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Das TwiLight Menu++ ermöglicht das Abspielen von DS(i)-Spielen, und -Homebrews u.a. von der SD-Karte und dient als Menü-Ersatz für den DSi.

Die Spiele können außerdem mit einer höheren Taktrate und besserer Sound-Qualität (nur 3DS) abgespielt werden. Mithilfe von NDS-Bootstrap lassen sich auch Spiele von der SD-Karte auf dem 3DS abspielen. Eine Kompatibilitätsliste dazu gibt es auf Google Sheets.


Für eine vollständige und aktuelle Anleitung ziehe bitte GBATemp zu Rate. Danke fürs Verständnis!


TWiLightMenu ++ V20.0.1 and NDS-Bootstrap v0.39.0 Released

RocketRobz has just developed a new version of TWiLightMenu ++ which is now in version V20.0.1.
As a reminder TWiLightMenu ++ is an alternative, open source and customizable menu for the Nintendo DS family.
In addition, it allows you to launch DS homebrews, DS games and roms, GBA, BD etc.
NDS-Bootstrap is upgraded to version v0.39.0. and is integrated into this new version of TWilight Menu ++.
What's new?
    When attempting to launch DS⁽ⁱ⁾Ware without Unlaunch, a message will be shown, saying to restart TWLMenu++ from Unlaunch.
    If DS⁽ⁱ⁾ binaries aren't found in a DS⁽ⁱ⁾-Enhanced ROM dump when launching, you now have to option to proceed launching in DS mode without manually setting it.
    Added Game Region setting to change the region of some DS⁽ⁱ⁾ titles.
    (@Epicpkmn11 and various) DSi-based themes: Translations of the SD removed message have been added!
    Run in setting is now hidden for games that cannot be launched in DS⁽ⁱ⁾ mode, if running via either DSiWareHax or CycloDS iEvolution.
    Per-game settings and the cheat menu are now shown for DS⁽ⁱ⁾Ware titles (if DSiWare booter is set to nds-bootstrap, or if running on a 3DS/2DS console).

    (@Epicpkmn11) AP-fix and widescreen files are now put into each pack file, speeding up installation/updating process and freeing up SD space!
        NOTE: To actually free up SD card space, you'll need to delete the apfix and widescreen folders in sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu/.
    (@Epicpkmn11 and various) Updated translations!

Bug fixes
    DSi-based themes: ds.nftr fonts are now used in DSiWareHax to work around a crashing bug.
    Combined horizontal and vertical icon flipping now works.

Download:TWiLightMenu ++ V20.0.1 and NDS-Bootstrap v0.39.0

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Check here on how to update TWiLight Menu++:

Includes nds-bootstrap v0.48.0

What's new?

  • DSiWarehax users can now set a DSi-Exclusive/DSiWare title as a donor ROM, in order to launch a DSi-Enhanced game in DSi mode!
  • CycloDS iEvolution users can now set a DSi-Enhanced game as a donor ROM, in order to launch a DSi-Exclusive/DSiWare game!
    • If you've already set a DSi-Enhanced game as a donor ROM in the past, you do not need to do so again, unless if the donor ROM got renamed, moved, or deleted.
  • The full title ID (ex. ) is now shown in the per-game settings!
    • For SDK5 games, the text has been removed to avoid clutter.
  • With nds-bootstrap now being able to boot DSiWare while in DSiWarehax, a message will no longer be shown when trying to launch a DSiWare title.
    • If you're using Memory Pit, a message will be shown, if a title is known to not work with it.
  • The AP-fix for Last Window: Secret of Cape West by RetroGameFan has been replaced with the version by SUXXORS.
  • Intellivision has been added to TWLMenu++ Virtual Console, with @wavemotion-dave's Nintellivision emulator!
    • Supported ROM filetype is .
    • The console icon now appears in the TWLMenu++ Splash Screen.
  • has been added to TWLMenu++ Settings!
  • Some setting descriptions in the page have been updated!
  • The console selection screen has been entirely removed, as a new way to detect 3DS/2DS consoles has been implemented.
  • (@lifehackerhansol) M3 DS Real can now use YSMenu as flashcart loader.
  • (@lifehackerhansol) Autoboot is now supported for carts.


  • (@lifehackerhansol) Overhauled R4i Gold and R4iDSN related flashcart loaders.
  • (@lifehackerhansol) Improved R4 Ultra autoboot file to not require extra files.
  • The no-DSP build of GBARunner2 is now only used in Memory Pit.
  • DSi, 3DS, Saturn, HBL themes, and DS Classic Menu: Launch speeds have been slightly improved!
  • (@Epicpkmn11 and various) Updated translations.
  • Other minor improvements.

Bug fixes

  • TWLMenu++ will now start on CycloDS iEvolution in DSi mode again!
  • Fixed DSi splash auto-skipping.
    • Auto-skipping is now a configurable setting.
  • Fixed R4/GBC theme loading language before settings.
    • This fixes nds-bootstrap's in-game menu only showing Japanese.
  • Other minor fixes.

Known bug

  • The text for SDK5 games has not been removed outside of the English language.


lifehackerhansol, Epicpkmn11, and wavemotion-dave


TWiLightMenu Alternatives

  • Twilight Menu++ white screen on launch|2021-10-09

    There are several workarounds detailed on this page :

  • So I have NSMB DS for around 15 years ( my older sibling owned it before I had it ) and I've become interested in the Newer version of the NSMB DS. How should I acquire the Newer Super Mario bros on DS without the use of an R4 card? If I have no other option, then I will resort to using an R4 card|2021-10-04

    And lastly, download TWiLight Menu for 3DS, which will let you launch the NewerDS ROM from your SD card:

  • Twilightmenu++|2021-09-17

    Download and extract the TWiLightMenu-3DS.7z from the GitHub, copy all files to your SD card, then install the two .cia files via FBI.

  • TWiLight Menu++ v21.5.1 & nds-bootstrap v0.47.0: DSi-mode screenshots, and High-Quality music support for custom themes|2021-09-15

    TWiLight Menu++

  • Where can I buy the Starforce games at a reasonable price?|2021-09-04

    More info about it here

  • I have joined the dark side|2021-09-01

    TWiLightMenu++ to play DS games

  • Help identifying onld R4 clone flashcard|2021-08-31

  • nds-bootstrap now supports cloneboot - even on flashcarts!|2021-07-25

    The latest version of TWiLight Menu++ (bundled with nds-bootstrap).

  • I need help with an issue!|2021-06-13

    Try loading nds-hb-menu (the BOOT.NDS file), TWiLight Menu++, or GodMode9i (the GodMode9i.nds file), then loading the other app with it.

  • TWiLight Menu++ v20.4.0 & nds-bootstrap v0.42.0: Remastered DS⁽ⁱ⁾ Shop music, and slight DS⁽ⁱ⁾Ware compatibility improvement|2021-06-07

    TWiLight Menu++

  • Recently got this ds card off Amazon but the games won’t save for over a few days, anyway to fix it?|2021-06-06

    OP, have you tried twilight menu++? You can even try it out on your flash cart if your 3DS isn't hacked.

  • Ok so when I download a 3DS game should it be a .nds and also I put in gm9 in file is that correct also how do I add it to my 3DS from there|2021-06-05

    Heres the link to the Ds emulator app,

  • Where to load ds games from sd card? It all leads back to twilight menu but its discontinued. Help?|2021-06-02

    Uhh...twilightmenu isn't discontinued. Here's the first link that shows up when you search up "twilightmenu".

  • Twilight games crashing help|2021-05-30

    Make sure you're on the latest version of TWiLightMenu++ and make sure your ROMs are clean and verified.

  • Renegade Platinum on MAC|2021-05-28

    for 2ds, any .nds file can run using twilight menu. that requires a modded 3ds/2ds, but should run flawlessly once you've got everything set up.

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