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shell art shadow boxes
Grouping of deep shadow box frames with shells from Craftberry Bush. When composing your shell art there are three things to consider. The frame, background and arrangement of shells. To bring them together, all you need is your imagination and a hot glue gun.

coquina shell art
A compelling assortment of small Coquina shells from Sanibel Island, FL. Featured on Displays Inspired by the Natural History Museum. The shells are also known as butterfly shells. It's easy to see why. Each shell has its own pencil drawn compartment. An inexpensive white Ribba frame from Ikea was used.

burlap frame shell art
For this Framed Shell Arta recycled frame was used and burlap as a background (hot glued to a cardboard) which gives this framed shell wall art a sandy feel. Also note, there is no glass. You can touch the shells. And a very useful tip: Lay out the shells then take a picture so you remember the placement.

Framed Shell Art DIY Ideas Distressed Shadow Box Frame
A variety of shells art tightly grouped together and adhered into a rustic distressed picture frame. Original source unknown.

shell collage
The idea of a Beach Collageis a little different from all the other shell art projects. It's like framing a slice of beach. By Natasha Burns.

Simple Seashell Shadow Boxes

Fill a Shadow Box with your Seashells. Easy to pull off, and striking in look. A deep enough shadow box can also be displayed free standing.

gallery shell art
Create abstract shell art. Featured on Gallery Worthy Framing Ideas for Shells, Seaglass and Beach Pebbles. By Beached Art.

Seashell Art on Wood Board
Mount Seashells on Woodfor a casual rustic look. Original source unknown.

Seashell Heart Wall Art on Wood
With a wood board as frame you can create anything. By Tattered & Inked, featured on DIY Seashell Hearts Wall Art.

black frame shell art
Black makes for a dramatic background. In this case a black velour fabric covers a sturdy foam core board. Via My Pinterest.

Framed Shell Anchor Wall Art Idea
Create any shape with a template and/or form and fill it with shells, similar to a Shell Mosaic. Idea by Shell Shop Treasures.

gallery wall with shell art in dining room
An outstanding Gallery Wallsof shell art in a dining room via Traditional Home, featured on Slipcovered Furniture 101. For tips and tricks, read How to Hang a Picture Grouping.

shell art frame grouping
Shadow Boxframes were used to play off the shell pattern in a Dash & Albert seashell rug, featured on Nautical Rugs. Via Redbook Mag.

shell art in the bathroom
Shell Art in the Bathroom. Pieces of beach vacation memorabilia.

shell gallery wall in living room above sofa
Shells arranged by color and size. By Sand and Sisal.

frames with shells by Tobi Fairley
A bunch of frames unified with paint, each displaying a single shell. By Tobi Fairley. via Traditional Home.

Sea Shell Beach Art Printer Tray Idea

Printer Tray Shell Displays like this gorgeous example by Michelle Snowden offer many little compartments to highlight shells.

Shells Framed with Abstract Painted Ocean Background
The background of your shell art can have a big visual impact as this shell art illustrated. It looks like the background is a Painted Abstract Ocean. Original source unknown.

Learn how to make an easy seashell wall hanging for your home using your shells from the beach. 

When my little guy started preschool last year, every day he came home with something from nature – leaves, acorns, sticks. You name it, and he brought it inside.

I finally put a nature bowl in the mudroom where he could drop off all of his goodies when he entered the house. 

Wherever he goes, he always finds something for his nature bowl.

This year we were lucky to vacation by the beach, and my son collected more seashells than even his nature bowl could hold.

DIY seashell wall hanging using shells from the beach

While we were on vacation, I set my kids up to do some seashell crafts and figured I would do the same.

After all, the seashells were so pretty and would make for nice memories from our trip.

Cleaning seashells to use as DIY crafts for the home

Seashell wall art was also perfect for this month’s DIY challenge. 

Each month we have been collaborating with a talented group of DIY bloggers, and this month’s theme is any 2 hour DIY project.

DIY beach wall art tutorial using seashells from the beach

How to Make Seashell Wall Art

Making this seashell wall art was super easy! You just need a few crafty things to throw it together. 

As far the the seashells, you want to find seashells that are a good size for the wall art that you are making.

If you are making a big piece, you can use larger seashells or a combination, but if you are making a smaller piece, you’ll want to use smaller seashells, so you can make tight lines with your shape.

how to make seashell wall art with a wooden plaque and seashells from the beach

Materials for Seashell Wall Art

  • Seashells (see above tip for size)
  • Wood – You can buy this from the craft store or use scrap wood or drift wood. I bought mine from Hobby Lobby. Here’s a similar one. 
  • Glue – I used hot glue because that’s what I had at the time but mod podge would work well
  • Pencil
  • Scrap paper
  • Scissors

Instructions for Heart Shaped Seashell Art

Below are the instructions for making seashell wall art for your home.

Clean Your Seashells

First, you’ll want to clean your seashells well.

I rinsed the seashells with dish soap and water to get the sand off.

Then I let them sit in a bucket of one part water and one part hydrogen peroxide.

No need to use bleach!Using seashells collected from the beach to make DIY beach wall art

Choose or Make Your Background

For my wooden background, I picked up a decorative piece from Hobby Lobby.

It was pallet wood that had a drift wood look, so it was perfect. 

You could make the background with scrap wood too.

Easy DIY crafts with seashells

Choose Your Shape

I decided to do a heart because we just love the beach.

To get the shape, I drew half the heart on a piece of scrap paper. 

Then, I folded the paper in half and cut. This way both sides of the heart were symmetrical. 

Next, I cut out the heart and traced it onto the background to make heart shaped wall art from seashells

Arrange Your Seashells

The next step is to arrange your seashells onto the shape you drew.

I started by doing the perimeter of the shape.

Seashell wall art ideas for crafts

I lined up the curves of the seashells with the curves of the heart, filling in smaller seashells where I needed.

Heart shaped wall art made from seashells glued onto drift wood

Glue Down the Shells

Once you are happy with the arrangement, you can start gluing down the seashells. 

Again, start with the perimeter of the heart and work your way around. This part is a little tedious, but it’s fun to see it come together.

Seashell wall art diy made from seashells from the beach

Make an easy DIY home decoration from seashells and driftwood

Time and Cost of the Seashell DIY

The seashell wall art took me less than 2 hours and the cost was just the background wood – which was around $6.

It was a very simple DIY and I love the way it turned out. It’s a fun way to remember our wonderful trips to the beach.

Be sure to check out the other projects you can do in two hours! 

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This DIY seashell art piece is a beautiful addition to any home beach decor. Use seashells collected from the beach or bought from the store and you’ll be feeling beachy in no time!

seashell art diy easy craft

Make this seashell art in under an hour with seashells you’ve collected from the beach or bought from the store. It’s a cheap and creative way to add some beach inspired decor into your home.

Beach home decor is really popular these days -who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by the relaxing and happy feeling of the beach all year long?

If you want to add beach inspired home decor to your home but I don’t want to pay a fortune for them, then easy DIY projects are going to be your friend.

And this DIY seashell art is easy peasy.

For more easy Beach inspired crafts, check these out: diy seaglass art here and diy seashell candles here.

I created this seashell art with an inexpensive shadow box frame, some simple crafting glue and some seashells my family and I collected from the beach last summer.

This craft took less than an hour and was easy to make. It’s like coloring in a shape with seashells!

I made a heart shape with this piece, but the shape options are limitless.

I think it would look great with letter shapes too, like the initial letter or monogram for your family name, or even a number that holds special meaning.

If you’re using seashells collected from the beach, make sure you clean them for crafting.

Check out my blog post on how to clean seashells for a couple of easy methods. Cleaning them is important so you remove gunk and smells often left behind.

If you bought your seashells from the store or online, no need to clean them as they come pre-cleaned.

Once you have some squeaky clean shells, you are ready to get nifty! Here’s the tutorial…

How to make Seashell Art -Heart shaped

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclaimer

  1. Cut the cardstock or paper to the size of the backing of your frame and glue it to the backing.
    PEI Beach Souris crab.jpg

    Glue the backing of the frame

    seashell art ideas glue card to board step 2

    Place card stock on frame backing

  2. Using a pencil, trace a heart shape (or any other shape) onto the cardstock/paperseashell art diy
  3. Using your larger seashells first, glue them in any place inside the heart shape. Make sure to even distribute the larger pieces within your shapeseashell art diy easyseashell art framed
  4. Once the larger seashells are done, you can start gluing on the medium size ones. This ensures that the big and medium size seashells are evenly distributed within your shape, as they will be more eyecatching than the smaller ones. The smaller ones are for filling in the gaps and for creating clean edges along the border of the heart shape.
  5. Using the smallest shells, glue them to fill in the gaps between the rest of the shells and also the border of the shape.seashell art diy easy framed
  6. Optional: you can use decorative pearls to add some extra texture and shine to your artwork

And voila, your beautiful beach inspired seashell art is ready to be displayed! Enjoy and hope to SEA ya soon!

I ended up making 2 versions of this diy seashell art, here are some final pictures of both…

diy seashell art shadow box frame

seashell artwork diy

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seashell art diy easy


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Seashell wall art - Seashell wall hanging - Home decorating ideas

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