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Update: July 2nd

I received a spam email from Views Run today, which is interesting as I&#;ve never given them my email, which means they&#;ve used my email without my consent.

I decided to re-visit their site and see what has changed.

I have updated my rating from a 3/5 to a /5. They no longer have live support, instead you are presented with a &#;create ticket&#; functionality.

Where you are forced to wait an unspecified amount of time.

I decided to waste the $50 on their monthly plans just to test their new chatbot feature, which was feature-less and overall terrible. I think that they are giving up on the site, the viewbot has not had an update in a long time and the stability of the bot is just a mess. This viewer bot is BY FAR the most unstable bot on the market.

Review: 3/5

Latest review: /5

I think has been around a while, but I&#;m not % sure. Their site seems clean and modern which would imply they are. Overall, I had a good experience with views run, but, they have this weird key-based system to buy your plan. I didn&#;t like this much, because I purchased it once and then I had Internet problems, meaning I had to turn my stream off. I went to use my key again and I couldn&#;t, because it was used once already. You can get around this by purchasing a monthly key&#;I think that&#;s the only solution.

They have good support, too, but you have to go to their Discord. They were helpful enough to me but they also seem very angry and fed up with people asking questions. They will give you &#;smart ass&#; replies if you perhaps struggle with English or you don&#;t use their key system properly (like I did, ooops). But, I guess I&#;d be annoyed too answering the same questions over and over.

I have used views run the most until a decent competitor showed up, which I&#;ve switched to now. Their viewers are very stable and every time I&#;ve used them, I&#;ve been happy with the outcome, there is a great deal of fluctuation but I can&#;t really point fingers here because it could be any number of reasons, could just be people coming in and out of my stream. Also a couple of times I&#;ve used them, their service went down (only for about 30 minutes), but I&#;m guessing that can&#;t really be avoided. They were kind enough to reset my key so I could use it again, and the time I purchased a monthly key, they extended it.

Overall, very good service. I wish they&#;d add a chat bot and some other features, but with these guys you&#;re in and out very quickly which is nice. Turn up, buy your key and off you go.

Overall review for this twitch viewer bot:

Interface: 7/10 (clean, easy to use)

Support: 7/10 (just to be fair, because of their attitude)

Delivery: 9/10

Functionality: 7/10 (needs more features)

Works on mobile: Yes

Price: 10/10 (best value for money)


Screenshot from
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Boost your channel followers by using our twitch followers bot. We deliver only the highest quality twitch followers complete with profile pictures and bios. Delivery is % automated using randomized drip-feeding for ultimate account safety.

New Update! You are now able to select longer delivery speeds all the way up to days.



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If you see this loader for longer than 15 seconds please refresh the page and try submitting again, if this happens multiple times please contact live support!

Purchase a key for our twitch follower packages with auto-buy, your key will be delivered automatically after successful payment. Your key is valid for one use before being burned.

Twitch Followers with High Quality Profile Pictures

High Quality Profile Pictures

All our twitch followers have high quality profile pictures scraped from real twitch users. This ensures the profile pictures are on-topic and somewhat related to the niche of twitch.

Twitch Followers with Real Twitch user Bios

Real Twitch user Bios

All our twitch follower accounts are completed with real bios scraped from real twitch user profiles to ensure the content is on-topic, high quality, and not profane. We do not re-use the same bios.

Safe Drip Delivery Twitch Followers

Safe Drip Delivery

We utilize randomized drip delivery of followers over time to ensure we stay under the radar, our followers will never drop-off or be removed from your profile, this has never happened.

Select a Payment method for: 50 Followers Key

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Use the Twitch Clip Views bot to increase any Twitch Clip view count which allows you to make your channel growth look more natural and reach new users through suggested clips that pop-up for other users who are browsing Clips.



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Thread: Viewbot/followers/free demo

The only publicly working automated web view bot service, we've been up for 11 months and have taken over StreamBoosters position in the industry.

At this moment we offer up to viewers and followers, but new larger packages will be released soon.


Single use key for max of 10 hours and viewers 5$
10x bundle (10 single use keys) 35$
viewer 30 day key 50$
viewer 30 day key $
viewer 30 day key $
viewer 30 day key $


All of our followers have real scraped usernames, bios and profile pictures.

50 followers for 3$
followers 5$
followers 12$
followers 22$
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10, (10k) $
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50, (50k) 50$
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More coming very soon

Check out our website for the packages and join our Live Chat for 24/7 support. If you have any questions, they will be almost instantly answered in our Live Chat, but I will also provide support around here (not 24/7).


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How to Get Twitch Viewers: The Easiest Way

Table of Contents

Get Twitch Viewers: Streamers, Here&#;s How

Get Twitch viewers the easy way with these tips. Video games are a passion instead of a pastime, for many young people all over the world and many avid gamers make a living out of it. Professional gamers have been taking part in gaming competitions around the world and earning money. However, gamers are now rushing to like moths to a street lamp.

Owned by a subsidiary of Amazon, Twitch is an online video sharing platform which allows a gamer to live stream their gameplay and earn from home.

It is a video game lover’s paradise even though the content on the site ranges from podcasts to tutorials and from culinary to chat shows.

Get Twitch Viewers: How To Earn On Twitch

The chief earnings on Twitch comes from monthly subscriptions to your channels. Thus, more the followers you have, more will be your subscribers and hence more will be your earnings.

However, followers are not enough as a streamer must first become affiliated with Twitch to demand payment from the platform.

To become an affiliate, a streamer must consistently satisfy certain conditions over a period of time. A streamer should stream on different days for a considerable amount of time to be considered serious by the site. One should also reach a minimum of 50 followers and obtain an average of more than 3 viewers per stream.

Getting 50 followers is not a big deal but one must put in a lot of effort to get high average views to one’s streams. Views like followers translate to popularity and consequently to income on Twitch.

Attract Viewers To Your Twitch Channel

Attracting viewers to your channel and keeping them engaged to your content is a mighty task in and of itself. Views, thus, are so sacrosanct on Twitch that new streamers are always looking for easy ways to get them.


Attract viewers on Twitch

Well the easiest, albeit ill advised, way to earn views is by using view bots. Bots, however, are banned on Twitch and any user found using bots will be subsequently banned from the platform as well. Stay away from Twitch viewer bots!

There are platforms on the internet, such as TwitchFollowers, where you can legally buy views or even get them for free. Twitch Followers is a trusted site and strictly follows Twitch’s regulations. Here streamers can buy views or earn them via credits for free. Head over to our affiliate packages to get started!

The site employs real people and pays them to view or follow different channels.

To begin with, just visit and log in with your Twitch account. If you don’t have one already, then sign up and you&#;re good to go to start getting free Twitch viewers.

Get Twitch ViewersYou’re gonna love how easy we make it to get viewers and build your Twitch following even if you are a beginner.

How to buy Twitch views

Visit the site above and log in using your username and password. Once logged in you can check out the ‘Viewer Dashboard’ option on the left navigation pane. The dashboard shows your current credit, money value, and the required credit.

It also informs that you need at least 20, credits, worth $20, to request a payment from the site. The site has set a payment threshold so as to discourage fraudulent use of the platform. Read on to learn more about how you can get credits.

Shopping For Credits

Buying credits is the simplest way to earn credits and you can find the ‘Buy Credits’ option on the top of the homepage as well as on the left pane.

Click the option and you will see a new page showing the various values of credits you can buy. There are two categories- the gamer credits range from $10 to $75 in price while the mega gamer credits start from $ and ends at $.

The site supports PayPal as the sole method of payment. Once you have the credits then you can buy views for your channel.

Buy Twitch FollowersWe know you want to get affiliated we will get you there, guaranteed.

How To Get Twitch Followers Credits For Free

There is always a way to get things for free and channel views are no different. If you are unwilling to spend money on credits then you can earn them for free by just viewing or following fellow channels on Twitch.

Click on the ‘Sponsored Follows’ on the left pane on the Twitch Followers homepage. This will lead you to a new page where different channels on Twitch are listed.


Sponsored Twitch Follows

Useful information regarding the channels is also mentioned, thereby providing you with a better idea of the content and popularity of the channel.

Follow channels you like and you can earn about 25 to 50 credits, or even more, depending on the streamer.

You can also earn credits by sponsoring views. Click the ‘Sponsored Views’ option and it will take you to a new page where channels are listed.

Click the ‘View’ button below the channels you find interesting and you will get 20 to 50 credits per view. You have to regularly view the channels for a substantial amount of time to make yourself credible.


Sponsored Twitch views

The number of credits you get for following or viewing any channel is listed below each channel. Upgrade your account via one time payments to earn ten times the credits you usually earn.

Putting Twitch Credits To Good Use

Once you start to earn free credits by following or viewing channels, your objective will be to reach the payment threshold of 20, credits.

Having done so you can either exchange the credits for cash or you can keep on increasing your credits. The ideal way to use the credits is to buy free views for your Twitch channel.

If you want to buy channel views then click on the ‘Buy Channel Views’ option, and a new window pops up. You can select the number of channel views you want and the number of credits you will pay for each channel view.


Buy Twitch Channel Views

You need to select a minimum of 10 channel views and pay at least 40 credits per view. By choosing to buy viewers you are asking the site to pay real people, even fellow streamers, to view your channel.

Many streamers also use credits to buy Twitch followers. To do so, click on the ‘Buy Followers’ option and create a new follow sponsorship by choosing the number of followers and the credits per follow.

Make Money on TwitchFocus on what you do play hard and play well and we’ll help you get paid, week on week.

To Wrap It All Up

Dedication is the key to success and it applies when it comes to Twitch as well.

Whether you are following channels or viewing channels, you must do so with dedication and patience. Invest your time judiciously and your income can reach the magical six figure mark everyone dreams about.

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Who are the Top 20 Twitch Streamers?

Alicia Keys - 3 Hour Drive (Official Audio) ft. Sampha

This is a comprehensive review for

But does this service work?

In this review you’ll learn:

  • Is Views.runa scam?
  • Does work?
  • Is this service safe to use?
  • What are the reviews for

If you don’t want to read through the review, you can [skip to our conclusion]. Review is a viewbotting service for Twitch. This means you can use this service to boost your live views artificially.

Say you usually stream to 0 viewers, you can use to bump this number to !

Of course, these viewers aren’t real, they are bots.

But hey, who needs to know that…

On top of that you can also get chatters which will interact with your stream, but since these are also bots, they can appear very spammy and unnatural.

The way works is fairly simple.

  1. You sign up and create an account
  2. You purchase a key (single use or 30 day)
  3. You enter the key into the dashboard and add your Twitch channel link
  4. Wait minutes for views to show up sells both single-use keys and monthly plans.

For about $5, you’ll get a key for 10 hours that will get you viewers.

If you want to get more than live viewers, and you want to get chatters as well, you’ll need to opt for a monthly plan.

The monthly plans start at $50 for viewers. And go up to $ for viewers.

The pricing for is affordable, especially when compared to other view-botting services out there. 4/5 stars.

As part of this review, I attempted to contact their support.

In the dashboard, there is a 24/7 live chat button which looks very promising. has no support

But when you try to click on the button, nothing happens.

No matter whether you use a desktop or a mobile device, the button leads nowhere.

On the footer of their website, they have a link to their support as well. has no support

But again, this button leads nowhere.

This reminded me off my StreamerPlus review, which had exactly the same problem, a live chat button that lead to nothing.

Since I can’t contact them, I have to give them 0 stars for support.

I couldn’t find a refund policy page anywhere on the website.

Not a good sign. But I guess it makes sense since they don’t have support either. Who would you have to contact if you need a refund…?

Sometimes, companies would place a refund policy within their privacy policy, so I decided to look there.

But then I noticed… doesn't have a refund policy

The ‘terms of service’ and ‘privacy policy’ links in the footer, lead to nowhere.

This website doesn’t even have a privacy policy or terms of service, clearly, this is not a legitimate company…

0/5 stars for refund policy.

On Trustpilot, only 7 people have reviewed

This indicates that this view botting service is likely to be pretty new.

In total, has a rating.

review of viewbot

This doesn’t really make sense because % of the reviews for are 1-star reviews…

Clearly the real rating for this service is 1 stars.

Below are some of the reviews left by customers of

Here’s what I gathered from the reviews:

  • Support is never online
  • This service does not give out refunds
  • There is massive under-delivery
  • The service simply doesn’t work
  • Every reviewer seems to claim this service is a scam
  • Underdelivery of live views
  • No support
  • No refunds

Here’s how I graded…

  • Functionality: 2/5
  • Pricing: 4/5
  • Support: 0/5
  • Refund policy: 0/5

Total: /5 stars

Frequently Asked Questions

Any viewbotting service can result in a ban from Twitch. does not have a free trial available. Their cheapest plan is a single use key for $5 which will give you live viewers.

Everything we’ve found about this website indicates that it is. The reviews found on Trustpilot all claim that this website is a scam. They don’t have a refund policy, no support available and they don’t even have a privacy policy or terms of service.

On top of that, the service underdelivers live views (which they even state on their website!) and some users even complain they don’t get any views at all!

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