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Eastern Model Mega Man Zero Copy X Model Kit

Eastern Model Mega Man Zero Copy X Model Kit
Material: ABS, PVC
Height: 16.5 CM

You can also get it at Gundamit.com with extra points back!

Needs to be assembled by collectors
(Model kits’ boxes are easy to be damaged during shipping.
Do not buy it if you can’t accept this.)

Eastern Model Mega Man Zero Copy X Model Kit
Pictures updated.

Eastern Model Mega Man Zero Copy X Model Kit
Pictures  updated.
c/o 998就是我 via weibo.

Eastern Model Mega Man Zero Copy X Model Kit
Pictures  Review updated.
c/o  模魂志 

▲ The head-to-body ratio remains consistent with ZERO due to the nature of their skeletons, and shares about 50% of the same parts. The kit adheres to Yumodao’s design aesthetic and pairs perfectly with ZERO. 

▲ The kit is layered in many different colors, and will be immediately noticeable as you begin to assemble the kit. 

▲ The transparent red crystal on his forehead has an embossed “X” inside, which is made obvious through light-up effects. 

▲ The head and torso are entirely new designs, and are colored beautifully in two-tone blue. The parts are moderately glossy, giving the figure a less-plasticy, more realistic look. 

▲ The kit comes with a swappable Rock Destroyer arm that really completes the figure. 

▲ The cannon’s built-in LED is enabled by a cleverly concealed switch that maintains the cannon’s contour. 

▲ The details on the cannon stay true to the character and even has movable valves to mimic the heat dissipation following a charged blast. Two swappable arms are included, allowing you to dual-wield cannons! 

▲ The blast effects are molded in transparent green and are richer in tone than its ZERO’s. 

▲ The kit also comes with a replaceable “shouting” face that is pre-painted with details within. Both faces have a matte finish. 

▲ The blast effects for the “charge attack” and heat dissipation are heavy and require separate stands to support them. 

▲ The figure does not come with any weapons, therefore only comes with closed fist and open palm hand options. The fingers come pre-painted white. 

▲ There is a LED within the transparent portion of the stand that lights up in response to touch. It will stay lit for 30 seconds before automatically turning off. 

▲ The wrist cuffs are a new design that look similar but are different than ZERO’s. 


Eastern Model Mega Man Zero Copy X Model Kit
Pictures updated.

Eastern Model Mega Man Zero Copy X Model Kit
Pictures updated.

▲Bonus only for pre-orders

Eastern Model Mega Man Zero Copy X Model Kit
Pictures updated.

Sours: https://showzstore.com/eastern-model-mega-man-zero-copy-x-model-kit_p2631.html
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