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Android or Windows, which operating system for your tablet?

For Work or Play? When choosing your RCA tablet, select the most suitable operating system you need: To browse Internet, and watch series on the train? Android is the entertainment operating system, thanks to its Play Store, with millions of apps and games. A Windows tablet is perfect for work, with access to Office suite, your professional emails, and to many software on Windows Store. But if the operating system is critical, screen size is also important: a small sized (7 or 8-inch) tablet to easily slip into a bag, and use on public transport. A larger sized (11 or 12-inch) tablet is more comfortable for watching a movie at home and working on documents. Do not neglect the autonomy : RCA tablets integrate long-lasting batteries, and optimized electronics to extend their operating life. Ask your reseller online or in store for advice, and don’t hesitate to take the tablet in hand to test its weight and screen quality.

Discover one of our latest Android 2-in-1 tablets

Get the best of both worlds and use the RCA 11 Delta Pro tablet as a computer or notebook by easily removing the detachable keyboard, thanks to its versatile design. The 11 Delta Pro is an 11.6” 2-in-1 tablet with a HD touchscreen, and an impressive 1.3GHz 4 quad-core processor powerful enough to zoom through applications and tasks, with its 32GB of storage and 2GB of RAM. For Work or Play: Stay efficient with Android OS Pie 9.0 and pre-installed apps available at the touch of your fingertips. The device is also compatible with Google Play. Available in several colors including charcoal, blue, purple, and pink, this light-weight tablet also comes with a front and rear camera and can connect to headphones or other compatible devices through Bluetooth. The 11 Delta Pro also has a 6-hour battery life with plenty of connective ports including USB (full and micro), a MicroSD card slot, 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone, and DC jack.

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RCA Cambio 12.2” (2-in-1) Touchscreen Tablet/Notebook - Detachable Keyboard & Dual Camera - 64GB, Bluetooth (W122SC24 T2) Introducing the RCA Cambio 12.2” high resolution Windows tablet with detachable keyboard. Powered by an Intel processor, the RCA Cambio is ready to tackle any task. Preloaded with Windows 10, the RCA Cambio boasts a clean and easy to use user interface. Create powerful documents and slideshows with Microsoft Office Mobile apps including Word Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, Excel Mobile and OneNote. Store your files on the ample built-in 32GB flash memory, or use the MicroSD card slot which supports up to 128GB of additional storage. Use the Cambio’s Bluetooth capability to connect and pair with nearby compatible devices. Connect with the world and set up a video conference using the Cambio’s front 2MP or rear 2MP cameras.



Quick specs

  • Windows 10 Home
  • Intel Celeron Processor, 2 GB RAM
  • 12.2" Capacitive Touch TFT, Display Resolution (1920 x 1200) IPS
  • Built-in Speaker, USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI Out, Wi-Fi to connect to Internet, 64-GB Internal Memory
  • MicroSD card slot support up to 128G (card not included)
  • Rechargeable Up to 6-Hours Battery Life
  • Front 2MP Camera, Rear 2MP Camera
  • View pages in Portrait and Landscape with Automatic Orientation Detection

Where to buy

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This page is published under the sole responsibility of Alco Electronics, Inc. - 725 Denison St., Markham, Ontario L3R 1B8, Canada

Sours: https://www.rca.com/us_en/tablets-25-us-en/windows-2-in-1-366-us-en/cambio-12-2-windows-2-in-1-tablet-166-us-en
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How to Reset RCA Tablet – An Easy Guide to Bring it Back on Track

Whether your device has been showing a static screen for hours or you just want to set it to default settings to make it as good as new, the easiest solution is a reset. Unless your device has gone through major physical damages, you don’t need to take it to a shop for repair.

A lot of minor issues can be solved with a simple reset. Most people don’t know this and hence, don’t even try. You can follow these few easy steps and learn how to reset your RCA tablet at home.

Before You Start

Firstly, all glitches don’t require a reset. If the screen is not responding or the tab froze suddenly, what you need to know is how to reboot an RCA tablet in such a situation. Unlike most other tablets, RCA tablets come with a reset button at the back. The button is deep-set, so you may need a pin or paper clip to press it. Just long-press the reset button and your device will restart.

However, if you are facing any of the following issues like,

  • Slow performance or apps getting hung,
  • Forgot your password,
  • Or other glitches that are not fixed with a reboot,

Then you need to know how to factory reset RCA tablet, which is exactly what we have for you here.

Reset Process (Device On)

If you are not facing any technical issues and your tablet is working, you can factory reset it from Settings. This method can be used if you just want to erase your personal data or restore your device to default settings.

Step 1

Unlock your device and open Settings.

Step 2

Scroll down and you will find an option that says ‘backup and reset’. Tap on that and you will see a confirmation page that will tell you what happens once you confirm. It is recommended that you read this if you are unsure of what a factory reset will do to your device.

Alternatively, if you cannot find the ‘backup and reset’ option directly in Settings, it may be in a separate section. Go to Settings and then tap on Privacy. Here you will find the ‘backup and reset’ or ‘factory reset’ option.

Step 3

You will see a button that says ‘reset tablet’ or ‘factory data reset’. Select that and let your device complete the process.

Step 4

The reset is not completed until you restart the device. Some devices restart on their own, but if yours does not, you will have to restart it manually and your factory reset will be complete.

Reset Process (Device Off)

Use this method if you cannot unlock or turn on the tablet. For example, if you forgot your password. The steps for factory reset are similar but vary slightly for Android and Windows devices. We have covered both for your convenience.


The most common RCA tab that runs on Windows is the Cambio 10.1. Most Windows tablets come with a keyboard. So, here is how to factory reset RCA tablet with keyboard, which can also be used to reset any RCA Windows tab.

Step 1

Completely switch off the device (if it isn’t off already).

Step 2

Turn it on again and while it is loading, press and hold the “fn” (function) button and repeatedly press F9 on your keyboard. Keep pressing until you see ‘Please wait’ appear on the screen. Release the function button once it appears.

Step 3

Wait a few seconds and select the ‘Troubleshoot’ option. Then select ‘Reset your PC’.

Step 4

Next, you can either choose to just ‘remove files’ or ‘clean the drive’ completely (this will erase all your data and reset your tab to its default settings). Make your selection and you will see the RCA logo appear as well as the ‘loading’ animation.

Leave your device aside and let it proceed on its own.

Depending on your system setting, amount of data, etc. this process may take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. The device may turn on and off on its own during this, so do not manually press any buttons. Once the process is complete, your tablet will restart with its original factory settings.

For Windows tablets, if any software or applications do not seem to work properly after reset, run the Windows update. This should fix the problem.


Step 1

Completely switch off the device (if it isn’t off already).

Step 2

Press and hold the Power button and the Volume Up at the same time. Once you see the start screen with the RCA logo, release the buttons.

For some tablets, you may have to go with the following alternate step:

Press and hold the Power button and Volume Up button at the same time. Now hold on to the Volume Up button and keep pressing the Power button a few times until you see the start screen.

Step 3

You will see a command prompt screen with blue and yellow/orange text with the Android logo. Use the Volume Up and Down buttons to navigate and move to ‘wipe data/ factory reset’. Use the Power button to select the option.

Step 4

You will see a confirmation page. Navigate the same way and select ‘yes – delete all user data’. Select the Power button.

Step 5

Once the data is erased, you will be redirected to the command prompt screen. Next, select ‘reboot system now’, and let your device do the rest. How long it will take for the data to be erased depends on the amount you have stored.

Your device will restart and ask you to select your language, just like when you first turn on a new device.

You can use this method for both RCA Viking Proas well as to factory reset your RCA voyager tablet.


Using factory reset means you will lose your data. Unless this was your motive for resetting the device, make sure to backup. If you back it up properly or have a habit of using cloud storage, you have nothing to worry about. A factory reset can solve a lot of technical issues, but of course, it does not repair physical damages. Next time your device gets stuck, try this.

I hope this guide was helpful. Don’t forget to share the article on Facebook!

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HOW to Factory Reset RCA Tablet [WORKS in 2021]

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