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What is Loadiine GX2?

Loadiine is a WiiU homebrew. It launches WiiU game backups from SD card. Its Graphical User Interface is based on the WiiU GX2 graphics engine.

How do I use this?

All information about how this works and what is required to do for it to work is written on the following support thread.

How to build?

Main Application

To build the main application devkitPPC is required as well as some additionally libraries. Download the libogc and portlibs packages from the release pages and put them in your devkitPro path. Replace any existing files. If not yet done export the path of devkitPPC and devkitPRO to the evironment variables DEVKITPRO and DEVKITPPC. All remaining is to enter the main application path and enter "make". You should get a loadiine_gx2.elf and a loadiine_gx2_dbg.elf in the main path.

Installer Application

To compile the installer application enter the "installer" path on the source code and type "make".


  • Dimok
  • Cyan
  • Maschell
  • n1ghty
  • dibas
  • The anonymous graphics dude (he knows who is ment)
  • and several more contributers


Since I heard that Nintendo is going to release Switch, I decided to purchase a second hand Wii U for my girlfriend to play Zelda games because I thought it would be cheaper and you can hack it easily without modifying its hardware. It was not! LOL
Anyway, I have been working on it for a few days, and I could see that it’s not so difficult to “exploit” it but the information are all over the place (just like PS3 jailbreak), so I create this post which summarizes everything you need to hack your Wii U at ease in one place. I’m still learning on some other areas, as soon as I have nailed them, I will update this post.

Exploit for 5.5.2 is updated at the end. With this one, things are much more simpler and fast now.

First, I know 2 popular ways to play Wii U backup games

  1. Loadiine GX2
  2. WUP Installer (highly recommended)

Loadiine is what I knew long before I got the console so I went for it right away. And you will probably see many games stated as “Loadiine ready”, but after trying to play few big games, say Breath of the Wild, I saw that this is not the most efficient way. Because it takes quite a long time to load games which have thousands of files (like around 20k files), so it is extremely slow. Games are stored in SD card, so “yes” for small games and “no” for big games. I am going to show you how to do it as well. There is no way to transfer Loadiine games to NAND and USB, because file structures are different.

I read many threads saying that it is better to install games to NAND (internal memory) or USB (flash drive), this is called WUP Installer. But most of them are too long to read and confusing. And thanks to them, I got all the tools and know-how to share with you.

Second, download the tools package here. The package includes:

  1. Homebrew App Store Launcher: to download many homebrew apps from here, but I would suggest you to download in your computer and put it in SD later.
  2. Loadiine GX2 launcher: to play Wii U backup games from SD card
  3. WUP Installer GX2: to install Wii U games to NAND or USB
  4. CFW Booter: to boot into CFW
  5. CFW (custom firmware): to play installed games from NAND or USB. This is supposed to be Region Free, but I have only tested with USA.

Third, equipment:

  1. Wii U at 5.5.1 FW
  2. A SD card, FAT32, 64kb clustered size
  3. An USB – this will be formatted by the console to its format type (so… this USB is DEDICATED to Wii U ONLY)
  4. Wii U USB Helper (This is a discontinued project, you can follow this work-around)
  5. JNUS Tool

Fourth, this is the know-how. Please note that you will have to do these steps every time you turn on your console.

  1. Disable Wii U Auto Update. There are several ways to do this but I only disable the option in Internet menu. You can google other ways.
  2. Extract the tools package to your SD card’s root. ‘Install’ folder is to store games which will be installed via WUP Installer. ‘Apps’ folder is to store homebrew apps. ‘Games’ folder is to store games which will be played directly from SD card via Loadiine GX2.
  3. You can download Loadiine Ready games, updates & DLC from many sites (wiiuiso, etc.), and you can also use JNUS Tool to download updates.
  4. You can download WUP games, updates & DLC via Wii U USB Helper (google titles keys sites and save those URLs for future use).
  5. Loadiine game’s folder title should include game title and game ID, most uploader had already set it for us so no worries. Put game folders into ‘Games’ folder. For game’s updates, put it into its game’s folder, and always use the latest update (I have never tried DLC, sorry).
  6. WUP games are to be put into ‘Install’ folder. For updates and DLCs, those folders are also put into ‘Install’ folder but you should pay attention to their folders’ names to avoid having same name.
  7. Insert SD card and plug USB in the console.
  8. Open Internet Browser, and go to (You should bookmark the url)
  9. Select Homebrew Illuminati Launcher from drop-down list and check the box to default-select for next times. Click Submit.
  10. Let the browser do its thing and it will go to a green screen. If it does not that means the video hang or white screen then you should reset the console or unplug power cable and wait to the red light is complete gone. Try step 8 & 9 again.
  11. After the green screen, you will be sent back to Wii U Menu, open Internet Browser and access again. You will be taken to Homebrew Launcher.
  12. Select Loadiine GX2 if you want to play games from SD card. Then choose the game to play, and you can select update version (if any) and DLC. If you want to exit from the game to Wii U Menu, just click Home button, and open Wii Maker (it is Homebrew Launcher until you completely close it), you will be back to Loadiine GX2. Click Home button if you want to go back to main screen of Homebrew Launcher to load other app. You don’t need to continue from here if you don’t use WUP Installer.
  13. Select CFW Booter, then choose fw.img (just the first time).
  14. You will see a boot screen of the CFW to know it was booted successfully.
  15. Redo step 8 to 11.
  16. Select WUP Installer GX2, and choose what games, updates & DLCs and location to install them.
  17. After installation is done, exit the homebrew launcher to Wii U Menu, you will see your installed games.
  18. Start playing!

For Wii games, you can download some from Wii U USB Helper, and install with WUP Installer. And you are required to have a Nunchuck in order to play them.

Okay, my Wii U was updated to 5.5.2 by accident and Loadiine doesn’t have a working exploit yet. So I seeked out for other method and i found this. It is super easy, it can go to Homebrew Launcher offline and it is PERMANENT. But you will have to buy a virtual console game from eShop. Just go to this youtube link to see a walkthrough visually. Below are the steps to follow:

1. Buy Brain Age… (it’s a long name), it costs $6.99.

2. Download and install it.

3. Here is the link to download Haxchi files.

4. Download and extract it.

5. Put haxchi folder which is in a “Root” folder to the root of your SD card. The other one is in “wiiu” folder.

6. Insert the sd card into wiiu.

7. Go to this url:, and click Exploit.

8. When you are HBL, click Haxchi Installer.

9. Select Brain Age game and press A twice.

10. You should see Haxchi app on WiiU menu now, and you just need to click on it to go to HBL. Once you are in there, everything is the same as in 5.5.1. Oh, and you can turn off its wireless connection because Haxchi is an offline exploit.

FYI: You still need to get the files of the first method to play game backups, this is just an exploit to let you run CFW.

Like this:




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Last updated : March 31 (v50) =>
THE ROCKETTING SHALL CONTINUE : And a warm thanks for all your messages We are reaching the end of March, meaning the decision about is to unfold. Be assured, we are continuing for at least 1 more year!
Let's be honest, I'm pretty surprised I was receiving requests for this gate to still alive for the time being, since there are alternatives out there.
Most of you however, told me that specific payloads used here (using the the PHP loading method) were still unique and nowhere else to be found. To that, I'm also very surprised. For older firmwares like 5.5.0 & 5.5.1, it seems the success rate is still going almost 100% for their users. Well, I mean, that's how used to be known thanks to some PHP tricks, the famous Golden Age for us ;w;. The interesting part is that we shared the script involving the magic a long time ago, so I was conviced it would still be hosted somewhere for these users. I didn't look after valuable hosts by myself, so I will just believe you ^^.

Thanks again to all of you who sent me an email regarding their use of this gate, I haven't responded them yet so I think it is time to dig into the matter and reply them all =3. will now continue to operate a year longer, without any more update however, and only the computer page version (which is absolutely outdated and hilarously not functional anymore) will now redirect to

Thank you for all these years,

-- NEW FIRMWARE : 5.5.5

Each suggestion is a step ahead in this gate's pefection, so feel free to share & spread your point-of-view with us!
Send a message to Cybernatus on GBATemp or via Email using contact [@]

Good to know

How to make permanent automation working when opening the Internet Browser?

On your WiiU's browser, open a single tab with this gate showing up.
Exit to the main menu without closing the tab, launch MiiMaker and exit it right away.
Now everytime you'll be launching your browser, the automation will take relay and remember the program you have choosen to auto-launch.
You can decide to cancel your automation at any time during the process.
Please keep in mind that your Public IP Address is the main element used to recognize you, due to cookies not working while using exploits. If it comes to change, your automation will reset.

Common related problems =>

Wii U logo is stuck on white screen when running HBL/Loadiine : Verify that you haven't named your SDCard "Wii U" nor "WiiU", this will cause the exploit to crash. Name it otherwise.
FSGetMountSourceFailed : Your SD Card isn't recognized by your Wii U. Make sure you have inserted it well and formatted in FAT32.
Could not load file /program/program.elf : The program you're trying to load isn't present at the expected location. Please verify your files tree (SD:/wiiu/apps/program/program.elf).
When I go back into, step 2 isn't taking place : You took too much time to get back into the gate thus we concluded that you've dropped the procedure [1M30 gap].
My detected firmware isn't correct : You probably entered the hardcoded URL from somewhere (Such like Try using instead to trigger a new detection.
When I launch Loadiine/HBL a second time, my Wii U freeze : You don't have to run a payload twice, when you quit from a game via Loadiine for exemple, just launch MiiMaker to get into it again.
Why permanent automation vanish after a while? : We recognize your Wii U regarding your global IP address. Putting a cookie on your browser won't work since we crash it when running a loader. So if your IP address change meanwhile, so does your automation choice.

Video Tutorials =>

"Splatax Tutorial" By LeanYo
"How to load WiiU backups on ANY WiiU" By Formfact0r
"Splathax Tutorial (TCPGecko)" By LeanYo
"Wii U Mod Tutorials : Adding Smash Mods to your Game! " By EWNetwork

== FRENCH ==
"Exploit 5.5.1 Wii U Backups With Loadiine GX2" By The Legend Of Zouiguipopo
"Loadiine GX2 V0.3 - WiiU 5.5.1" By HoloryTV
"Loadiine en 3 minutes ! M�thode simple sans selfhost (5.5.X)" By Skyforce77
"Hack Wii U 5.5.X (Homebrew Launcher et Loadiine)" By RockBoyFR

"Instalar Kernel Exploit "Illuminati" en FW 5.5.1 / 5.5.0 (Cargar Loadiine)" By SebasTorr�n
"Tutorial Desbloqueo Wii U - LoadiineGX 2" By Hardy Heron
"CORRER JUEGOS DE WII U V�A MEMORIA SD (5.5.0 y 5.51)" By Ruk Ayuda

== GERMAN ==
"Homebrew Launcher 5.5.1 | Tutorial" By Wiiarctus
"Wii U Homebrew Launcher mit 5.5.0/5.5.1" By Flashcardsinfo
"Loadiine GX2 f�r Wii U installieren (5.5.0/5.5.1)" By Flashcardsinfo

"Desbloqueio Wii U Loadiine Offline Server - RAPIDO E FACIL " Jr Duble Gamer

=> Credits <=

This Modest Loadiine Automation Service is brought to you by Cybernatus from GamerzCorp :3
If you have any question or suggestion, you can either contact me via Miiverse : Cybernatus or via GBATemp.
This portal isn't considering itself as a professional nor very maintened one and is the work of a passionated guy. I hope you'll appreciate it \o// is hosted on a Dedicated Server using combination of Apache2/Mysql5 to manage its concept. Only your IP address is registered into our database to give you the automation engine and 2-steps methodology.
We engage to never share any information regarding your IP to anyone. If you do not connect to the gate within 7 days after your last seen, it will delete your IP itself from our database. No cookies are used in any way (Maybe except when we're really in need of eating something easily, but actually it shouldn't impact you at all :O).

StageFright Exploit : Yellows8
Kernel Exploit : Marionumber1
Illuminati Exploit : MWPlayer123
Homebrew Launcher : Dimok - Andriy921 - z0mb3 - Nougat-Police
Loadiine GX2 : Dimok - N1ghty - Maschell - OnionKnight - Golden45
TCPGecko : Chadderz - NWPlayer123
Cafiine : Chadderz - MrRean
SDCafiine : Chadderz - Golden45 - MrRean
Loadiine GX2 : Dimok - N1ghty - Maschell - OnionKnight - Golden45
Loadiine V2-V3-V4 : Dimok - Golden45
WupInstaller : Crediar
NNU Auto-Patcher : FIX94

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How To Run Games On WiiU With Loadiine 5.5.2 + Download

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