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50 Quick & Easy Shoe Storage Ideas That Truly Work

Pardon the generalization, but everyone probably owns one or more pairs of shoes that are really precious to them. When you have a great shoe collection at home, the challenge lies in maintaining them so they remain in pristine condition always. So, how do you do it?



There are a ton of shoe storage ideas for small spaces and big spaces out there. There are shelves, racks and bins abound. Indeed, it’s so hard to choose, but let us funnel that a bit for you. Read on to find out more.



50 Quick & Easy Shoe Storage Ideas That Truly Work - Infographics



Shoe Organizers


1. SimpleHouseware Door Hanging Shoe Organizer

SimpleHouseware Door Hanging Shoe Organizer



Easily the simplest shoe organizer ever created – hang it over your door and that’s it. This shoe organizer has 24 clear pockets that fit one shoe at a time. It hangs on standard doors or closet rods, no hardware needed, and effectively protects shoes or items from dust and damage.



Find out more about SimpleHouseware Door Hanging Shoe OrganizerCheck Latest Price



2. Whitmor Hanging Closet Organizer

Whitmor Hanging Closet Organizer



Foyer closet organizer neatly stores and organizes 8 pairs of shoes. All this is done without taking up any extra floor space. This organiser is made to last with a strong breathable fabric that’s stitched with reinforced seams for additional strength and support. The sturdy steel frame hangs from the closet rod.



Find out more about Whitmor Hanging Closet OrganizerCheck Latest Price



3. Olive Homeware Under Bed Shoe Organizer

Olive Homeware Under Bed Shoe Organizer



This organizer is very compact and easy to use. All you need to do is just fill it up with your shoes and then tuck it under your bed. When there is no more space left in your closet, shoe rack, or cabinet, this shoe organizer is often the simplest solution for shoe storage. It protects shoes from external elements like dust and mold. This shoe organizer is also designed for under bed storage or it can be fit in any narrow spot at home. It is one of the best shoe storage ideas for small spaces.



Find out more about Olive Homeware Under Bed Shoe OrganizerCheck Latest Price



4. KING DO WAY Stackable Storage Shoe Box Organizer

KING DO WAY Stackable Storage Shoe Box Organizer



This product combines a basic shoe box shape with advanced features. It is one of the best shoe storage ideas for hallway. Made from plastic PVC material with a pink door frame, boxes can be stacked on top of one another to save space and your shoes would never get dusty. With a clear cover door, these boxes allows for easy viewing of the contents within. You can even customize it the way you wish. 



Find out more about KING DO WAY Stackable Storage Shoe Box OrganizerCheck Latest Price



5. 10 Piece Premium Closet Space Saver

10 Piece Premium Closet Space Saver data-wp-pid=



Trying to maximize your shoe organizer? This Shoe Slots Organizer is the one for you. These durable shoe slots for giant and little shoes make the perfect space savers. Using these shoe slot devices doubles your storage, thus keeping your closet floors and storage areas organized. This will also help to create new room for more pairs of shoes. The two-tier slanted non-slip design holds shoes very well. End clutter in your house today!



Find out more about 10 Piece Premium Closet Space SaverCheck Latest Price



6. SONGMICS Plastic Shoe Storage Organizer 

SONGMICS Plastic Shoe Storage Organizer



A modular plastic shoe organizer that you can customize, just like your LEGO set. The unit is the perfect storage solution for narrow spaces and one of the best shoe storage ideas for entryways. There are more than 2 sets that will allow you to assemble them in cubes together. Each cube holds up to 10lbs. This is a stable structure that will not topple easily.



Find out more about SONGMICS Plastic Shoe Storage OrganizerCheck Latest Price



7. SONGMICS Modular Metal Shoe Organizer

SONGMICS Modular Metal Shoe Organizer


Very similar to its plastic counterpart, this organizer is made of metal mesh for the modern man/woman that you are. Add character to your room with timeless black panels. Due to its classic design, this black cube storage will complement a variety of different decor styles.



Find out more about SONGMICS Modular Metal Shoe OrganizerCheck Latest Price



8. Clear Pocket Hanging Shoe Organizer

Clear Pocket Hanging Shoe Organizer



This double-sided hanging shoe organizer helps you save space. It is very easy to identify its contents due to the clear sleeves. Slide one shoe into each pocket and always know where to find it. Clear plastic covered pockets enable you to see your shoes or handbags and protect them well. The organizer needs to be hung in a closet from its strong rust-proof hanger. It requires only 12.5 inches of space, leaving plenty of room for your other items.


Find out more about Clear Pocket Hanging Shoe OrganizerCheck Latest Price



9. Kootek Shoe Organizers With Various Compartments 

Kootek Shoe Organizers with Various Compartments



Fit shoes of any size into this shoe organizer to save valuable floor space. It helps you save a lot of space and keep your things organized. It has 2 packs in total with 36 mesh pockets, a versatile solution for any room of your home. They are wide enough to fit large wedges and two running shoes in one. Made from strong, breathable non-woven black fabric, mesh pockets allow you to see what’s inside while simultaneously promoting airflow/circulation.



Find out more about Kootek Shoe Organizers with Various CompartmentsCheck Latest Price



10. IRONLAND White Stackable Shoe Box 

IRONLAND White Stackable Shoe Box


White has always been a fine-looking color. This shoe organiser is made of high-quality plastic board that is both sturdy and durable. These boxes come packed flat, so all you have to do is fold them up and put them together. They can be also be packed easily when not in use. A clear appearance makes shoes very easy to retrieve. The best part is that you can take out a certain pair of shoes without removing its box from the stack.



Find out more about IRONLAND White Stackable Shoe Box Check Latest Price



11. Lifewit Shoe Storage Organizer With Adjustable Dividers 

Lifewit Shoe Storage Organizer with Adjustable Dividers


The adjustable dividers of this product ensure that you can store shoes of any size in it – yes, even boots. It is made of sturdy materials on all sides and fitted with a firm and elastic straight board. So, after you place your shoes in the organizer, it won’t collapse, hence preventing your items from being crushed. 



Find out more about Lifewit Shoe Storage Organizer with Adjustable Dividers Check Latest Price



12. Sorbus Shoe Organizer Bin

Sorbus Shoe Organizer Bin



An open case shoe organizer makes it easier for you to just see, reach in and take what you need. This two-tier shoe cubby provides charming storage for your footwear. It features six individual compartments, built-in carry handles, and a foldable frame. The neutral color fits effortlessly with most home décor styles, making it suitable for any space. When not in use, the entire unit collapses flat for easy storage.



Find out more about Sorbus Shoe Organizer BinCheck Latest Price



13. Boottique Flip Flop and Sandal Hanger 

Boottique Flip Flop and Sandal Hanger



Efficient, space-saving and easy to set up, here’s a product that needs no instruction manual to assemble nor use. This Flip Flop and Sandal holder hanger can be hung easily over a hanger or on a hook in your closet. Made of plush black and pink velvet with metal hooks, it can store 7 pairs of your favorite footwear. Flip Flop Hanger allows for maximum storage with minimal space.



Find out more about Boottique Flip Flop and Sandal HangerCheck Latest Price



14. Boot Butler Hanging Boot Storage 

Boot Butler Hanging Boot Storage



Another great space-saving product, this one’s perfect for all you boot lovers out there. No more creases and scuffs from being left on your closet floor, so you get more wear from every pair of boots. Reclaim space by storing 5 pairs of boots with just 7 inches of closet space!



Find out more about Boot Butler Hanging Boot StorageCheck Latest Price



15. mDesign Clear Shoe Box Storage Organizer

mDesign Clear Shoe Box Storage Organizer



Proudly display your collection of heels, pumps, and boots with this crystal clear shoe box. Keep your shoes, heels, and sandals stowed away season after season using this stackable shoe bin from mDesign. The space-saving box lets you create vertical storage to make the most out of your closet shelf. A hinged lid keeps the box closed and ensure that your shoes stay free of dust and debris.



Find out more about mDesign Clear Shoe Box Storage OrganizerCheck Latest Price



16. DecorRack Clear Plastic Shoe Boxes

DecorRack Clear Plastic Shoe Boxes



Flimsy as these may appear, they’re more than good enough to protect your precious shoes from the elements. Available in packs of 9, these containers are durable and reusable. Their design is see through and easy to clean, making them ideal shoe storage options for under bed or closet storage.



Find out more about DecorRack Clear Plastic Shoe BoxesCheck Latest Price



17. Prasacco Visible Cardboard Shoe Storage Boxes

Prasacco Visible Cardboard Shoe Storage Boxes



Return to the classic and rustic decor style using these cardboard boxes. Versatile enough to be used as either as a shoebox or a storage box, these are suitable for use at home and in dormitories. 



The best thing about this is that it is made of 3-layer corrugated Kraft paper. Sturdy and thick, it is able to effectively withstand tears and high pressure.



Find out more about Prasacco Visible Cardboard Shoe Storage BoxesCheck Latest Price



18. Life Story Clear Shoe Stacking Containers

Life Story Clear Shoe Stacking Containers



Seeking a fuss-free shoe storage solution? These clear boxes provide quick and easy storage for your peepers. Perfect for shoe storage, it’s easy to identify the contents of the container from the outside. This shoe storage product is great for protecting expensive shoes and other personal items from damage.  Keep your belongings dust-free today.



Find out more about Life Story Clear Shoe Stacking ContainersCheck Latest Price



19. YEAVS Clear Plastic Shoe Organizers With Lids

YEAVS Clear Plastic Shoe Organizers with Lids



These are perfect for protecting your beloved basketball sneakers. Able to accommodate most shoe sizes, this shoebox provides good storage for your different types of shoes which keep them new and tidy. A simple interlocking design connects boxes to one other to stabilize the overall stack. It is made of safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic PP plastic. 



Find out more about YEAVS Clear Plastic Stackable Shoe Organizers with LidsCheck Latest Price



20. Portable Transparent Closet Organizer Shoe Case 

Portable Transparent Closet Organizer Shoe Case



Transparent and easy to assemble, these cases are excellent for organizing your shoe collection. Apart from keeping shoes visible and dust-free, they have handles in the form of holes that enable for easy pulling out. 



Its remarkable plastic build makes a stable and multi-layer configuration possible. With plenty of stacking option shoe box cases, you can choose to either stack these horizontally or vertically.



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Shoe Racks



1. Simple Trending 4-Tier Shoe Rack

Simple Trending 4-Tier Shoe Rack



This stylish rack serves as a great accent to your drawing-room. Made of thickened metal tube with powder-coated finish, its coating is smooth and resists corrosion. These shelves fit boots, high heels or slippers and hold 12-15 pairs of shoes. 2 sets and more can be stacked to get a complete 8-tier shoe rack, or bridged to expand the unit.



Find out more about Simple Trending 4-Tier Shoe RackCheck Latest Price



2. SONGMICS 5 Tiers Shoe Rack

SONGMICS 5 Tiers Shoe Rack



The key feature of this storage is that it is very portable – little wonder, then, as to why it’s one of Amazon’s top shoe rack choices. Constructed from durable iron pipes with high-Quality PP Connectors, it has a waterproof non-woven fabric cover and is easy to assemble. You can set it up without any tools, and divide it up into a 2-tier or 3-tier shoe rack if you wish.



Find out more about SONGMICS 5 Tiers Shoe RackCheck Latest Price



3. MAX Houser 3-Tiers Shoe Rack With 2 Removable Storage Bins 

MAX Houser 3-Tiers Shoe Rack with 2 Removable Storage Bins



Nothing beats the dual functionality of racks and storage bins, especially when it comes to organization. Made from sturdy steel, this shoe storage is easy to clean and highly durable.



Its 2 storage bins are made with non-woven fabric, which is soft and breathable. There’s absolutely no need for any special tools or technical knowledge to set up this rack.



Find out more about MAX Houser 3-Tiers Shoe Rack with 2 Removable Storage Bins Check Latest Price



4. TXT&BAZ Portable Boot And Shoe Rack With Fabric Cover

TXT&BAZ Portable Boot and Shoe Rack with Fabric cover



Designed to be the cabinet for your boots and shoes, TXT&BAZ shoe rack is dust-proof and boasts a large storage capacity. It is easy to install and functions beautifully.  Light and highly portable, you can change its placement any time you like.



Find out more about TXT&BAZ Portable Boot and Shoe Rack with Fabric coverCheck Latest Price



5. SONGMICS 10-Tier Shoe Tower Rack With Cover 

SONGMICS 10-Tier Shoe Tower Rack with Cover



A covered shoe organizer and rack that is perfectly sized for your foyer’s closet! With a great size of 22 7/8″ x 11 1/8″ x 62 7/8″, this amazing shoe rack is suitable for your walk-in or entryway closet. Constructed with high-quality steel tube and PP Plastic connectors, this shoe storage is highly durable. Side pockets are designed for storing shoe brush, keys or other sundries.



Find out more about SONGMICS 10-Tier Shoe Tower Rack with CoverCheck Latest Price



6. Tangkula Wooden Shoes Racks

Tangkula Wooden Shoes Racks



This modern rack is petite – it carries enough space for several shoes, but can fit into the tightest of corners. Our wooden rack isn’t just for shoes. You could also place daily essentials (e.g. keys) on it for easy access. This shoe rack is made of high-quality wood, and guaranteed to last you for the years to come.



Find out more about Tangkula Wooden Shoes RacksCheck Latest Price



7. Ballucci Vintage Shoe Rack Bench

Ballucci Vintage Shoe Rack Bench



This industrial piece marries form and function, and double as a bench when you tie your shoes. It showcases the industrial vintage decorative finish of engineered wood with metal. The 2-tier heal friendly metal mesh can fit 6-8 pairs of shoes. This while providing enough space to store sandals underneath. Step by step instructions are included for quick set up.



Find out more about Ballucci Vintage Shoe Rack BenchCheck Latest Price



8. PATIOJOY 3-Tier Shoe Rack Bench

PATIOJOY 3-Tier Shoe Rack Bench



The 3-layer shoe rack organizer with a 6.5-inch high space provides plenty of storage space. At the same time, it can also be used as a bench where you can sit while changing shoes. It is made of FCS certified Acacia wood that is hard, corrosion-resistant and durable for long-term use. The boards are fixed with galvanized steel screws. Overall, this results in a firm and stable structure that can withstand up to 180lbs of weight.



Find out more about PATIOJOY 3-Tier Shoe Rack BenchCheck Latest Price



9. SoSo-BanTian1989 10 Tiers Shoe Cabinet With Dustproof Cover 

SoSo-BanTian1989 10 Tiers Shoe Cabinet with Dustproof Cover



This is a portable shoe cabinet that can be kept easily when not in use. Its compact size helps to keep your space (e.g. walk-in closet) well organized. The 10-tier shoe rack organizer is designed and finely crafted using only selected stainless steel tubes and plastic connectors.



Find out more about SoSo-BanTian1989 10 Tiers Shoe Cabinet with Dustproof Cover Check Latest Price



10. LANGRIA 18-Cube DIY Shoe Rack

LANGRIA 18-Cube DIY Shoe Rack



This classic black-and-white rack with a floral design is possibly the best thing you can go for. It has 18 rectangular cubicles to store all your shoes in a reduced space. The cubicles can be stacked together or used separately, effectively differentiating itself from similar products.



Find out more about LANGRIA 18-Cube DIY Shoe RackCheck Latest Price



11. ForHauz Shoe Storage Rack For Closet Or Entryway

ForHauz Shoe Storage Rack for Closet or Entryway



This product is super slim, compact and convenient. It helps to saves room in your closet, bedroom or entryway. You can store shoes both vertically and/or horizontally, which frees up more closet/entryway space. Boasting multiple adjustable shelves, its 4 adjustable shelves can be added or removed to fit shoes of various sizes and heights.



Find out more about ForHauz Shoe Storage Rack for Closet or EntrywayCheck Latest Price



12. Whitmor Wood Household Shelves

Whitmor Wood Household Shelves



This shoe storage is petite, compact and environmentally friendly –  perfect for use in the modern home. With 2 tier wood closet shelves, it will fit great in the closet under hanging clothes. Made from solid natural wood, this rack provides additional storage space for your closet. You’ll be glad to know that it is easy to assemble,  with no tools required. 



Find out more about Whitmor Wood Household ShelvesCheck Latest Price



13. SIMPDIY Portable Shoe Rack 

SIMPDIY Portable Shoe Rack



Easily assembled and highly customizable, this rack will fit in any free space. Made from rust-proofed steel and eco-friendly polypropylene resin, this trusty unit is sure to last you for a long time. You can customize the shape of the storage organizer according to your needs. The cubes design offers even more possibilities to further help organize your house. 



Find out more about SIMPDIY Portable Shoe RackCheck Latest Price



14. Honey-Can-Do Bamboo 3-Tier Shoe Shelf

Honey-Can-Do Bamboo 3-Tier Shoe Shelf



A perfect organizing shelf for your small space or compact apartment. The stylish shoe rack holds 9 to 12 pairs of adult-size shoes. Crafted from fast-growing bamboo for clean green living, its 3 shelves provide other ways to arrange your shoes. The durable slatted surface is naturally resistant to mold, so there’s no need to worry about mold or fungi.



Find out more about Honey-Can-Do Bamboo 3-Tier Shoe ShelfCheck Latest Price



15. MobileVision Bamboo Free Standing Boot Rack 

MobileVision Bamboo Free Standing Boot Rack



This environmentally-friendly shoe storage features a simple design. You can neatly organize and store your shoes and boots. Made from top quality bamboo, this rack helps protects your boots and prevents them from creasing or cracking.



Find out more about MobileVision Bamboo Free Standing Boot Rack Check Latest Price



Cabinets For Shoes


1. Shoe Bench & Shoe Cabinet With Hidden Compartment

Shoe Bench & Shoe Cabinet with Hidden compartment



Made from 100% natural bamboo, this shoe rack is an excellent all-rounder. The wood becomes mold-proof, moisture-proof and insect-proof. It is also not easy to deform and crack. It also has a high-density sponge cushion for comfortable seating. The high-grade flannel can be removed and cleaned. Proper ventilation through shuttered doors prevents  odors from forming.



Find out more about Shoe Bench & Shoe Cabinet with Hidden compartmentCheck Latest Price



2. Baxton Studio Eloise Beech Wood Shoe Cabinet 

Baxton Studio Eloise Beech Wood Shoe Cabinet


A modern and contemporary take on a classic entryway shoe cabinet, this fantastic 2-door shoe cabinet with open shelves combines functionality with style. This cabinet is made from engineered wood and finished with a beech faux wood grain veneer. The two pulled outdoors reveal six storage shelving space. The open shelves add extra shelving space, allowing an additional 6 pairs of shoes to be stored. It is suitable any room including for your bedroom, front room and entryway area.



Find out more about Baxton Studio Eloise Beech Wood Shoe Cabinet Check Latest Price



3. Yaheetech Shoe Cabinet 

Yaheetech Shoe Cabinet

Photo credit:



A well-crafted entryway shoe cabinet with a drawer and adjustable shelves, the storage cabinet is crafted out of P2 compliant MDF. This reduces formaldehyde emissions to the least amount possible and provides you and your family with a safe living environment. This shoe cabinet comes with a spacious drawer for keeping small items. Its four shelves can each hold up to 12 pairs of shoes.



Find out more about Yaheetech Shoe Cabinet Check Latest Price



4. Baxton Studio Simms Modern Shoe Cabinet

Baxton Studio Simms Modern Shoe Cabinet



Tippy drawers provide an extra space-saving feature for shoe cabinets. This modern shoe storage solution was designed with a modest profile. Its svelte size fits neatly against a wall in a hallway, mudroom, or entryway. Three storage compartments each fit six pairs of shoes. Approximately eighteen shoe slots vary depending upon your shoes’ sizes. The unit is formed with an engineered wood frame and dark brown faux wood grain paper veneer finish. The plastic door supports and silver plastic legs are designed for sturdiness.



Find out more about Baxton Studio Simms Modern Shoe CabinetCheck Latest Price



5. RANDEFURN Free Standing Storage Cabinet

RANDEFURN Free Standing Storage Cabinet



This is a beautifully designed entryway cabinet that is perfect for storing shoes and more. The cabinet has a crisp white finish combined with clean lines and metal pulls. Made of wood and coated with smooth beige paint, this floor cabinet storage gives a simple and elegant to its surroundings. It will complement almost any color scheme or decor style.



Find out more about RANDEFURN Free Standing Storage CabinetCheck Latest Price



6. Adelina 2-Door Shoe Cabinet 

Adelina 2-door Shoe Cabinet



Easily the most functional shoe cabinet, the Adelina features a generous amount of space for storing your shoes. It has five open shelves in the middle and five closed shelves on either side. Its cabinet doors open and close using metal hinges and feature cut-out handles for easy access to items. 



Find out more about Adelina 2-door Shoe Cabinet Check Latest Price



7. Bamboo Shoe Rack & Bench With Hidden Compartment

Bamboo Shoe rack & Bench with Hidden compartment



Another great looking storage bench to highlight your foyer or entry area, this bamboo storage cabinet is ideal for furniture storage. It is neat, compact and helps to organize shoes. This cabinet has a naturally smooth surface and rounded corners to protect your family from bumps or scratches. It can be used in your bedroom windowsill or footrest lockers on the bed’s end.



Find out more about Bamboo Shoe rack & Bench with Hidden compartmentCheck Latest Price



8. Organizedlife Large White Shoe Box Cabinet 

Organizedlife Large White Shoe Box Cabinet



A treasure box for your most treasured shoes, this modern new shoe box cabinet shines in its shade of white. The color will blend in with your home decor. This box will keep your shoes away from dust and damage. Because it is so strong, this cabinet can also double as a shoe bench.



Find out more about Organizedlife Large White Shoe Box Cabinet Check Latest Price



9. Baxton Studio Warren Shoe-Storage Cabinet

Baxton Studio Warren Shoe-Storage Cabinet



One of the top choices for shoe storage cabinets is always Warren. This contemporary shoe-storage cabinet can be placed anywhere: its medium-density fiberboard and engineered-wood frame with dark-brown finish gives it a chic, contemporary look.



Find out more about Baxton Studio Warren Shoe-Storage CabinetCheck Latest Price



10. Baxton Studio Coolidge Shoe-Storage Cabinet

Baxton Studio Coolidge Shoe-Storage Cabinet



This is one of the more compact-sized versions of Amazon’s choices. Store your shoes discreetly with this Coolidge espresso shoe-storage cabinet.  The contemporary cabinet features four shoe-worthy shelves and offers fantastic flexibility. Its slatted front doors include sturdy solid-wood handles and a dark-brown finish.



Find out more about Baxton Studio Coolidge Shoe-Storage CabinetCheck Latest Price


DIY Shoe Organizer And Storage



Have you ever have that thought where you saw something and said: “wait I can use that as a shoe container”? Or when someone threw away something old and useless. Then you thought I could still convert that into shoe storage.



Well, you’re not alone that is what most Do-It-Yourself(DIY) artists do all the time. Why not try to juggle up your creative side and use these items to inspire you.



1. Clothes Hangers

Jeronic Trousers Hangers



Never underestimate the use of old wire hangers in the hands of creative minds. Here are a couple of links for wire hangers. Remember: your imagination’s the limit.



    1. 6 Tier Blouse Tree HangerCheck Latest Price
    2. Jeronic Trousers HangersCheck Latest Price
    3. Qiangson Non-Slip Velvet HangersCheck Latest Price



2. Plastic Tubes

Azar Clear Acrylic Cylinder



Yep, there are plenty of storage tubes out there, but why not try these for your next DIY project?



    1. Azar Clear Acrylic CylinderCheck Latest Price
    2. Royal Imports Cylinder Shape Acrylic CenterpieceCheck Latest Price



3. Trash Bins

iDesign Formbu Bamboo Wood Wastebasket



It’s a bit of a waste to throw away trash bins when you’re done with them. Why not just reuse them as shoe storage bins?



    1. mDesign Slim Plastic Rectangular Small Trash CanCheck Latest Price
    2. iDesign Finn Round Plastic Compact Waste Basket Check Latest Price
    3. iDesign Formbu Bamboo Wood WastebasketCheck Latest Price



4. Shower Curtain Hooks

Utopia Bedding Shower Curtain Hooks



If it’s a hook, you can definitely hang anything on it. What about you –  can you think of any other shoe storage ideas that involve these items?



    1. Rust Resistant Metal Shower Curtain HooksCheck Latest Price
    2. Utopia Bedding Shower Curtain HooksCheck Latest Price
    3. iDesign Metal T-Bar Shower Curtain Hooks Check Latest Price



5. Wall-Mounted Mug Racks

5 Tier Black Metal Wall Mounted Kitchen Mug Hook



Someone thought about jazzing up the mug hooks by making them look wonky. Well, why not jazz them up further and using them as a shoe rack instead.



    1. Love-KANKEI Rustic Wood Kitchen Rack with 8 Removable Hooks Check Latest Price
    2. 5 Tier Black Metal Wall Mounted Kitchen Mug HookCheck Latest Price
    3. MyGift Vintage Scrollwork Design Wall Mounted Mug HookCheck Latest Price

The best shoe storage ideas acknowledge the limitations of your space, the size of your feet, and the number of shoes in your possession. They should be easy to make use of, so you don't ignore them completely, and relatively affordable and easy to install, because if you were going for a custom-designed closet, let's face it, you wouldn't be here. Only you know exactly which combination is right for your needs but we'll at least get you started with a few shoe storage ideas—some of which, we will admit, are more practical than others. 

Here's what: this exercise in determining how to store your shoes, then buying the things, and then using them, doesn't sound very fun, sexy, or cool, on paper or in this article, but there is a special, gratifying feeling you will get when your stuff has a logical place to belong, when your shoes stay crease-free, when your entryway isn't a legitimate fire hazard. Stay with us and we promise this feeling will come eventually. It'll be worth it. But first you've got to get your hands dirty and your shoes off the floor. 

Super Storage Furniture 

Before we get into the storage cubes and plastic boxes: have you considered new furniture? Look, we're not saying these pieces were made for shoe storage, or that they'll even hold every single pair you own, but they'd take a little work off your closet's plate, not to mention look incredible in your home. 

Balutto Associati Rialto storage bench

This Italian storage bench will give your bedroom some high-end hotel energy with its textured fabric and curved lines. Plus, it'll fit a dozen or so shoe storage boxes so you can finally declutter your closet.

Cate and Barrel baro wood storage bench

This white-washed wood storage bench works in any home, from cabin to condo. Position it in your entryway to keep your floors clear of Birks and Nikes, or whatever shoes the rest of your family is liable to trip over when they walk in the door after you.

Kartell Componibili bio storage unit

These '60s-era Italian storage units are stackable, come in all kinds of sweet colors, and look great as bedside, entryway, and closet-side furniture. They're also a particularly lavish way to store your vintage Italian loafers, too.

Ikea Mackapar shoe storage

Stack two of these narrow shoe cabinets on top of each other for an interior design upgrade and king-worthy shoe storage system all in one. We'd also recommend swapping out the legs with a custom set.

Bins and Baskets For Semi-Visible Areas

If you plan on stashing shoes under a bench, bed, or other open-bottom piece of furniture, buy a receptacle that does what it needs to do and also, ya know, looks good. Because nothing bricks a nice bed frame or entryway seating like an overstuffed Ikea bag. 

Kolkata azad low leather storage bin

We love the low, wide shape of these storage bins and the fact that they're crafted from black or brown leather, which means they can handle a beating and still look beautiful. (An important detail, considering the price.)

Hay color crate

Hay's wonderfully affordable stacking crates come in a variety of sizes and over a dozen great colors. Mix and match them to your heart's content. There's no wrong combination.

Puebco shoes box

If you prefer something more pared down and simple, stack two or three of these wire baskets on top of each other and let your shoes do all the talking instead.

Texxture Scarborough baskets

We promise you'll find a use for this trio of baskets that includes, and then goes way beyond, shoes. And yes, we're talking about your library of old issues of GQ.

Shoe Racks (for Those With Deep, Spacious Closets)

Look, we're generally not into shoe racks as home decor unless you have a special hand with interiors or happen to be an NBA player with an endorsement deal and then it's like, as you were. But if you've got the closet space to hold a standalone system? Rack it up. 

The Container Store large drop front shoe storage

These plastic cubes can be endlessly stacked to meet your shoe-storing needs, filling an entire wall of your closet if you so desire (and trust, many a sneakerhead already has done just that).

Urban Outfitters stackable bamboo shoe rack

What this shoe rack lacks in capacity, it makes up for in pleasing cubed lines. Plus, you can always stack them up until your collection is served.

Munto quick fold shoe storage box (2 row, 6 tier)

Like the Container Store Ootion, this shoe storage system holds up to size 13 shoes and has individual doors so you don't have to stack and unstack boxes to get the pair you want. This particular one also has sunlight-proof doors and quickly opens and collapses which comes in handy on, say, moving day.

Open Spaces entryway shoe rack

This is the rare open shoe rack we'd argue would work in a bedroom, entryway, or closet equally well. It holds 10 or so pairs, so you can keep the heroes of your collection front and center for your fit-concocting pleasure.

Shoe Storage for Smaller Spaces 

OK, let's roll up our sleeves and get to business here. Handsome benches, delightful baskets, and walk-in closet shoe storage aside, these are the heroes that are going to keep your shoes protected, organized, and crumple-free in even the smallest of spaces. 

StorageLab under bed shoe storage

Use these under-bed drawers for all of your off-season shoes, twice-a-year joints, and performance gear (think: climbing shoes). All of the dividers are removable, so you shouldn't have a problem stashing away pool slides in the summer and snow boots in the winter, for instance.

The Container Store over-the-door shoe bag

Ah, the blessed over-the-door shoe holder. Ugly as all hell, and yet so effective at preventing your closet from triggering an anxiety attack. This eco-fabric version is nicer than most but, still, always keep the shoes on the inside of your closet door.

Misslo 8-shelf hanging shoe system

If your closet is wider than it is deep or has sliding doors, you might prefer a hanging system. Go double-wide to get 16 pairs lined up and ready to duty. P.S. You can find narrower options but if you're into high-tops, boots, or wear a size 11 or up you'll probably need this larger profile option in order to fit both shoes in one compartment.

Iris USA organizer shelf

You don't need to go all California Closets to recognize the opportunity to use up the dead space between where your clothes are hanging and the floor of your closet. These simple, actually attractive risers come in a few different sizes and give you twice the shoe-storage.

Some Helpful Shoe-Storing Accessories 

You've come this far in your shoe-storing journey, you might as well round things out with these helpful extras. Some might say it's overkill, but those people have probably never experienced the strangely gratifying pleasure of an Eagle Creek packing cube. 

MyGift distressed gray wood boot storage rack

This one is dedicated to anyone who has ever retrieved a positively trampled, borderline ruined pair of boots from the back of the closet after a season of not thinking very much about boots. Do your wallet and your sanity a solid and throw them on this boot rack next time, so they remain at attention until you're ready to wear them again.

Eagle Creek pack-it multi-shoe cube

If you care about shoe storage on home court, you care about shoe storage during away games too. Eagle Creek makes our favorite packing cubes, including those expressly designed to store your shoes.

Earth Wise 100% cotton shoe storage bags

Those dust bags that came with your shoes are a good idea to put into use when you aren't wearing them. If you tossed those along with the packaging, or want to protect even the humble pair of Havaianas, you can easily order blanks on Amazon.

Cedar Space cedar shoe tree

Whether you own a single pair of dress shoes or wear a different pair every day, you need some cedar shoe trees. They're an old school favorite for a reason; your shoes won't crease or warp even a little bit when these are tucked inside.

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Whether you’re a sneakerhead or a Manolo devotee, you’ve likely grappled with the question of how to store all of your precious shoes in a cramped city apartment. Under the bed just won’t do, and a jumble of mismatched pairs cluttering your entryway isn’t a great look either. To find the best storage solutions that also keep your shoes in tip-top shape, we spoke to 16 professional organizers all throughout New York City (and one in Raleigh) for their recommendations. Below, 21 of their favorite boxes, shelves, racks, and more.

Best overall shoe organizers

These clear-plastic shoeboxes from the Container Store were the most recommended storage solution by our organization experts. “We never encourage clients to keep shoes in their original shoeboxes,” says Jamie Hord of Horderly Professional Organizing. “Clear, uniform shoeboxes let you see exactly what you have, maximize your space, and give you an aesthetic look in your closet that makes it impossible to mess up.” They work for both shoes that are worn regularly and ones that need to be stored for the off-season. They’re also stackable. “You want to mimic creating shelves in some way,” says Amanda Wiss, founder of Urban Clarity, while Apartment Jeanie’s Jeanie Engelbach recommends utilizing the height of the closet to store shoes. They’re also easy to label, and Jeni Aron of Clutter Cowgirl says, “If you’re done with a pair of shoes, you can use the box for something else not even shoe related (bathroom, kitchen, pet stuff, meds, etc.).” They come in standard, large, and tall sizes (for heels), but can get pricey if you need a bunch of them.

Here’s something similar from the Container Store that three of our experts also highly recommend. “I love these boxes because you don’t have to unstack them to get the pair of shoes you want,” says Emily Matles of Emagine Simplicity. Hord agrees: “These drop-front shoeboxes create an exact home for every shoe with super-easy access and give your closet a beautiful, yet functional, aesthetic.” Jessica Decker of Become Organized also likes these because “the closed drawer keeps shoes protected from dust, while small ventilation holes allow shoes to breathe.”

Best over-the-door shoe organizers

For an organization system that’s more out of the way, four of our experts recommend sticking them on the back of a door. “In my opinion, the best place for shoes (in terms of space-saving) is on the back of a door or inside a closet door,” says Tori Cohen of Tori the Organizer. Decker agrees: “An over-the-door shoe organizer is the easiest, simplest way to store shoes. It goes up in a second and can hold 24 pairs of shoes in an otherwise unused space.” Nicole Abramovici of Genius Organizing notes that the average shoe bag accommodates only 12 pairs, but “this gem has 24 pockets [and fits] one pair per pocket, meaning 24 pairs are up in there. Life-changing!” Natalie Schier, president and founder of Cut the Clutter, also recommends this particular style for heels or chunkier shoes. To make this organizer look a little more appealing, professional organizer Ann Sullivan suggests using decorative nails or small hooks to mount it on doors instead of using the over-the-door hooks that comes with it.

This one is even simpler (and less expensive), and it’s Schier’s pick for flats, sandals, and sneakers. “The clear pockets mean you can quickly spot the shoes you want to wear,” she says. “It’s also super easy to mount this rack directly to the inside of a door or even a wall. I use it with my clients not just for shoes, but for winter accessories, too.”

Another over-the-door option is this nifty organizer that Lauren Levy wrote about, and is “the rare hanging option that doesn’t involve any pockets.” While it takes more assembly than one with pouches, “the benefit is that it comfortably carries both heels and flats,” she says, “and it won’t suffocate shoe leather, a material that requires sufficient breathing room to stay fresh.”

$33 at Amazon

Best shoe-cubby systems

For those who prefer to keep shoes contained in their own compartments, try this simple cubby system recommended by Lisa Tselebidis, a KonMari-certified consultant. “This minimalist cubby organizer can be placed anywhere in the home, whether in the entryway or in a closet,” she says. “You can put two or more of these together and create as large of a shoe organizer as you need.” Sullivan also recommends a similar system and notes that it is “great for a mudroom,” and “if you don’t want to do built-ins or have the budget for them.” Amelia Meena of Appleshine is also a fan: “I love using them for flats or sneakers — sometimes heels can be a bit tricky if they’re too high.”

To display all of your shoes in a streamlined manner, Kadi Dulude of Wizard of Homes recommends this tall cubby cabinet that can hold 36 pairs of footwear.

Best shoe racks

Three of our experts — Anna Bauer of Sorted by Anna, Schier, and Kelley Jonkoff, a certified KonMari consultant based in Raleigh — swear by this expanding rack with grippy, offset bars. “The foam coating is KEY,” says Schier. “It keeps the shoes from slipping off the rack.” Jonkoff calls out its adjustable width, which she says is nice if you move often. “Moving is expensive enough without having to replace your things to fit your new smaller or larger space,” she says. “I’ve had a similar design to this for over ten years and it’s still going strong.”

Straightforward shoe racks are also great for decluttering spaces like entryways. “They may be basic, but they get the job done,” says Matles. “They’re ideal for adding more shoe storage in your closet or by your entryway.” This one from Homebi is stackable.

Hord’s go-to pick for shoe organization is this stackable mesh rack. “We love this shoe-rack solution for many reasons. One big reason is that it has straight, solid shelves,” she says. Another is the fact that it stacks, which means maximizing vertical space. You can even fit an extra row of shoes on the floor below the bottom shelf.

Jonkoff also likes this one made out of bamboo because it not only provides storage, but also “creates a visually pleasing, calm environment.” She’s partial to storing shoes on a slight slant with the toes facing out, and this three-tier shelf “helps make the shoe more visible, making footwear choices easier,” she adds. “To go full-Kondo for a minute, having the toes facing forward creates a sense of facing the day and the future.”

$31 at Amazon

Barbara Reich of Resourceful Consultants likes the West Elm shoe rack — which is definitely a splurge — for “its simple, clean aesthetic,” she says. “It is a neutral addition to any entryway.” The industrial-looking rack is made from mango wood and steel.

According to Jonkoff, “This rack is ideal for someone with a large shoe collection and a small, multiuse space.” Made from chrome-plated steel with ten tiers and nonslip bars, it can hold up to 50 pairs of women’s shoes of various styles, and because it’s tall, it doesn’t create too large a footprint. It also has wheels, which Jonkoff says is “perfect for a closetless room” because it “can be rolled out of the way when company is over or anytime their usual space is needed for something else.” And the fact that it looks a bit industrial can be plus: “When I’m helping a client organize their clothing, I tell them we’re going to make their closet feel like a boutique.”

Best shoe stackers

To squeeze even more space out of your shelves, Decker suggests trying these Shoe Slotz that “increase storage space and prevent shoes from getting damaged sitting on top of each other.” They’re similar to ones that Strategist contributor Alison Freer recommends, which she says are “like individual two-story condos for every single pair of footwear.” She continues: “As everyone on the island of Manhattan knows, the Golden Rule of creating more space is always to go up rather than out, and because the Shoe Slotz allow me to stack two shoes on top of each other within the same footprint, I essentially halve the amount of space each pair takes up on my shoe racks.” Schier also uses something similar, saying, “They are a game changer for sandals and flats. They literally double the amount of shoes you can store on a flat rack or on the floor.” Schier adds rubber bumpers to the bottoms to keep them from sliding around on the shelf.

Best hanging shoe organizers

Vertical fabric cubbies are another great hanging option for utilizing limited space in a closet. Just attach it to the rod off to the side and you instantly have designated room for your shoes. Dulude recommends this canvas organizer that holds a surprising number of shoes.

$26 at Amazon

Best closed-storage shoe organizers

For those who want their shoes completely out of sight, our experts Bauer and Matles both recommend Ikea’s Trones system, which “is slim and compact and can be used in various areas of your home,” according to Bauer. Matles likes that it “fits perfectly on a wall in a narrow space and keep shoes off the floor.”

Here’s another Ikea solution that keeps shoes concealed behind a sliding door. “This Ikea shoe cabinet is great for a small space and perfect to keep in a hallway by the front door,” says Aron. “If you have the height, you can stack one cabinet on top of the other and store less frequently used shoes and other accessories up top.”

$70 at Ikea

Best seating with shoe storage

“If closet space is an issue and you don’t quite have the space for a shoe cubby, then an ottoman would be a great solution,” says Dulude. This one is made of microfiber and includes interior side pockets for even more storage.

$137 at Amazon

Juli Oliver of OrganizeNY recommends this bench with shelves that makes it easy to put on your shoes — and put them away when you’re done. Perfect for a mudroom or an entryway.

$53 at Amazon

Best storage for boots

Storing boots—especially tall boots—is trickier because of their shafts and how much real estate they take up. And because they’re often made of “supple leather or suedes,” as Engelbach noted, they need a little extra TLC to keep fresh. If you have extra space in your closet, Bauer and Engelbach suggest hanging them with these handy clip hangers.

Schier recommends Voot Boot Shapers to help keep “tall boots from flopping over and ending up in a jumbled mess,” which ultimately makes them easier to store. They’re essentially flexible plastic sheets that you roll up and insert into the shaft. They store flat when you’re not using them.

$13 at Amazon


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Great shoe storage.MaritzaGreat shoe storage.5

Great shoe storage simple butShaquanaGreat shoe storage simple but effective.5

Practical storageCHANTELThis simple product line allows visual simplicity to be combined with significant strength and durability.5

Nice ProductJillianI really like these shoe boxes. The material allows airflow, the boxes look really nice and stylish, and you can see what shoes are in each box. Good deal for the price - four in a pack costs $7.99.5

best shoe boxes everBrittnibest shoe boxes ever5

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Snubbed shoe boxesValerieI just came back for more. I bought I number of these several years ago... but needed more to accommodate new shoes. These are a wonderful storage option as I can still tell what I’m storing and have easy access.5

I LOVE these shoe boxes!ChristinaI’m not the kind of person that buys shoes that need shoe boxes, however wanting to organize my tiny apartment I said ‘what the heck-let’s try this’ and I just love the way they look in my closet. I went back and bought more, some for my niece and some more for me!5

Fits great in a suitcaseAliciaFits great in a suitcase for small items.4

Cute and sturdySafiyaI just got my closet organized and these just add more function to it with space saving solutions5

Impressive boxesMelissaBought online without seeing them. I was impressed in the construction for what they are. Very clever. I bought for shoes but can’t decide whether to put shoes or other accessories in them. Small purses or hats, craft items. I’ll be buying more.5

Love them!!!!PietraHonestly it has totally transformed my closet has given me a lot more space to utilize and I absolutely love the stability, look and feel of these boxes❤️5

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Storage boxes shoe

8 Best Shoe Storage Boxes That Are Sure to Upgrade Your Space

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission.

Using the best shoe storage boxes can help organize your footwear collection while at the same time protect your favorite pairs from dust and residue buildup, which can lead to fading or warping while not in use.

When shopping for the best shoe storage boxes, there are some features you want to look for. Stackable styles are ideal as they’re best for maximizing floor space while options with clear front doors that open from the front allow for easy access and visibility. Some boxes will have drawers that slide out while others will have doors that open from the top or side like an actual door. That said, if you only need to store a couple of pairs, a front opening isn’t essential. Certain shoe storage boxes with lids can actually deliver a chic look.

Typically made of sturdy plastic, cardboard, or wood, many of the best shoe storage boxes are also ventilated to provide enhanced air circulation. Keep in mind that cardboard is more susceptible to moisture, which can cause mold to form, so if you opt for a cardboard option, make sure they allow for proper airflow. This is especially important if you live in a hot, humid climate.

You can also opt for foldable shoe storage boxes that collapse down when you’re no longer using them. Moreover, they come in a range of sizes and some are better suited for low-tops whereas others can store high-top silhouettes or even boot styles. So, before buying anything, consider your size and what pairs of shoes you want to store. With all this in mind, we compiled some of the best shoe storage boxes on the market to help your footwear stay pristine for years to come.

Rebrilliant Waytrim Shoe Box

Offering a clear foldable design and durable plastic construction, Rebrilliant Waytrim Shoe Boxes are equipped with ventilation holes and are able to fit most men’s shoes up to a size 13. They feature a small connecter that works to ensure the boxes don’t tilt easily.

Rebrilliant Waytrim Shoe Box, best shoe storage boxes

Dotted Line Vision Shoe Storage Box

Meant for storing smaller women’s shoes, Dotted Line’s Vision Shoe Storage Box Set includes two fabric units that are sturdy enough for easy stacking and have a handy clear front panel to display which shoes are inside.

Dotted Line Vision Shoe Storage Box, best shoe storage boxes

Winston Porter High Heels Box

Available in four finishes and fit for larger men’s shoes and heeled styles, Winston Porter’s High Heels Box is an ultra-durable, solid wood option. It features a drop-front magnetic door and a tempered glass viewing window with a sleek silver door nob; it’s interior is lined with genuine Spanish cedar. It also includes rubber grips for easy stacking.

Winston Porter High Heels Box, best shoe storage boxes

Iris USA Inc. Men’s Wide Shoe Boxes

Made of sturdy plastic, Iris USA Inc. Men’s Wide Shoe Boxes come in a set of four and feature a front door opening. Stackable and ventilated for enhanced airflow, they’re designed to be able to fit up to a men’s size 13 shoe.

Iris USA Inc. Men's Shoe Boxes, best shoe storage boxes

Whitmor Clear Vue Men’s Shoe Box Set

The units in this affordable Whitmor Clear Vue Men’s Shoe Box Set have a folding silhouette and closure and come in packs of three. Made of plastic, they’re also super-lightweight, ventilated and simple to transport from room to room.

Whitmor shoe storage boxes, shoe storage boxes

Ironland Stackable Shoe Storage Boxes

Coming in a set of 12, Ironland Stackable Shoe Storage Boxes have clear foldable plastic doors and are designed to fit up to a women’s size 10.5 or men’s size 9.5 shoe. Offered in different colors, they’re dust and waterproof and the front cutout allows the shoes to breathe.

Ironland shoe boxes, shoe storage boxes

Prasacco Shoes Boxes

Constructed from three-layer cardboard, these Prasacco Shoes Boxes have ventilated holes and a quick-sliding drawer with a transparent window for quick and easy access. Designed to hold shoes up to a woman’s size 11 and men’s size 10.5, you get 10 per order.

Prasacco Shoes Boxes, shoe storage boxes

California Closets Bleecker Shoe Storage Box Set

California Closets Bleecker Shoe Storage Boxes are made from heavyweight 90% recycled fiberboard and have plastic windows for viewing the contents inside. Available in medium and large sizes, these also boast a textured surface and simple lidded design.

California Closets Bleecker Shoe Storage Box Set, shoe storage boxes

How To Assemble Plastic Shoe Box - Assemble Plastic Shoe Box from Shopee

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