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The Army’s Future Soldier Program is a delayed entry program that allows individuals to make a commitment towards joining the Army without directly shipping to Basic Combat Training.

Individuals who join this program will complete entry testing, including the ASVAB test to see which MOS they qualify for.

After choosing an MOS and completing entry testing, individuals will attend Future Soldier Program until they make their final commitment, sign a contract and ship to Basic Combat Training.

If this is something that you may be interested in, or would like to know more information about, continue for your Future Soldier Program: Complete Guide.

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What is the Future Soldier Program?

Future Soldiers Program

The Future Soldier Program provides an opportunity for high school students to make a commitment to join the Army and still finish high school.

The Future Soldier Program, or Delayed Entry Program is not just open to high school students.

It is available for other scenarios such as those who enter into an MOS, but there is not an immediate opening at Basic Combat Training, those waiting on security clearances or those who do not meet other requirements yet.

The Future Soldier Program, or delayed entry program is becoming more common.

Those who enter the program are required to ship to Basic Combat Training (BCT) within a year.

During this time period, they will learn Army customs and courtesies.

They will also complete pre-basic training tasks and complete physical training in preparation for BCT.

Individuals in this program learn everything from basic Army knowledge to expectations.

Future Soldiers are provided with resources to understand training, benefits and family resources.

Those who complete the course can earn promotions.

In the Future Soldier Program individuals will complete tasks that are specific to their area.

Generally, the Future Soldiers will meet once a week, but can meet more frequently depending on the location or activity.

There are various tasks that are completed at weekly meetings.

This program focuses heavily on physical fitness.

Soldiers will complete various physical activities such as running, circuits, push-ups etc.

They will also complete preparatory drills and the OPAT.

Soldiers are provided with materials that allow them to become familiar with Military terms, the Army creed and more.

Individuals who join into the Future Soldiers Program have exclusive access to an online resource that provides unique learning tools, parent resources and more.

This online resource can be found here, but once an individual has joined the program, they are provided with a log-in with additional tools not available to the general public.

Who is eligible/what are the requirements?

To enter specifically into the Future Soldier Program you are required to be in school and have a year or less until graduation.

Those who enter the delayed entry program for other reasons are not required to be in school.

When you choose to enter into this program, or you are assigned it, you still complete all entry requirements related to your MOS.

Individuals will be required to take the ASVAB test and pass any medical screenings.

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How do I sign up?

Signing up for the Future Soldier Program can be done by talking with a recruiter.

The Army website has a tool that allows you to find a recruiter in your area, (click here to access it).

If you have additional questions about signing up, about the program itself, or want to discuss the program with someone without the pressure of talking in person at a recruiting office, the Army offers a few different options.

The first option allows you to chat on their website.

To use the chat function, go to, select the “Get in Touch” link in the top right corner, and select chat.

Go Army Chat

The second option is to request information via email or phone call at the link here.

Enter the required information and Army personnel will respond with more information.

Be aware that you will receive phone calls if entering in your phone number.

The final way to request information on signing up and on the program is to call the Army information center at 1-888-550-ARMY.

This phone number will take you to a center that can provide basic information and get you in touch with a local recruiter.

How do I prepare for it?

The Future Soldiers Program is in place to assist with transition from civilian life into being a soldier.

To prepare for it, an individual should start to get into physical shape, as a large portion of the activities performed in the program surround physical activity.

Another way to prepare is to fully understand the time commitments of the program.

Most programs meet once a week, but others can meet more frequently or on different days of the week.

Other ways to prepare include understanding the job functions of your MOS, gearing your training towards those job functions and using your time in the program to learn as much information as possible.

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Can I get out of it after signing up? What are the consequences?

Yes, you can separate from the Delayed Entry Program or Future Soldiers Program.

This right to separate because of an inability to meet enlistment standards is protected under Department of Defense Instruction 1332.14.

If you wish to separate because you cannot meet enlistment standards or for other reasons, you can send a written letter to the Secretary.

The request is considered an entry-level separation.

Individuals will not receive any consequences as far as being considered dishonorably discharged because the time in the Delayed Entry Program does not count towards military service until the contract for active duty is signed.

They may however be required to receive a waiver if they would like to join the Army again.


Delayed entry program

The Future Soldiers Program is a great way for students, or other individuals to make a smooth transition from civilian life into the Army.

Those who are interested in entering into the program must complete all entry requirements to join the Army, without signing the Active Duty contract.

Once in the program you will learn all Army customs and get into Army physical shape.

Preparing for the program is the same as preparing for entering into the Army.

Because the program helps with the transition, it does not require additional preparation.

It is possible to leave the program by providing a written notification.

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DoDI 1332.14

Future Soldiers

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Future Soldier Program

Future Soldier Program

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The Future Soldier Training Program was developed by the US Army to allow high school students to make a commitment to join the Army and still finish high school.

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