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Sours: https://www.wcpc.us/home/searchwcpc.HTM

Probate Access

This service provides case information for cases filed with the Oakland County Probate Court.  The information search is a name-based search.  There is no fee for this search. 

It is not possible to view or order documents from this website.  Public files may be viewed at the court.  Copies of documents from public files may be obtained at the court or by mailing a specific request to the court, along with a check or money order for the appropriate fee.  There is a $ per page copy fee.

This Web site is provided as a resource for information on historical and current court cases. It should be used only to gain a general understanding of a listed case's status. Information displayed on-line is not the official record of the court.

Each time the site is accessed, you will be asked to accept the conditions and information as listed below. 

Currency of information

The Probate Court works to keep the information in this system up-to-date. Delays in entering case information into the system may occur.


Do not assume that the person listed in a case file is the person you are looking for. The court cautions employers, credit agencies and others to verify identity before taking any adverse action against a person whose name appears in this database. Additional identifying information may be available in the case file.

Types of cases

Information is available regarding all case types assigned to the Probate Court.  Non-public information is not available.


If you feel that information on this website is in error and should be corrected, please contact the Probate Court.

Additional Terms of Use

In addition to the reminders listed above, use of this website is governed by the terms of use which can be found by clicking on the Privacy/Legal Disclaimers link at the bottom of the court's website at www.oakgov.com/probate.

Sours: https://www.oakgov.com/courts/probate/Pages/program_service/probate_access_disclaimer.html
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The Probate Pro has the great privilege of appearing before the probate and trust courts throughout the state of Michigan. It is staffed by friendly and experienced personnel. One of the most enjoyable courts to practice in is the Oakland County Probate Court.

Our Michigan probate attorneys have extensive experience handling Oakland County probate cases.  In fact, our main office is located in Oakland County.

Maps and Directions

The Oakland County Probate Court is located at N. Telegraph Rd.  in Pontiac, Michigan and is staffed by four experienced and knowledgeable judges that understand probate law.

Oakland County Probate Court Judges
  • The Honorable Kathleen A. Ryan is is the Chief Probate Judge.  Judge Ryan was appointed to the probate court in and is a graduate of University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.
  • The Honorable Linda S. Hallmark is the Chief Probate Judge Pro Tempore and former presiding Judge of the Circuit Court Family Division.  She is a graduate of Michigan State University and Wayne State University School of law.
  • The Honorable Daniel A. O&#;Brien is the Presiding Judge of Guardianships, Conservatorships and Mental Health.
  • The Honorable Jennifer S. Callaghan is the Presiding Judge of Estates and Trusts.  Judge Callaghan was appointed to the probate court in and is a graduate of Wayne State University School of Law.

Historically, we have been fortunate that the probate court has had many incredible judges serve on the bench. If interested, the attached is the historical roster of the Oakland County Probate Court bench. The contact infiormation to the various Judges&#; courtroom can be accessed through the court website here.

Hours of Operation

The Oakland County Probate Court&#;s hours of operation are Monday through Friday from am to pm.  The probate court is closed during most major holidays. The holiday schedule can be found here.

Security Requirements

An important consideration before entering the Oakland County Probate courthouse are the security requirements.  You will be subject to building security before you enter the court and must pass through a medical detector.  The specific items being banned often changes however, cellphones with a camera and weapons are always banned.  The court is strict so before you make the long journey from the parking lot to the metal detectors, check your pockets and purses.  Many people are frustrated when they must go back to their cars after waiting in line!

For many probate related issues, there is no need to venture all of the way to the courthouse.  You can do it from the warm, cozy confines of your home. The Oakland County Probate Court has a terrific website.  The website has tons of valuable information including probate forms that can be downloaded free of charge.  Yes, free court approved probate forms.

Online Resources

Here are some of the Oakland County Probate Court&#;s online resources:

Probate Lawyer Near Me for the Oakland County Probate Court

The Probate Pro is grateful to be able to practice law in the Oakland County Probate Court. The Probate Pro is here to help you navigate this journey by focusing on your goals.  If you have any questions concerning any aspect of the law, let me know. My direct line is or toll free: PROBATE.

Let our exceptional legal team help you . . .

Sours: https://theprobatepro.com/oakland-county-probate-court/


Effective January 1, , pursuant to Senate Bill , the Alameda County Clerk-Recorder's Office will require the Notary Consumer Disclosure. This bill requires a legible notice at the top of the certificate of acknowledgment in an enclosed box, stating that the acknowledgment, proof of execution, or jurat verifies only the identity of the individual who signed the document to which the acknowledgment, proof of execution, or jurat is attached, and not the truthfulness, accuracy, or validity of the document, as specified below.

A notary public or other officer completing this certificate verifies only the identity of the individual who signed the document, to which this certificate is attached, and not the truthfulness, accuracy, or validity of that document.

Documents where the person appeared before a notary or other officer on or after January 1, must have this disclosure or the document will be rejected. Documents acknowledged before January 1, will be accepted for recording and must meet current applicable statue.

This requirement has been made in accordance with the legislative amendment to Sections and of the Civil Code, and to amend Section of the Government Code, relating to notaries public.

Sours: https://acgov.org/auditor/clerk/bdm/Birth.htm

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Court/Case Record Request

Access to Court (or Case) Records.  Access to court/case records is governed by the following Court General Rules (GR):

To request court/case records, fill out a Court Records Request form and

  • Deliver the completed form to the District Court located at:
    Mason County District Court
    N. 4th St
    Shelton, WA. 

After the Court Records Request form is received, a clerk will review the request to determine access to the records and the copy costs* (if any).  You will be contacted as soon as possible.
NOTE:  Payment must be received prior to copies being provided.

*Please refer to the Fee Schedule for copy costs


Administrative Record Request

Administrative Records – General Right of Access.

Court and judicial agency administrative records are accessible to the public unless access is exempted or prohibited under GR , other court rules, federal statutes, state statutes, court orders, or case law.

Information and instructions for requesting administrative records are located in the Mason County District Court Access to Administrative Records Policy.  Any person wishing to inspect or purchase copies of administrative records of the Mason County District Court should make a request in writing on the Administrative Records Request form.  The Public Records Officer (PRO) will respond within five (5) working days from receipt of the request.  If the PRO does not respond within five (5) working days, please contact the District Court to determine the reason for the failure to respond.


Records exempt from disclosure

hat   a record is exempt form disclosure and should be withheld, the PRO will state the specific exemption.  If only a portion of a record is exempt from disclosure, but the remainder is not exempt, the PRO will redact the exempt portions, provide the non-exempt portions, and indicate to the requestor why portions of the record are being redacted.


  1. General Rule and other court rules/statutes provide that a number of types of documents are exempt from public inspection and copying.  In addition, documents are exempt from disclosure if any “other statute” exempts or prohibits disclosure.  Requestors should be aware of those exemptions, outside GR , that restrict the availability of some documents held by District Court for inspection and copying.
  2. District Court is prohibited by General Rule and statute from disclosing list of individuals for commercial purposes.


Request for Review of Records Officer’s Decision.

Under GR , the requester may appeal the decision of the public records officer within 90 calendar days.  To initiate a review, please complete a Request for Review of Records Officer’s Decision form and send the request electronically to [email protected] – attn. Public Records Officer, or by US mail to Patsy Robinson, Mason County District Court, PO Box “O”, Shelton, WA. 
An internal review will be held within five (5) business days of the date the request is received.

Sours: https://masoncountywa.gov/district-court/public-records.php
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