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Welcome to Vikram Deb Autonomous College

Out of the intense desire of the public of this locality for the spread of higher education in this backward tribal area and in response to heavy public demand, the Govt. of Orissa evinced keen interest in starting a college at Jeypore from the session 1947-48.

The College

Description of the Crest

The motto written in Sanskrit Devanagari script on the top is a prayer for leading humanity from darkness to light. The book and lamp are the eternal symbols of knowledge and light. The Konark wheel not only indicates the achievement of the people of Orissa in the field of art and architecture but also stands for progress. The waterfall next to the wheel stands for the scenic spots and natural potentialities of the locality. The name of the college is inscribed in English at the bottom.

From The Principal Desk

"I welcome you to Vikram Deb (Autonomous) College with pride. It is an honour and a privilege to be the Principal of Vikram Deb (Autonomous) College, the College that stands for excellence and continuously sets high standards in Academics .This College has produced many distinguished personalities and leaders in diverse fields of life. Catering to more than 5000 students, Vikram Deb (Autonomous) College is considered among the best and most sought after colleges in south Odisha.
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Prof. Dr. Gopal Haldar, Principal

Automated Library With 50,000 Books

5000 Student Enrolled

26 Acre. Campus Area

------- Our History -------

Out of the intense desire of the public of this locality for the spread of higher education in this backward tribal area and in response to heavy public demand, the Govt. of Orissa evinced keen interest in starting a college at Jeypore from the session 1947-48. The philanthropist King Rajarshi Vikram Dev Verma who once ruled the state of Jeypore donated land and buildings for the college. His Diwan and other prominent citizens of the area extended all possible help and co-operation for this noble cause.

The college started functioning from 01-07-1947 as "JEYPORE COLLEGE" and Sj. K.M. Dwivedy joined the college as its first Principal on 06-07-1947. The college began with only 49 students, 09 teachers and 20 boarders in the hostel. Maharaja Vikram Dev Verma was a great patron of art, learning and culture in this neglected part of Orissa. As a tribute to his monumental contributions the Govt. of Orissa very aptly decided in 1951 to rechristen the erstwhile "JEYPORE COLLEGE" as "VIKRAM DEV COLLEGE". The statue of this great erudite scholar adorns the central place of the main building of the college.

The college was upgraded to a FIRST GRADE COLLEGE in 1961 with the opening of Under Graduate classes in Science and Humanities streams in 1961 and 1963 respectively. Honours teaching provisions were made during the years 1968-73. Teaching facilities at the Post-Graduate level were first initiated in the Department of History in 1979 and such facilities were extended to the Departments of Economics, Commerce and Political Science in 1983 and 1990 respectively. Higher secondary streams in Arts, Science and Commerce were introduced in 1983. Post- Graduate studies in Chemistry were introduced in 1993-94.

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Sours: https://www.vikramdebcollege.ac.in/substancesfeade/noticeboard/noticeboardpdf/fee-structure.php?argsaa/ce1272280.htm

Replacement Guide

  • 123100-02960,
  • 123100-03930,
  • 123100-04260,
  • 123100-04261,
  • 123100-04930,
  • 123100-05960,
  • 123100-06520,
  • 123100-07320,
  • 123100-09220,
  • 123100-09320,
  • 123100-09560,
  • 123100-10130,
  • 123100-10530,
  • 123100-11230,
  • 123100-15030,
  • 123100-16330,
  • 123100-22130,
  • 123100-23230,
  • 123100-37330,
  • 123100-43130
  • 2318-283,
  • 2318-285,
  • 2318-303,
  • 2318-353,
  • 2318-441,
  • 2318-450
  • 123626,
  • 123627,
  • 123629,
  • 123634,
  • 123639,
  • 475568,
  • 475570,
  • 501-6684-01,
  • 501-8834-01,
  • 505-5201-30,
  • 507123626,
  • 507123627,
  • 507123634,
  • 507123639,
  • 507475568,
  • 507475570,
  • 507520130,
  • 520130
  • 2318.283,
  • 2318.285,
  • 2318.303,
  • 2318.353,
  • 2318.442,
  • 2318.45,
  • 2318.450,
  • 33.00225,
  • 33.01037,
  • 935.0012,
  • 935.00120
  • 06315,
  • 6315,
  • 94549,
  • 94549-B,
  • 96443,
  • 96543,
  • 96625,
  • 96943,
  • 96989,
  • 97519,
  • 98045,
  • A-03920,
  • A-03921,
  • A-04298,
  • A-04656,
  • A-98551-37
  • AM104373,
  • AM121415,
  • GJ66844,
  • GJ69018,
  • PT10268,
  • PT11575,
  • PT11576,
  • PT11578,
  • PT11580,
  • PT11584,
  • PT13193,
  • PT3722
  • 217109,
  • 217111,
  • 300457,
  • 94774
  • 530-35032,
  • 530-35049,
  • 530-35092,
  • 530-35144,
  • 530-35161,
  • 530-35185,
  • 530-35199,
  • 530-35260,
  • 530035032,
  • 530035049,
  • 530035092,
  • 530035144,
  • 530035161,
  • 530035185,
  • 530035199,
  • 530035260
  • 1272-06030,
  • 2670-06030,
  • 3039-06030
  • 650-25001-900,
  • 650-25001-910,
  • 650-25010-900,
  • 650-25011-900,
  • 650-25013-900,
  • 650-25022-900
  • 34-6820,
  • 45-3200,
  • 46-4740,
  • 46-4750
  • 615-245,
  • 615-538,
  • K10-WAT,
  • K6-WA,
  • K6WA,
  • WAL-K10-WAT
  • 35032,
  • 35049,
  • 35092,
  • 35144,
  • 35161,
  • 35185,
  • 35199,
  • 35260
  • 1272-06030,
  • 2670-06030,
  • 3039-06030
Sours: https://www.oregonproducts.com/en/carburetor-repair-kit%2C-walbro/p/49-816
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Walbro Carburetor Rebuild Kits

Walbro Parts and Carburetors

Walbro Carburetor Rebuild Kits available online at LawnMowerPros. We carry a large selection of replacement Walbro Carburetor Rebuild Kits. Our online catalog has a large selection of Parts ready to ship direct to your door. Don't see the Carburetor Rebuild Kit you need or need help finding the correct part for your equipment? Complete our Parts Help Request Form and we will be happy to assist you.

Don't know which Carburetor Kit to use?

Are you having trouble finding the correct kit for your Walbro carburetor? Try our Walbro Carburetor Kit Loop Up Tool.

Walbro Carburetor Rebuild Kit Finder

Walbro D10-WAT Carburetor Gasket And Diaphragm Kit

Walbro Parts
Walbro D10-WAT Carburetor Gasket And Diaphragm Kit

#1 Best Seller in Gasket and Diaphragm Kits

Looking for a Walbro D10-WAT Carburetor Gasket and Diaphragm Kit? Look no further than LawnMowerPros. Make your outdoor power equipment feel special with a carburetor part from LawnMowerPros. All your equipment will be jealous of your new parts from LawnMowerPros.

This product is a Genuine OEM Part and fits Walbro WA and WT series carburetors.

Manufactured by Walbro to exact tolerance for your equipment. Available Individually for your convenience. Look no further than LawnMowerPros for your next carburetor part.

  • SHINDAIWA 22128-81140
  • SHINDAIWA 22128-81150
  • STENS 615-590
  • STIHL 0000-007-1073
  • STIHL 4133-007-1060
  • STIHL 8888-000-0090
  • and others
  • Walbro D10-W, D1-WA and WAT
  • Walbro WA series carburetors
  • Walbro WT series carburetors
  • Walbro WT-369
  • Walbro WT-369-1
  • and others

Walbro D20-WAT Carburetor Gasket/diaphragm Kit

Walbro Parts
Walbro D20-WAT Carburetor Gasket/diaphragm Kit

Diaphragm and Gasket Kit - Walbro D20-WAT
- OEM Walbro D20-WAT Diaphragm and Gasket Kit for new WA and WAT series carburetors

  • ECHO P003000240
  • and others
  • WALBRO WA and WAT series carburetors
  • WALBRO WT-711-1
  • WALBRO WT-717-1
  • WALBRO WT-717-1
  • WALBRO WT-718-1
  • WALBRO WT-718B
  • WALBRO WT-721A
  • WALBRO WT-723-1
  • WALBRO WT-724-1
  • WALBRO WT-725B
  • WALBRO WT-727-1
  • WALBRO WT-727-1
  • WALBRO WT-731-1
  • WALBRO WT-827A
  • WALBRO WT-875A
  • and others

Walbro K10-WAT Carburetor Repair Kit

Walbro Parts
Walbro K10-WAT Carburetor Repair Kit

#1 Best Seller in Walbro Carburetor Kits

OEM Walbro Carburetor Kit

Get your Genuine Walbro K10-WAT Carburetor Repair Kit and other 2-cycle carburetors parts from LawnMowerPros.

This product is a Genuine OEM Part that fits all Walbro WA and WT carburetors.

Manufactured by Walbro to exact tolerance for your equipment. Available Individually for your convenience. LawnMowerPros offers the largest selection of Walbro carburetor parts and more!


  • BOLENS MT973
  • CRAFTSMAN 316791890
  • McCULLOCH C 40013246
  • MTD MT973
  • POULAN XT125
  • POULAN Wild Thing 2375
  • TANAKA 47425001200
  • TANAKA 47425001800
  • WALBRO 13B WT324
  • WALBRO WA 200 D8
  • WALBRO WT-10
  • and others

Walbro K13-WYK Carburetor Repair Kit

Walbro Parts
Walbro K13-WYK Carburetor Repair Kit

  • and others
  • ECHO SRM-311
  • and others

Walbro K20-WAT Carburetor Kwik Kit

Walbro Parts
Walbro K20-WAT Carburetor Kwik Kit

Carburetor Kit - Walbro K20-WAT

OEM Walbro K20-WAT Carburetor Rebuild Kit

Looking for a Walbro K20-WAT Carburetor Kwik Kit? Look no further than LawnMowerPros. Send friends the Walbro K20-WAT Carburetor Kwik Kit they have always wanted. LawnMowerPros has the Walbro carburetor kits for your 2-cycle engines.

This product is an OEM Part and fits all Walbro WA and WT Carburetors.

Whether you mow one lawn or twenty, let us make this mowing season a memorable one.

Manufactured by Walbro to exact tolerance for your equipment. Available Individually for your convenience. carburetor kits and other 2-cycle engines parts available at LawnMowerPros.

  • ECHO P003000250
  • and others
  • All Walbro WA and WT Carburetors
  • SEARS CRAFTSMAN 358.797290
  • SOLO 432 Sprayer
  • WALBRO WT346
  • WALBRO WT-346
  • WALBRO WT458
  • WALBRO WT-458
  • WALBRO WT 637
  • WALBRO WT730
  • WALBRO WT-730
  • WALBRO WT764
  • WALBRO WT-764
  • WALBRO WT-827A
  • Weedeater SST25
  • and others

Walbro K20-WTA Carburetor Repair Kit

Walbro Parts
Walbro K20-WTA Carburetor Repair Kit

Carburetor Kit - Walbro K20-WTA
- OEM Walbro K20-WTA carburetor rebuild kit

  • and others
- Poulan PP335
- Walbro WA and WT carburetors
- Walbro WTA 31
- Walbro WTA-32
and others

Walbro K20-WYJ Carburetor Repair Kit

Walbro Parts

Walbro K20-WYJ Carburetor Repair Kit

Carburetor Kit - Walbro K20-WYJ

OEM Walbro K20-WYJ carburetor rebuild kit
Fits WALBRO WYJ carburetors

FITS WALBRO WYJ-108-1, WYJ-151-1

Walbro K20-WYL Carburetor Repair Kit

Walbro Parts

Walbro K20-WYL Carburetor Repair Kit

Carburetor Kit - Walbro K20-WYL

- OEM Walbro K20-WYL carburetor rebuild kit
- Fits Walbro WYL carburetors
- Fits:
- Maruyama HT 2300D-R
- Troy-Bilt TB575 SS Big Read gas powered trimmer and others

  • Need help finding the correct repair parts?

    Get Help!
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    - Robin C.
Sours: https://www.lawnmowerpros.com/walbro/walbro-carburetor-rebuild-kits.asp

Original Kit Carburetor Walbro K20-WYJ Other Outdoor Power Equipment cheap designer brands

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Original Kit Carburetor Walbro K20-WYJ Other Outdoor Power Equipment cheap designer brands

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explore our range

explore our wide array of choices that is curated for your style

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Original Kit Carburetor Walbro K20-WYJ Other Outdoor Power Equipment cheap designer brands

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Carburetor kit walbro

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WOW! Amazing New Carburetor Tech From Walbro

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