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Kubota KX71-3 KX71-2 Rubber Tracks for Sale – Replacement Size 300X52.5×80 Free Shipping

Manufactured to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Specs for: KX71-3

Don’t be fooled by knock off’s, second-rate options, or pay high prices. We cut through the nonsense by offering all brands, tread patterns, warranties, and options under one roof.

If you want a specific “high quality” name brand, we’ve got it. If you just want reliable but economical tracks with the absolute best price, and still be backed by a solid 12-18 month+ warranty; we’ve got those too.

What is the warranty on these tracks?

All of our tracks are guaranteed to be manufactured to OEM specs, and come with extremely competitive warranties. Our shortest warranty is 12 months, and on some tracks, it’s up to 4 years. Like we said before, if you have a specific brand, or level of quality that you want, let us know and we will sell you the exact same track at a lower price. Not even mentioning the $25 guarantee on best price, in addition to matching the warranty offer that we run.

Want reliable and knowledgeable customer service?

We are 100% American Owned & Operated, and take pride in our next level customer service. You will never have a problem with any of our staff, you’ll always be able to get someone on the phone anytime between open business hours. If there ever is any situation where you are dissatisfied in any way whatsoever, you can also rest assured that we will give you either a partial, or complete refund to re-earn your future business.

Where are the tracks made?

Although made Overseas, they are made at an official ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing Plant (ratings are given to manufacturing plants, similar to restaurant grades, to help customers gauge quality. The ISO 9001 rating compares with major US manufacturing plants and is considered a great rating).

Be Leary of anyone who says their tracks are made in the United States, because they 100% aren’t. The Environmental Protection Agency in the US has completely banned manufacturing of rubber within the US borders.

For more details about the type of rubber used, and the core manufacturing technology, click “Steel Chord/Kevlar Tech”

Want more info?

Click the tabs on this listing titled “1 Day Ship/Pickup”, “Best Price?”, “100% Refund Policy”, etc, or call us at (803)322-9680

Want the fastest shipping?

We know how it can be when you need a part yesterday. Thankfully, we are able to have the fastest shipping when you order rubber tracks with us, in almost ALL cases for ALL models, orders arrive within 2-3 business days.

Unfortunately free shipping only applies to the 48 continental US states, which means Hawaii & Alaska, or international orders may be subject to an additional fee to the price listed above.

We are always able to guarantee that our shipping is faster due to the fact that we partner with so many brands. This allows us to source from a network of MANY, many warehouses across the United States.

Want more info?

Click the tabs on this listing titled “Warranty & Quality”, “Best Price?”, “100% Refund Policy”, “Steel Chord/Kevlar Tracks”, “Guaranteed to Fit”, etc, or call us at (803)322-9680

If you see a lower price, call us at (803)322-9680 and we will match the warranty, and beat the price by $25. That way you can be 110% sure that you are buying the exact same quality product, but for a lower price, and with faster shipping.

Another way that we stand out from the crowd is the ever important factor of customer service. When you call us, you’ll always promptly get someone on the phone that is actually able to help you.

Want more info?

Click the tabs on this listing titled “Warranty & Quality”, “1-3 Day Ship/Pickup”, “100% Refund Policy”, “Steel Chord/Kevlar Tracks”, “Guaranteed to Fit”, etc, or call us at (803)322-9680

We also offer extended office ours of 8 a.m. EST – 6 p.m. EST to ensure that you have time to call anytime you like, whether its early in the morning, before you’re heading to a job for our East coast customers, or after dinner for our Pacific coast customers.

If your track is in any way damaged, doesn’t fit, or isn’t the product that you ordered, we will 110% refund all of your money.(except for in rare instances which are laid out on our warranty and returns pages located at the bottom of every page on this website)

It’s important to note that we take customer service very seriously

If you want the bottom-line of how we handle return situations, or really any unsatisfied customer, we can assure you that we will refund you, get you the parts or attachments that you need, and do everything possible to make you happy again.

We know that 99% of our customers will still be in business 2 years from now and need to replace attachments and parts. We want to earn your business now, and maintain that relationship for as long as possible.

If you are in any way dissatisfied call our staff at (803)322-9680

All brands of rubber tracks that we offer are 100% A Grade rubber.

Since we work with all major manufacturers of rubber tracks, we can guarantee that at minimum quality you will receive continuous wound round steel chord technology that is coated in an acid wash, or a kevlar coating to prevent rust.

In addition the steel chord will provide additional support and stability to your tracks, to guarantee a long lasting, durable, and reliable life cycle.

We use a perfect combination of synthetic and natural rubber, with a bonding agent that is designed to bond the rubber to the Kevlar web /steel chord core.

When you buy rubber tracks with us, you can rest assured that you’re buying the best quality track, with the best warranty, at the best price.

Want more info?

Click the tabs on this listing titled “Warranty & Quality”, “1 Day Ship/Pickup”, “Best Price”, “100% Refund Policy”, “Guaranteed to Fit”, etc, or call us at (803)322-9680

This rubber track is guaranteed to fit your machine, or we will ship you the correct track, and handle return shipping, at 0 extra cost to you.

What does that mean? We lose a lot of money if we are wrong, so if nothing else, you can trust that we have taken the time to be 100% positive that this track is the correct track for your machine, because we definitely aren’t in business to lose money or develop a bad name with our customers.

Want more info?

Click the tabs on this listing titled “Warranty & Quality”, “1 Day Ship/Pickup”, “Best Price”, “100% Refund Policy”, “Steel Chord/Kevlar Tracks”, etc, or call us at (803)322-9680

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Sours: https://rubbertracksandattachments.com/product/kubota-kx71-3-tracks/

Tracks for Bobcat

When it comes to skid steer and terrain loaders, Bobcat is one of the biggest names in the industry. Their reputation precedes them, yet even their high quality equipment needs maintenance from time to time. One of the most commonly neglected parts of the machine to receive this attention is the rubber track, but, over time, even these hardworking parts of the undercarriage need a change – and we’re here when that times comes when you need tracks for bobcat

Buy Bobcat Replacement Rubber Tracks

You wouldn’t often expect that you need to assess the state of your rubber tracks, given their sturdy nature and the role they perform in your equipment fleet. However, Bobcat rubber tracks can cause a complete halt to your business if they do undergo excess degradation – whether that be from track splitting, tears or anything else. If your tracks are unsafe for use then that’s a piece of equipment made unusable – creating downtime and, potentially, big losses for your business.

This is something we understand and are aware of at Skid Heaven. Our experience has been built up over years in the industry, not through received knowledge off the web – we know exactly how it feels to have long periods of downtime, and the strain that puts on a business. We’ve made our business specific to your needs to address this, making sure our customer service is appropriate for your needs and making sure our shipping times are fast, too. We know how important it is to get your Bobcat out there and working.

We’re there for the worst case situation, too – if something with your new tracks goes wrong, we’re more than happy to help you with our warranty policy, which you can find here.

Can’t Find Your Bobcat Rubber Tracks Model?

Our online catalog is extensive but there’s a chance you can’t find the product you need – skid steers and terrain loaders often have subtly different requirements, whether that be in track size or configuration. If you’re in this situation, there’s no need to worry – simply request a quote online or call us on 952-260-2760. We’ll have the right product you need.

Don’t You Have Cash For New Bobcat Rubber Tracks?

New rubber tracks can seem expensive upfront – even though they offer a significant cost saving over time when replacing a poorly maintained set. We understand this, and know it can be difficult to find a large amount of money up front, and so we’ve put together financing options to support you. We also understand how nervous business owners can feel about taking out finance – we’ve designed our service so that we’re with you every step of the way, showing you that there’s no shame in finance. What’s more, our terms are favorable in a way that’s designed to help you out.

Check the financing options.

Rubber Tracks For Other Skid Steer Models

We don’t just stock tracks for Bobcat users. If you use different vehicle models, please take a look at our other product pages:

Whatever vehicle line you use, we have options.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bobcat Rubber Tracks

Throughout our time in the industry we’ve seen the same questions come up every time when the subject is skid steer maintenance. We’ve answered a few here.

How to install rubber tracks on a Bobcat

Bobcat make sophisticated vehicles but the maintenance process is straightforward. It’s simple to change your Bobcat rubber tracks, but just make sure everything is fitted before you take the vehicle out of the shed and into use. If you want to read the complete guide, you can do so here.

How to change rubber tracks on Bobcat

Changing your tracks is no different from installing new ones – the only difference is that you’ll want to use this opportunity to perform undercarriage maintenance, and perhaps give your vehicle a clean. If you want to read the complete guide, you can do so here.

How To Find Or Measure Rubber Track Sizes For Bobcat Replacement Rubber Tracks

Taking the measurements for your replacement tracks requires little more than a tape measure and the know-how as to which measurements are relevant. Typically, you’ll want track width, lug pitch, track gauge and link count written down. Oftentimes, a manufacturer’s serial code will help you to get these measurements nailed down. If you want to read the complete guide, you can do so here.

Sours: https://skidheaven.com/product-category/skid-steer-tracks/bobcat-rubber-tracks/
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Used Rubber Tracks   866-431-5305

UsedRubberTracks.com is brought to you by Rubbertrax, Inc.. This site has been developed to assist customers searching for quality used rubber tracks as opposed to new tracks. The information contained on this site is very similar to the information on www.rubbertrax.com. If you have already requested a quote from Rubbertrax, Inc. there is no need to submit a request from this site. Please browse our used rubber track inventory and send us a request if you don't see what you are looking for and we will check our new and used track inventory and get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

Pallet of used rubber tracks for mini excavatorsUsed Rubber Tracks listed on this site are still in great shape. A majority of the used rubber tracks we list on this website have very few hours, most of the time less than ten hours. Rubber tracks are usually returned with very little use because the wrong track is ordered or the wrong track is shipped. We will not sell a track as used if we know there is something wrong with it. We can't sell them as new tracks becuase of scuffs or obvious dirt so we offer them on this website for the simple purpose of getting them out of our warehouse. Rubber Tracks take up a great deal of storage space, but these tracks are in excellent condition so we don't throw them away. You can see pictures of our current used inventory and see exactly what we mean. We will be happy to take several pictures of the track you are interested in and email them to you for evaluation. If you are not satisfied with the track when it arrives simply call within two business days and we will be glad to take the track back and refund your money.

Clearance T-190, T-550, T-590 Rubber Tracks

Bobcat t190 t590 Rubber Track clearanceOur featured clearance track is the Bobcat® T-190, T-590, T-550. We have plenty of the most popular staggered block tread pattern. We are simply over stocked for this time of season. These aftermarket Bobcat® T190, T550, T590 compatible tracks are clearanced price, but still come with a warranty. Call today at 866-431-5305 and get a set for a remarkable price. Check our online specials for exceptionally cheap prices and discounts you can't believe. Featured tracks and parts are changed frequently so check back often and check our Facebook page for more discounts.

Clearance Steel Tracks and Replacement Rubber Pads

Steel Track Pads We are significantly over stocked on steel tracks and hybrid tracks. We have incredible clearance pricing on steel track groups for mini excavators with and without rubber pads.

Used Undercarriage Parts

Discounted used undercarriage partsf or takeuchi track loadersWe have recently received several pallets of slightly used parts. Mostly Takeuchi track loader bottom rollers and idlers. Over fifty pieces of Takeuchi TL 130 track loader bottom rollers are available at deep discounts. There are many Kubota KX series parts as well. Please call for details.

As a general rule we do not purchase used rubber tracks or used undercarriage parts for resale but if you have a number of used pieces we would be glad to promote them for you on our site but the sale would not be processed through Rubbertrax Inc. We will do our best to accomodate your request as quickly as possible and assist with the sale and shipment for a percentage of the sale price. We also offer new rubber tracks for almost any compact track loader, mini excavator, drilling machines, boring machines, crawlers, carriers, scissor lifts and more. Just let us know you are interested in a new track when you call or submit your online request.

Discounted TL 130 bottom rollers and undercarriage partsRubbertrax,Inc. is located in the Metro Atlanta area and provides new or used tracks for almost any make and model excavator. We have distribution facilities on both the east and west coast of the United States to serve our worldwide customer base.

Sours: http://www.usedrubbertracks.com/

Kubota KX040-4 Rubber Track


Kubota KX040-4 rubber tracks by Texas Rubber Tracks is a premium aftermarket track backed by a Two-Year Warranty, and guaranteed to fit your Kubota KX040-4 mini Excavator.

Track Size: 350X54.5X86

Weight:  468.00  lbs

Texas Rubber Tracks uses a specially formulated rubber compound that is highly resistant to cutting and tearing under a wide range of temperatures. Inside each track are multi-strand steel cables wound in a tight spiral to create a wide belt proven to be more reliable than traditional, overlapping steel cores. Then, a highly engineered bonding adhesive is applied by hot dipping the drop-forged steel inserts to ensure that our tracks are durable enough to withstand the most extreme conditions you put your Kubota KX 040 4  through.

Need a different Track Check out a All Kubota Rubber Tracksor give us a call at 1-866-778-8300.

Additional information

Weight468.00 lbs








Sours: https://texasrubbertracks.com/product/kubota-kx040-4-rubber-tracks/

Tracks for sale kubota

Since 1982, Summit Supply has provided our customers the highest quality products available. The use of the latest technological and engineering advancements has allowed our products to remain at the forefront of the Construction Wear Parts Industry with regard to both quality AND performance. Summit’s proprietary Continuous Steel Cord (CSC) technology has resulted in the elimination of over 95% of all track failures! The result - Our products keep your equipment working longer and more efficiently.

Summit Supply isn’t just a “middle man” when it comes to rubber tracks. As a direct importer, with many years of direct factory relationships, we have the final say in what goes into our tracks – as well as what doesn’t! We use a strict blend of 100% natural and synthetic rubber in our tracks, and we never use recycled product. Unfortunately for many customers, our competitors can’t say the same.

In addition to Rubber Tracks, Summit Supply offers Undercarriage Wear Parts, Solid Tires and Rubber Track pads to fit most popular machines. If you’re unable to find information on your particular equipment, give us a call, and one of our knowledgeable Product Specialists will help you find what’s in stock and available.

  • - Highest Quality Products
  • - Excellent Prices
  • - Fastest Delivery
  • - Guaranteed to Fit YOUR Machine
Sours: https://www.summitrubbertracks.com/
Learn How to Change Your MINI EXCAVATOR Tracks in Minutes!

All of OnTrac Parts Kubota rubber tracks are A-Grade. We also have a YEAR 1,000 hr pro-rated service warranty on skid steers. We also have a 18 month 1,500 hour pro-rated service warranty on mini excavator tracks versus manufacturing facility defects.

Need Kubota Rubber tracks? Look no further!

We follow stringent ISO quality requirements. Plus we guarantee that all of our Kubota tracks are manufactured to OEM quality and requirements.
All of OnTrac Parts Kubota rubber tracks have a solid steel chord core, a synthetic rubber mixture formula that gives up to 10 times more resilience and stamina. They are ensured to fit according to OEM specifications and are resistant to cuts, tears, splits or damage.
If you desire to lower running expense, receive class A customer service, as well as get next day delivery to reduce down time. Then we are your preferred supplier for all of your Kubota tracks. Give us a call and see for yourself!

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Sours: https://www.ontrac-parts.com/product-category/rubber-tracks/kubota-rubber-tracks/

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