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Model: Penn International Tournament Reel Model 20
Weight: 50 ounces
Line Capacity: 750 yards of 20 pound test line
Gear Ratio: 3.5 to 1
Condition: Pre-owned, rated a 6 on a scale from 1 to 10


PENN , the recognized leader in Big Game Fishing Reels! Season after season , anglers take to the water in search of large gamefish such as Marlin, Tuna and Shark , and season after season Penn International Single Speed Reels are spooled up and expected to perform. With more than a few world records to their credit , Penn International Single Speed Reels are constructed to the same standards as their two-speed siblings and , shy of a lower ratio gear , are just as capable. International Single Speed Reels are often the preferred choice of charter boat captains because of their ease of use and their dependibility. Throw the lever into the strike position , set the hook , and crank like mad. Even the most novice of anglers and charters can handle that task. Contrary to conventional wisdom , Single Speed International models are not slower than their two-speed counterparts and , more often than not , feature an identical gear ratio to the higher gear ratio of the two-speed models. You can fish 20 to 50 pound test line on this reel. This is a great reel for trolling, casting, jigging or bottom fishing. You can use this reel to fish for billfish, tuna, shark, wahoo, yellowtail, dorado, cobia, grouper, halibut, kingfish and tarpon. This reel is a real workhorse and will last you more than a lifetime. Penn International Reels are the most durable, dependable and bullet-proof reels that I have ever fished with.

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Penn INT20VISX International VISX Lever Drag Reels

Penn International VISX 2-Speed Lever Drag Reels are the extreme versions of the standard VIS. Easy to spot with their topless deign, the VISX are designed for fishing straight braid, or braid with a mono topshot. Penn redesigned these popular reels for 2018, and the results are very positive. Constructed of heavy-duty aluminum, Penn has reduced the weight of the reels without sacrificing strength and line capacity. They have also increased the drag using their powerful Dura-Drag system as well as improved the free spool. Penn International VISX features stainless steel main and pinion gears, a silent double-dog ratchet anti-reverse and stainless steel ball bearings resulting in reels that are strong, smooth and won't fail under pressure. The VISX is perfect for trolling and chunking for tuna, shark and other serious pelagic species. Every year thousands of anglers depend on Penn International reels for earning living on the water and recreation. Whether you already own a Penn International or not, you should add one or more to your arsenal. You will love how reliable they are and how well the perform! Get yourself a Penn International VISX 2-Speed Lever Drag Reel!

Penn International VISX 2-Speed Lever Drag Reels are available in gold or silver. They have more drag than the VIS series and come in five different sizes. Made in the USA!


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Hey Deno
I'm late to this one but... if you're just going to use it as a local trolling reel, slap some 50# on it (and yeah, I'd go ahead and put a bit of spectra on it too just in case) and go fishing. There have been TONS of local fish, both marlin and tunas, caught on 20's over the years, and all on reels that were purchased over the counter, loaded with line and put on a boat. MANY guys still use 20's as their main marlin reel- granted, it's probably with 20# but really, with very little work, you can get a bunch more drag out of that reel. More than enough to fish 50#. Assuming you have a reel that has an HT 100 drag washer in it (and if it's a post say '85 reel I'm sure it does- you can check by looking at a serial number on the inside of the sideplates, near where the spool disappears into the sideplate, until you find a sequence that starts with a letter and then has 6 numbers. The first 2 numbers tell you what year that reel was assembled in. As long as it's 85 or newer, you're in good shape!) you can get more drag by getting a 30TW cam (I think it's part 19-30TW. Your reel has a 19-20 which is GREAT for local marlin, but won't get the higher end drag settings that I'd assume you're looking for,) and 4 18-30W belleville washers. Simply swap those out and you WILL get more drag. There's more to it if you want to dive into other things but simply doing that will increase your upper end drag immensely.
Do you need a one piece frame? Well, are you going to fish 80# for 150# fish? Are you going to be in a harness? If it's no to both, especially the harness, you don't need a frame. Do you need 2 speeds? It's a local trolling reel... sure, it would be nice but you'll be fine without it. Again, many guys use these as their primary marlin reels and they often catch other stuff, including bigeye, on them... and damned few of these things are two speeded. I'm assuming you're on your own boat- you can always work the fish with your boat handling if you need to.

Or sell it. You can go to the Marlin Club on Shelter Island Drive and probably find a taker pretty quickly.



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International reel penn 20

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A look at the new Penn International VI Series - with Sword Fish Steve (reel repair guy)

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