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How Turtle Island Preserve Might Save The Planet

The squeal of dust-covered brakes resounded during an early spring evening on Turtle Island. Eustace was maneuvering “dumpy” (Turtle Island’s endearing dump truck) up a gravel road when I saw him for the first time. His silver braids rested on his shoulders, tousled yet orderly. He wore the grin of a happy, yet tired soul. His desire to create the planet’s last remaining hope could be seen in the grooves of the dirt road. Just a handful of years ago there wasn’t a road on Turtle Island at all. But persistence begets progress.

How do cob buildings work? What is a blacksmith? How do you tan a hide? What happens if we use our bodies for manual labour rather than resigning ourselves to a desk for a day? And if everyone turns off their gadgets, what does the sky look like at night? Turtle Island answers these questions with a series of summer camps, workshops, and festivals that remind us of sustainable times. Nestled in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina, Turtle Island Preserve aims to re-educate the planet’s population about forgotten things.

While Turtle Island isn’t a plot of land that’s surrounded by a choppy sea, it is an island of darkness that’s surrounded by development.If you gaze into its depths from outer space, you’ll see a dark bowl receptive to the natural way of life in a way that modern society isn’t. This isn’t a story about a hippie commune or a utopia that’ll disintegrate into ash. It’s a vision that was born out of necessity. Eustace Conway and his team designed a space intended to re-instill respect for the environment, to educate, to inspire and to motivate..

How Disconnection Wreaks Havoc on the Planet

One night, while sitting next to an unlit fire pit, Eustace told me that the root of the world’s problems relates to disconnection. We go to the grocery store where all the food we could ever want is available to us. We’ve forgotten where it comes from, who grew it, and how much work it takes to sustain our population. Running water pours from the faucet, suggesting that there’s an infinite supply of water that comes from a magical place. We’ve forgotten that our resources are limited. A sense of entitlement consumes the planet. And human eyes glue themselves to screens day after day to eliminate uncomfortable social connection. When was the last time you were engaged in eye contact during an extended conversation? If we open our eyes to the natural environment, maybe we’ll start to remember its sacredness.

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Turtle Island Preserve, Boone

Turtle Island is located in a remote hidden valley at the end of a long gravel road. Our programs are full of lifestyle practices of earlier people from our great grandparent's time and back into prehistory. We orient to the basic foundation of where things come from and where things go. We plant and harvest in our gardens, milk goats, make bowls, spoons and tools of all size and description. We hunt and gather wild foods and medicines and natural resources abounding in our huge natural preserve. We cook on a fire, gathering our own wood. We completely made the many buildings of our farmstead; carved literally from the wilderness.

Accommodations for guests are simple shelters i.e., log houses and primitive tents. We really believe in getting back in touch with the natural world. We use outhouses for our bathrooms and learn to "go outdoors." This is a complete cultural experience not a watered down viewing. When a group comes here it is life changing for them. That is our vision, goal, and success! We get hands on "experiential" activities going whether harnessing a mule or pounding metal at the blacksmith shop or killing a rooster for supper.

Some people mistake a description of primitive living with "roughing it" but actually our ancestors moved gracefully with a balanced rhythm through daily economic challenges. It is the sophisticated "modern man" that, in his bumbling ignorance of earlier natural lifestyles, finds himself truly uncomfortably "roughing it" through his inability and discomfort of trying to exist in his "foreign environment" of nature.
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And, despite the staunch individualism implied by a handle like “the Last American Man,” it was never Eustace’s intention that anyone would. From the outset, his vision has always been communal. He co-founded the Preserve with two close friends, hoping that, within a few years, they would all have families living on the property together. Soon enough, his pals were beckoned with other obligations back in that place we call the real world. But one of them, Preston Roberts, kept contributing what he could. He balanced work on the Preserve (constructing about a third of its buildings over the years) with his high school teaching job and the family he did eventually have—making a home not on Turtle Island, but nearby.

If ever there was proof that Eustace was capable of surrendering control, it was Preston. At one time, Eustace was just as attached to his summer camp program as he was to the Preserve in general. But Preston seamlessly adopted Eustace’s ethos and took over as Camp Director, a position he served when I was a camper, and Eustace felt comfortable fading into the woodwork. Preston excelled: I still remember him leading us in a rooster slaughter, speaking frankly and eloquently to teenagers about the horrors of industrialized agriculture. As the birds’ heads lay blinking in the grass, he lined his cheeks with their blood, a solemn reminder of the killing we so prefer to outsource. We had rooster stew that very night.

“He was more present in front of the people than I was,” Eustace recalls. “So he became more like the spokesperson or figurehead.”

But God had other plans. In 2017, Preston’s first doctor’s visit in over thirty years revealed a tumor raging in his liver, and within weeks, gone was the answer to Eustace’s perennial search. Preston is buried on the Preserve, a turtle-shaped headstone marking his grave.

Eustace has retreated even more markedly after Preston’s death. Running Turtle Island is simply “not quite as fun without him.” I ask Eustace how much his old friend remains a presence for him. “Completely,” he answers. “Every day, all the time...I think I could grieve for five more years and not kinda get to where I really could do well without him.”

The loss is so acute because the people to whom Eustace feels he can relate are very few and very far between. Though you don’t become the Last American Man by keeping similar company, Eustace doesn’t yearn for hermitdom. The most lasting lesson of Preston’s friendship? “His profound and severely dedicated love to his wife and dedication to supporting and being there for his children.”

When Eustace tells me he has “never set out on and failed on a single journey,” he’s referring to the McCandlessian ones: “kayakin’ across Alaska or canoein’ across America or bicyclin’ across Germany.” As for trials more intimate—a wife, children: “That is a journey that I haven’t really succeeded at, that I have set out on... I’d still be happy to have a family. That’s actually my greatest desire of all.” He pauses a moment before adding: “Depending on what you mean by family.”

It’s an important clarification. His father, Eustace Sr., who died of stroke complications five years ago, subjected his son to decades of relentless verbal abuse. Even at the end, Sr. summoned the strength to cast doubt on those journeys by which Eustace measures his life, hissing things at his son like: “I remember when you said you hiked the Appalachian Trail.”

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