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Coca Cola Gifts

  • Coca Cola Salt & Pepper Shakers

    Coca Cola Salt & Pepper Shakers


    Shake it up with this Coca Cola Salt and Peppr Shaker set. Presented on a metal tray holder, this Coca Cola gift is...

  • SODA-lighted Coca Cola Gift Basket

    SODA-lighted Coca Cola Gift Basket


    So Delighted, Indeed! This Coca-Cola crate filled with a classic bottle of Coke and Snacks is a delightful way to...

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  • An Atlanta Classic Deluxe

    An Atlanta Classic Deluxe


    Enjoy a bit of nostalgia with this galvanized Coca Cola tin filled with lots of Georgia foods, of course! After all,...

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  • Coke and a Smile Gift Basket

    Coke and a Smile Gift Basket


    It's easy to send someone a Coke and a Smile with this Georgia gift basket! Brimming with lots of goodies to...

  • Coca Cola Vintage Straw Holder

    Coca Cola Vintage Straw Holder


    For a nostalgic remembrance of Atlanta, this Coca Cola vintage straw holder is the real thing! A whimsical addition...

  • An Atlanta Classic Gift Basket

    An Atlanta Classic Gift Basket


    Whether you're from Georgia or just happen to be lucky enough to live here, you know that Coke is it! Send this...

  • Classic Coca Cola Contour Bottle

    Classic Coca Cola Contour Bottle


    Enjoy the refreshing, classic taste of Coca-Cola in a signature contour glass bottle. 8 oz.

  • Coca-Cola Recipes Retro Cookbook

    Coca-Cola Recipes Retro Cookbook


    This Coca-Cola cookbook draws together a unique collection of recipes featuing Atlanta's favorite beverage as the...

  • Coca Cola Serving Tray

    Coca Cola Serving Tray


    You're guaranteed to serve up plenty of smiles when you carry your items on this vintage Coca Cola serving tray....

  • Create Your Own Georgia Gift Basket or Box

    Create Your Own Georgia Gift Basket or Box


    Create your own Georgia gift box or basket! STEP 1: Select the gift or food items you want to include and add...

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  • World of Coke Souvenir Marble Coaster

    World of Coke Souvenir Marble Coaster


    Featuring one of Atlanta's popular tourist attractions, this World of Coca Cola marble coaster will definitely give...

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  • Coca Cola Retro Marble Coaster

    Coca Cola Retro Marble Coaster


    When it comes to a nostalgic glimpse of days gone by, this is it! Capturing a unique collection of Coca Cola signs...

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    Coca-Cola Gifts

    Who would have thought that a soft-drink would have such a cultural impact? From rumors to social movements Coca-Cola has enjoyed exactly that kind of success! Coca-Cola’s earliest advertisements offered the drink as an alternative beverage during temperance, and in the 21st century, the iconic drink has been doing its part to bring the world closer together. For many, Coke is a staple in their daily routine and when the holidays are on the horizon, it has a role in signaling their arrival.

    In fact, Coca-Cola has become so much a part of the holidays, it was rumored that the modern image of Santa Claus was invented for Coke advertisements. That’s not where our happy red and white Santa comes from, but there are few images that put us all in the holiday spirit better than Santa cracking open a Coke and toasting to the crowd. So, when you’re looking for a gift for the Coca-Cola fan in your life, start with our selection of Coca-Cola gifts!

    From home-décor to clothing, there’s a special Coca-Cola Christmas gift for every collector on your list. Choose a vintage-inspired lock-top tin for the kitchen. Or stock the cupboards with Coca-Cola glasses that will make that next can of Diet Coke taste extra special! Hang a metal Coca-Cola thermometer in the garage and always know if the temperature is as ice-cold as your bottle of Coke. Repurpose a Coca-Cola milk can as a decorative planter or umbrella holder—the possibilities are endless!

    Turn on your favorite Coca-Cola polar bear commercial while you decorate the tree in an assortment of Coca-Cola ornaments and lights. With your tree dressed all in red, white, and silver your Christmas will sparkle as bright as the caravan of Coca-Cola trucks in the “Holidays are Coming” advertisements!  Set up your annual Christmas village, but jazz it up with an LED Coca-Cola general store or Santa figure. Snuggle up in Coca-Cola pajama pants or with a plush polar bear wearing that signature Coca-Cola scarf. Or keep things cozy with the whole family while you build a 3D puzzle of your favorite soda can. When you shop our selection of Coca-Cola gifts, you’re sure to find something to make the holidays just a bit merrier!

    Whether you’re looking for something new to add to your Coca-Cola collection or you need a unique gift for a loved one, there’s something for everyone in our selection. So, give us a look and find the Coca-Cola piece you’ve always wanted and maybe something you never knew you needed. No matter what you choose, you’ll open happiness when it arrives at your front door!

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    COCA-COLA® Christmas Gifts Make the Season Sparkle

    COCA-COLA® has been an essential part of holiday traditions for decades. And we want to help you make it part of your gift-giving repertoire, too! Here at The Bradford Exchange, you'll find amazing Christmas gifts for everyone on your list - including the COKE® fans in your life. Our COCA-COLA Christmas gifts are all uniquely designed, artisan crafted and officially licensed. You'll find everything from stylish COCA-COLA apparel and accessories to fine collectibles and figurines to eye-catching wall decor. For an extra festive gift, consider one of our COCA-COLA Christmas collectibles - like an electric train set, a Christmas tree collection, or a musical glitter globe. Speaking of which, a snow globe makes a wonderful holiday gift - and we have a wide variety of designs for you to explore once you're found the perfect COCA-COLA Christmas gifts. And if all these refreshing ideas have you thirsting for more occasions to give the gift of COKE, remember: we have an impressive selection of COCA-COLA collectibles that are meant to be enjoyed year round, just like COKE. So treat yourself to one when you've finished your Christmas shopping, or next time you need a unique gift for a COKE lover. But first, enjoy happy holiday giving with COCA-COLA. Shop Now!


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