Method 2: The other way of making complex dorks is by using a combiner again, but to add prefixes. First of all with method 1 and 2 you make simple dorks. Afterwards you write the prefixes you want to use in a text file and combine the prefixes with the simple dorks. Now if you want to add intext or site you write them in a separate text file and just combine them with a combiner. When I do this I still use Calix Dork Maker.

Conclusion for the last method(s): The google/complex dorks are the most HQ ones. Will give you exactly what you are looking for and can target almost anything if you make them properly. To get the best quality of them you need to hand-write them. You don’t need to make a lot of them, even 500 of them will do the job. The difference is that the more you write the more URLs you will get and if they are written properly all URLs will be connected to the “thing” you are targeting, increasing the chances of vulnerable URLs for HQ databases. Making them with a combiner could still work, but it is lower quality and I would totally recommend you to hand-write your google/complex dorks, might take more time, but better results.

PART #2: How to get databases Once we finish making our dorks, or we bought some dorks that are HQ, we need those to get databases. The first step of doing so is using a searcher. The 3 searchers I will recommend that will give you good quality of URLs with your dorks are v3n0m-scanner (best one if you are trying to get tons of urls because will give great amounts of URLs – quality is dynamic --- I personally used it before, but I like dork searcher EZ more), dork searcher EZ (great amounts of URLs, easier to get and set up and can give good quality URLs as well – I personally use it), SQLI Dumper (best version is 8.3, will strongly recommend to use it with your hand-written google/complex dorks, using only google as the search engine for the best quality – I personally use it with my hand-written dorks). First of all v3n0m-Scanner (not much explanation, we aren’t really going to need it): I can’t explain here how to set it up since it is different for linux and windows and it is problematic as fuck, so you will have to do it on your own, but I will provide you with a few tutorials I find helpful (before you go see the tuts, I recommend you use it on kali linux because it is easier to set it up and works faster without crashing, but windows version is good as well): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiMXP2XwQ64 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYd7aJruPsI And also my friend AntiLeech from nulled has posted a good tutorial on how to set it up on windows: https://www.nulled.to/topic/395311-windows-v3n0m-scanner-dorkingthe-professional-method-full-tutorial-set-up-updated-version/

There are no different ways of using v3n0m so I don’t have to explain more about it. Now, my favorite, Dork Searcher EZ: This tool is insane, of course if you know how to use it. You can download it from here: https://mega.nz/#!BxMTiYgQ!Ign0YndgL5KlgKUGS0TOZ3wmTSVsrbH7i0G ubher9n4 or it is easily found on cracking forums. Since it was cracked, the creator didn’t bother to make a better version, so engines like google and amazon are no longer working, but there is a way to get google URLs. MyWebSearch is a search engine enhanced by google, meaning it gets most of it’s URLs directly from google. Before it worked well proxyless, but now you need proxies for it, or a VPN and change your location every 1 minute because your IP gets banned, but no fear, you could still use LQ proxies and get URLs because their security is shit.

Once you get URLs with mywebsearch turn over to yahoo and afterwards bing. You will get insane URLs and HQ ones. Any type of dorks will work great with Dork Searcher EZ. Now third, SQLI DUMPER: I don’t really recommend SQLI Dumper for getting URLs, because it is slow af and can’t process more than 15K dorks, but it is really really good for getting google URLs using your hand-written dorks, if not the best. My favorite version of SQLI Dumper is 8.3, because it is super great for Dumping Databases, it doesn’t skip URLs when checking for vulnerability and super great for getting google URLs. Download it from here: https://mega.nz/#!KX4H0BzJ!1cizUymJsToiTkCHE44Te4519mrb5WSVz4gPch5Jmn8

Okay, now once we got our URLs, we need to check for exploitables. Now v3n0m-scanner does this automatically, but I’d recommend get your full list of URLs and Put it in sqli dumper 8.3 and start looking for exploitables (will be slow as a motherfucker but will look deep and won’t skip), or what I do is I use Site Hunter by Calix. Download it from here: https://www.nulled.to/topic/328333-site-hunter-by-calix/ Download link: https://mega.nz/#!GPongZLY!DFp1GY0UFV76uCeTuvDfxuSB3jV0jOvwNR6LyMEyIE

To use it just load up your URLs in the input file, open it and click a random key and wait for it to find the exploitables.

Once it finds all, they will be saved in the output file, get those, put them in sqli dumper in the URL List folder and start checking for exploitables with 50 threads (I used 30, but 50 is for better speed).

It will throw away some of them, once it finishes go to Injectables and check with 30 threads if you got more than 30 URLs.

Now, if you got injectables, that means that you got databases.

Now, I assume you are doing this for combolists, lets say email:password combolist and you want to find that in the database, then you do this. Select all and in columns write email, password and user (if u want to find user columns as well).

Afterwards click start on the bottom-right and wait for SQLI Dumper to search for these columns.

Congratz. You got your databases. Now you can move to the next step – dumping in great speeds.

PART #3: How to dump DBs fast Okay, once we got our injectable URLs and we want to dump a database, we want to do it fast. For great speed dumping we use SQLmap. It is an SQL Injection tool that does the whole job for you, it comes pre-installed on kali linux, or you can install it on windows (I will teach you how to install it on windows). It is really easy and simple. If you want to install it on your windows computer here we go: Download sqlmap from here - http://sqlmap.org/ Download python 2.7.14 from here https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-2714/ Once you have downloaded both files, install python 2.7.14. Afterwards open a new folder in C:\ named sqlmap and extract the ZIP sqlmap file into that folder. Open cmd and write: Cd .. (2 times) Afterwards cd sqlmap And write sqlmap.py This will start sqlmap.

Now to start dumping we need the URL of the site. This is where the most mistakes are made, don’t just straight up copy the URL of the site from SQLI Dumper, because that URL contains the SQL Injection codes too, meaning it will confuse sqlmap and you will fail. Remember the name of the site from SQLI Dumper – the site we gonna dump is lacoindia.com, go in the URL List from Dork Searcher EZ or output from site_hunter (before you loaded the urls up in sqli dumper), open the text file with the urls, click ctrl+F (to open the find option) and write the site name to find the site. That is the URL we need, in my situation this is the url: http://www.lacoindia.com/act_rules.php?page=3644999999.9' union all select 1,2,3,4,5,6,99,8,9,10,11,12,13 and '0'='0 – This is what would have got if we copied it from SQLI Dumper http://www.lacoindia.com/act_rules.php?page=3644 – This is the right one Now, click enter and write - sqlmap.py –u “URL of site” and smash enter (I wrote sqlmap.py in the beginning, but for linux I think it would only require sqlmap, test it yourself and you’ll see). This will test the site for vulnerabilities.

Now, once it finds the vulnerability, if you are wondering why we already tested the sites in SQLI Dumper, well, we won’t waste much time, because we already know where the info we want is located and we will just write: Sqlmap.py –u “URL” –D “database that info is located in” –T “table where info is located in” –C “the columns we want to dump” –dump –eta – threads=10 (now I put in 10 threads (max), but if you got an unstable site, lower down the threads so the site doesn’t crash) and smash enter.

Once it finishes dumping, the database will be saved in: C:\Users\*USER*\.sqlmap\output\*URL OF SITE*\dump\*NAME OF DATABASE* If you did everything right – CONGRATS you have successfully dumped a database from a site.

PART #4: A few tips if you are making combolists When you dump with sqlmap, combos will be saved as email,password. Go to https://combos.io/tool/combo.html split the combolist and reattach it with “:”. The best proxies to use when searching for URLs or other are fineproxy. When writing dorks or editing a dork list, use NOTEPAD++, great tool with a lot of features and can handle a lot of text. To edit a combolist (randomize, parse, remove duplicates, e.t.c.) use TextUtilis Download: https://mega.nz/#!LDRkHKSB!H7YoAa0bFHkTykNXGyxtLhJM4LAJss7REbqCxXe0jjs If you dump email:password combolists, always use email to user converters because chances are if the email:pass combo is HQ, then it will give HQ user:pass combo as well. If you want gaming combolists (best for steam accounts) focus on South Korean sites, if you want streaming/spotify/porn focus on West-European, USA and Canada sites, if you want crypto focus on RUSSIA, ALGERIA, MOROCCO, TUNISIA. If you bought HQ user:pass combolist or made an user:pass combolist, there is a tool that converts user:pass to email:pass combolists. Download it here: https://www.sendspace.com/file/zpfhpt Now for the big reveal! Dehashing tool, insanely cheap, fast, better than hashcat or any other (not an advertisement just a recommendation): http://finder.insidepro.team/ for just $5!

The End! If you have questions and need life support regarding my ebook contact me on my discord: kostrikov#5213

Sours: https://pdfcoffee.com/make-hq-dorks-get-hq-databases-2-pdf-free.html

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