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Coverlay 11-711LL-MGR Dash Cover

Coverlay Manufacturing, Inc. originated in Denver, Colorado in 1982 and incorporated as Import Auto Products, Ltd., a Colorado corporation. Our original purpose, at the time of incorporation, was to import aftermarket auto body parts from Taiwan and Italy and sell them to body shops in the Denver area. In the spring of 1982, we attended a trade show seeking new suppliers. At that show we discovered a formed plastic dash cover for the Datsun 240Z. We purchased a few for resale. The typical response was "That's great! Do you have a dash cover for my vehicle?" Being confident and ambitious we declared "Those dash covers can't be hard to make - bet we can do it". Six months later, we had the first dash cover we could sell. In November 1983, we attended the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Trade Show in Las Vegas as an exhibitor. We proudly displayed our first twelve dash covers and we were overwhelmed by the response from the automotive industry. In 1992, after battling lost production from snow days, needing more space and a centralized location for shipping purposes, Import Auto Products, Ltd. moved to its present location in San Angelo, Texas. Since our trademark Coverlay became recognized throughout the automotive industry, we officially changed our name to Coverlay Manufacturing, Inc. in 1994. Our mission is to supply the consumer with a quality product at the lowest possible price.

  • 11-711LL-MGR
  • 11-711LL-MGR
  • Coverlay
  • New
  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 11.0 lbs.
  • W18.0000” x H10.0000” x L70.0000”
  • Free Shipping

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Sours: https://coverlaymfg.com/i-23896464-coverlay-11-711ll-mgr-dash-cover.html

2007 Toyota Camry

1. What is the purpose of a dash cover?

Intense UV rays that penetrate your windshield cause both cosmetic fading and physical damage to your dash over a period of time. This means that your dashboard will deteriorate and not only look less desirable it will also take a big hit to the resale value as the dashboard is one of the first things buyers see and a good indicator of how well the vehicle was maintained. A DashMat is specially designed to protect your dashboard from fading, cracking, and deteriorating all while adding an upscale look to your dashboard.

Think of a dash cover as a protective shield for your dashboard. The perfect fit paired w/ hook & loop strips if needed keep the DashMat in place as you round corners or slam on your breaks. The material is designed to block UV rays from reaching your factory dash while also absorbing heat. If you wait to long to protect your factory dash the material becomes super brittle and just falls apart and the only way to fix is to replace your dashboard panel which isn't cheap.

2. What is the best material for dash covers?

We have vigorously tested many materials over the years to find the best materials that can hold up to the relentless suns exposure and protect your vehicle dashboards. Our SoftFoss fiber carpet used in our Original Carpet DashMats & Ultimats are the best dash cover material in our opinion. All of our DashMat material options will protect your factory dashboard amazingly well, but the carpet we use is colorfast, non-shrink, heat and UV resistant which means they will hold up longer than the other materials.

3. Can I use a DashMat on a cracked dashboard?

Anyone that waits to long to protect the dash of their vehicle always comes to this cross road do you spend a lot of money to replace a dashboard panel or cover it up. Well luckily you can still make the more economical choice here and use a dash cover to hide that unsightly dash. Depending on how bad your dash has deteriorated you could just put directly over-top your dilapidated dash, but you do want to be mindful where you put the hook and loop fasteners as you want to find areas that are still stable. If your dashboard has major cracks and doesn't look right with the mat you can add some masking tape below to reduce the gaps to provide a better surface. Your dashboard will still be brittle so you want to be cautious about what you toss up there, but a quality dashmat will help prevent more damage and dramatically change the look of your vehicle in a great way.

4. Will it help keep my vehicle cooler?

Actually yes! Your windshield is a large magnifying glass that shines directly onto your dashboard which cooks the surface...literally you could probably cook an egg on some dashboards as they get that hot. A good dash cover will actually absorb the heat while dissipating the heat so it doesn't permeate down to your factory dashboard. This means that the DashMat also doesn't get as hot which reduces the heat that radiates off and back at the driver and passengers.

Sunscreens are a great way to also reduce the heat in your vehicle, but they only work when the vehicle is parked. A Dashboard Cover actually works when parked and while driving to provide a dramatically cooler vehicle interior at all times. We recommend using both a custom Sunscreen & DashMat for maximum impact on keeping your vehicle cool.

5. How well will a dash cover fit my dash?

You can expect a perfect fit for your dashboard. We use precise measurements to measure every curve, dip, vent, sensor, and feature your vehicle dashboards have. Over the year's dashboards have become more complex, but so have our techniques in crafting Custom DashMats. We use stylish seems, hems, and darts to allow dashmats to contour to the shape of your dashboard better in most cases while our Ultimat for select trucks and SUV's is soft molded from one piece of fabric.

Keep in mind we don't have photography for every dashmat on every dashboard, but when you enter your Year/Make/Model/Submodel details we match you to the pattern automatically that fits your vehicle, but the image may be a generic image.

6. Do DashMats cover the vehicle vents, sensors, or speakers?

All dash covers are not equal. A custom Covercraft DashMat will always have vents and sensors cutout that match your exact dashboard. When you enter your vehicle details you may have to choose an option for a sensor cutout or not as your vehicle may have had both options depending on the features it came with. Sensors are typically located at the top of the dashboard near the windshield in the center.

Speakers are a different story though. In most cases we will cover your speakers, but don't worry the material is designed not to muffle the sound. So why do we cover most speakers? Simple, most speakers use plastic which actually breaks down much faster than the rest of your dashboard. So we cover your speakers to make sure all of your dash is protected including the plastic trim.

7. Can a dash cover reduce windshield glare?

Dash covers are a great way to reduce windshield glare. Not every vehicle suffers from windshield glare as it depends on the original windshield and dash designs. Vehicle's that experience windshield glare though should go towards darker colors like black or charcoal that will absorb light versus reflect light. In the Covercraft DashMat line we recommend our Original Carpet, Ultimat, or LTD Edition DashMats as the material is better designed to absorb light.

8. How do I know if I have a dashboard sensor?

The quick way is to look at the center of your dashboard closest to the windshield and look for a bulb or dimple. If you see this than you have a dash sensor. If your vehicle has features like automatic headlights, auto climate temperature controls to regulate the interior temp, or even an ultrasonic park assist you most likely have a dashboard sensor.

9. How do I know if I have a Heads Up Display?

If you have this you typically know as it displays information like speed or temperature onto your lower windshield vs. having to read your dashboard gauges.

10. Will hook and loop fasteners ruin my dashboard

Nope, perfectly safe to use on your dashboard. If you ever remove your dashboard simply peel off and use rubbing alcohol to remove any sticky residue.

Sours: https://www.covercraft.com/us/en/shop/2007-Toyota-Camry/dash-covers/
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Toyota Camry 2007-2011 - DashCare Rear Deck Cover

DashCare Dash Covers are cut and sewn products that lay on the dashboard. They protect against UV rays from the Sun, help reduce glare and reduce heat build-up of the dash. We make our own patterns right off the dashboard of each vehicle and then transfer that master pattern to our precision production system. Our experienced production crew makes every dash cover in our Anaheim, CA plant.

If you see a Dash Cover image in this listing, it is for this vehicle (not a generic picture). Some vehicles have optional features such as Sensors, HUD Head-Up-Display, CWS Collision Warning Systems or even different versions of the dashboard for the same year and model! Answering questions about options is required before you can put an item into a cart to buy. Use the pull down boxes just under the displayed price. We only ask what we need to know to get you the correct dash cover.

Speakers: we do not cutout for speakers in the dash. Sound will go through the dash cover material. We believe cutting defeats the purpose of a dash cover protecting the dash!

Each dash cover has edge binding. Small Sensor cutouts will not have edge binding.

Carpet is stiff so we suggest choosing other materials if your dashboard has a complicated geometry. Click on the Materials & Colors link for complete info.

Our color names are just that, a name, so don't make any assumptions on how light or dark it is by the name. Click on the Materials and Colors link at the top of any page to see larger images of every choice. Don't expect an exact match to a specific vehicle, we offer 30+ choices of fabrics, the best available from the best manufacturers, but there are thousands of vehicle interior colors.

Colors can look different depending on your display screen or device. If you are not sure about the color or material you want, the Materials & Colors page has a link to a form to order free samples.

Click on the "Returns" link to see our return policy, we accept returns but do not give a full refund. Details can be found on our returns page.

Click on the "FAQ's" (Frequently Asked Questions) link for more info on popular questions

Disclaimer - our patterns are made for USA vehicles! We do not guaranty fit for non USA vehicles. Most vehicles are the same for other countries, including mirror image for Right Hand Drive, but not always! So do your own research if you are buying for a non USA vehicle!

Sours: https://dashcare.com/i-135397-toyota-camry-2007-2011-dashcare-rear-deck-cover.html

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Cover 07 camry dash

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How to fix your sticky/shiny/melting Dashboard - Toyota Camry, Lexus, Nissan, Mazda, Kia \u0026 Subaru

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