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How to Decorate Tables With Grass Centerpieces

Study the Landscape of Containers

Opt for a centerpiece container able to accommodate the size, shape and color of your grass. Place grass in decorative ceramics or heirloom china to reinforce a dinnerware theme. Embellish the grass with fruit, Gerbera daises or ladybug and leaf jewelry pins. For a low, long centerpiece, select barn wood boxes, or a line of terra cotta planters filled with grass-topped soil mirroring the outdoors. Trimming the blades short is abstract; leaving grass spiky and overflowing fosters homegrown elegance for dinner tables.



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A fun, cheap and impressive centerpiece 
(or Easter/spring decoration around your home)
 is to grow grass seeds in a container. 

 I did a "batch" for my daughter's wedding reception a 
couple of years ago (those will be the pictures near
 the end of this post) .

I measured the silver bowls I was going to rent to use 

in the center of the tables and found plastic saucers that 

would fit inside them for growing purposes.

Put non-lumpy potting soil in the container but don't 

fill to the top because as the grass grows,

 it pushes the soil up (and possibly out of) the container.

 Use wheat grass, rye grass or other fast growing

grass...your garden center could recommend one for you. 

 You don't need a lot of seed per container. 

 Some garden centers sell small bags of grass seed in the 

Spring to use for Easter decorations.

Even health food stores carry wheat grass seed in bulk

that you can usually buy a small amount of. 

I lay my grass seed on pretty solid (since it IS cheap and 
I figure it increases my odds of success)...
but only about one seed deep. You can add a thin
layer of potting soil on top of the seeds if you want.

   Water the containers carefully trying not to dislodge the seeds. 
Be sure the potting soil is wet (but not muddy-wet). 

 Place the container in a warm sunny spot.  
Some folks put saran wrap over the container to keep the
 moisture in and help with the seeds' germination.

  I just mist the seeds thoroughly at least everyday
 (sometimes more if I have time and they look dry). 
 In a few days, you will see green sprouts coming up.
  If you have used saran wrap, take it off now.
 Keep the seeds/sprouts moist. 
Rotate the container if you are growing it inside near
 a window so the grass doesn't grow lop-sided. 

 After you have good growth, you don't have to be AS
 careful when watering not to dislodge the seeds
 but still be gentle and DON'T let them dry out. 

In two weeks, the grass is ready to use. At three weeks,

  it is at its peak (provided that you keep it needs it almost everyday since the soil is not very deep). 

Some folks don't like it this can give it a "haircut" with scissors if you want to.

This grass is about two weeks after planting...

This is the final product at the wedding reception in a silver bowl.

 I had an extra grass centerpiece so we put it on the

 candy table at the reception...

...and dropped candy golf balls (for the golfer groom) in the

 grass. You could do the same thing with Easter eggs, etc.

If you would like to see other ways that grass can be

used, you can see my post More Grass Centerpieces.

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Grass Centerpiece for Easter

Why not do something different for Easter this year and create a Grass Centerpiece filled with colorful eggs and bunnies that your friends and family will love! Let me show you how easy this project is. 

Easter table grass centerpiece.

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Spring and Easter Grass Centerpiece

Last year, a few weeks before Easter, I went to Hobby Lobby looking for something different to use as an Easter centerpiece for our family dinner.  I found a few ideas but they all involved fake grass mats, which wasn't what I had in mind. 

My idea was to use a a real grass centerpiece but wasn't sure how it go about creating one.  I asked my husband if he thought we could plant real grass in a container and then I could decorate around it.

Easter Grass Centerpiece 

Every year, we plant our Resurrection Garden with grass seeds, why not work on an Easter Grass Centerpiece project?

I already had this great galvanized trough that I usually fill with seasonal items so he suggested we just fill it with dirt and plant grass seeds!  It was the best idea and I loved how pretty our grass centerpiece looked with the table set for Easter last year.

Easter and Spring Centerpiece made with Real Grass from Walking on Sunshine Recipes

What Type of Grass for Centerpieces to Plant

When we first did our project, we used Kentucky Blue Grass seeds. It resulted in a beautiful thick grass and grew rather quickly. A few other types of grass to plant are: 

  • Ryegrass - this variety also grows rather fast. 
  • Wheat Grass - another great variety to plant indoors. It's also used as a common grass houseplant...who knew? 
  • Bermuda Grass - can withstand growing in colder climates, which is great because we need to start our planter a few weeks before Easter. 

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Materials Needed: 

There's really not much you need to put this together.  Find a container that you want to use as the centerpiece.  I already had this amazing galvanized trough so it was perfect for our project. 

  • Galvanized Trough
  • Heavy duty plastic bag - to line the container you're using. I didn't want the dirt and water to ruin my container. And if you don't protect the container, the water might seep out causing issues on your tabletop. 
  • Potting soil
  • GrassSeeds
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Plastic Wrap

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Step 1: Prep the Container

You want to make sure that whichever container you choose to use that it's waterproof.  You don't want water dripping all over the place as you water your grass seed every day. 

If the container you're using is not waterproof, make sure you line it with a heavy duty garbage bag. We chose to cut a heavy duty garbage bag to fit inside the galvanized container.

Step 2: Add the Dirt

Now, add the dirt.  We used just regular potting soil that was leftover from the previous summer. 

Step 3: How to Plant the Grass Seed

Then sprinkle the grass seed on top.  We used Kentucky Bluegrass Seeds because I wanted a pretty grass.  We planted a lot of seed too...I wanted the container to be thick with grass.

Add the grass seed for the Easter Grass Centerpiece

Using a spray bottle, lightly spray the grass seed and dirt.  Then place a few popsicle sticks down the center of the container.  Finally, add a piece of plastic wrap on top.  You're creating a greenhouse effect.

Place the container in front of a window that gets a ton of sunlight.  You want the grass to grow quickly!  Lift up the plastic wrap daily to spritz everything with water, then cover again until you see grass starting to grow.  You can remove the popsicle sticks and plastic wrap at that point.

Cover the Galvanized Bucket with Plastic Wrap for Easter Grass Centerpiece from Walking on Sunshine Recipes

Step 4: How to Trim the Grass

Here's our container filled with beautiful grass.  You can use it just as is for your centerpiece or you can trim it, which is what I chose to do.  You're going to want to trim it just a few days before Easter though because it will continue to grow!

Step 5: How to Decorate with a Real Grass Centerpiece

Now comes the fun part...decorating with your real grass centerpiece!  I chose to place speckled wooden eggs and a ceramic bunny on top of the real grass. 

If you have young children at home, you can even dye eggs and place them directly in and around the grass.  

Easter Table set with Grass Centerpiece.

I also found some cute grapevine wreaths with eggs to look like nests.

Grass Centerpiece filled with wooden and plastic eggs and ceramic bunny.

Here's a fun overhead photo for you to see the grass with the bunny and eggs.

Overhead view of Grass Centerpiece.

Step : How to Set the Table with the Grass Centerpiece

Here's another view of the table completely set on Easter Morning.  My glass containers are filled with colored paper and more of the speckled wooden eggs. 

I also used fun colorful paper napkins with cupcake liners on top that held the egg place card holders I created.  I placed candy marshmallow bunnies on top of the kid's plates as a little treat for them.

This is one of my favorite centerpieces and I can't wait to see how this year's grass grows...yes, it's already planted!

Table set with china, crystal and Grass Centerpiece for Easter.

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