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Honestly, neither of them are especially good. SAO has better Osts but several very awfully made antagonists as well as several plothole. But SAO is definitely more entertaining to watch than Overlord outside of those. SAO has 4 cours, Overlord has only one, which also makes things difficult to compare on bigger scale,a t least without reading the novels. The MC is better in Overlord ImO? but all the others characters outside of the MC are pretty much awful, whereas in SAO 's cases some characters are at least decent. Well as I said antagonists arent decent at all in SAO though.

Now, it's not that overlord is more praised, it's that it's less disliked. this :

CondemneDio said:
Overlord gave people what they wanted.
SAO betrayed people's expectations.

That's the major difference between them.

Is pretty accurate. Overlord is less disliked because peoples who don't like that kind of show mostly properly avoided it, whereas in SAO's cases, lots of people felt betrayed (I personally wasn't expecting big things from it so I wasn't betrayed but, yeah...). Both titles have very vocal fans, but one have far more vocal haters than the other one.
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15 Anime To Watch If You Love Overlord

Overlord is a dark fantasy light novel series written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin. It focuses on a man who was transported into a DMMORPG (Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) called Yggdrasil after its servers shut down.

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The series has attracted many fans for its in-depth story as well as the thin line between good and evil as the protagonist continues to act as his character, Ainz Ool Gown. Luckily, even those that have finished the series have plenty of similar anime to check out to scratch that itch.

Updated by Saim Cheeda on January 28th, 2021: Overlord has proven itself to be a top-flight anime, one whose popularity keeps soaring. Fortunately for anime in this genre, it means that fans are looking for further shows that can bring them the same kind of entertainment. To this end, viewers turn to shows that have a distinct identity of their own, as these also tend to separate them just enough from Overlord to feature the stories intrinsic to them. With that in mind, this list has been updated to add anime that will entertain viewers and make fans out of them in their own right.

15 Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody

Ichiro Suzuki is a man pushing his 30s and working a job as a programmer for MMORPGs when he is transported to a new world that contains elements of the same games he's created. Now in the body of a 15-year-old, he sets out to uncover this mystery.

This should be a very easy for Overlord fans to get into, seeing as the basic premise is almost exactly the same. In this anime, the over-the-top stuff is toned down to bring a straightforward plotline, which works since viewers remain focused on the story.

14 The Sacred Blacksmith

Cecily Campbell is a Knight from Housman, whose job is to ensure the city remains safe after a great war in the past had threatened the land with demons. In order to remain at the top of her game, she gets involved with a blacksmith who has a katana like no other.

The themes of being a protector to the people is what Overlord fans will connect to here. The characters aren't as quirky as they appear, although they do have a certain comedic charm to them that helps the viewer feel right at home.

13 .Hack//Sign

Tsukasa wakes up one day to realize he's trapped in the game known as "The World" and can't get out. He plays a Wavemaster to find out a way to log out and return to his real life. Along the way, he uncovers many mysteries about this place and why people want to keep him there.

Unlike most other anime, this series isn't reliant on the action aspect of things. The main appeal here is the way the protagonist uncovers the mysteries of "The World," with the hook for viewers being the larger plot that slowly uncovers.

12 The King's Avatar

Ye Quiu is a professional e-sports player who has been kicked out of his team for his unwillingness to participate in deals that weren't to his benefits. In order to get back in the game, he starts right from scratch to work his way up to beat the ones that wronged him.

The characters here act a lot more adult than the juvenile tendencies of most similar anime. There isn't as much to get absorbed into the world, but the anime avoids milking its appeal by delivering a simple storyline where the viewer is inclined to back the protagonist's pursuit.

11 Death Parade

In this universe, the death of a person entails their arrival to mysterious bars where they must engage in death battles in order to fight for their souls and for their fates to be decided. Decim, an arbiter of the game, oversees the process of these battles.

The anime ended with a criminally low episode count, although this will mean that viewers can binge-watch the whole series in one go and fully take in the plot from start to finish.

10 The Rising Of The Shield Hero

The Rising of The Shield Hero is a dark fantasy series written by Aneko Yusagi and illustrated by Minami Seira. The series was originally uploaded to the website Shousetsuka ni Narou (lit. "Let's Become a Novelist") before being published by Media Factory with a more in-depth storyline and characters.

The story follows Naofumi Iwatani, a college student who was summoned into another world with three other men from different worlds to become heroes and fight off a danger called Waves.


Gate is a fantasy novel series written by Takumi Yanai. It received a light novel adaption illustrated by Daisuke Izuka as well as a manga series illustrated by Satoru Sao. The story is set in modern-day Ginza, Tokyo where a portal to another world appears, bringing in monsters and soldiers into the real world where they wreak havoc on the city.

When Youji Itami, a Japanese Self-Defense Force officer, is sent to investigate, he discovers that magic and dragons are real and uses his knowledge of the topic to navigate through the gate.

8 Is It Wrong To Try And Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? written by Fujino Oumori and illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda follows a fourteen-year-old adventurer who is the sole member of the Hestia Family.

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The story is also set around people who are in groups called Familia that are run by gods and goddesses who go dungeon crawling and fight monsters.

7 The Saga Of Tanya The Evil

The Saga of Tanya the Evil is a light novel series written by Carlo Zen and illustrated by Shinobu Shinotsuki. It also has a manga series that is illustrated by Chika Toujou. The story is kicked off when a Japanese salaryman is murdered by a former employee that the salaryman had fired.

Afterward, an entity that self-proclaims itself as God tells him he does not have faith and reincarnates him as a girl named Tanya Degurechaff. He then states if Tanya does not either die naturally or have faith, she will go to hell and suffer for her past life's sins for all of eternity.

6 How To Not Summon A Demon Lord

How To Not Summon a Demon Lord is a series written by Yukiya Murasaki and illustrated by Takahiro Tsurusaki. The story follows Takuma Sakamoto, an avid gamer who is transported to his favorite game, Cross Reverie. It turns out he was summoned by two girls, a pantherian named Rem Galleu and an elf named Shera L. Greenwood.

Although they summoned him to make him their servant, this backfires when his ability, in turn, makes them his slaves. Takuma decides to find a way to break this spell as well as hide his social anxiety by acting like his in-game character, Demon Lord Diablo.

5 One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man is a web manga written and illustrated by One. It was then remade and published by Shueisha with illustrations by Yusuke Murata. The name is a parody of the Japanese children anime Anpanman.

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It follows a twenty-six-year-old mane named Saitama who has the power to defeat enemies with a single punch. Because of this, he has become bored with how easy it is to defeat his enemies and seeks a real fight.

4 No Game No Life

No Game No Life is a series written and illustrated by Yuu Kamiya. The story follows stepsiblings Sora, an eighteen-year-old who is great at strategizing, and Shiro, an eleven-year-old whose specialty is calculations and logic.

After they are challenged by a god from another reality named Tet to a game of chess and win, they take him up on his offer to live in a world that is centered on games called Disboard.

3 Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is a science fiction series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. It follows Kazuto Kirigaya, who is mostly known by his in-game name Kirito, after he is trapped inside a virtual reality MMORPG called Sword Art Online and is unable to escape.

The series spans across multiple other virtual reality worlds as it continues, such as ALfheim Online and Gun Gale Online.

2 That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime is a fantasy series written by Fuse and illustrated by Mitz Vah. After thirty-seven-year-old Satoru Mikami is murdered by a man after he protects his subordinate at work, he regains consciousness to realize he has been turned into a blue slime in a different world.

With the new skill he gained called "predator," he navigates this new world and meets new faces, all with fantasy-like aspects such as oni and goblins.

1 Log Horizon

Log Horizon is a fantasy and science fiction novel written by Mamare Touno and illustrated by Kazuhiro Hara and Mochichi Hashimoto.

After Shiroe and other players are brought to the world of an MMORPG called Elder Tale after an update to the game, he decides to team up with some of them so that they can discover why this has happened.

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After when the leeches were been defeated Ainz uses fly to start moving 

Vector: (Alicia I will capture you and takeover the Lightcube) 

Vector commands the armies that are still alive 

Vector: All units start moving along with the dark magicians and the Servants to the South, we must capture that knight, we must capture that Light Warrior alive 

As Vector sits back and starts to smirk, in the mean time Ainz was thinking in his head

Ainz: (I must find a way how to get my body to this world) 

???: It appears like that the God of Darkness Vector has start the to led the rest 

Alice: We must be happy at least they are easy to take on 

At the time Ainz was floating on the air 

Ainz: (Kirito can you hear me I am at the sky I am now observing the next units that we are facing)

Kirito: Well I suggest you should use magics that aren't area magics you may damaged them hardly 

Ainz:( Well Say)

As Ainz floating down he heard something that is speaking

???: If Shasta was alive it would be very great 

Ainz: Huh what the

Alice: Oh it's you Ainz Ooal Gown why are you here?

Ainz: Helping you like I just did this world is getting awesome 

???: Who is that 

Alice: That is Ainz Ooal Gown the Negative Influence version of Kirito also known as the Dark Alter Ego of Kirito

???: So is he strong

Ainz: I am a level 100 but currently I am a level 175 

Alice: WHAT A LEVEL 175 

Ainz: Yes my level and his must have fused with each other and...


Ainz: What the 

Ainz saw the armies of Dark Territories are heading towards them 

Ainz: Welp that's my signal 

Ainz floats off the cliff and gets near the army as they are shouting 


Ainz: Huh

???: Listen Ainz those guys aren't easy at all

Ainz: Why 

???: You see here those peoples are the Fist Fighters they are the hardest and hard headest of all, they will accept the injured if they get beaten by hands but if they get beaten by swords then  they will not accept, those hard handers has a thoughts that is their hands are tougher than swords that it has turn into a theory 

Ainz: I see well I will use magic to wipe them out then 

Kirito: Ainz 

Ainz: (Don't worry it won't hurt our side it will only hurt theirs) 

Ainz Floats towards 

Ainz: HEY 

Everyone in the enemies side: HUH

Ainz: Want to wipe out them get pass me first 

???: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA You thought that you could take her out 

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OP main character with tons of girls falling for him. Heck, Overlord rippedd off SAO.
The difference lies in how they react to it.


Overlord actually has a cool, unique looking designed protagonist though. And is far more badass.

It's almost like presentation and execution and other story/character elements matter.

CloverKitten posted...
It's almost like presentation and execution and other story/character elements matter.

This. Then again the lizard plot is scaring me off Overlord and reminds me that trapped in another world s*** only has two tones: boring info dump crap or chuuni self-indulgence that takes itself far too seriously.

Who shall rise and become the anime villain of this decade?

CloverKitten posted...
It's almost like presentation and execution and other story/character elements matter.

but it's not really any better
I enjoy it but I have no illusions


NeoBasilisk posted...

but it's not really any better
Overlord has hugging Clementine, it's already better than SAO.

And no, Overlord isn't actually good, either, but whataboutism gets the reasons wrong.

It has side characters that are actually super freaking interesting and a world I actually want to know things about.

SAO comes off better when it's literally written off as being a hack of a game slapped together by an overworked and sleep-deprived dev driven insane.

And yes, making your protagonist a bumble king trapped in the body of a badass skeleton mage putting no-lifer MMO strategy next to fake-it-till-you-make-it shenanigans helps a LOT.

My Puzzle and Dragons Box:

as it has said in the first ep, Ainz is a roleplayer while other Isekai MC are mostly powergamers. Everyone in setting are actually act like what people(scripted npcs) in Fantasy world would do instead of play to win.

Sell by date is NOT the expiration date. It is a warranty date if the product is in its undamaged original packaging.

never watched overlord. i hate sao because i hate people who act like they are in a videogame. any anime that furthers this is bad.

there was one anime where the mc was "stuck" in the game. people told him to logoff but he couldnt. my problem with this kind of crap is.....

you can't be in the f***ing game in the first place

Kill From The Shadows.

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Vs sao overlord

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Ainz Ooal Gown Vs Workers (Foresight) HD

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