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Mental health resources and other assistance for lawyers can be found on the State Bar website - LINK

Avoid the crowds at the Regional Justice Center. Eviction paperwork may be completed online - LINK

EJDC COVID-19 Jury Trial Plan - LINK

Remote Appearance

Administrative Orders

Please refrain from entering the courthouse if you are experiencing an unexplained fever, cough, or shortness of breath. To request for a continuance of your court date, or to find out if you can set up a virtual court appearance, please call (702) 671-0514 or (702) 671-0530 for District Court Civil/Criminal OR (702) 455-2590 for Family Court.

All persons entering the courthouse must wear a face covering at all times while inside the facility unless otherwise stated at the time of entry.

Help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Clark County

The following may be searched on-line:Calendar

Criminal case searches and calendars are found on-line at this link.

Name Searches
See current Fee Schedule
Nevada law requires customers to pay the required research fee for record search requests where the Defendant name or Justice Court Case Number are not provided. The fee is $1.00 per year searched per name. Customers should specify the number of years they want the record search to cover to avoid paying unnecessary fees. To ensure the most complete search possible, please provide the full name of the Defendant (last, first, middle initial) and date of birth (DOB).

Copies of Documents
See current Fee Schedule
The fee for copies is $0.50 per page.
Please be aware, if the records are being used for legal purposes, you may want to have the Court certify the documents as true and correct copies. There is an additional fee for certifying documents of $3.00 per document.


Fee Payment for Research Requested by Mail
All fee payments should be made to the "Las Vegas Justice Court." Please use a check or money order for the payment for any requests by mail. Do not send cash through the mail. So that your request is not delayed due to an insufficient payment for searches and/or copies, we suggest sending $25.00 by check or money order for the fee payment. If the Criminal case being ordered closed in the years 2004 or 2005 a warehouse retrieval fee will be added.


REMEMBER!  If you mail payments and/or documents to the Court, ALWAYS include the case number, AND be sure to put the case number on the check or money order. When requesting a receipt showing that the payment was processed, you MUST INCLUDE a self-addressed stamped envelope.

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Clark County Court Records Search (Nevada)

Clark County 8th District Court Records Clark County 8th District Court case records including family records, court calendar, district civil and criminal records.

Clark County Arrest Warrants Clark County, Nevada arrest warrants by name, including mugshots, DOB, warrant number and charges.

Clark County Child Support Warrants Clark County, Nevada child support warrants list, including names, photos and last known addresses.

Clark County Court Records Clark County, Nevada court records by date, time, case number, and parties.

Clark County Courts Website Clark County Courts wills index information, including download, instructions, address, office hours and status.

Clark County Criminal Records Clark County, Nevada criminal records by name, DOB, and address.

Clark County Justice Court Records Clark County Justice Courts court calendar database by case type, department/judge, case/citation number, litigant, attorney and date.

Clark County Probate Records Clark County, Nevada probate records by name, estate number, case number and party type.

Henderson Municipal Court Records Henderson Municipal Court case records database by name, case type and status, party type and file date.

Henderson Municipal Court's Arrest Warrants Henderson Municipal Court's arrest warrants by name, age and last known address.

Las Vegas Justice Court Records Las Vegas Justice Court case records database by type, case number, status, party and attorney.

Las Vegas Marshal's Office Warrant Search Las Vegas Marshal's office warrants by name and social security number.

North Las Vegas Municipal Court Records North Las Vegas Municipal Court case database by name, case number, or ticket/citation number.

Find Clark County Court Records

Clark County Court Records are public records, documents, files, and transcripts associated with court cases and court dockets available in Clark County, Nevada. Courts in Clark County maintain records on everything that occurs during the legal process for future reference, including appeals. Court Records are typically maintained by the courts that produce the records. These courts may exist at the Federal, Nevada State, Clark County, and local levels.

Learn about Court Records, including:
  • Where to get free Clark County Court Records online
  • What types of Court Records are available
  • How to perform court case lookups and records searches
  • Where to access case information for criminal cases
  • What civil case files are public information


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The Traffic Customer Service Lobby is CLOSED to public visitors until further notice.

How do I contact Las Vegas Justice Court?click here

As a precaution to COVID-19, LVJC Administrative Orders 20-03, 20-07, 20-08, 20-09, 20-10 and 20-11 provide information regarding Temporary Procedures in Criminal, Civil and Traffic Cases. Read more

Las Vegas Justice Court Mission Statement:
The vision of the Las Vegas Justice Court is to maximize access to Justice, in order to achieve the highest possible level of Public Trust and Confidence.



Customer Service Hours Change:
Effective July 26, 2021, Las Vegas Justice Court Customer Service Hours:
Monday - Thursday 7:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Thursday
Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm
Closed Holidays


LVJC Criminal Subsequent electronic filings will be available for motions, notices, proof of requirements, setting slips and other subsequent filings not requiring a Judicial Officers initial review and signature through File and Serve. It is important to note that electronically filing through File and Serve only relates to subsequent filing documents and not initial filing documents (i.e.: Criminal Complaint).


Records clark nv court

In an effort to limit exposure and stop the spread of COVID-19, District Court strongly discourages participants from appearing in person at the Clark County Courthouse. The preferred method of appearance is by Zoom with both audio and video capabilities. 

If you are unable to connect by video you may call in by telephone at 1-888-788-0099 and enter the Meeting ID shown below. 

If you are entering Diversion, Deferred Prosecution, or a Guilty Plea you must be available by video, otherwise you will need to appear in person at the Clark County Courthouse.

To join your Zoom hearing, please click on the Meeting link by your name.

If you have questions about the Zoom app, please see our Virtual Hearing Resources page

The list is alphabetically arranged. You can scroll down or you can try and use the menu bar to find your name.
To use the menu bar, go to Edit, choose Find and type the last name first.

The docket can also be viewed here.


Background Checks and Criminal Records

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