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“Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet” were the all-American values extolled by a 1970’s Chevy Ad campaign. Fans loved the ad campaign so much that Chevy brought it back in 2012. They also stamped the image of a baseball bat, a hot dog, and an apple pie into the floor of every 1990 through 1996 Corvette Convertible. It’s behind the passenger seat, and all you have to do is pull up the carpet to find it. Go ahead and give it a try if you own one! Scavenger hunts aside, Chevrolet has positioned itself as an all-American automobile company. Iconic Chevy models like the Impala, Corvette, and Camaro are as much a piece of Americana as, baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie! Chevy can add motorsport and rock 'n' roll to its list of American values when you consider the influence it has had on both. Today, Chevy produces a wide range of vehicles, from subcompact cars and powerful trucks to vans and SUVs, sold all over the world.

For over 100 years Chevrolet has been known for its well performing and powerful cars and trucks, whether it be for sport or work. But like all things, nothing lasts forever and parts fail for one reason or another. At 1A Auto, our mission to supply you with the right parts you need to keep your Chevy car, truck, van or SUV working in tip top shape, at a great discount. If you need a replacement part for your Chevy vehicle, this is the right place. You'll find a large selection of new, high quality aftermarket Chevy auto parts, including headlights, tail lights, weatherstripping, mirrors, door handles, exhaust manifolds, radiators, and more, as well as genuine OEM replacement parts—the very same ones you would receive if purchased from your local dealer, without the inflated cost. We don't just sell replacement Chevy parts here at 1A Auto; we also carry a selection of new and performance parts such as high flow air filters for your Chevy truck or car as well.

Our product development team spends over 8,000 hours a year researching Chevy auto parts, carefully selecting the best, so you can rest assured that you are getting the correct, high quality part you need for your car, truck, van or SUV, at a discount price. If we wouldn't put the part in our own vehicles, we won't sell them to anyone else. A new aftermarket replacement Chevy part from 1A Auto will save you 30-50% on average over a comparable new OEM replacement Chevy part that you would get at a dealership, and our new aftermarket Chevy parts are extremely durable and reliable. Don't overpay for Chevy parts and save yourself from a lot of potential headaches by shopping at 1A Auto.

You can shop for all of your Chevy car, truck, van, and SUV parts online and buy safely and securely right here on our website.  Our Customer Service is available for any questions parts or fitment.  We also know you want your part fast that's why we offer free same day shipping in the continental US so you can get back on the road in no time. And, in the unlikely case you are unhappy with your Chevy auto part for any reason, 1A Auto offers the only No Hassle return policy for unused items in the industry. Simply put, our competitors can't beat the 1A Advantage. Don't just take it from us - take it from our   satisfied customers!

Look no further than 1A Auto for your aftermarket, original equipment (OE) replacement, new and performance Chevy auto parts and get your car, truck, van or SUV the new parts it needs today from Chevy enthusiasts just like you! If you happen to be an enthusiastic Chevy owner, have a deep passion for Chevrolet vehicles, or just want to learn more about the automobile manufacturer, continue reading below for a detailed look at the brand's history and some of its past and present models.


The Chevrolet name comes from racecar driver Louis Chevrolet, whom GM founder William Durant hired to drive Buick cars in promotional races. Louis Chevrolet and his team completed two car prototypes in 1911: the Little four-cylinder, and the future Chevrolet big six touring car. Production of the “Little Four” and the 1st Chevrolet “Classic Six” six-cylinder began in 1912 and the first version was expensive, heavy, and slow. The car was re-tooled into a new “Little Six,” retaining the durability of Chevrolet’s original design, version was dubbed the “Light Six.”

Between 1915 and 1920, the Chevrolet Motor Company of Canada Limited was started and soon after, Chevrolet merged into GM, becoming a separate division. The newly formed entity quickly started production, launching the Chevrolet Series D in 1918.

Chevy continued to produce affordable and successful cars, launching the Standard Six, the cheapest six-cylinder car on the market. Chevy, Ford, and Plymouth became known as the low-priced three. In the 1950s, revolutionary models like the Bel Air were released. A convertible with a non-detachable solid roof, sparking a new trend and lasting into the 1970s. The 1955 model is a great example of a car featuring the infamous tailfin styling in a move towards performance, that set Chevy on track to becoming the icon it is today.

1953 saw the introduction of the infamous Corvette. With a lightweight, fiberglass body and 150 horsepower engine, the Corvette was a success.  Since Chevy did not have a manual transmission rated to handle 150 hp, the Corvette came with an automatic Powerglide transmission.  Powerglide first offered in 1950 was a fully automatic transmission from a low-priced brand.  In 1955, the Corvette got a boost of power from Chevy’s legendary small-block V8 engine.  The engine would become popular with stock car racers, who called it the “Mighty Mouse” engine.  Ward’s automotive named the Chevy small-block one of the ten best engines of the Twentieth Century.  In 1960, a Corvette won the big-bore GT category at Le Mans and 48 years later, in 2008, Corvette beat Ferrari and Porsche in the American Le Mans series to take its eighth Manufacturer’s Championship in a row.  The Corvette was a fan favorite. Car and Driver readers selected the Corvette as “Best All Around Car”  every year from 1971 to 1975.  The car was  a favorite of NASA astronaut Alan Shepard and immortalized in Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” song.  Subsequent generations of the Corvette include the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray “Split-Window” Coup. The Corvette ZR-1, featured breathtaking performance, and the 1997 Corvette coupe and the convertible featured a fresh, new structural design.

A few years after the introduction of the Corvette, Chevy released the Impala. The Impala was longer, wider and lower than its predecessors.  The bigger car called for a bigger engine—the Chevy big-block.  The same big-block to power Chevy stock cars which set record times at the 1963 Daytona 500.  Four years earlier, the Impala itself had been raced at the first Daytona 500. In 1961, the Impala became available with the “Super Sport” package, which included stronger springs and shocks, narrow band tires and either a 348 or a 409 cubic inch displacement big-block engine.

Chevy then developed the Camaro. Through the 1970s, the Impala was still Chevy’s top-selling model, but over time power and the size of the car decreased. The downsized Impala did win Motor Trend’s car of the year award in 1977. More recent Impala models have been popularly used as taxi and police cars. Classic Impalas remain a collector’s item however, and the 1964 model is particularly prized in low-rider culture, having been name-dropped by numerous rappers, including Eazy-E in his song “Boyz-N-The-Hood.” 

As the Impala was leaving the performance market in the mid 1960s, the Camaro was poised to take its place. The Camaro was introduced at a press conference in 1966 and went on sale to the public that same year. In the late 1960s, Camaros raced against Pontiac Firebirds (with which they shared a platform and many components), Chevy Challengers, and, yes, Ford Mustangs in the Sports Car Club of America’s Trans-Am Sedan Championship. Camaros won in 1968 and 1969. Today, the Camaro is popular among drag racers in the National Hot Rod Association, International Hot Rod Association, and other associations. The Camaro is also in use in stock car racing. In 2013, the Camaro was used by most Chevy teams in NASCAR’s Nationwide Series. There has even been a racing series exclusively for Camaro-based stock cars, the Camaro cup series, since 1975 in Sweden. The current generation of Camaro, launched in 2010 and inspired by the design of the 1969 model, is being raced in the Grand Am road racing series. Subsequent generations of the Camaro also included the Z28, which was released in 1993 and featured completely new and extremely smooth styling. It served as the Pace Car of the Indy 500 that year.

Two other vehicles that helped to define the brand in the United States were the 1970 Chevrolet El Camino SS and the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. The Chevy El Camino “passenger-car pickup” first appeared in 1959. This edition, along with the 1960 model, was based on the full-size Chevy. The vehicle went on a three-year hiatus after the 1960 model but returned for 1964. The 1964 model was unlike the previous version, as it was a derivative of the intermediate sized 1964 Chevrolet Chevelle, a model which was released for the first time that same year. The El Camino was restyled again in 1968, and featured a sleek look as well as the recognizable pickup bed. That same year, the El Camino finally became available with the Super Sport package, giving buyers the additional muscle car options that had been offered for the Chevelle SS starting a few years earlier.

In addition to the 1970 Chevy El Camino SS, Chevy released perhaps the most legendary of all Chevy Super Sport cars, the 1970 Chevelle SS. While the Chevelle SS had represented Chevrolet's entry into the muscle car battle years prior, this new version, which featured a 454-cid big-block engine (the first GM intermediated sized car to include an engine larger than 400 cid) was its crowning glory. The power of this engine could launch the SS 454 to 100 mph in about 13 seconds. The Chevelle would become one of Chevrolet's most successful nameplates, and body styles would vary over the years (like many of Chevy’s vehicles) to include coupes, sedans, convertibles and station wagons. The nameplate would be dropped following the 1977 year and a downsizing, and was replaced with the Malibu nameplate, which is still in existence today. We could go on and on about other Chevy models up until this period, but that would likely require days of your time. To keep it short, other notable models include the Chevy Nomad, Monte Carlo, Astro van, Caprice, Cavalier, Celebrity, Beretta, and Corsica.

The 1990s, 2000s, and Today

Chevy had been producing the C/K series since 1960 and other pickups before that, as well as an early precursor to Sport Utility Vehicles in the Suburban, launched in 1936, but the S10 may be Chevy’s lasting impact on the American truck market. Designed in response to demand for smaller vehicles following 1973’s oil crisis, the S10 was the first compact pickup from one of the big three American automakers. Although it was designed for practical use, it’s more comfortable alongside the Corvette and the Camaro then you might first think. Five-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver’s Champion Jimmie Johnson has raced S10s. An electric-powered S10 variant has also made its mark in motor sport. At the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb, it won the Super Stock Truck Class in 1998 and 1999 and the High Tech Truck Class in 2000. This, in turn, set the stage for Chevy’s electric car, the Volt. The car would go on to become the top selling plug-in electric car in the United States, and has won numerous industry awards since.

In 2009, GM went through a Chapter 11 reorganization as a result of massive financial problems, bailed out by the U.S. Government. When it emerged, Chevrolet was still standing  as one of GM's core brands. Today, the global automaker currently sells a wide range of vehicles.


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Been using Rock Auto for my 77 p10 parts . Its not a daily driver so waiting not a big deal
I was able to get a full tuneup (cap.rotor,wires,plugs, pcv,fuel filter, crankcase filter, air filter and AC Delco oil filter )worth of parts , front , rear brake shoes and pads plus the rear hardware kit for the parking brake with wheel clys and springs to my door for $84 . Most of the stuff was wholesaler closeout, private label stuff like Big "A" autoparts boxed Wix air filter but the plug wires were NAPA the cap and rotor were KEM and Standard the brake hardware was Wagner
A lot of the boxes had a lot of shelf wear and yellowed .
As for the multiple shipping issues , put what you really need into the cart then when you look up the rest of the stuff it will show what will come from the same warehouse so you can pick something that's listed for a little more but still save a good amount

I also shop Amazon for stuff too as I needed both rear axle shafts for it as they were repair bearing worn out too . I was able to get them to my door for $109 each side. All the local places needed to order them also and the cheapest was $179 each plus shipping to them.

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