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The best high school football players are at Nike's The Opening in Oregon this week, and the attendees just finished their SPARQ testing. The Opening's Twitter account has the top 10 scores (pending the Tuesday night championship competition between these 10 athletes). [Update: And we've added the full breakdown of scores below, via Student Sports.]

The SPARQ test, developed by Nike, accounts for a player's weight (to normalize results), 40-yard dash time, 5-10-5 test, kneeling powerball toss, and vertical jump. SPARQ shows how quick athletes are for their size and speed, and it also measures explosiveness, power and agility. For reference, a score above 130 puts an athlete in an incredibly elite group:

Every year, Nike holds SPARQ Combines across America in various cities, inviting high school athletes to come out and "get tested". About 1,000-1,500 athletes visit these events per city, and the highest rated athletes attend a final combine in Beaverton, Oregon (deep in Nike territory). The highest SPARQ scores per year, after tens of thousands of athletes are measured, are in the 130 to 150 range. At some camps, only a handful of players score above 100.

Here's a closer look at this year's pre-championship top five:

  1. Kirk Merritt is a four-star all-purpose back/wide receiver from Destrehan, Louisiana. He is uncommitted and has offers from LSU, Texas A&M, Alabama and Oregon, among others. Right now, 247's Crystal Ball predictions have him landing at either LSU or Texas A&M.
  2. A five-star linebacker from Mesquite, Texas, Malik Jefferson ran an incredible 4.39-second 40-yard dash as part of his SPARQ test. That would be the fastest 40 by a front-seven defender at the NFL Combine since 2006. The fact that he can run that fast at 6'2, 255 pounds really isn't fair. He has an impressive offer list, and the 247 Crystal Ball predicts he will land at Texas A&M.
  3. Clemson commit Chad Smith was named the MVP at the Washington, D.C., Rivals camp this spring, and while he is only considered a three-star recruit according to the 247 Composite ratings, he has some impressive physical tools at 6'3, 200 pounds.
  4. A native of North Little Rock, Arkansas, Tyler Phillips recorded what was, at that point, the nation's best SPARQ score earlier this year at the Nike Camp in Arlington, Texas, beating out Merritt's previous time. A great athlete, his only offer right now is from Ouachita Baptist, but that could change after another great performance.
  5. The second overall prospect in the nation, defensive end recruit Josh Sweat ran a 4.46-second forty-yard dash at The Opening — all 6'4, 230 pounds of him. That's an incredible time for a player his size, and it was enough to put him in the top five at the camp. He has a massive offer list, with Ohio State, Florida State, Tennessee, Virginia Tech and Georgia all in the mix.
KirkMerrittWR2015Vapor Carbon5-11.02034.434.0641.045.5147.60
ChadSmithLB2015Land Sharks6-3.52134.694.0042.039.7140.97
JoshSweatDL2015Alpha Pro6-4.52404.464.2547.039.1140.01
C.J.SandersWR2015Mach Speed5-8.51754.323.8039.038.6139.26
TajGriffinRB2015Alpha Pro5-9.51694.313.9732.045.8136.56
K.J.HillWR2015Land Sharks6-1.01924.653.8840.040.1133.95
MinkahFitzpatrickDB2015Mach Speed6-1.01944.513.8139.535.7130.41
BryceLoveRB2015Fly Rush5-10.01804.473.9040.036.9129.75
ChristianKirkWR2015Vapor Carbon5-10.01914.474.2541.539.0129.30
JustinDunningDB2015Vapor Carbon6-3.52044.594.1941.038.9129.00
JustinHilliardLB2015Land Sharks6-0.02254.724.2142.037.1126.57
MarvellTellDB2015Mach Speed6-2.01844.554.1941.039.3125.16
ShaunCrawfordDB2015Mach Speed5-8.51704.483.9438.038.8124.80
DerwinJamesDB2015Mach Speed6-1.52004.504.2141.035.8124.35
AlizeJonesTE2015Fly Rush6-5.02204.674.0337.537.1123.75
BrandonWimbushQB2015Elite 116-1.02124.624.0944.032.7123.03
GeorgeCampbellWR2015Alpha Pro6-3.01904.364.3439.039.0122.70
JordanScarlettRB2015Land Sharks5-10.52074.304.3135.038.1121.71
RyanNewsomeWR2015Alpha Pro5-8.01684.504.0740.037.3120.63
StephenJohnsonDB2015Fly Rush5-10.51874.374.0936.535.2119.94
MarkFields IiDB2015Apocalypse5-10.01754.334.1937.037.4119.37
SaquonBarkleyRB2015Vapor Carbon5-11.02084.634.0635.038.0116.79
KemahSiverandWR2015Land Sharks6-1.01874.474.1938.036.8116.34
NevilleGallimoreDL2015Fly Rush6-3.03114.964.4042.528.4116.31
ByronCowartDL2015Fly Rush6-3.52584.894.5641.534.1113.34
AustinBryantDL2015Land Sharks6-4.02494.994.3141.032.3109.80
RashanGaryDL2016Vapor Carbon6-4.02874.744.3836.032.1109.17
Ja MycalHastyRB2015Mach Speed5-9.01854.474.2236.036.0108.93
OsaMasinaLB2015Alpha Pro6-4.02334.814.1840.030.9108.60
PrestonWilliamsWR2015Mach Speed6-4.01924.604.2239.533.7108.39
JashonCornellDL2015Vapor Carbon6-3.02634.764.5040.530.0107.61
DeionteThompsonDB2015Land Sharks6-1.01754.773.9837.035.8107.40
P.J.MbanasorDB2015Land Sharks6-1.01834.644.0932.539.7107.04
TorranceGibsonQB2015Alpha Pro6-3.52074.474.3838.032.5107.01
AdonisThomasLB2015Mach Speed6-3.02194.614.6540.534.5106.47
NoahGreenOL2015Alpha Pro6-4.02745.084.5040.531.1104.28
SosoJamaboRB2015Land Sharks6-2.52034.614.2837.533.1103.59
TerryGodwinWR2015Fly Rush5-11.01654.604.1537.534.4103.17
DonteJacksonDB2015Land Sharks5-10.01654.474.1934.035.7102.45
DerrickDillonWR2015Alpha Pro5-11.01694.414.1929.538.1101.94
QuarteSappLB2015Vapor Carbon6-1.52004.764.4438.038.0101.43
KahlilMc KenzieDL2015Alpha Pro6-3.53415.274.7542.526.8101.04
ArthurMc GinnisLB2015Vapor Carbon6-2.52264.774.3139.530.1100.47
JordanCronkriteRB2015Vapor Carbon5-10.01964.584.2833.535.8100.44
JerryTilleryOL2015Alpha Pro6-5.53175.174.5339.528.2100.14
DeontayAndersonDB2016Land Sharks6-1.01914.794.0333.035.499.93
DarrinKirklandLB2015Fly Rush6-1.52284.804.2137.030.699.33
KeenanWalkerOL2015Vapor Carbon6-5.02825.114.3140.026.499.27
WillSunderlandDB2015Alpha Pro6-2.01904.584.2938.030.899.09
KevinToliverDB2015Land Sharks6-1.01934.614.2532.037.199.03
ChumaEdogaOL2015Fly Rush6-3.02834.914.5336.035.098.85
NatrezPatrickDL2015Mach Speed6-3.52544.964.5941.030.398.76
SherironJonesQB2015Elite 116-2.01884.714.4036.038.998.70
JavonPattersonOL2015Land Sharks6-3.03135.064.4439.024.498.61
JacksonHarrisTE2015Land Sharks6-5.52454.904.4038.031.897.98
JarrettStidhamQB2015Elite 116-2.51854.744.3138.034.497.26
RoquanSmithLB2015Fly Rush6-1.02034.554.2931.035.397.20
TyrekColeDB2015Fly Rush5-11.01684.614.3436.037.197.20
JoshRosenQB2015Elite 116-3.52064.994.2540.032.096.90
DukeShelleyDB2015Vapor Carbon5-9.01634.644.3437.036.696.51
AndreJamesOL2015Land Sharks6-4.52785.344.6944.029.095.73
MontrellCustisDB2015Land Sharks5-11.01704.594.2934.535.194.41
MitchHyattOL2015Mach Speed6-5.02745.384.5943.028.394.11
HoltonHillDB2015Mach Speed6-3.01804.624.2832.036.493.78
A.J.TurnerRB2015Alpha Pro5-10.01814.594.2231.035.393.39
TarvarusMc FaddenDB2015Alpha Pro6-2.01984.604.3433.532.091.86
CalvinBrewtonDB2015Fly Rush5-11.01734.664.1933.533.191.56
JonathanLedbetterDL2015Fly Rush6-3.52765.044.6940.028.091.47
De AndreJohnsonQB2015Elite 116-0.01734.674.3736.532.990.00
DaylonMackDL2015Land Sharks6-1.03304.984.8135.028.189.25
MarkWaltonRB2015Alpha Pro5-9.01824.634.3435.031.388.86
C.J.ConradTE2015Alpha Pro6-4.02254.934.3835.032.888.68
DrewLockQB2015Elite 116-4.02044.844.3536.531.388.38
JovonDuranteWR2015Mach Speed5-11.01584.504.5035.034.088.17
JaquanJohnsonDB2015Alpha Pro5-10.01824.754.2834.033.087.78
LarryPryorDB2015Vapor Carbon5-11.51964.764.2835.029.986.91
DruSamiaOL2015Mach Speed6-6.02955.484.9441.525.686.70
NickBrossetteRB2015Vapor Carbon5-11.02094.774.4334.032.486.46
Da VantePhillipsWR2015Mach Speed6-1.02024.604.5635.030.786.10
QuarvezBoulwareOL2015Mach Speed6-2.52845.544.6341.024.685.80
RyanBrandQB2015Elite 115-8.51894.894.3437.031.084.75
KeiseanLucier SouthDL2015Land Sharks6-4.02114.814.1931.029.884.39
DrewRichmondOL2015Fly Rush6-5.53205.444.9740.522.483.85
BradyWhiteQB2015Elite 116-1.51804.804.3836.032.183.82
BrianLewerkeQB2015Elite 116-2.51924.714.4433.531.181.75
MartezIveyOL2015Vapor Carbon6-6.02715.274.6634.529.378.15
BenHicksQB2015Elite 116-1.01945.054.2937.027.377.85
ChaunceyRiversDL2015Vapor Carbon6-1.52525.094.5637.025.177.04
TristenHogeOL2015Mach Speed6-4.52915.154.7835.025.876.74
KendellJonesDL2015Land Sharks6-4.02485.284.6937.029.476.44
TerryBecknerDL2015Mach Speed6-3.52985.264.8437.523.676.35
TimSettleDL2015Vapor Carbon6-2.03395.355.0631.523.673.17
SamDarnoldQB2015Elite 116-3.52024.964.4735.026.971.25
DallasWarmackOL2015Fly Rush6-1.03015.645.0036.022.866.27
RichiePetitbonOL2015Land Sharks6-4.03135.574.8735.020.365.49
DarrylWilliamsOL2015Vapor Carbon6-1.53125.795.0331.522.058.41
AdamMc LeanDL2015Alpha Pro6-1.0293
AlexMalzoneQB2015Elite 116-1.02034.5035.527.3
AudenTateWR2015Mach Speed6-4.52064.3136.030.8
BenHumphreysLB2015Mach Speed6-1.0201
BlakeBarnettQB2015Elite 116-4.52004.4137.0
BreidenFehokoDL2015Mach Speed6-2.5290
CameronSmithLB2015Mach Speed6-2.5235
CecilCherryLB2015Alpha Pro6-0.02304.5335.529.0
CordellBroadusWR2015Alpha Pro6-2.5192
Da MarkusLodgeWR2015Fly Rush
DariusSlaytonDB2015Alpha Pro6-1.01804.0632.036.7
DechaunHolidayDB2015Vapor Carbon6-2.5208
DeonCainWR2015Vapor Carbon6-1.01874.1932.032.3
DeondreFrancoisQB2015Elite 116-1.5193
DexterWilliamsRB2015Fly Rush5-11.0195
EquanimeousSt. BrownWR2015Apocalypse6-5.0191
FredUlu Perry Jr.OL2015Apocalypse6-2.52954.7543.526.8
ImanMarshallDB2015Vapor Carbon6-2.0195
IsaiahLangleyDB2015Vapor Carbon6-0.0165
JohnBurtWR2015Land Sharks6-2.51804.0036.536.3
JohnHouston Jr.LB2015Vapor Carbon6-3.5207
JoshMc MillonLB2015Apocalypse6-3.0239
JoshSmithLB2015Fly Rush6-3.52204.3132.027.1
JuwanJohnsonWR2015Vapor Carbon6-4.521238.531.3
KendallSheffieldDB2015Fly Rush6-0.0181
KendrellMc FaddenDB2015Fly Rush6-2.01894.5035.032.7
KrisBoydDB2015Fly Rush6-0.0181
KylerMurrayQB2015Elite 115-10.0178
LawrenceCagerWR2015Fly Rush6-4.51953.9435.039.1
LevontaTaylorDB2016Mach Speed
MaeaTeuhemaOL2015Alpha Pro6-5.0346
MarcusLewisDB2015Land Sharks
MattBurrell Jr.OL2015Apocalypse6-4.0291
MikeWeberRB2015Mach Speed5-9.0210
Ray RayMc Cloud IiiRB2015Mach Speed5-9.0174
RickyTownQB2015Elite 116-3.0202
RicoMc GrawDB2015Alpha Pro5-11.0200
RossBowersQB2015Elite 116-1.01754.2830.8
ShawnBurgess BeckerWR2015Land Sharks6-0.0200
SherrodPittmanLB2015Land Sharks6-0.5220
Te VonConeyLB2015Alpha Pro6-1.0222
TommyHattonOL2015Fly Rush6-2.0278
TravisWallerQB2015Elite 116-3.0194
TrentIrwinWR2015Fly Rush6-2.0191
TylerGreenDB2015Alpha Pro6-2.51804.0636.034.0
TyronJohnsonWR2015Land Sharks6-0.5185
VanJeffersonWR2015Fly Rush6-2.51723.9733.030.1
WillGraggTE2015Vapor Carbon6-4.0252

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2014 coverage of The Opening/Elite 11, the country's biggest recruiting event

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Bishop Moore 2016 OL Parker Boudreaux impresses at Nike SPARQ

Orlando Bishop Moore sophomore Parker Boudreaux was one of the top offensive linemen at this past weekend's Nike SPARQ Combine at Lake Brantley High.

Orlando Bishop Moore football coach Matt Hedrick said last fall he had a sophomore offensive lineman from whom he was expecting big things.

Parker Boudreaux has not disappointed his head coach. His performance at this past weekend's Nike SPARQ Combine at Lake Brantley High came as no surprise to Hedrick, but there were plenty of other heads turned.

The 6-foot-4, 264-pound Boudreaux made a huge splash in the rain during Saturday's event, turning in the second-best SPARQ rating for an offensive lineman with a 83.49. Boudreaux's score was enhanced by his performance in the 40-yard dash, in which he was clocked in 5.13 seconds, and in the 5-10-5-yard shuttle run, in which he was timed at 4.48 seconds, both quite impressive times for a player of his stature.

Boudreaux also tossed the power ball 38 feet and had a vertical leap of 25.5 inches.

"I suppose I was a little surprised by the 5.1. That's pretty darned good, but he's such a good athlete. He's a big kid, but he's always been kind of a skill kid," Hedrick said. "He's a very, very hard worker. He does a lot of training on his own along with our lifting here, as well as the weightlifting team.

"He's pretty focused to try to play football at the next level and it's just kind of neat to see."

He echoed his coach's sentiments about focusing on playing college football.

"I feel like I've been working pretty hard. I've been in the weight room ... and that's where I see the progress," said Boudreaux, who also plays defensive end for the Hornets, but he favors the offensive side of the ball. "I just want to play at the next level.

"I did the 40 a couple of months ago and I ran a 5.2, so I was pretty happy to get the 5.1 on the laser."

The big fella has tremendous agility and his footwork has progressed even more so due to work he has put in with super trainer Tom Shaw.

He also packed on some extra weight since fall practice began in August, when he measured in at 6-foot-4, 240 pounds.

"Since spring I've gained about 40 pounds and I've actually gained good weight," Boudreaux said, "because when I was 230, I ran a 5.2-5.3 and since I've been training with Tom Shaw I've gotten down to a 5.1 while weighing 270."

But the physical attributes are not the only areas of improvement and he's worked diligently with personal coach Brian Stamper, who is a member of Shaw's staff, as well as with Bishop Moore offensive line coach Mike Knight to perfect his skills. Bishop Moore does not do a lot of passing in it's wing-T offense, so working on his pass blocking skills on the side have become a focus.

"He's potentially as good as anyone we've had, or possibly even better," Hedrick said. "He's not a great technical player yet, but he improved a lot during the year. He's got great feet, but learning how to use them to block people and gain leverage and all of that stuff, he's still learning. He's learning the game."

Given his physical attributes, Boudreaux can get away with some of his lapses in technique, but he's well aware of what he needs to do to hone his skills.

"I do the best at run blocking and that's most of my highlight film ... at Bishop Moore, we don't run the type of spread offense a lot of others do, but I do have some pass blocking in [the highlights] and I have pretty good technique in both of them," Boudreaux said. "I'm just still working on all of it."

His performance this past weekend will certainly garner attention, and he was named to the Nike All-Combine Team as one of the top offensive linemen. He has big asperations for his college future and he's certainly gotten things kick-started in a big way. 

It's early, but never too early for prospects to be thinking about a college future.

"I feel really excited and happy that I performed that well," Boudreaux said of the SPARQ camps. "I didn't really think I'd perform that well.

Coming out of Bishop Moore, Boudreaux will be an extremely sound football technician by the time he graduates. Hedrick and his staff are some of the best coaches in state at getting the most out of their players.

Boudreaux is just anxious to get the process started.

"Coach Hedrick, he pulls me out of class whenever he can to meet the coaches when they come by the school," Boudreaux said. "He's doing a pretty good job of helping me get attention ... and then Coach Knight has been a huge help, too, and I really appreciate it."

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George Fernandez

Stephanie Fernandez

The Villages Charter High School Class of 2020

A/B Honor Roll

RatPak - Blue Team 2018 (2018 - Present)

Coach Keiwan Ratliff, Coach AJ Brooks and Coach Chris Mitchell

College Coach? Log in for coach email.

College Coach? Log in for coach phone number.

Top Ten 7on7 Team in the nation


The Villages High School Varsity Football Team (2016 - Present)

Coach Richard Pettus

College Coach? Log in for coach email.

College Coach? Log in for coach phone number.

Varsity player as a freshmen, TEAM award in 2016 , 2017 and TUFF 20 Award. All State.


Villages 7on7 Team 2016, 2017, and 2018 (2016 - Present)

Coach Richard Pettus

College Coach? Log in for coach email.

College Coach? Log in for coach phone number.

Varsity Football Team Member - Starter


Elite1 Factory - Strength/Conditioning (2017 - Present)

Coach Vernell Brown Jr. (Now at UF) and Coach Vince Brown

College Coach? Log in for coach email.

College Coach? Log in for coach phone number.


RatPak - 2018 (2018 - 2018)

Coach Coach Keiwan Ratliff, Coach AJ Brooks and Coach Chris Mitchell

College Coach? Log in for coach email.

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7on7 Adidas Team


Power Source Football 7on7 & Strength/Conditioning (2015 - 2017)

Coach Takashi Walker

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5 on 5 Flag Football Winter League - ING Seahawks (2015 - 2016)

Coach Roberto Rosado

College Coach? Log in for coach email.

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Played both O & A, Most rushed yards


The Villages Middle School - Buffalo (2013 - 2015)

Coach Ben Willis

College Coach? Log in for coach email.

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Undefeated season in 2015 - Played and started as RB and FB


WhenEvent TypeLocationWhy Come?
PastJun 1, 2017 @ 09:00 AMCampTampa, FLSound Mind Sound Body Combine / Camp
PastMar 18, 2017 @ 08:00 AMCampRivals/Adidas New Speed Combine, Orlando FloridaInvited to Rivals Adidas New Speed Combine, Had great results at event.
PastFeb 25, 2017 @ 10:00 AMCampWarrior Park 4878 W. Southern Street Lecanto, FL 34461STEP IT UP Camp/Combine - Tampa, FL Area (Lecanto, FL)
PastFeb 19, 2017 @ 09:00 AMCampOrlando, FLInvited to the Nike Regional Opening - Orlando, FL 02/19/2017
PastFeb 19, 2017 GameTexas - Not Attending to attend Nike The Opening Regional in Orlando FloridaInvited to play Texas vs World Underclassmen Football Game - NUC

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Look For:Nic Fernandez - Hands & Ball Training/Workout

Video: Highlights (Enlarge)

Look For:I won't stop til they go silent... #MyRouteGrind #Unstoppable

Video: Highlights (Enlarge)

Look For:2019 Mid Season Highlights - Senior Year

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The first of two Nike SPARQ combines from the Sunshine State last weekend, athletes from all over Florida attended the Orlando combine at Like Brantley High School this past Saturday.Nearly 1,500 athletes from the 7ththrough high school showed up and showed out despite some liquid sunshine coming down throughout the combine.

The top performer of the afternoon in the youth group was class of 2018 running back Malcolm Davidson, who recorded a SPARQ rating of 65.82.At a hair under 5’8 and 159 pounds, Davidson ruled the speed-based combine drills finishing atop the leader board in the 40-yard dash with a 4.68 and the shuttle with a very quick 4.28.His 65.82 SPARQ rating was the only youth athlete to finish above 60 on the afternoon.

Coming in second was wide receiver Dashaun Collins who finished with a Nike SPARQ rating of 59.85.While placing outside the top five for the 40-yard dash and powerball toss, Collins more than made up for it with a second place finish in the shuttle with a 4.37 and tying for first place in the vertical jump with a 31.3.

The athletes finishing with the third and fourth highest scores were quarterback Somore Fagan and running back Justin Watkins who earned a 57.21 and 55.65 respectfully.Fagan had a fairly balanced combine with this best mark on the day coming in the shuttle, where he finished 4th with a 4.38.In Watkins’ case, he was very impressive in the 40-yard dash with a 4.69—only .1 seconds behind Davidson.He also placed fifth in the vertical jump with a 29.4.

Rounding out the top five performers for the youth group was wide receiver Tray Thompskin with a 48.57 on the day.Thompskin was held out of the top five in each of the combine drills, yet still finished high enough overall in each of them to finish a top-five performer.His best score of the day was a 28 in the power ball toss, good enough for sixth.

With the top five performers of the youth group all coming from the 2018 class, it should be noted that 2019 defensive lineman Jaquaze Tinch finished with the best rating out of the current 7th graders with a 41.01.At 6’1 and weighing 230 pounds, Tinch has great size for an athlete at this level and showed off his strength in the power ball toss, finishing tied for third with 29 feet.

40 Yard Dash

1. RB Malcolm Davidson (Florida), 2018 – 4.68

2. RB Justin Watkins (Florida), 2018 – 4.69

3. RB Herman White (Florida), 2018 – 4.75  

4. RB Brandon Cross (Florida), 2018 – 4.81

5. RB Imani Partlow (Florida), 2018 – 4.84

20-Yard Shuttle

1. RB Malcolm Davidson (Florida), 2018 – 4.28

2. WR DashaunCollins (Florida), 2018 – 4.37

T2. RB DorianTinsley (Florida), 2018 – 4.37

4. QB SomoreFagan (Florida), 2018 – 4.38

5. QB JeremiahBaclig (Florida), 2018 – 4.44

Power Ball Toss

1. WR MarkAmes (Florida), 2018 – 29

T1. LB KeyronKinsler (Florida), 2018 – 29

T3. DL JaquazeTinch (Florida), 2019 – 29

T3. OL NicholasLewis (Florida), 2018 – 29

5. Five tied with 30

Vertical Jump

1. WR DashaunCollins (Florida), 2018 – 31.3

T1. RB DevenThompkins (Florida), 2018 – 31.3

3. WR TannerIngle (Florida), 2018 – 30.4

4. DB MicahHurst (Flroida), 2019 – 30.3

5. RB JustinWatkins (Florida), 2018 – 29.4


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2016 orlando nike combine

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Nike Football Rating Championships

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