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Have you ever purchased a 5-star product on Amazon that turned out to be a complete piece of garbage? Sadly, virtually everyone has had this frustrating experience... and more than once!

One of the reasons people love shopping on Amazon is that you can see all of the product ratings and reviewsleft by other shoppers. In theory,these reviews and ratings help you know which products are good and which are bad. Unfortunately, though, manyof the Amazon reviews cannot be trusted.

Despite Amazon's best efforts, Amazon sellers have found all kinds of ways to "game the system" to artificially inflate their products' ratings(and also to artificially lowertheir competitors' ratings). You can read about some of the most common techniques in our blog. The bottom line, though, is that a significant portion of the Amazon reviews and ratings you see are NOTfrom legitimate, typical shoppers like you. Many of the reviews are biased(from family/friends of the seller), incentivized(the seller gave the reviewer a huge discount or kick-back or even gave them the product for free) or otherwise unnatural.

That's why we created Review Meta. Our mission is to use technology to identify and remove all of these unnatural reviewsto give Amazon shoppers a more accurate "Adjusted Rating" that shows what true, unbiased shoppers really think of each product... a rating you can trust!

Other Amazon review checker sites/tools assign a letter grade (A, B, C, D or F) to each product. We don't do that... we think it's confusing. If you're looking at a 4.7-star product that was given a "B" or "C" grade, what does that really mean? Is it a good product or not? Presumably, a "B" or "C" means that some of the reviews are fake or unnatural... but what does that say about the legitimate, natural reviews?What if some (or all) of the unnatural reviews were actually posted by the seller's competitorsas a way to sabotage their competition? (This is quite common, by the way, especiallywith lower-cost items.) A letter grade of "B" or "C" is extremely unclear.

Our review analysis is far superior...

  1. We use a wide variety of "tests" to identify reviews that may be unnatural
  2. Depending on those test results, we then either a) remove those reviews completely or b) give those reviews lesser "weight"
  3. We then show you an "Adjusted Rating" for each product (using the same 1.0 - 5.0 star rating Amazon uses), based on only the natural, legitimate reviews

So a 4.7-star product on Amazon might end up with an "Adjusted Rating" of 2.6or 3.5or 4.2or 4.7(the same) or even 4.9(yes, higherthan the original Amazon rating). In addition to showing you the product's Adjusted Rating, we also show you the results of each test we've run so you can read and analyze the results yourself.

Review Meta is a must-havefor anyone who regularly shops on Amazon. And to make it as convenient as possible, we've developed free phone appsfor iPhone and Android as well as free browser extensionsfor Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

Never buy anythingon Amazon again without first checking its true ratingat Review Meta!




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Timothy CLUB Hideout

The perfect accessory for small pets!  The 100% hand-woven, 100% hay Timothy Hideout is the ideal size for smaller pets such as hamsters and gerbils to hide, burrow, and nest in.  Stuff with hay or healthy treats to encourage hamster and gerbil burrowing, or use as a hay manger for larger pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas.  100% natural and hand-woven to perfection.  

Dimensions (includes packaging) (LxWxH): 4" x 5" x 4.5" 

Product Highlights:

  • High fiber, 100% timothy hay
  • 100% edible – A beneficial source of fiber
  • Hand-crafted for premium quality
  • Encourages natural foraging behavior
  • All-natural – no chemicals, wire or thread
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Timothy CLUB Hideout

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Pet Small Animal Hideout Hamster House with Funny Climbing Ladder Slide Wooden Hut Play Toys Chews

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