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Hugh Dancy Hugh Dancy  Will Graham39 episodes, Mads Mikkelsen Mads Mikkelsen  Dr. Hannibal Lecter39 episodes, Caroline Dhavernas Caroline Dhavernas  Dr. Alana Bloom39 episodes, Laurence Fishburne Laurence Fishburne  Jack Crawford39 episodes, Scott Thompson Scott Thompson  Jimmy Price27 episodes, Aaron Abrams Aaron Abrams  Brian Zeller27 episodes, Gillian Anderson Gillian Anderson  Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier21 episodes, Hettienne Park Hettienne Park  Beverly Katz18 episodes, Kacey Rohl Kacey Rohl  Abigail Hobbs13 episodes, Lara Jean Chorostecki Lara Jean Chorostecki  Freddie Lounds13 episodes, Raúl Esparza Raúl Esparza  Dr. Frederick Chilton12 episodes, Vladimir Jon Cubrt Vladimir Jon Cubrt  Garret Jacob Hobbs10 episodes, Katharine Isabelle Katharine Isabelle  Margot Verger9 episodes, Kalen Davidson Kalen Davidson  Stag Man3 episodes, Eddie Izzard Eddie Izzard  Dr. Abel Gideon6 episodes, Richard Armitage Richard Armitage  Francis Dolarhyde6 episodes, Gina Torres Gina Torres  Bella Crawford5 episodes, Rutina Wesley Rutina Wesley  Reba McClane5 episodes, Joe Anderson Joe Anderson  Mason Verger4 episodes, Fortunato Cerlino Fortunato Cerlino  Insp. Rinaldo Pazzi4 episodes, Cynthia Nixon Cynthia Nixon  Kade Prurnell4 episodes, Tao Okamoto Tao Okamoto  Chiyo4 episodes, Anna Chlumsky Anna Chlumsky  Miriam Lass4 episodes, Nina Arianda Nina Arianda  Molly Graham4 episodes, Krista Patton Krista Patton  Louise Hobbs4 episodes, Alana Bridgewater Alana Bridgewater  Orderly4 episodes, Michael Pitt Michael Pitt  Mason Verger3 episodes, Dan Fogler Dan Fogler  Franklin3 episodes, Daniel Kash Daniel Kash  Carlo Deogracias3 episodes, Glenn Fleshler Glenn Fleshler  Dr. Cordell Doemling3 episodes, Mark Rendall Mark Rendall  Nicholas Boyle3 episodes, Torianna Lee Torianna Lee  Elise Nichols3 episodes, Patrick Garrow Patrick Garrow  Killer3 episodes, Rinaldo Rocco Rinaldo Rocco  Sogliato2 episodes, Jeremy Davies Jeremy Davies  Peter Bernardone2 episodes, Chris Diamantopoulos Chris Diamantopoulos  Clark Ingram2 episodes, Giorgio Lupano Giorgio Lupano  Inspector2 episodes, Zachary Quinto Zachary Quinto  Neal Frank2 episodes, Ellen Muth Ellen Muth  Georgia Madchen2 episodes, Mark O'Brien Mark O'Brien  Randall Tier2 episodes, Ryan Field Ryan Field  Roland Umber2 episodes, Gabriel Browning Rodriguez Gabriel Browning Rodriguez  Walter2 episodes, Dwight Ireland Dwight Ireland  Doctor2 episodes, Demore Barnes Demore Barnes  Tobias Budge2 episodes, Ted Ludzik Ted Ludzik  Male Nurse / 2 episodes, David Calderisi David Calderisi  Mr. Albizzi / 2 episodes, Toni Ellwand Toni Ellwand  Mrs. Albizzi2 episodes, Jonathan Tucker Jonathan Tucker  Matthew Brown2 episodes, Trudy Weiss Trudy Weiss  Grandmother Dolarhyde2 episodes, Tom Wisdom Tom Wisdom  Anthony Dimmond1 episode, Anthony Massullo Anthony Massullo  Poliziotto Lamanna1 episode, Seann Gallagher Seann Gallagher  Elliot Buddish1 episode, John Benjamin Hickey John Benjamin Hickey  Dr. Sutcliffe1 episode, Molly Shannon Molly Shannon  Kidnapper1 episode, Bas Reitman Bas Reitman  Tommaso1 episode, Jeremy Crutchley Jeremy Crutchley  Dr. Roman Fell1 episode, Davide D'Izzia Davide D'Izzia  Inspector Donaggio1 episode, Mía Maestro Mía Maestro  Allegra Pazzi1 episode, Julian Richings Julian Richings  Caged Man1 episode, Aidan Devine Aidan Devine  Eldon Stammets1 episode, Lance Henriksen Lance Henriksen  Lawrence Wells1 episode, Hilary Jardine Hilary Jardine  Beth LeBeau1 episode, Cynthia Preston Cynthia Preston  Emma Buddish1 episode, Martin Donovan Martin Donovan  Crawford's Therapist1 episode, Martin Julien Martin Julien  Stable Hand1 episode, Wayne Wells Wayne Wells  Matteo1 episode, Helen Taylor Helen Taylor  Docent1 episode, Krista Bridges Krista Bridges  Jocelyn Madchen1 episode, Holly Deveaux Holly Deveaux  Marissa Schurr1 episode, Sarah Evans Sarah Evans  Mrs. Nichols1 episode, Billy Parrott Billy Parrott  Police Officer #11 episode, Ezio Bondi Ezio Bondi  Garage Attendant1 episode, Maria del Mar Maria del Mar  Wendy Vega1 episode, Jamaal Grant Jamaal Grant  Guard1 episode, Paquito 'Paco' Hernaci Paquito 'Paco' Hernaci  Trucker1 episode, Douglas E. Hughes Douglas E. Hughes  Veterinarian1 episode, Nicholas Rice Nicholas Rice  Tour Guide1 episode, Phillip Samuel Phillip Samuel  Verger Bodyguard1 episode, Paul Sturino Paul Sturino  Poliziotto Officer1 episode, Catherine Tait Catherine Tait  Mrs. Fell1 episode, Richard Chevolleau Richard Chevolleau  Detective Pascal1 episode, Ellen Greene Ellen Greene  Mrs. Komeda1 episode, Darren Josephs Darren Josephs  Officer Stewart1 episode, Marcel Lewis Marcel Lewis  Cop #11 episode, Craig Thomas Craig Thomas  Police Officer #21 episode, Severn Thompson Severn Thompson  Marissa's Mother1 episode, Wayne Ward Wayne Ward  Mr. Nichols1 episode, Mark Waters Mark Waters  Hospital Security1 episode, Shawn Doyle Shawn Doyle  Leonard Brauer1 episode, Christine Ebadi Christine Ebadi  Sarah Craber1 episode, Samuel Faraci Samuel Faraci  Franklin1 episode, Brendee Green Brendee Green  Female Beachgoer1 episode, Amanda Plummer Amanda Plummer  Katherine Pimms1 episode, Mio Adilman Mio Adilman  Dentist1 episode, Nola Martin Nola Martin  Mrs. Leeds1 episode, Darrin Brown Darrin Brown  Inmate #11 episode, Lindsey Connell Lindsey Connell  Marcy O'Halloran1 episode, Todd Dulmage Todd Dulmage  Dr. Paul Carruthers1 episode, Wayne Hissong Wayne Hissong  Cop #21 episode, Brittney Johnston Brittney Johnston  Flight Attendant1 episode, Kevan Kase Kevan Kase  Officer Dormau1 episode, Chelan Simmons Chelan Simmons  Gretchen Speck1 episode, Al Vrkljan Al Vrkljan  Security Guard1 episode, Barry Flatman Barry Flatman  Judge Davies1 episode, Ray Kahnert Ray Kahnert  Minister1 episode, Michael James Regan Michael James Regan

Hannibal - Season 3 Review

Season rating - 9-amazing Highlight episode - The Wrath of the Lamb

Amazing season, capping off a brilliant series. Although I was originally annoyed to have seen it cancelled, the finale was a perfect end for the show. The first four episodes served as a great aftermath of Mizumono and from episode the Italy arc really shone - specifically Jack beating the crap out of Hannibal and Digestivo which was a great end for Mason Verger. The Red Dragon arc, played masterfully by Armitage, was executed very well as expected and Chilton's fate was plain horrible. Hannibal in prison scenes were awesome, too. Now, the finale whilst not leaving me as in awe as Mizumono did, closed off Hannibal and Will's relationship in the best way possible and while it may seem a little cheesy that they both fell off the cliff in each other's arms it suited their character motivations perfectly. As for Bedelia, she'll be waiting a long time


6. Hannibal(–)

TV|44 min| Crime, Drama, Horror

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Dr. Hannibal Lecter: If I saw you every day, forever, Will, I would remember this time.

Will Graham: Strange seeing you here in front of me. Been staring at afterimages of you in places you haven't been in years.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter: "To market, to market, to buy a fat pig. Home again, home again, jiggety-jig."

Will Graham: I wanted to understand you before I laid eyes on you again. I needed it to be clear what I was seeing.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter: Where does the difference between the past and the future come from?

Will Graham: Mine? Before you and after you. Yours? It's all starting to blur. Mischa. Abigail. Chiyoh.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter: How is Chiyoh?

Will Graham: She pushed me off a train.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter: Atta girl.

Will Graham: You and I have begun to blur.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter: Isn't that how you found me?

Will Graham: Every crime of yours feels like one I am guilty of. Not just Abigail's murder, every murder stretching backward and forward in time.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter: Freeing yourself from me and me freeing myself from you, they're the same.

Will Graham: We're conjoined. I'm curious whether either of us can survive separation.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter: Now is the hardest test: not letting rage and frustration nor forgiveness keep you from thinking. Shall we?

Will Graham: After you.


Dropping to one knee, she carefully removed the knee-high boots from Mrs. Gardner, revealing graceful white feet with a neat pedicure. Marcia opened the box and unrolled the black brown paper. Mrs. Gardner, keeping a stern face, watched this procedure, but her eyes sparkled with anticipation.

Hannibal season 3 imdb

That, and they themselves began to talk. From their conversation, I understood that the Third had an anniversary yesterday. I was a kind of gift to him. Valera set it all up on purpose, knowing about his sexual predilections. The third asked to introduce us (neither he saw my face without a mask, nor I, did not even know his names), saying that he was in love, but Valera.

BABAK BARU KEHIDUPAN SANG KANIBAL / Recap Film TV Series - Hannibal, Season 3, Eps.27-28

Lyuska is my friend. She works there with the nurse Lizavet Semyonnaya. All that I now know about you.

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