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Mondays can be pretty tough, but I always look forward to them because all of my telenovelas on ‪#‎Telemundo‬ start up all over again!

This week is even more exciting than usual because today we start the countdown on the Ultima Semana of ‪#‎TierraDeReyes‬,” where apparently Isa has killed the wrong bride and groom in her quest to kill Arturo and Sofia. Que lastima!

She must have had something in her eye (besides Leonardo) as she peered through the laser sight of the fully-automated machine gun that her inquisitive yet simple-minded cousin Linda brought to Isa.

If deranged Nazi snipers in old WWII movies were beautiful and had great blow-outs, Isa would have fit right in as she waited for her prey in the balcony of the church, cursing their lives and gleefully anticipating their deaths. and checking her makeup. Most brides don’t like their groom’s ex- at their wedding, even though the brides are the victors. But no issue of “Bride’s” magazine can prepare any bride for what happens when the crazy woman in love obsessed with your husband who might also be his half-sister who not only has access to rocket launchers but is also a lawyer and is breathtaking shows up without an invitation and prepared to kill.

In life, death, and comedy, timing is everything, and this last episode was no exception. Apparently the priest was running behind because he arrived late, and so the wedding that Isa thought that she was shooting up was actually the wedding just before Arturo and Sofia’s.
If weddings would be this exciting where I come from, I’d never miss one!
I think novela weddings should always be “Black Tie Optional-BulletProof Vest Mandatory.”

As we sadly say goodbye to “Tierra de Reyes,” prepare yourselves for the Gran Estreno de ‪#‎BajoElMismoCielo‬,” on Tuesday, July 28th!


Sours: https://tejanonation.net/2015/07/20/gringa-novelera-ultima-semana-of-tierra-de-reyes/
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Telemundo 'Tierra de Reyes' Telenovela Episode 1 Recap: Cast Members Share Spoilers, What to Expect

Warning: Spoilers below. 

"Tierra de Reyes" ("Land of Kings") is Telemundo's latest telenovela, and it revolves around three women and three men on a ranch in Houston, Texas.

The show stars Ana Lorena Sanchez, Scarlet Gruber, Kimberly Dos Ramos, Aaron Diaz, Christian de la Campa and Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco, and some of these cast members recently sat down with MezcalTV to discuss their characters and what fans can expect.

"I portray Arturo Gallardo, who is the oldest brother of four," Diaz said. "They are orphans and he, as the oldest brother, is in charge of the family."

One of Arturo's siblings eventually dies, so he and his brothers swear they will seek revenge on the family who killed her.

Vivanco, who plays Flavio Gallardo, said that his character and his character's brothers eventually arrive at the Del Junco farm, where they try to seek justice for their sister's death.

"But they come across a wall, which is these three beautiful women," Vivanco said. "I play Flavio. I am the middle brother out of the three. He's the most calculating and the coldest out of the three brothers."

Diaz added that the three women, who are Flavio's sisters, flirt with the brothers, and they completely change the course of the story.

Gruber adds that her character is very similar to Vivanco's.

"Andrea is a woman with a very strong character," Gruber said about her role. "She is extremely rigid, cold and very intelligent."

Sanchez plays Sofia del Junco, the oldest of the three sisters and the veterinarian for the ranch. She is married to Leonardo Montalvo, but she isn't happy. Working with animals is her escape.

The youngest sister is portrayed by Dos Ramos. She described her character as a dreamer and someone who is faithful.

Rios, who plays Leonardo, said his character is looking to gain a better name and family.

"On his journey, he tries to do things that maybe a viewer won't think is right, but for me, they are totally valid," he said.

On the first episode of "Tierra de Reyes," viewers learned that Leonardo is trying to pass as a good man but is also ambitious and wants to improve his own name, so he steals from and kills his father-in-law, Ignacio. Leonardo discovers that Ignacio knows who he truly is.

Brothers Arturo, Flavio and Samuel work in construction, which allows them to go to school as well.

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Tierra de reyes

Tierra de reyesGenreTelenovelaStarringAarón Díaz
Ana Lorena Sánchez
Kimberly Dos Ramos
Gonzalo García Vivanco
Scarlet Gruber
Christian de la Campa
Sonya Smith
Fabián Ríos
Daniela NavarroOpening themeMi reina by Ender ThomásCountry of originUnited StatesOriginal language(s)SpanishExecutive producer(s)Carmen Cecilia Urbaneja
José Gerardo Guillén
Jhosua MintzEditor(s)Ellery IbarraOriginal networkTelemundoOriginal releaseDecember 2, 2014 –
Summer 2015Preceded byReina de corazonesFollowed byBajo el mismo cieloRelated showsLas aguas mansas (1994)
Pasión de Gavilanes (2003)
Fuego en la sangre (2008)
Sours: https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tierra_de_reyes

Telemundo reyes tierra de

Tierra de reyes

American telenovela

Tierra de reyes (English: Land of Honor),[2] is an American telenovela premiered on Telemundo on December 2, 2014, and concluded on July 27, 2015. The telenovela is created by the Venezuelan author Rossana Negrín, based on the Colombian-American drama written by Julio Jiménez, entitled Pasión de Gavilanes.[3] Produced by Telemundo Studios, and distributed by Telemundo Internacional.

It stars Aarón Díaz, Gonzalo García Vivanco and Christian de la Campa as the Rey Gallardo Leon brothers, and Ana Lorena Sánchez, Kimberly Dos Ramos and Scarlet Gruber as the Del Juncos sisters, along to Sonya Smith and Fabián Ríos.[4]


Set in Houston, Texas, the story of the humble and hardworking Gallardo brothers' quest for vengeance against the wealthy and powerful del Junco family. When the body of young, beautiful, and pregnant Alma Gallardo is found in the Houston River, her brothers Arturo, Samuel, and Flavio believe the family of her lover Ignacio del Junco is to blame. Taking the last name "Rey" to disguise their identity, the brothers begin to work as laborers at the sprawling del Junco horse ranch to get closer to their enemy. With Ignacio already dead and learning how their beloved sister was mistreated by Ignacio's family, the brothers set out for revenge against Ignacio's widow, Cayetana, and her daughters Sofía, Irina, and Andrea. Their desire for vengeance and justice becomes more complicated when the Gallardo brothers and the del Junco sisters begin to develop genuine feelings for each other. Complicating matters further is Sofía's scheming, opportunist husband and an arms smuggler who will stop at nothing to have the del Junco ranch. The truth about the identity of the brothers becomes known to the del Junco family and Cayetana develops hatred towards the Gallardo brothers. Matters worsen when Cayetana learns that Arturo is the one responsible for Sofia's pregnancy and becomes determined to see the brothers' downfall.[5][6][7]



  • Aarón Díaz as Arturo Rey Gallardo; Sofía's second husband, Arturito's father, Flavio, Samuel, Alma and Verónica's elder brother
  • Ana Lorena Sánchez as Sofía del Junco de Gallardo; Arturo's wife, Arturito's mother, Cayetana's eldest daughter, Andrea and Irina's elder sister
  • Kimberly Dos Ramos as Irina del Junco de Gallardo; Flavio's wife, Cayetana's youngest daughter, Sofía and Andrea's younger sister
  • Gonzalo García Vivanco as Flavio Rey Gallardo; Irina's husband, Arturo, Samuel, Alma and Verónica's brother
  • Scarlet Gruber as Andrea del Junco de Gallardo; Samuel's second wife, Cayetana's second daughter, Sofía and Irina's sister. Though Andrea has her mother's temperament, she cannot help falling for Samuel and nearly suffered a mental breakdown when she learned he was marrying Beatriz
  • Christian de la Campa as Samuel Rey Gallardo; Andrea's husband, Beatriz's widower, Patricia's ex-lover, Arturo, Flavio, Alma and Verónica's brother
  • Sonya Smith as Cayetana Belmonte del Junco; Sofía, Andrea and Irina's mother, Leonardo's former wife. An arrogant woman who cruelly insulted and mistreated Alma, she develops a fierce burning hatred for the Gallardo brothers and is determined to destroy them at whatever cost, which blinds her to reason and the real enemy
  • Fabián Ríos as Leonardo Montalvo; Sofía and Cayetana's ex husband and a scheming, despicable opportunist (antagonist)
  • Daniela Navarro as Patricia Rubio; a famous night club singer and Samuel's former lover who betrayed him and married Ulises
  • Omar Germenos as Emilio Valverde; family friend of the Del Juncos, Isadora's adopted father, and a dangerous arms trafficker and mob boss
  • Adriana Lavat as Soledad Flores de Gallardo; The Del Junco sisters' nanny/mother figure, Verónica's biological mother and José Antonio Gallardo's second wife
  • Eduardo Victoria as Néstor Fernández, the police chief who is friendly with the Gallardos and handles most of the investigations
  • Joaquín Garrido as Don Felipe Belmonte del Junco; Cayetana's father who detests Montalvo from the start
  • Cynthia Olavarría as Isadora Valverde; Emilio's daughter, obsessed with Arturo. She later discovers that her mother is still alive, and that Valverde is not her real father
  • Isabella Castillo as Alma "Reina" Gallardo / Verónica Saldívar Gallardo de Martínez; Alma is the Reyes' brothers dead sister and later Verónica appeared and is revealed to be the Reyes' brothers half-sister from their fathers side which explains Alma and Verónica's resemblance
  • Diana Quijano as Beatriz Alcázar de la Fuente; Samuel's late wife and a kind-hearted society lady
  • Ricardo Kleinbaum as Ulises Matamoros; Patricia's husband who works for Emilio. He is jealous of Patricia's relationship with Samuel and makes a few attempts to have Samuel murdered
  • Dad Dáger as Miranda Luján Saldívar; Verónica's adoptive mother and Cayetana's best friend
  • Alberich Bormann as Darío Luján; Irina's best friend/ex-fiancée and Miranda's nephew
  • Roberto Plantier as Horacio Luján; Andrea's ex-boyfriend, Miranda's nephew
  • Gabriel Rossi as Pablo Martínez; the Del Juncos' trusted foreman and Verónica's husband
  • Gloria Mayo as Juana Ramírez
  • José Ramón Blanch as Roger Molina
  • Fabián Pizzorno as Octavio Saldívar
  • Jessica Cerezo as Briggite Losada
  • Sol Rodríguez as Lucía Crespo Ramírez
  • Kary Musa as Candela Ríos, Patricia's friend and valet, who often disapproved of her fling with Samuel. She later becomes a club singer in her own right and develops a friendship with Don Felipe, whom she says reminds her of her own father.
  • Julio Ocampo as Tomás Crespo
  • Orlando Miguel as Jack Malkovich, Valverde's henchman
  • Fernando Pacanins as John Nicholson, Valverde's henchman
  • Virginia Loreto as Nieves; the Del Juncos' trusted maid
  • Giovanna del Portillo as Rocío Méndez; the Del Juncos' trusted maid, who loves Pablo and deeply resents Veronica's presence in his life
  • Carmen Olivares as Matilde García
  • Rodrigo Aragón as Cabrera
  • Bárbara Garófalo as Linda Valverde; Emilio's niece

Special guest stars[edit]

  • Ana Sofía Durán as Child Irina
  • Joanna Hernández as Child Sofía
  • Macarena Oz as Child Andrea
  • Ricardo Chávez as Ignacio del Junco; Cayetana's husband, Alma Gallardo's lover, Sofia, Andrea and Irina's father
  • Guillermo Quintanilla as José Antonio Gallardo; Teresa's widower; Soledad's husband; Arturo, Samuel, Flavio, Alma and Veronica's father
  • Cecilia Melman as Teresa León de Gallardo; José Antonio's first wife, Arturo, Samuel, Flavio and Alma's mother
  • Marissa del Portillo as Julia Ortiz, Isadora's mother who, after rejecting Emilio Valverde, is committed to a mental institution by him after he kills her husband (Isadora's biological father).
  • Damian Pastrana as Gustavo Mendez, Leonardo's trusted sidekick


Production of the telenovela was announced in September 2014.[8] Filming began in Miami and Houston on October 22.[9] It is based on the Colombian telenovela Pasión de Gavilanes written by Julio Jiménez,[10] adapted by Rossana Negrín.[11]


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