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Destiny 2's Blasphemer is a kinetic slug shotgun that was released in 2019 with Shadowkeep. It was sunset in Beyond Light but was reprised in the recently released Season of the Chosen. Blasphemer isn't a gun players can get with ease, and there are specific rolls to be on the hunt for.

Destiny 2 Blasphemer: How to Get and What Rolls to Look For

Blasphemer can only be obtained two ways, both involving activities on the Moon. The first, and more accessible way is through the Altars of Sorrow.

The Altars of Sorrow is a wave based activity where players team up to fight hordes of Hive. At the last wave, players will fight a powerful "Nightmare" enemy, and defeating them rewards players with a weapon. There are three possible weapons to get from Altars of Sorrow, each on a daily rotation, and the Blasphemer shotgun is one of them. Before you attempt to farm it, make sure Blasphemer is the gun on rotation that day.

The second way to get Blasphemer is through the dungeon Pit of Heresy. However, this way is a lot more difficult, and will likely require a fireteam to complete. Plus, unlike Altars of Sorrow, there's no guarantee to come out with Blasphemer if the dungeon is completed, as there are other guns in its loot pool.

What Rolls to Look For

Blasphemer is a powerful weapon in PVP. It resembles the exotic shotgun Chaperone, both being kinetic slug shotguns. For PVP, the rolls to look for here is Quickdraw for the first perk, and Opening Shot for the second. Hammer Forged Rifling and Accurized Rounds are good barrels and magazines to have too. This perk combination is actually the curated roll of the gun, so the PVP god roll for this weapon is its curated form. Other strong perk alternatives for PVP include Snapshot Sights and Swashbuckler.

For PVE, the gun is less powerful but still decent. Look for the Fourth Time's the Charm for the first perk, and swashbuckler for the second. Fluted Barrell and Assault Mag are the best barrel and magazine to have. Some decent alternatives include Rampage and Surplus.

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How to get the Blasphemer Shotgun in Destiny 2

If you’re not trying to collect all the weapons in Destiny 2, you’re doing it wrong. Even if you don’t plan to use them now, there’s always a possibility they’ll be useful in a few weeks, months, or even years. Today, I’m going to help you get the Blasphemer Legendary Shotgun in Destiny 2 and discuss what rolls you want to maximize its effectiveness.

How to get the Blasphemer Shotgun

In order to get the Blasphemer Shotgun in Destiny 2, players should head to the Moon and fast travel to the Sorrow’s Harbor region. It’s there that the Altars of Sorrow public activity can be joined or activated. In order to get the Blasphemer Shotgun, Heretic Rocket Launcher, or the Apostate Sniper Rifle, players must complete the activity, killing the final boss. Well, ideally. If you fail the final boss encounter, you’ll be taken back to the fifth wave. If you fail that wave, you’ll complete the event and the chest will spawn. The weapon of the day will be in the chest, randomly rolled. For those wondering what weapon is available today, check out our Altars of Sorrow rotation schedule.

Blasphemer Shotgun god roll

Considering how often I die to the Blasphemer Shotgun in PvP, it’s safe to say it’s a popular option. If you are planning to grind Altars of Sorrow to get one for yourself, here are the god roll perks you should be on the lookout for.

  • Full Bore
  • Accurized Rounds
  • Quickdraw/Snapshot Sights
  • Opening Shot

Pretty much every Shotgun in PvP is going to kill in a single shot. What you are looking for is Range for the most part. In fact, if you plan to Masterwork this weapon, go for Range. The edge you’re looking for in PvP is to be able to kill the enemy before they can kill you. If your Shotgun is effective further out than theirs, you’ll be in good shape.

Blasphemer lore entry

For those interested in the lore behind Blasphemer, it can be found in-game once you obtain the weapon. You can also read the lore entry below if you don’t want to wait.

"The logic is ineluctable: Those who die deserve oblivion." - Kuldax

The Pit. The depths where light dies and Light is a sin greater than heresy. There, in the crimson palaces of ancient legions where the plotters of ruin gaze with keen eye upon the harsh caress of beauteous carnage. There, where the armies of marrow clash for the honored glory of oblivion or its opposite—evolution through pain, evolution through force of will and the shattering of all deemed unworthy by the right of blade and fist and heel and tooth and claw. The Pit. The sunken paradise of blood and dust where a Prince was once celebrated with the gift of slaughter, his sword dulled upon the rigid bone of violent sacrifice. There, where a lost Swarm sought a new King of Depths, Lord of Chaos and Ruin. There, in the absence of He Who Mastered Shapes, where that Hidden Swarm found themselves unfit for the logic's prize, where no champion could stand, where a heartbroken Daughter looked upon sin and saw not damnation but the desperate lie of its other. There, in the deepest chambers of decay, proud Hashladûn found salvation in the twisting of the logic's truth. The Pit. The sacred hollow where the Daughters of the Breaker of Worlds, the beloved Granddaughters of the Taker of Will, denied the logic. There, where a shattered champion—a failure according to all that was holy—was resurrected. Not to rule, but to ensure that a tattered lineage held claim to a broken throne through force and lies and war—a joining of the Three. The Pit. The temple where mighty Zulmak fought and died and was risen—no longer a champion, no longer anything but death born of lies and bred anew to conqueror life until life was no more.

Now that you know how to get Blasphemy and what roll you should be looking for, visit the Destiny 2 strategy guide we've been building for over two years. It's features dozens of guides to help you along the path.

Bill, who is also known as Rumpo, is a lifelong gamer and Toronto Maple Leafs fan. He is known for his guide writing and, unsettlingly enough, enjoys grinding out in-depth collectible articles. Tweet him @RumpoPlays if you have a question or comment about one of his guides.


Blasphemer God Roll – Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is filled with weapons for Guardians to obtain. One weapon Guardians who enjoy the Crucible should chase after is the Legendary Kinetic Shotgun, Blasphemer. With the right perks the Blasphemer rivals other preferred shotguns. This guide will tell you the recommended perks that make up the Blasphemer god roll.

Blasphemer God Roll – PvE

Blasphemer 1024x576 - Blasphemer God Roll – Destiny 2

Shotguns in Destiny 2 are great for all kinds of situations. Some of my favorite weapons in Destiny have been shotguns. Blasphemer falls in that category and is available fairly easy for Guardians to get. All you have to do is participate in Altar of Sorrows on the Moon, on the day the weapon can be obtained. Below you will find the recommended PvE perks.

PvE Perk Slot 1

The first perk slot is all about increasing your range. It will be your main focus all throughout each slot.

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  • Corkscrew Rifling: +5 Range, +5 Stability, and +5 Handling
  • Fluted Barrel: +5 Stability and +15 Handling
  • Smallbore: +7 Range and +7 Stability

PvE Perk Slot 2

Any three of these Magazine types will be great to have in the second slot.

  • Assault Mag: +15 Stability and +10 Rounds per Minute
  • Appended Mag: +20 Magazine
  • Tactical Mag: +5 Stability, +10 Reload Speed, +10 Magazine

PvE Perk Slot 3

With a slew of perks that may come with Blasphemer, you are only looking for either of these.

  • Fourth Time’s A Charm: Rapidly landing precision hits will return two rounds to the magazine
  • Surplus: Increases handling, reload speed, and stability for each fully charged ability

PvE Perk Slot 4

Just like perk slot 3, you are only looking for one of these two perks.

  • Rampage: Kills with this weapon temporarily grant increased damage. Stacks 3x
  • Swashbuckler: This weapon gains increased damage from melee kills and kills with this weapon

 Blasphemer God Roll – PvP

Blasphemer 1024x576 - Blasphemer God Roll – Destiny 2

Besides Hand Cannons, Shotguns are a staple in the Crucible and for any PvP event for that matter. With every Shotgun you want to focus on Range. The recommended PvP perks will be slightly similar to the PvE. You will definitely want these perks listed below for PVP.

PvP Perk Slot 1

Range is key, yes, but I’m not a fan of subtracting from one category to benefit another. Hammer-Forged Rifling for me.

  • Full Bore: +15 Range, -10 Stability, and -5 Handling
  • Hammer-Forged Rifling: +10 Range

PvP Perk Slot 2

Range is your focus in perk slot two and only perk really stands out here.

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  • Accurized Rounds: +10 Range

PvP Perk Slot 3

Two perks stand out in the perk slot three and I like either of them for PvP.

  • Fourth Time’s The Charm: Rapidly landing precision hits will return two rounds to the magazine
  • Quickdraw: This weapon can be drawn unbelievably fast.

PvP Perk Slot 4

The recommended PvP perks will mirror the PvE perks and they are the ones you will be looking for.

  • Opening Shot: Improved Accuracy and Range on the opening shot of an attack

Be sure to check out the Altar of Sorrows rotation schedule to find out when you get your hands on Blasphemer. Thanks to for providing all the perks available to get and be sure to check out the Destiny 2 archives for even more guides and news.

Featured Image: Blasphemer God Roll

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God Roll Blasphemer Is The Best Legendary Kinetic Slug Shotgun In Destiny 2! (Moon Shotgun)

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