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Minecraft's rare Brown Mooshroom Cow: All you need to know

Minecraft's Mooshroom Cows are usually considered a hassle to collect since they are scarce and only provide the player with mushroom stew.

Considering how difficult these cows are to obtain, the reward players get from actually finding some and transporting them—sometimes over thousands upon thousands of blocks—isn't always worth the effort.

Mushroom stew isn't an efficient food source, as it doesn't stack, and it compares to eating more accessible meats which give more saturation anyway.

But all of this changes when players see the brown Mooshroom. Its adorable appearance is a major selling point.

How rare is the brown mooshroom, and how can players get one?

image via u/blackdragon, Reddit

Minecraft's brown Mooshroom cow is so rare that many veteran players don't even know. About its existence.

This adorable creature is so rare that it has a % (1/) chance of spawning from breeding two Red Mooshroom Cows. They don't spawn without player interverence in any other way.

There is only one other way for Minecraft players to obtain a brown Mooshroom. Players must either have a lot of luck or be extremely late. This is because Red Mooshroom Cows can actually be converted into brown cows on thundering days in Minecraft.

Red mooshrooms struck by lightning, either naturally or through the use of a trident enchanted with channeling, turn into a brown Mooshroom.

Why is the brown Mooshroom so desirable?

image via Wattles, Youtube

Brown Mooshrooms are desirable in Minecraft because they don't only produce mushroom stew. Instead, when fed any flower and milked, they also produce suspicious stew—a food type that can provide the player with many different potion effects while filling their hunger bar.

The potion effect given to the player depends on the type of flower they feed the cow. These stews are considered some of the most saturating and lifesaving food types in the game, alongside golden apples and enchanted golden apples. Such foods can give the player amazing effects like regeneration, fire resistance, saturation, and many more.

Players must be careful since feeding these mobs the wrong flower and drinking the incorrect type of suspicious stew can poison the player by blinding them and even gives the Wither Effect.

image via Minecraft Wiki

The image above shows each of the flowers in the game and the different effects they give off.

How long has the brown Mooshroom been in Minecraft?

image via OMGcraft, Youtube

The Brown Mooshroom was added in a patch update during Update Much after the regular, Red Mooshroom Cow was added to the game.

It was an easy update to miss if players weren't actively following every snapshot release. Many players who joined Minecraft during or after late wouldn't have heard of this addition anyway.

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Brown Mooshroom Cows give players an unlimited supply of suspicious stew, making these cows incredibly useful to have around. It's a bonus that these cuties don't rip the player off.

Villagers charge players a few emeralds for a single serving of the stew. But a player doesn't control the effect of the stew if obtained through trading.

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Mooshroom in Minecraft

Minecraft has a few normal mobs that are grounded in reality, based on real life and some that evoke a sense of wonder. the Mooshroom in Minecraft is one such mystical mob that is very rare and elusive!

Mooshrooms are a variant of cows in Minecraft that look rather peculiar to new players. However, the chance of seeing it is very rare as they spawn in only one biome, that is regarded as one of the hardest to find. These mobs are land bound and can be milked for soup!

Here are all the facts about the Mooshrooms in Minecraft.

Mooshroom in Minecraft

Mooshroom in Minecraft

Mooshroom in Minecraft are a variant of cows that have mushrooms growing on top of them and are only found in exclusive mushroom fields biome.

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Location and Spawns

Mooshroom in Minecraft

They are exclusive to Mushroom fields biomes and spawn in groups of on Mycelium blocks. They do not spawn in any other biome throughout the world. The natural color of the Mooshrooms are red , and they urn to Brown Mooshrooms when hit by lightning, which is very rare.

Brown Mooshrooms do not spawn naturally. Some of them even spawn as baby Mooshrooms.


Mooshroom in Minecraft

Mooshroom in Minecraft are passive mobs, like their cow counterparts and constantly moo and walk around the biome. They also follow players who are holding Wheat.

Uses and Breeding

Mooshrooms are like normal cows and can be bred using Wheat. However. they can&#;t be crossbred with cow. Breeding two Mooshrooms will make a Mooshroom baby which has a chance of either being red or brown.

Players can also milk them using a Bucket to get milk. However, if the player milk them using a bowl, then the player receives Mushroom Stew.

Brown Mooshrooms can be clicked on with a flower and then milked to make a Suspicious Stew, which has properties according to the flower used.


Mooshroom in Minecraft

On killing them they drop:

  • leather
  • Raw Beef
  • EXP orbs

Players can shear them using Shears to convert them into a normal cow and get mushrooms.

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Minecraft: Everything You Need To Know About The Mushroom Fields Biome

There are quite a lot of biomes in Minecraft, with some more common than others. Biomes such as plains, forests, and deserts are common and you are likely to find them when you first start exploring the world. Each biome has different variants as well, depending on the terrain and proximity to other biomes. For example, many biomes have hill variants.

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Some of these biomes can be quite rare, such as Mushroom fields. This is a unique biome that you probably won't come across too often. In this guide, we are going to go over everything you need to know about the Mushroom Fields biome, including overall rarity, blocks that appear, and any mobs that will spawn. First, let's take a look at how to find a Mushroom Fields biome.

Where To Find The Mushroom Fields Biome

Also known as Mushroom Islands, this biome is one of the rarest biomes in the game. Although it's not impossible, it's very rare to spawn on or near this biome.

Mushroom Field biomes usually present themselves in the form of an island, which is why many people refer to them as Mushroom Islands. Although you will probably encounter this biome as an island, there is a chance that it may attach to other biomes on one or two sides. It's incredibly rare for this biome to be completely landlocked.

To find this biome, you can search through the ocean. This can be done by using a boat or flying with an elytra.

If you don't want to search manually for this biome, you can also use this seed finder website. Entering your seed into this map will display the locations of pretty much everything, along with coordinates. This is a good way to find a Mushroom Fields biome if you do not want to search for it yourself.

Mobs That Spawn In The Mushroom Fields Biome

Unlike other biomes, hostile mobs do not spawn in a Mushroom Field. This means that you do not have to place torches at night to cut down on the number of monsters present. Additionally, monsters will not spawn in any underground structures within this biome. If spawners are present though, they will still spawn mobs.

While hostile mobs don't spawn, you can still find other mobs in the Mushroom Fields biome. Red mooshrooms can appear on the surface, while bats can appear in any underground caverns. Later, we will go over red mooshrooms, as well as their rare brown variant. Overall, this is an incredibly safe biome, making it a great location to build your base.

Blocks Available In The Mushroom Fields Biome

Within a Mushroom Fields biome, you can find the following blocks.

  • Mycelium
  • Red and Brown Mushrooms
  • Red Mushroom Block
  • Brown Mushroom Block
  • Mushroom Stem

Mushroom blocks and stems make up giant mushrooms, which can be seen above. Mycelium is a dirt variant, similar to podzol. On mycelium, you are able to grow mushrooms regardless of the light level. Additionally, if you use bonemeal on a regular mushroom planted on mycelium, it will have a chance to grow into a giant mushroom.

What Is A Mooshroom?

Mooshrooms are a type of mushroom-covered cow that only live in the Mushroom Fields biome. Similar to normal cows, mooshrooms follow the player when holding wheat, and will breed with other mooshrooms after being given wheat. When you do breed a pair of mooshrooms, the baby will not have mushrooms on its back; they will grow when the baby becomes an adult.

Mooshrooms will produce regular milk when milked with a bucket, however, they will produce mushroom stew when milked with a bowl.

If you want to convert a mooshroom into a normal cow, you can use a pair of shears. Shearing will remove all mushrooms, turning the mooshroom into a cow. Afterward, you will not be able to covert the cow back into a mooshroom.

Brown Mooshrooms

Lastly, let's take a look at brown mooshrooms. This brown variant is rare, and will only appear if a red mooshroom is struck by lightning.

Lightning occurs during thunderstorms, which is an uncommon weather type. During thunderstorms, lightning will strike randomly on the ground and light any nearby blocks on fire. Since lightning strikes are random, it will take a while for it to hit a mob. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure the target of lightning.

Tridents enchanted with Channeling will create lightning when hitting a mob. This enchantment will only work during thunderstorms but is guaranteed to hit your targeted mob.

Using a Channeling trident on a red mooshroom will instantly turn it into a brown mooshroom, along with any other nearby red mooshrooms. To convert the brown mooshroom back to red, just hit it with lightning again.

Brown mooshrooms are pretty much identical to the red variant, with one exception. If you interact with a brown mooshroom while holding a flower, the mooshroom will produce suspicious stew. This is a food item that has a random status effect.

That's all there is to know about the Mushroom Fields biome. They can be hard to find, so get out there and start exploring!

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Mooshroom Cows are cows that spawn only in the rare Mushroom Biomes. They drop 5 mushrooms when sheared, turning them back into normal cows. When milked with a bowl, Mooshroom Cows give you a bowl of mushroom stew.


Mooshroom Cows look alot like cows, but the black spaces on the cows are red, and the Mooshroom has mushrooms growing out of him. There eyes don't look the same, but their snout looks exactly the same. They have hooves, like cows. They can be bred with wheat, like cows.&#;


Mooshroom Cows have lots of uses:

- Can be milked with a bowl to get Mushroom Stew

- Can be sheared to get Mushrooms

- Can be milked with a bucket to get milk.

- Can be killed to get leather and raw beef.

Mooshroom Farming

This shows the most efficient way to get materials from a mooshroom

1. 'Milk' it with a few bowls to get a few mushroom stew

2. Shear it for the mushrooms

3. Milk the cow with a bucket for milk

4. Kill the cow for its leather and meat


Mooshroom Cows can be bred with wheat, like sheep and cows. To get them to breed, right-click on 2 Mooshrooms and they will 'kiss' for a few seconds, and a baby will appear.


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