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Find Hotels with an Indoor Pool in Topeka, KS

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Enjoy the university setting and shopping in Topeka accompanied by a hotel with an indoor pool so you can come back and relax whenever you want. Expedia travelers also recommend the restaurants and sporting events in Topeka—get ready for a jam-packed holiday.

Expedia has 25 accommodations with indoor pools in Topeka so you’ll be able to find one for your stay.

After several refreshing laps in the indoor pool, head out and visit some of the popular attractions in and around Topeka. Consider a trip to First Presbyterian Church Topeka, Kansas State Capitol, and Ward Meade Park. A few other contenders are Old Prairie Town at Ward-Meade Historic Site and Botanical Garden, Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site, and Kansas Expocentre.

You won’t be sad if it starts raining during your trip to Topeka as you can take a splash in the pool especially given that most indoor pools are heated. If you’re searching for an accommodation to take the little ones for a couple of nights, one with an indoor pool is a must.


Topeka Southwest Aquatics

Get the workout you want with aquatic fitness! Try water workouts for cross-training and variety. With simple changes in personal tempo, range of motion, and length of levers, any class can be tailored to your fitness level.

There is no charge for members to attend any water group fitness classes, and no registration is required. Just show up and be ready to take the plunge and try a great workout! During the Summer months, members can enjoy our six-lane, yard outdoor pool. Fall through Spring, our members have access to the indoor pool at Washburn University, a local university close to our Topeka SouthWest club.

Our mission

1. Provide specialized training tailored to help each individual find their success in the water
2. Equip swimmers with the ability to react in an aquatic emergency, to not only sustain their own life but also aid in need
3. Bring fun on the deck and into the water

Water Exercise & Open Swim

We offer water exercise classes and open swim times year-round! During the months of May through September, members can enjoy our outdoor pool and choose from multiple class and open swim times. Times are at the beginning of May. From September to April, members can utilize an indoor pool located on the campus of Washburn University.

Open swim times are Monday-Friday, am am and pm pm.

Class times are M-W-F at noon.

Swimming Lessons & Swim Team

Genesis offers private swimming lessons year-round in their heated pools, taught by highly trained instructors. The programming of these lessons is set to align with your schedule.


For information on swimming lessons and swim team, please contact our Aquatics Director, Brooke Pike, at [email protected]

Mile Swim Club

Do you have what it takes to swim miles? The Aquatics Program at Genesis challenges each and every member to the swim of a century. Log your miles, and swim at your own pace. The Aquatic department will celebrate the milestones overcome! Each member that completes the feat will receive a mile swim club tee-shirt, along with the admiration for enduring such a long swim!


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Confidence in the Water.

Swimming is a life skill as well as great exercise and a challenging sport. The YMCA offers swim lessons for all ages, as well as group Aquatic Fitness Classes. Swim year-round in our heated, indoor pool and swim with the folks that created group swim lessons!

The next swimming lesson session will begin on Saturday September 18th.  We will offer a 6-week Saturdays only session or 3-week Monday/Wednesday session. Registration for all lessons in that next block begins on September 6th at midnight.  Private lessons are also available upon request. For any inquires on private lessons or questions on registration/levels, please send an email to [email protected] and I will get back with you as quickly as possible. Thank you all for your interest in the swimming lesson program at the YMCA of Topeka. I’m looking forward to seeing all of your little fish in the pool!

Alexis Hill

Swimming Lesson Coordinator

If you know of anyone that would like to work or volunteer for the YMCA a few hours a week doing the important work of teaching kids to swim, we would love to have you apply and train you. This is our main obstacle at this point and the more instructors we have the more lessons we can do! We thank you for your patience and if you or someone you know would like to help, please apply "HERE". 

Aqua Baby


Aqua Baby (6 months-1 year)

This is a parent/child swim class that teaches aquatic skills in a progressively structured but fun way. This class will not make your child an independent swimmer; instead, this class will acclimate them to the water and show them how fun the water can be! Skills learned include getting adjusted to the water and getting comfortable being on both their back and front positions in the water. Each child MUST be accompanied by an adult IN the water.

Online Registration and Payment

Aqua Tot


Aqua Tot (Ages 1 and 2)

This is a parent/child swim class that continues to build on comfort levels in the water. This class will not make your child an independent swimmer. It will however, continue to build on comfort in the water as well as introduce skills such as back floating and breath control. Each child MUST be accompanied by an adult IN the water.

Online Registration and Payment

Beginner Preschool


Beginner Preschool (Ages 3 and 4)

Beginner Preschool is a class meant to orient young preschoolers to the water. This class will help them become more comfortable and safer in aquatic environments. Breath control, submerging, buoyancy, and changing direction in the water are just a few of the skills we will work on with this class.

Online Registration and Payment



Preschool (Ages 4 and 5- prior to starting kindergarten)

This class will continue to build on the skills in the beginner preschool level. This class is designed for your children ages 4 and 5. They will continue to progress through skills such as breath control, submerging, buoyancy, and changing directions in the water. This level marks the beginning of working towards more independence in the water, while still focusing on water safety topics.

Online Registration and Payment

Level 1


Swim Level 1 (School aged children 5 and above.)

This class is designed to introduce basic water skills to school age children. This class is designed for those children that may not have much/any water experience. This class will work on establishing a positive relationship between your child and the water, with safety in mind. Your child’s ability to be comfortable in the water while working on skills such as breath control, retrieving submerged objects, and working with buoyancy will help them strive to become more independent in the water.

Online Registration and Payment

Level 2


Swim Level 2

This class is designed for those students who have passed level 1, or can demonstrate breath control and fully submerge to retrieve underwater objects, float and roll in the water with assistance, and demonstrate simultaneous and alternation leg and arm action on both front and back with assistance. They will continue to build progressively on the previously mentioned skills to begin to complete all skills independently.

Online Registration and Payment

Level 3


Swim Level 3

This class is designed for those students who have passed level 2 or can demonstrate fully holding breath and submerging, can independently float on back and front, can independently directional changes and treading water, and can swim on front with combined arm and leg actions. This class will progressively build on the previous skills while introducing new strokes. At this level, sitting dives will be introduced into the skill set as well.

Online Registration and Payment

Level 4


Swim Level 4

This class is designed for those students who have passed level 3 or can jump in and recover to the side of the pool, independently float in deep water, demonstrate several different strokes ( back stroke, front crawl, breast stroke, and side stroke.) This level will continue to develop the previous mentioned strokes as well as introduce new skills. This class is for students who are already confident in the water and are looking to improve their technique.

Online Registration and Payment

Adult Lessons


Beginner or Intermediate This class is for adult swimmers who feel comfortable in the water and are looking to improve technique and learn new strokes.

Online Registration and Payment


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