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Dark Souls Remastered: How to Access DLC

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How to Access DLC in Dark Souls Remastered

Dark Souls Remastered comes packed with the Artorias of the Abyss DLC on top of the base game. In this little expansion, you get to explore the town of Oolacile, while also learning new information about the legendary Artorias, who was the master of the Great Grey Wolf Sif, and also one of Gwyn’s trusted knights. Before attempting the DLC, we highly recommend leveling up a little, as the challenges here are pretty tough. It’s generally better to at least clear out Anor Londo and retrieve the Lordvessel before attempting Artorias of the Abyss.

First off, you need to make your way to Darkroot Basin to kill the crystal golem and free Dusk of Oolacile. If you don’t see the golem, you may need to kill the hydra in the lake and restart your game in order for it to spawn. Talk to Dusk, and then agree to help her. After that, progress through the game normally until you retrieve the Lordvessel, then place it on the Firelink Altar.

After that, head to the Duke’s Archives and kill the crystal golem near the elevator and the bonfire. You’ll receive the Broken Pendant. Go back to Darkroot Basin where you first rescued Dusk, and you should find a portal. Examine it, and you’ll be transported to Oolacile.

Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information on Dark Souls Remastered.

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Dark Souls - How to access DLC Artorias of the Abyss and explore Sanctuary Garden

The Artorias of the Abyss DLC added a number of areas after the original release of Dark Souls, and is included for your to access in the Remastered edition.

It features some of the toughest boss encounters in the game, so facing it as late as you can is advised.

If you're looking for more help, our Dark Souls walkthrough and guide can help with all other areas of the game, including the dreadedTaurus Demon, Capra Demon, Ornstein and Smough bosses.

How to access DLC Artorias of the Abyss

To get access to Dark Souls' DLC, Artorias of the Abyss, you will need to have first killed the Hydra in Darkroot Basin and placed the Lordvessel - which you can do after completing Anor Londo.

From there, you should be able to tackle it. Due to its difficulty, we recommend you take this area on right at the end of the game before you fight Gwyn.

From there, you have to perform the following steps:

  • Go to Darkroot Basin, beyond the waterfall will be a cave with a Golden Golem. Kill this to free Dusk of Oolacile.
  • Go to Duke's Archives, head up the elevator and kill the Crystal Golem for a Broken Pendant.
  • Head back to where you freed Dusk of Oolacile in Darkroot Basin. Examine the strange purple cloud.
  • From here, you will be teleported to Sanctuary Garden.

You can see the above steps in the following video:

If you're looking for more help, our Dark Souls walkthrough and guide can help with all other areas of the game, including the dreadedTaurus Demon, Capra Demon, Ornstein and Smough bosses. Meanwhile, we have explainers on how to access DLC Artorias of the Abyss, the best gift and best class in Dark Souls, Dark Souls' best weapons, Dark Souls Covenants, Dark Souls Estus Flasks locations, Dark Souls Titanite Slab locations and NPC quests including Lautrec of Carim.

Sanctuary Garden

When you arrive in Sanctuary Garden, you may be a little confused. But before anything else, ensure that your weapon is fully upgraded, and proceed forward to fight the first boss of this DLC, Sanctuary Guardian.

After killing the Sanctuary Guardian, head left and through the doorway to reach Oolacile Sanctuary. To the left, you will find Elizabeth. Talk to her and unlock her as an NPC. You can also find one humanity in this area.

Light the bonfire and push onwards to the Royal Wood.

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Artorias of the Abyss is an expansion pack for Dark Souls, first made available as included in the PC version, Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition, on August 24 2012. This content adds a sideplot to the original Dark Souls story that sends the Chosen Undead back in time to Oolacile, chronicling the legend of the Abysswalker, Knight Artorias. New Locations, Enemies and Items are available, as well as an Arena Mode for more competitive Player versus Player online play. This expansion also serves as a new Patch, changing or fixing many elements of the console versions of Dark Souls.
See also: PTDE content and changes, concerning strictly the PC version for 2012.

It is worth noting that many elements of this expansion are cut content from before the development process of the original Dark Souls, as indicated by developer interviews and unused characters and enemies from official artwork appearing in this edition. 


Artorias of the Abyss Content








Other Items







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Dark Souls Wiki Guide

Prepare to Die Edition Wiki Sections


Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition adds many hours of gameplay to the Dark Souls experience, which can vary from player to player.

The expansion introduces a new chapter called the Artorias of the Abyss, occurring after Sen's Fortress, in which the player must stop the spread of darkness within Lordran by defeating the Dark Knight Artorias.

This, of course, comes packed with a bunch of new things including:

Accessing DLC

You do not have to complete the game to access the new DLC. However, you do have to complete a cryptic series of events to initiate the DLC event. Here are the things you need to do.

  1. Clear the Hydra from the Darkroot Basin and save Dusk of Ooalice.
  2. Obtain the Lord Vessel and give it to Kaathe or Frampt.
  3. Go to the The Duke's Archives and kill the lone Crystal golem after the bonfire. After doing so you will obtain the Broken pendant.
  4. Now return back to where you killed the Hydra. Follow the water around the waterfall and you will find a black portal. Examine it and you will be in the Sanctuary Garden.

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Dark Souls Remastered - Walkthrough Part 32: Royal Wood + Knight Artorias

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