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When Harry is called to the Headmasters office at the beginning of his sixth year he isn't sure what to expect. He at least really didn't see it coming that he would become Master of Death, travel back in time to become someone else, and more importantly to stop Voldemort before he would be lost to the monster.


''You must understand, Harry, that it's very dark magic. I don't want to taint your soul.''

Harry hisses, feeling his rage rear its ugly head again. You could taste his magic in the air, and Harry almost imagined the tendrils swirling around him wildly. Dumbledore's eyes widened.

''I call bullshit! The darkest curse was thrown at me when I was a baby, I'm almost of age, and you should just fucking tell me what I need to know. And I mean really what I need to know, and not what you want me to know. I think it's time to trust me, to trust your weapon because that's all I am, right? A soldier in this war, a weapon to end the Dark Lord, just a means to an end. The savior of the wizarding world, the boy who lived, the chosen one, and all that other rubbish!''

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All he saw was blood. Gushing, gushing and gushing. Dark rivulets of streaming crimson flowed rapidly and painted the desecrated ground.

He tried to form the words, watching in horror as he felt his entire world crumble. He screamed in rage and pain, his expression wild, his gaze feral. He lifted his arms and commanded a magic so ancient and dead.


And the army of the dead heeded his call.


Machiavellianism ~ is a personality trait centered on manipulativeness, callousness, and indifference to morality.

After Voldemort's defeat, Harry discovers that his friends were never really his friends and finds that those he once called enemies were now his allies. After having the Wizarding World turn its back on him, Harry falls to an unjust death, and is given a second chance to live again, to play by his rules, to become who he was meant to be and to make all those who wronged him pay dearly.

A time travel story that features a jaded, bitter and dark Harry Potter.

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After the events that occurred in Guanyin Temple, Wei Ying is forced to take part of another scheme. He finds himself tangled within a forbidden array that throws him back to his sixteen-year old self. Between living his past once again and what it seems to be a messed up forbidden spell, he is determined to save all those he loves this time.

But it would mean leaving his husband behind and face a Lan Zhan that does not know their relationship.

It also involves a whole lot of self-sacrificing stuff to do, but then again, it's Wei Wuxian who we're talking about.

This time, however, although he is able to control resentful energy to its completeness, there are new things that are out of his reach.

Attempt the impossible, right?

Or, Wei Wuxian is thrown back in time with a countdown engraved in his soul.

Sours: https://archiveofourown.org/collections/TheUntamedTimeTravelFixits

"You met Howard and decided to take SPACE STONE, some of timelines stayed same, others started changing. The infinity stones are base of any universe, so when you took one of them, others decided to make balance and to find a way to bring back that stone and altered timelines. You are going to make sure that these timelines are able to defeat Thanos coz in these timelines Tony Stark doesn't exist." said Finder
Tony Stark says- " I'll go their and fix mistakes made by Avengers"
"Your 1 hand will be prosthetic with skin tissues on it and body will be enhanced by serum and you could connect to technology and control it through your mind. Your AI children will be with you. May Power's above bless you. Call us, if you need help."
"Thanks, I am ready."
Then red lights starts covering him, then glow started changing green, purple, yellow, then blue and Tony starts feeling his body and then orange glows covers him making tingling sensations and he lost his consciousness.
"Hi, I am Annie Stark, your older sister."
"I am older than you" said Tony chucking
"But you came to this Earth after me, sooo.."
My God, their are 2 of them; let's see how Earth handles it.

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Archive of Our Own betaArchive of Our Own

“I guess it’s too much to ask.” She whispered to the stones that stood upright in front of her as she carefully dug a hole into the small space between the two graves and placed the roots and flowers of pale pink and white peonies carefully into the moist soil and patted it down for security with hands that were much too small for the task. “What was I thinking?”

“The anticipation of not being left behind. The greed of not wanting to be alone.” A sigh escaped her lips as she closed her eyes. The sound of her breath resonated on the peaceful hill, a private grave where they resided. “They say that even in this ever-changing world, only the starlit sky will not change.”

“But I think it has.” And it won’t ever be the same again.

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Time Travel in Fiction Rundown

But if Shouto had grown into anything over the years, it was a troll. He wasn’t here to calmly observe the world in its past forms and watch over his family members. Fuck the rules of time travel; Shouto was tired and petty, and he wanted to hurl something at his father’s head.

A ‘something’ presented itself in the form of a small pebble, which lodged itself in the sole of his shoe. Removing it from the grooves was easy. Straightening up and lining up his arm was easier. Flinging the rock and watching it hit his father directly in the back of the head was so supremely satisfying that Shouto almost ascended to another plane of existence. He immediately swivelled to face in the other direction, staring out over the skyline of Tokyo with a deeply contemplative look on his face. He could feel the distant brush of heat that indicated his father’s flames had flared up and grinned to himself.

Of course, since Shouto had discovered that there was something other than Izuku’s smile that could give him a cocaine-esque energy rush, he was immediately determined to get it again. Lucky for him, there were countless pebbles scattered across the path, all easy to fling at the angry man up ahead.

Watching Endeavour flare up angrily was better than any drug on earth, and Shouto didn’t think trying every drug on earth would change his mind about that. Each time the man whirled around to spot the culprit, Shouto adopted a different stance. Sometimes looking out over the bridge, sometimes scrolling absently through his phone, sometimes walking casually onwards, and sometimes stooping to tie a shoelace. Every time, Endeavour fumed more, flames spiralling higher, and every time, Shouto felt a sensation akin to nirvana washing over him.

Sours: https://archiveofourown.org/collections/Terrific_Time_Travel

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Midoriya Izuku has an immortality quirk, though not in the traditional sense. While most other immortality quirks work by not allowing the owner to age, maybe even giving them extra resilience, Izuku's quirk didn't quite work like that.

No, Izuku's quirk worked by sending his consciousness back into his four year old body upon death. Again and again, no matter when, where or how he died, he always woke up afterwards, his small fist clenched around a bright red crayon that he, until the moment of his resurrection, had been using to draw a picture of All Might on a piece of construction paper.

Tired after living for so long, Izuku enlists the help of Eraserhead to finally end it all, once and for all. Unfourtunantly for Izuku, Eraserhead doesn't want to be responsible for the death of a child. Unfourtunantly for Eraserhead, Izuku is going to make the man regret his decision not to kill him on the spot.

Formerly: Aizawa Shouta was not expecting to find a four year old in an All Might onesie on his door step asking for death that morning but here we are

Sours: https://archiveofourown.org/collections/My_Time_Travel_Academia

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