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Alphavan turns Sprinter into gorgeous two-bedroom smart camper van

In the past year, we've seen a few new launches capable of vying for the title of world's most impressive camper van. The Affinity camper van and the Frankia Yucon 7.0 Lounge are two that immediately pop to mind, and we'd be remiss not to throw in the Hymer Vision Venture, even though it's merely a concept. Joining that select group is the new Alphavan, a massive Mercedes Sprinter that includes a duplex bedroom layout, built-in entertainment suite, and smart home-grade control system that can be accessed all around the van's interior and exterior.

The Alphavan is something of a sibling to the Vöhringer ConceptCamper 2021 we looked at last week. Alphavan founder Stefan Krause partnered with Vöhringer on the Sprinter ConceptVan displayed at the 2019 Düsseldorf Caravan Salon. Essentially a prototype version of the Alphavan, the concept highlighted the lightweight potential of Vöhringer's Vunder Tech furniture material, which was on show again this year inside the Ducato-based ConceptCamper.


For his part, Krause moved forward with the Vunder Tech-constructed Sprinter layout previewed on the 2019 ConceptVan, founding Alphavan to bring the design to market. Alphavan offers one of the largest fully equipped camper vans out there but manages to keep it lighter than some vans with well less space.

The Alphavan is built on Mercedes' largest Sprinter, the 736-cm (290-in)-long extra-long-wheelbase variant with super-high (299-cm+) roof. For comparison, that van is nearly 1.5 m (5 ft) longer than the Sprinter 144 that underpins notable campers like the Winnebago Revel and Westfalia James Cook. Although the Alphavan is Mercedes van metal and not a separately manufactured motorhome module atop a Sprinter chassis, it is well larger than the La Strada Nova M Sprinter motorhome and its bigger brother the Nova EB.

In short, the Alphavan is a whole lotta van.

Alphavan doesn't let the echo-inducing van cabin volume go to waste, relying on the Vunder Tech-panel furniture to provide all the comforts of a proper motorhome without axle-splitting heft. In fact, it doesn't even need to upgrade the chassis, as the lightweight construction material saves enough weight to keep the camper well under 3,500 kg (7,716 lb), the leanest gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) for this size Sprinter. That's a distinction with a difference, too, because the EU classifies vehicles up to 3,500 kg as light duty, allowed to be driven with a regular Class B driver's license. Larger vehicles fall under separate restrictions and licensing.


Comparing weights of different camper vans is never an apples-to-apples comparison, given the innumerable layouts and feature packages involved, but out of curiosity we ran the Alphavan's listed 2,960-kg (6,525-lb) "ready to drive" weight against the other large Sprinter campers mentioned earlier. The Frankia Yucon 7.0 weighs in at 3,211 kg (7,079 lb) "ready to drive" when based on the 3,500-kg Sprinter, so 251 kg (553 lb) heavier. The Yucon is built on the shorter 699-cm (275-in) long-wheelbase Sprinter.

The Alphavan is also both larger and lighter than the 699-cm La Strada Nova EB, a Sprinter-chassis motorhome with an expansive live-in body constructed separately by La Strada. The Nova EB weighs 3,390 kg (7,473 lb) and rides on a 4,100-kg (9,040-lb)-GVWR Sprinter chassis.
Even the Affinity camper van, the shortest of the bunch at 636 cm (250 in), weighs over 100 kg (220 lb) more than the Alphavan at 3,090 kg (6,812 lb).


So it seems quite clear that the Alphavan boasts a low weight for its large size. That fact is made more impressive when you look at the spacious, elegant 2.1-m (6.9-foot)-high interior layout, which includes everything you'd expect from a camper van and some things you might not.

The highlight of the Alphavan layout comes at the rear: a ladder-accessed fixed bed space that Alphavan calls the "Relax Area." Usually such designations are marketing constructs, but this one seems fitting, as the sleeping nook is closed off with a rear wall. Overhead and wall-mounted lights brighten the space after hours, while a skylight takes over at dawn. The rear wall houses a set of Blaupunkt speakers and illuminated central storage cubbies with integrated 230V and USB outlets, positioned for access by both occupants of the 200 x 160-cm (79 x 63-in) queen bed. The left and right windows include blackout screens and blinds.


The high bed position cuts down on headroom as compared to lower beds, but that's because it's fixed above a large storage garage below. This space looks large enough to fit a pair of mountain bikes without removing any wheels or components, along with other gear or luggage, and includes tie-down rails on the floor and walls. The rear van doors have integrated chair holders, and a table storage system is also available. The rounded rear cabinets that run the length of the garage over the wheel wells match the interior decor and accommodate equipment like the water tank, which can supply an outdoor shower through a tap at the back.

Alphavan doesn't use the term "garage," instead calling the rearmost space a "FlexPort." This denotes the dual-purpose design of the space, which doubles as a children's room. A single or double folding mattress (up to 200 x 170 cm/79 x 67 in) stretches across the width of the van, supported by the sidewall cabinets, sleeping a child or two. Alphavan carries over the warm feel of the greater interior with matching trim, integrated overhead lighting and illuminated storage cubbies, ensuring the space never feels merely like a mattress thrown in a cold garage. During travel, the mattress folds up and stores on the cabinets, as not to interfere with the cargo floor.


The rear child room/garage connects to the fuller interior with a door that opens to a sizable wet bath on the left. A pull-out sink helps campers make the most of the bathroom space, which also includes a toilet and shower.

Just across the aisle, the 90-L refrigerator stands next to a main kitchen block that houses a sink, flush-mount dual-burner induction cooktop, and plenty of storage drawers and shelves. The four-seat dining area fills out the frontmost part of the driver's side.

Glowing against the light gray of the door frame above the passenger-side entry is a 10.3-in Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control (MBAC) touchscreen, providing centralized smart home-style control of lighting, HVAC, the deployable entry step, the outdoor awning and more. It also monitors major systems like water and electrical. Best of all, the MBAC system connects to Apple and Android smart devices via Bluetooth to spread that control around the interior and exterior of the van. So a camper who wakes up shivering at night can crank the heat from his or her smartphone, without having to so much as sit up in bed.


The Alphavan includes an electrical system with 210-Ah lithium battery, 2,300-W sine inverter and 110-W solar panel. Other onboard features include a Truma Combi diesel water/cabin heater, 90-L fresh water tank and 80-L waste water tank. The base Sprinter comes with an MBUX infotainment system up front that serves as another MBAC camper control screen. MBUX also packs available Mercedes Me Connect digital services like WiFi hot spot, voice control, and smartphone connectivity with remote door locking.

Krause tells us the Alphavan is available for order now for a price starting of €125,000 (approx. US$148,250), before tax. Among the options available are a Sprinter 4x4 base van and a 22-in smart TV with swiveling mount that allows it to be positioned for viewing from the dining lounge or from the master bed "relaxation area."

Source: Alphavan

Sours: https://newatlas.com/automotive/alphavan-smart-sprinter-camper-van/

Sprinter Van Conversion: The Ultimate Guide to a Sprinter for Van Life


It’s easy to dream about a gorgeous Sprinter van conversion, ripe with all the bells and whistles you need to live the van life. Sprinter camper vans are good-looking, hardy and roomy – and get great fuel mileage – the perfect rig for immersing yourself in nature.

But are Sprinter van campers really worth the cost? A brand new Mercedes Sprinter van costs anywhere between $38,000 and $56,000, and that’s without the camper conversion.

What’s all the fuss about anyway?

In this article, we hope to give you as much information as possible about Sprinter van campers so you can make an educated choice about your camper van conversion.

What is a Sprinter Van?

You may have noticed a variety of Sprinter camper vans when you’re driving down the street, eyeing up what could be your next DIY camper van.

There’s Dodge, Mercedes and Freightliner Sprinters – so, what’s the difference?

There isn’t any. These are all Mercedes vans.

What happened is this: to avoid the 25% chicken tax, Mercedes would build its vans in Stuttgart, Germany, then take them apart to ship them to South Carolina.

That factory put the vans back together as “American made” vans.  The Sprinters were branded as Dodge between 2001 and 2007.

Then in 2007, Chrysler Split off from Daimler and Dodge Sprinters went away. From there on out, they’re either branded Freightliner Sprinters or Mercedes Sprinters.

Most recently, Mercedes-Benz announced it will finally start manufacturing Mercedes Sprinter vans in the United States. In 2016, the company broke ground on a new $500 million facility in South Carolina to build its commercial vans.

All 2019 Sprinter vans and newer will be made in the U.S.A.

Sprinter Van Cost: How Much You Might Spend on a Sprinter Van Conversion

Of all the larger panel vans, Sprinter vans are the most expensive vans to turn into a Sprinter conversion.

Here are the base prices you’ll expect to pay for a low-roof 2WD Sprinter van:

Sprinter van cost according to Mercedes Benz website

Adding the high-roof option and 4×4 adds a significant amount to the base price.

  • $51,000 for a high-roof 144″ wheelbase 4×4 Sprinter cargo van
  • $55,000 for a high-roof 155″ wheelbase Sprinter crew van (more windows)

Prices also vary significantly by dealership. I recently priced out a crew cab 144″ high roof Sprinter van for $66,000.

Then, you’ll still have to build out the Sprinter van conversion, which can cost anywhere from $10,000 for a DIY build, to $50,000-$100,000 for a custom build.

As you can see, the Sprinter van cost can get pretty high when you’re looking to build a Sprinter camper van.

How To Pick the Right Sprinter Van for a Camper Conversion

A Mercedes Benz Sprinter van comes in a wide variety of lengths, heights, power trains, options and classes.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a Sprinter for a DIY campervan conversion.


A Mercedes Sprinter cargo van comes in three lengths: 144″, 170″ and 170″ extended.

Crew vans come in just two lenghts: 144″ ande 170″.

Which length you choose for your Sprinter van conversion comes down to how much room you want.

The 144″ wheelbase is easier to drive and maneuver. If you’re into a lot of overlanding, you’ll want a shorter wheelbase. This van has a living space that’s 11′ long by 6′ wide.

The 170″ Sprinter van offers a lot more room inside. You may want to choose a longer van if you plan on having a bathroom in your van and extra sitting room. This van’s living space is 5′ long and 6′ wide.


There are two different height options with Sprinter vans: Standard and High.

You won’t be able to fully stand up with a Standard roof van, but benefits include better handling in wind and off-roading.

If you go with a Standard (low) roof van, you can add a pop top for extra sleeping space.

High roof vans are the most popular if you’re living the van life. These allow you to completely stand, which is great for cooking, getting dressed and hanging out.


There are also several types of Mercedes vans you can turn into a Sprinter van conversion: Cargo, Crew and Passenger.

Cargo vans are the most popular to turn into a camper as they’re a blank slate. You can add windows to your liking and you won’t have to remove seats like you would with the passenger van.The cargo van option is the most affordable off the lot as well.

If you want more windows, you may want to go with a crew van.

We don’t really recommend passenger vans for a camper van conversion as you’d have to remote too many interior components to make room for your build.

Power Train

Mercedes Sprinter vans have several power train options: 4-Cylinder Gas, 4-Cylinder Diesel, 6-Cylinder Diesel and 6-Cylinder 4×4 Diesel.

The 2WD option will give you better gas mileage.

The diesel engines last longer, and the 4×4 option gives you more traction for snow, ice, sand and off-roading. Keep in mind that a 4×4 power train will reduce your gas mileage.

You have to decide how you’ll use the Sprinter van conversion and choose the power train accordingly.

The bottom line….

Go to dealerships and spend some time walking around and exploring the various Sprinter cargo vans. Test drive a few, and renting a Sprinter van is a great way to try one out before you buy.

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Where to Buy a Sprinter Van

It can be tough to locate a Sprinter van, especially if you want a certain model like the 4×4 high-roof Sprinter crew van. Sometimes you’ll need to order one and wait months to pick it up.

Low roof sprinter van conversion parked on a city street

Here are a few places to look for a Sprinter van for sale:

  • Dealerships
  • Craigslist
  • Ebay
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Auto Trader
  • Sprinter van Facebook groups
  • Sprinter van conversion companies (they will usually help you source the van if they’re building it out)
  • MercedesSprinterCamper.com
  • Sprinter Vans of Utah

Once you have an idea of what you want, you can consider a buying a new vs. used Sprinter van.

There are tons of used vans out there, and some people rave about the Dodge Sprinter vans being some of the most reliable for van life.

Sydney Ferbrache of Divine on the Road wanted to find a good deal on a Sprinter van camper. She searched the internet, used Gar Gurus, Carfax and Autotrader to find just the right Mercedes van.

“I was honestly just on a mission to find a Sprinter van with less than 100,000 miles that was also under $20,000,” said Sydney. “We just happened to find the Mercedes van that fit the criteria and had it shipped from Virginia.”

Sydney ended up with a 2011 Mercedes Sprinter with a 144″ wheelbase. She didn’t want the longer Sprinter (170″ wheelbase), because she wanted to easily fit into a parking spot.

Sometimes, you just have to look around until you find the right van. Click here to check out the various Sprinter van options on the market now.

Looking for a smaller camper? Check out the Mercedes Metris camper conversion.

Sprinter Van Conversion Pros and Cons

Here’s a list of positives:

There’s a lot to think about when deciding if you should go with a Mercedes Sprinter van for your camper van conversion.

Sydney sits on top of her Sprinter van camper conversion, which she built out for just $6,000
  • Great M.P.G. The diesel engine on a Mercedes Sprinter camper van means it gets better MPG than similar-sized vans. Some report MPG in the high 20s, which is amazing for a large van.
  • Reliability. The Mercedes Sprinter is known to be a reliable, hardy van
  • Loads of interior space. A good amount of interior space is critical to a comfortable camper van conversion, and the Mercedes van fits the bill perfectly.
  • They’re an asset. The value of Sprinter camper vans doesn’t go down all that much, so if you need to sell, it won’t be as big of a hit to your wallet.
  • Easy to maneuver. A Sprinter van conversion is surprisingly easy to maneuver given its size, and can easily navigate city streets.
  • 4×4 capabilities. If you’re looking to do off-roading or overlapping in your Mercedes Sprinter camper van, you have the option of a 4×4 Sprinter van camper

Here are the main negatives:

  • Cost. Many think Sprinter camper vans are cost-prohibitive. New ones are in the $40,000-range, and used ones are also high-priced for a used vehicle.
  • Maintenance. The Mercedes Sprinter camper van has a lot of proprietary technology that can only be worked on at a Mercedes dealership. Some Freightliner mechanics will work on a Sprinter van, but the cost of maintenance will be higher than other vans
  • 4×4 Gas Mileage: While gas mileage is good on 2WD models, the 4×4 power train reduces gas mileage significantly. Some report MPG in the 12-15 range for a fully-loaded Sprinter van conversion

Sprinter Van Conversion: The DIY Approach

Buying an empty van and buildling your own Sprinter van camper is the cheapest and most time-consuming approach.

However, there are some really good resources to help you out.

The Sprinter RV Conversion Sourcebook

If you’re thinking about buying a Sprinter for your DIY campervan conversion,this incredible book will provide an invaluable reference guide for every step of your buildout.

Well worth the money, The Sprinter RV Conversion Sourcebook is the ultimate Sprinter van conversion resource. You’ll learn not only how to select the best Sprinter year and model for your needs, but also how to tackle every aspect of the conversion, from electrical, to plumbing, to solar, to toilets.

Example of pages in Sprinter RV Conversion Sourcebook

You’ll find 222 pages of details in the Sprinter RV Conversion Sourcebook pdf, including charts, lists, photos, and descriptions to help you design and build your own campervan from scratch.

See the Sprinter Van Conversion Sourcebook

Van Build: A Complete DIY Guide

Van Build: A Complete DIY guide
Van Build: A Complete DIY guide

This book guides you through every step in your DIY van build, from choosing a van, to designing the layout, to plumbing and electrical systems, to self-building your new dream home — all in as little as 21 days. You'll find 222 pages of details, including charts, lists, photos, and descriptions to help you design and build your own campervan from scratch.

Buy on Amazon.com

If you’re determined to convert your Sprinter van but don’t know a table saw from a hacksaw, Ben and Georgia Raffis’ excellent book could be all you’ll need! The authors stress that they built their dream van having never touched many of the tools they ended up using, and that zero skills or experience shouldn’t stop you from embarking on a DIY Sprinter van conversion.

Van Build walks you through every step of how to build a campervan, including how to design the layout, and how to successfully plumb and wire your campervan.

Thanks to Ben and Georgia’s exhaustive research, you should be able to save a lot of time, and the latest version of the book includes a ton of vanlife community feedback on gas systems, bed options, and other hot topics.

See the Van Build Guide on Amazon

Far Out Ride’s Van Build Diagrams and Guides

Isabelle and Antoine spent a long time perfecting their Ford Transit campervan conversion and have lots of advice to give on systems.

If you want to know just how they did it, and perhaps use their systems in your own conversion, there are beautiful downloadable diagrams available on their website.

For a small fee, you can access high-resolution, printable diagrams that illustrate Isabelle and Antoine’s water, electrical, and propane systems, as well as a floor plan diagram.

Get the van build diagrams.

Deciding between a Sprinter and a Transit? Check out Sprinter vs Transit: Which Is Best For Van Life?

DIY Sprinter Van Conversion Tips from a Van Lifer

The couple picked an induction stove for their Sprinter van conversion

Sydney Ferbrache of Divine on the Road built out her 2011 Sprinter camper van for just $6,000, and it looks absolutely gorgeous inside. The single biggest component of her build was the electrical system, which cost just over $1,300.DIY

“We prioritized electrical first because it’s what makes you the most comfortable in the camper van,” says Sydney. “We have a 1500 watt inverter , two 96 amp hour batteries and 400 watts of solar”.

Here are a couple of Sydney’s budget tips for a DIY Sprinter camper van.

  • Use shiplap for a cheap interior finishing product that looks like “wood”
  • Try finding recycled goods – Sydney’s kitchen counter and dining room table are both made from recycled doors that cost only $30

Sydney used recycled doors to build out her countertop and table in this Sprinter camper van.

“There are always things you can work around and make less expensive if you get creative with it,” says Sydney. “You can always find alternatives to the expensive stuff for your Sprinter van conversion.”

Sprinter Van Conversion Kits

A Sprinter van conversion kit is between a DIY and custom Sprinter van build. You can order parts and pieces to complete a DIY campervan on your own, including beds, kitchen units, insulation & flooring, water tanks, shelving, etc.

Adventure Wagon's Sprinter van conversion kit viewed from the back of the van.

Here are some companies to look into for a DIY kit:

Custom Sprinter Van Conversions

A Sportsmobile custom Sprinter van conversion parked in the desert

A custom Sprinter van can be the most expensive option, depending on which company you go with and the components inside your van.

The positive of a custom van conversion is you have full say over your van’s interior. You’ll choose the campervan layout, options, etc for the van of your dreams.

Plus, you won’t have to do a lick of work on your own!

The downside of a custom Sprinter van camper is expensive. It’s easy for the cost of a custom conversion to range from $50,000-$100,000, not including the initial cost of the van.

This is a heavy investment for a van lifer!

Check out these top companies that convert Sprinter vans:

More and more Sprinter van conversion companies are popping up all the time. You’ll surely find one that fits your needs!

Keep in mind that custom Sprinter van conversions take time. You may end up waiting months, or maybe even a year, for your campervan to be ready for adventure.

Turnkey Sprinter Van Campers for Sale Right Now

If you’re looking for an off-road adventure van you can buy off the lot, take a look at these Sprinter van campers for sale.

Storyteller Overland

4x4 camper van for sale parked in the desert with woman hanging out passenger side

We’re totally in love with Storyteller Overland’s “Beast Mode” 4×4 Sprinter camper van for sale. This rugged Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 van is ready to go anywhere, with a KC Highlights Extreme Lighting Package, Boost MODE M-Power Extender System and Agile Ride Improvement Package.

You’ll have the lighting, power resources and suspension package to tackle bumpy, rocky dirt roads.

One thing that stands out about the Storyteller Overland camper van is the air conditioner and diesel heating system. The solar power and battery bank is powerful enough to keep that air conditioner running all night – super handy if you’re in a hot climate.

Sleep sideways in a modular bed that changes into a work table as you see fit. Store gear beneath the campervan bed, which is also where you’ll find your 21-gallon freshwater tank.

You’ll also get a sink, induction cooktop and fridge in this van build.

Storyteller has three vans to choose from: Classic, Stealth and Beast Mode.

Winnebago Revel Sprinter Van Camper

The Winnebago Revel 4x4 Sprinter camper van for sale is a rugged lifted rig.

The Winnebago Revel Sprinter conversion is a close competitor with Storyteller Overland’s vans. The main difference between the two is the Winnebago is a Class B RV with an enclosed toilet and shower.

This van is the clear choice for someone wanting a campervan with a bathroom. However, it does take a lot of space in the van, making it not as roomy and open as the Storyteller.

Another unique part of the Winnebago Sprinter camper van is the power lift bed. You can totally lift the bed up to the ceiling during the day for an open space and easier access to your van’s “garage.”

Like the Storyteller, the Winnebago Revel comes with a full kitchen with sink, induction cooktop and fridge.

There’s a bench seat behind the driver’s seat with seatbelts and a swivel table for working or dining. Both front chairs also swivel for a hang out space inside the van.

If you’re looking for something between custom and DIY, check out 9 amazing Sprinter van conversion kits.

Need Some Inspiration? Check out these Sprinter Van Conversions

If you’re obsessed with van life like me, you probably love browsing through Sprinter van campers for ideas on what to do with your build.

Whether you choose to build out your own van or go with a Sprinter van conversion company, it’s great to jot down ideas as to what’s important and what’s not inside your campervan.

Here are some of the best Sprinter van conversions on the web.

So We Went

Hanging out in hammocks in the back of a Sprinter van conversion

I just love watching SoWeWent’s journeys in their rad Sprinter van conversion. This San Diego couple travels part-time with their baby girl, and their photos are phenomenal.

The two facing couches in the rear make a great van bed design, and don’t those hammocks look just so relaxing?

You’d be amazed by how much cool stuff they fit in their Mercedes camper van conversion.

We Roll With It

Green 4x4 overland Sprinter van camper parked in the desert

If you’re jonesing to see what you can do with a 4×4 Sprinter camper van, you’ll have to check out these guys.

This overland Sprinter van with an interior by Tourig is built for heavy off-roading, with a solid axle swap out, 28-gallon reserve fuel tank, 40 gallons of water, 375 watts of solar and 600 amp hours of lithium batteries, this off-road rig is ready for anything.

What’s amazing is that We Roll With It’s van started out as a plain white cargo Sprinter van. Looks way different now, right?

Freedom Vans Sprinter Van Campers

The back doors opening into the rear of a Sprinter van camper

We just love the modern and clean look of Freedom Vans Sprinter van campers. Plus, this bed design makes great use of space inside a smaller Sprinter van.

These custom van builds aren’t cheap, though. You’ll pay anywhere from $45,000 to $120,000, and that doesn’t even include the van.

Talk about luxury van life, right?

Bearfoot Theory

I love following Kristen’s adventures in her Sprinter van conversion by Outside van. She opted for a 170″ wheelbase, which gave her and her boyfriend plenty of room to roam around in their Sprinter van.

In this Sprinter van camper, I especially love the little work table that also serves as a lounge area for hanging out.

Still curious? Q&A about Sprinter van campers

How much is a Mercedes Sprinter van camper?

Sprinter van campers can really run the gamut in terms of price. A DIY camper van will be much cheaper than a custom build. A new Mercedes Sprinter cargo van starts at $33,740. A new passenger van can get up to $41,290. Remember, those are base prices. You may be able to do a DIY Sprinter van conversion for under $10,000. Custom builds will cost you upwards of $20,000-$50,000 in many cases.

How much is a Mercedes Sportsmobile?

Sportsmobile has been converting vans since 1961, and is a reputable camper van conversion company. The typical Mercedes Sportsmobile costs about $95,000 for the van and the conversion. Of course, Sportsmobile offers other packages like a partial conversion, which is significantly less. Or you can design your own Sportsmobile van and those prices vary.

How much does it cost to live in a van for a year?

Living in a van for a year really depends on which type of van you buy and what type of lifestyle you lead. If you mostly camp for free on public lands, known as boondocking, you’ll pay significantly less than if you pay for a campsite every night. The cost of a camper van can vary between $8,000-$100,000. Your daily cost of living depends on how much you drive the van, whether you cook or go out to eat, how much alcohol you consume, and whether or not you pay for campsites. I think living in a van for a year can be as cheap as $15,000 if you live frugally.

How high is a Sprinter van?

Mercedes camping vans come in two heights: low roof and high roof. The low roof Sprinter vans have an overall height of about eight feet. The high roof vans are almost nine feet overall.

Conclusion about Sprinter camper vans

If you’re serious about living in a van and want a hardy vehicle to do it in, a Sprinter camper van might be your best choice.

Sprinter vans conversions get good MPG due to their diesel engines, are reliable and have the right amount of interior space for a camper van conversion.

However, they are more expensive than other vans, and also more expensive to maintain as work needs to be done at a Mercedes dealership.

If you like high-roofed vans but think a Mercedes is a little out of your price range, check out similar-sized vans like the high-top Ford Transit, the Dodge Ram Promaster or any van with a pop-type camper van option, like the VW Vanagon.

Check out these other van life stories:

Choosing a VanVan Life

Sours: https://www.thewaywardhome.com/sprinter-van-conversion/
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2022 Sanctuary Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van Is a Class B Sanctum

Your camper needn't be an actual sanctuary, but this one from Thor Motor Coach doesn't hurt.

You don't need a decked-out camper van when it comes to camping. The van or truck you currently own, a basic cooler, some survival food, and a stout tent perched on any small splotch of dirt does the trick just fine. Lots of people grew up camping this way, and there is something magical about the nostalgic memories made camping with the bare necessities.

But, as many have discovered, you don't have to camp this way if you don't want to. With a pile of cash, adventurers can camp in full luxury and connectivity, and there's something extremely tempting about that prospect.  Motor coach manufacturers have been churning out new Class B camper vans as quickly as possible, and the market loves 'em. The newest example is this 2022 Sanctuary Sprinter camper van from motor coach manufacturer Thor Motor Coach, the latest Class B offering to join in on the #vanlife action. Other Thor Class B vans include the Sequence, Tellaro, Rize, Scope, and Tranquility. Creative names seem to be their thing.

The Thor Sanctuary Sprinter doesn't reinvent the camper van scene, but it doesn't have to. It's built upon a 2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 4x4 van platform with a 144-inch wheelbase and a workable 19-foot, 8-inch exterior length (excluding the roof ladder). It can tow about 3,500 pounds, thanks to its 3.0-liter V-6 diesel that churns out 188 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque, which is more torque-y than the gasoline 3.6-liter V-6 (280 hp, 260 lb-ft of torque) that powers the Ram ProMaster at the heart of the roughly similar Winnebago Solis Pocket but less than you get in the Ford Transit's 3.5-liter V-6 EcoBoost (310 hp, 400 lb-ft of torque) that underpins the Thor Compass AWD Class B+.

The 2022 Sanctuary has many features beyond useful torque that make it competitive in the Class B van category: A cassette toilet, shower, sink, 190-watt solar panel, 24-lb propane tank, 19-gal freshwater tank, 4.8-gal black water tank, 20.0-gal gray water tank, 2.4-gal water heater, refrigerator, dual-burner gas cooktop, convection microwave over, stainless steel kitchen sink, fold-out exterior table, side steps, LED light bar, screen doors, pull-down shades, 24-inch cable-ready TV, 100-watt power inverter, an Onan generator, and more.

What we found interesting about the Sanctuary was the inclusion of standard Thule gear for the perfect touch of overland ruggedness: a Thule power patio awning with integrated LED lighting, Thule roof ladder and roof rack system, and a Thule bike rack on the rear door.

How much will the 2022 Sanctuary from Thor Motor Coach set you back? The adventure van starts at $148,680 for the 19P floor plan and $151,060 for the 19L floor plan. Optional off-road tires ($1,744)—seemingly BF Goodrich KO2s from what we can tell from the photos—and an optional re(Li)able Power Pack electrical system consisting of a 400-Ah lithium battery, 3,000-watt inverter, and 170-amp alternator ($8,495) make that price jump pretty quickly. That's a cumbersome entry fee when contrasted to nostalgic camping that costs nearly nothing, but it just might be a worthwhile sacrifice for those who can swing it.



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A camper van built in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter comes with full kitchen, two showers, and a bed — see inside The Last Resort

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The Last Resort Mercedes-Benz RV
Advanced RV
  • Advanced RV created The Last Resort, a tiny home on wheels built on a 144-inch Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500.
  • The van was outfitted for a couple who wanted to live on the road full-time after selling their home when their children left the nest.
  • The inside of the Sprinter includes a full bathroom with a shower, a kitchen, a bed, and multiple entertainment systems.
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Advanced RV has created The Last Resort, a tiny home on wheels built on a 144-inch Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 for a couple who decided to live the #VanLife.

The van conversion company was founded in 2012 by Mike Neundorfer, a former mechanical engineer who sold his own pollution abatement company to start building campers and motorhomes, including The Last Resort, which was completed in January.

The couple who requested the build sold their house after all of their children had left home. They decided it was time to live life on the road, and wanted their new tiny home on wheels to be "off-grid" and discrete, allowing it to be driven in both the city and in the great outdoors.

The interior design of The Last Resort was thought out in order to take advantage of every inch of the space, according to Advanced RV. The couple was also directly involved in the design, including selecting the upholstery and countertops for their new camper van.

Keep scrolling to learn about the Mercedes-Benz camper conversion that allows the duo to travel around the country at their leisure:

The team at Advanced RV completed the entire conversion upon receiving the Sprinter 3500.

The Last Resort Mercedes-Benz RV
Advanced RV

The couple chose to not have any windows in the "living" part of the van...

The Last Resort Mercedes-Benz RV
Advanced RV

...but decided to have a roof hatch.

The Last Resort Mercedes-Benz RV
Advanced RV

The camper has a bathroom with a shower.

The Last Resort Mercedes-Benz RV
Advanced RV

The bathroom door uses the same latches as airplane bathroom doors.

The Last Resort Mercedes-Benz RV
Advanced RV

There's also an external shower with a hose that can be pulled out from the van.

The Last Resort Mercedes-Benz RV
Advanced RV

The kitchen area has a steam convection oven, sink, and espresso machine.

The Last Resort Mercedes-Benz RV
Advanced RV
Sours: https://www.businessinsider.com/advanced-rv-camper-van-mercedes-benz-sprinter-kitchen-shower-bed-2020-2

Van camper sprinter

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$150k vs. $40k SPRINTER VAN (full tour)

The male half lived in one room, the female half in the other. Of the amenities in the cramped corridor was a washstand above the sink, the water from the sink flowed into the. Bucket, the bucket had to be emptied from time to time on the street. In the same place, on the street, there was a toilet-type toilet, not marked with any letters, because there was one booth for everyone.

The work was progressing well, mostly on time, but, as usual, there were minor flaws that the customer turned a blind eye to.

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