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DotA 2 is undoubtedly one of the most famous multiplayer games of all time. It is still going very strong even today despite being released very long ago. DotA 2 is mainly a very competitive game that requires a lot of focus and team play, which is why it’s best played with friends or just people you know personally in general.

When playing with friends, you can communicate with one another through Discord and come up with great tactics, while also enjoying the cool features that Discord has to offer. But, if for some reason, Discord is not working with DotA 2 when you want to play together with friends, here are some of the best solutions you can try.

How to Fix Discord Not Detecting and Not Working with DotA 2

  1. Run Discord in Admin

Discord usually works without any problems. It is a fairly simple application that has many great features, and it tends not to provide too many problems for users. But on the off chance that it does, these problems can usually be fixed by running the application in administrative mode. If you’re having problems with Discord and DotA2 working together or Discord not recognizing the game at all, it could be because of your system.

Discord is sometimes denied the permissions that it needs to work properly with games if it isn’t running in admin mode. That’s why it’s recommended that you close all instances of Discord on your PC and then run the application again. The only difference is that this time you have to make sure that you run it as an administrator. Discord should now work fine and should start recognizing and working with DotA 2. If that wasn’t enough, there are still a couple more things left to try out.

  1. Disable DotA 2’s in-game Voice Chat

As communication is such a key aspect of gameplay in DotA 2, the developers added an in-game voice chat to DotA 2 many years ago. This allowed players to communicate effectively and efficiently while in matches, which also made the game more fun to play in most cases.

The feature is a great addition to the game that is still quite useful, but it can turn out to be problematic if you use Discord. DotA 2’s own voice chat will cause problems with Discord calls and overlays which will prevent you from speaking to or hearing anyone through Discord. Luckily, the solution to this problem is as simple as disabling the DotA 2 voice chat through the game’s settings.

  1. Update Discord

Discord not being updated to the latest version is also bound to cause some problems. Its recommended that you check to see if any new updates for the application were released. Discord’s desktop app usually installs them on its own if any are available, but this doesn’t happen every single time. Install the new update if it’s available and Discord should now work with DotA 2 again.

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Hi everyone 🌻

We just wanted to give our amazing community a big shouthout for the inexhaustible amount of creativity you guys shown in your meme game after our series against Team Secret.

Just a reminder for you creative peeps out there we have a drawing contest currently going on in our dedicated discord channel right here : 👀

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Here’s a quick selection of our favorite memes from yesterday. Thanks to all their amazing creators, you guys are awesome.

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From the bottom of our hearts, thanks to all the OG fans aroud the world for your love and support.
Keep creating, keep sharing, keep having fun !


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Saving the world by remaining inside and playing video games may sound like a dream, but it’s a whole lot better with friends. Socially distance yourself from the real world while you defend your ancient online with some friends from the top Dota discords.


Based around the longstanding community on Reddit’s Dota2 forum, the /r/Dota2 Discord is made up of over 62,000 members who actively create and share Dota related content and news.

This discord’s massive community provides members with many Dota-focused chatrooms to discuss the intricacies of the game we love. Pro at Dota, watching Dota, or reading Dota, there are many opportunities to meet others who interested in Dota for the same reason as you.

Collegiate Starleague

Post-secondary students across North America can link up in the Collegiate Starleague (CSL) Discord before defending ancients together on campus.

An opportunity to meet passionate players on campus and online, CSL connects gamers with its growing community of students and alumni. This discord has giveaways, gaming discussions and access to information about the competitive and casual tournaments CSL hosts.

CSL’s yearly StarLeague is an outlet for team-based competition that still respects a student’s schedule. The league spans a school year and only requires competitors to play one match a week. Boasting over $30,000 in prizes this year, this discord offers students a chance to make friends and to make money!

Team Liquid

An international organization, the Team Liquid Discord hosts over 32,000 fans of esports from all over the world.

Defending ancients, or defending the bomb, this community is passionate about the many genres of esports. Extending further than Dota, CSGO, Fortnite and many other popular and competitive PC titles, Team Liquid’s community is also a place for console players to gather.


Specifically for players looking to improve on their competitive capabilities, the Learndota2 Discord community bonds over getting better.

Not exclusive to noobies, this Discord offers its members a chance to talk to experienced players to party up, coach a match, or analyze a replay. Learndota2 is a place for players to improve as a team, ten matches played or ten thousand.

Stay up to date with Slashshout by following us on Twitter because we want to hear about any Discords we may have missed. Let us know about a Dota community that has welcomed you or a one you joined because of this list!


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