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This calculator will give you the possible offspring coat colors and their probabilities when given the parents

coat color and pattern information. For a gray sire or dam, you must enter what color the horse was before

it went gray as well as check the box labeled gray to the right of your color selection. Calculation accuracy of

the offspring color possibilities and probabilities can be greatly increased when providing the color genetics

of the sire and dam.


Q: Where is the color Brown?
A: Brown (and I'm not referring to Seal Brown) is a somewhat ambiguous term used to identify a number of horse coat colors but most often refers to a dark variation of Bay. As the genetics behind the variations of the Bay base color become more understood, we will try to make changes to the calculator that will incorporate these variations. But for now, selecting Bay for the color brown will give you the most accurate calculations. However, colors such as liver chestnut or even smoky black are sometimes misidentified as brown. In which case Bay would obviously not be the correct selection.

How do I select Gray for my Sire or Dam?
A: The Gray gene causes the progressive loss of pigment throughout the horses coat and will affect any color horse. Even though the horse is gray, it still has all the genetics of the color it was before going gray. To determine the possible offspring colors that the gray horse can produce, it is necessary to know what color the horse was before going gray. To select Gray on the calculator, you must enter the color and pattern of the horse before going gray and check the box labeled "Gray".

Where is Chocolate? Where is Taffy?
A: Some horse colors are given different names depending on the breed of horse or what region of the world the horse is in. This is the case for Silver Blacks (a black horse with the silver gene). The most widely accepted name for a silver black is Silver Dapple but in the Rocky Mountain Horse breed, the color is often referred to as Chocolate. In Australia, a Silver Black is referred to as a Taffy. We like to refer to the color as Silver Black since it best indicated the genetics of the color. A Chocolate Palomino is a dark palomino (a dark red horse with the cream gene) and does not involve the silver gene.  

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Horse Breeding

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If you need information on taming horses, click here to view our guide.

If you are looking for a more advanced guide about horses, check out our Training guide.

Before we begin I would like to explain a few things:


The number of horse deaths does not effect the breeding results anymore.

Breeding Count

Horses have a breeding count and will not be able to breed “safely” once it hits 0.
To check a horses breeding count go to the stable hand, press “Stable” and the icon of your horse.
Under your horses stats it will say “breedable” with the amount of times that horse can breed.

Female horses can only breed once while male horses can breed two times.

You can reset the amount of times a horse can breed using a Pearl Store item which costs 330 pearls for a male and 640 for a female. 
You can only reset the breeding amount once.


The horse level highly affects the results. I recommend leveling both horses to level 30 before breeding them if you want the best results.


The horse tier will also affect the results and you should try to breed two horses of the same tier to get the highest results.
The female tier is more important however and will affect the results more (higher tiers only).
For example: Breeding a tier 7 female with a tier 6 male will give better results than a tier 6 female and a tier 7 male.


Breeding using a courser horse can give the foal an additional skill when it is born.
1 courser parent = 50% chance of an additional skill
2 courser parents = 100% chance of an additional skill

There are 3 different ways of breeding horses in Black Desert:

  1. Breed a female horse you own with another players male horse from the Breeding Market (your female horse will require at least 1 breeding count)
  2. Breed a female and male horse in your own stable. (Both horses will need at least 1 breeding count)
  3. Pay 35,00 and LOSE both horses to receive a foal.

(More information on each method will be shown below)

Horses must have full stamina to breed and can only breed once every 6 hours.

Once you have carried out one of the methods above, it will take 2 hour and 30 minutes for the foal to be born. The time remaining can be seen under the breeding count by clicking the breeding horse(s). After 2.5 hours, you can recieve the foal by click the female horse then “Obtain Horse”. Next you will register your horse. You will be able to see the stats and appearance of the horse but unfortunately you will not know the gender until you have named the horse. Enter a name and click “Confirm”, the horse will now be in the stable.


Breeding method 1

You will need a female horse with at least 1 breeding count to use this method. Go the the stable hand, click “Stable” then “Breeding Market”. Here you will see all the horses available for breeding and the prices you will pay the horse owner to make with your female. Once you have found a horse you would like your horse to mate with, click the icon of the female horse in your stable, then click “Apply”. If you receive an error make sure your horse has full stamina.


Breeding method 2

For this method you will need both a female and male horse. The horses do not have to be in the same stable, but you must be able to register a horse at both of the stables. Use the stables at Trent, Keplan, Calpheon, Epheria, Velia, Heidel, Altinova or Valencia.

Both horses will need at least 1 breeding count. You will need to enter your male horse on the Breeding market. This will put down a 35,000 silver deposit, you will get the money back after the foal is born.

To register your male horse on the Breeding market, go to the stable hand, click “Stable”, then select the horse and click “Registration”. Next tick the “Show Me Only” box, then “confirm”. This is very important that you check the tick box. Otherwise any other play will be able to breed with your horse. 


Next open the Breeding Market window and click the “My Horse List” tab at the top. Select the icon of the female horse on the left, then click “Apply”.

After your horse has finished breeding , you can receive your 35,000 silver deposit by opening the Breeding Market window, going to “My Registered” then clicking “Receive”.


Breeding Method 3

This method with result in you losing both parent horses and paying a non-refundable fee of 35,000. 

For this method you will need both a female and male horse in the same stable.

Go to the stable hand and click “Stable”. Click “Exchange horse” at the bottom of the screen then enter both a female and male horse. Finally, click “confirm”. (Not all stables will offer this service so if the “Exchange horse” option does not show up you will need to move both horses to a different stable). You will receive the foal instantly and be able to name it. This method can only be used once every 24 hours.

Please note that if you are exchanging a courser horse you will NOT get the extra skill that is available through other breeding methods.

Horse Breeding Calculator

I highly recommend using the breeding calculator by somethinglovely. It is regulary updated, very accurate and easy to use.


To use the calculator, enter the tier and level of both the male and female horse. Underneath you will be told possible results you can get and the chances of each (3F refers to a tier 3 female horse, 5M is a tier 5 male horse). The highest tier you can get from breeding is tier 8. You will also be able to see 2 charts in the details tab which shows what level of horses are required to hit the next breeding “milestone”. 

Colour Theory

Horses have 3 different colours which affects their appearance: white, red and black. There is a theory that using “purebred” horses will give you higher chances of success. It is currently unconfirmed, but with lots of testing, many players including myself do believe this theory to be correct. There is also a small reference to it on the Korean wiki which was written by the developers themselves.

For more information on colour theory and how it all works I recommend reading this guide on the old forums:

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  3. Mercedes gle 450 weight
  4. Health and fitness photos
Main stepsQuantitySpecial itemsQuantityHow to obtainQuantityGoal

Can be


Can be

GoalStockKrogdalo's Origin Stone10Swaying Wind Fragment250Horse Race Seal x2500Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Training]250Peridot Leaf x15 (Kamasilve quests, lvl 57+)3750Rumbling Earth Fragment250Horse Race Seal250Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Training] x2500Peridot Leaf x15 (Kamasilve quests, lvl 57+)3750Training2000Physical Trainingmax
1000Pure Forest Breath1000Kamasilve region loot1000ORDeep Blue Hoof Root1000Gathering1000daily quest - reward 1 (Prof 1 or Art 10?)1000

daily quest - reward 2 (Master 1)1000

Peridot Leaf x7 (Kamasilve quests, lvl 57+)7000Elegance Trainingmax
1000Ferocious Beast Neidan1000Khalk/Whale's loot1000ORBreezy Conch Seaweed1000Fishing1000daily quest - reward 1 (Prof 1 or Art 10?)1000daily quest - reward 2 (Master 1)1000Technical Trainingmax
1000Rainbow Fruit Gem1000Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Delivery] x1010000daily quest - reward 1 (Prof 1 or Art 10?)1000daily quest - reward 2 (Master 1)1000ORStone Tail Fodder:
Byproduct_A x20
Byproduct_B x201000Plant with Rotting Roots x208000Mutant Plant x20 (exchange into CP)8000Premature Fruit x208000Seed Half Eaten by a Bird x20 (into Farm exp)8000Unusual Fruit x208000

Sojourn Stables Lineage



I am Aywren Sojourn and I aspire to be a horse tamer and breeder in Black Desert Online. Because BDO doesn’t have a way to track lineage within the game, I decided to create a family tree of my own, starting with the original founders that I captured from the wild.

I also wanted to make note of resources that have helped me along the way.


As of March 31, 2021, I bred the first T8 horse in my family linage – a little over 5 years after I started. Note, I took a break from BDO for a few years, though! So it didn’t really take THAT long.

On April 24, 2021, she became a Courser and is on the road to Dream Horse Awakening!

The fun thing is that thanks to my breeding spreadsheet below, I have successfully traced this horse back to the very first pair of wild horses that I ever caught on both side of her family! 

Breeding Spreadsheet

Below you can view information about the horses tamed and bred by Sojourn Stables (SS).


Horse calculator bdo

Horse Breeding Using Somethinglovely Calculator

Keep in mind, horse breeding doesn't always produce a better horse. It might even be worse or lower Tier than one or both parents. Horse breeding calculators likesomethinglovelywill help you see the chances of obtaining a higher Tier horse.

Input your horse Tier and Level in the calculator and it will show you up to 21 Breeding Chance Levels.

BDO Horse Breeding Chance Levels

BDO Horse Breeding Chance Levels

Breeding Chance Level 3 shows a 34% chance of the foal not gaining a Tier. This would be a bad Breeding choice. (T1 Level 1 + T1 Level 1). If you increase just one of the parent horses to Level 2, you would jump up to the next Breeding Chance Level 4. In this case, you are at least guaranteed one increase in Tier.

BDO Horse Breeding Chance

The numbers with the diagonal colored backgrounds represent each Breeding Chance Level.

As you improve the Level of your parent horses, you will notice the red box move toward the bottom right. If you increase the female parent’s Level by 1, the red box will move down by 1. If you increase the male parent’s level by 1, the red box will move right by 1. The bottom right Breeding Chance Level is the best possible outcome for the two parents you chose. In the image above, the highest possible Breeding Chance Level is 12. That would require both horses being Level 30.

Breeding Chance Levels often include a wide variety of Horse Levels. For example, to reach the next Breeding Level of 5, we could level the horses both to level 5 or do T1 L1 + T1 L10.

Improving a horse's level does not always put your Breeding Chance into the next Tier. Always look ahead to see if it's worth your time to level the parents. In our example, it would do no good to level both horses to level 8, since they would still be in the same Breeding Chance Level of 5. But once they both hit Level 9, it would put them into the next Breeding Tier.

Breeding two Tier 1 parents can result in a Tier 6 foal, but it would take allot of time to level both parents to 30.

The higher you go up in Horse Tiers, the more chance you have of actually getting a lower Tier horse. Breeding two T7 L30 horses still gives a 19% chances of getting a T6 foal. Some of these breed Tiers are just a pain.

BDO - Getting A Tier 8 Courser - Tips \u0026 Methods

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