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Moon Phases Calendar December, Lunar Calendar December online

DateMoon Phase
(Lunar Phase)Moon Sign
Organs influenced by the Moon Sign
MonDec 1 Waxing GibbousAriesHead, teeth, tongue, arteries-TueDec 2 Waxing GibbousAriesHead, teeth, tongue, arteries-WedDec 3 Waxing GibbousTaurusNeck, vocal cords, throat, thyroid gland-ThuDec 4 Waxing GibbousTaurusNeck, vocal cords, throat, thyroid gland-FriDec 5 Waxing GibbousGeminiShoulders, arms, hands, bronchial tubes, lungs-SatDec 6FULL MOON
at GeminiShoulders, arms, hands, bronchial tubes, lungsNO!SunDec 7 Waning GibbousGemini
Shoulders, arms, hands, bronchial tubes, lungsYesMonDec 8 Waning GibbousCancerStomach, mucosa, breast, womb, ovaryYesTueDec 9 Waning GibbousCancerStomach, mucosa, breast, womb, ovaryYesWedDec 10 Waning GibbousLeoHeart, aorta, blood pressure, blood circulationYesThuDec 11 Waning GibbousLeoHeart, aorta, blood pressure, blood circulationYesFriDec 12 Waning GibbousLeo
Heart, aorta, blood pressure, blood circulationYesSatDec 13 Waning GibbousVirgoPancreas, small intestine, digestive tractYesSunDec 14Last Quarter
VirgoPancreas, small intestine, digestive tractYesMonDec 15 Waning CrescentLibraKidney, ureter, urinary bladder, veins, skinYesTueDec 16 Waning CrescentLibraKidney, ureter, urinary bladder, veins, skinYesWedDec 17 Waning CrescentLibra
Kidney, ureter, urinary bladder, veins, skinYesThuDec 18 Waning CrescentScorpioGenitals, anus, urethra, prostateYesFriDec 19 Waning CrescentScorpio
Genitals, anus, urethra, prostateYesSatDec 20 Waning CrescentSagittariusLiver, hips, thighs, sacrumYesSunDec 21 Waning CrescentSagittariusLiver, hips, thighs, sacrumYesMonDec 22NEW MOON
at CapricornBackbone, joints, knees, skin, hairNoTueDec 23 Waxing CrescentCapricornBackbone, joints, knees, skin, hair-WedDec 24 Waxing CrescentAquariusCalf, ankle, shin, Achilles-ThuDec 25 Waxing CrescentAquariusCalf, ankle, shin, Achilles-FriDec 26 Waxing CrescentPiscesFeet, toes, pineal gland-SatDec 27 Waxing CrescentPiscesFeet, toes, pineal gland-SunDec 28First QuarterAriesHead, teeth, tongue, arteries-MonDec 29 Waxing GibbousAriesHead, teeth, tongue, arteries-TueDec 30 Waxing GibbousTaurusNeck, vocal cords, throat, thyroid gland-WedDec 31 Waxing GibbousTaurusNeck, vocal cords, throat, thyroid gland-
Sours: https://mooncalendar.astro-seek.com/moon-phases-calendar-december

Moon Phase on: April 15,

On this day the Moon was in a Full Moon phase. During a Full Moon the moon is % illuminated as seen from Earth and is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. The Moon will be visible throughout the night sky rising at sunset in the east and setting with the sunrise the next morning. The point at which a Full Moon occurs can be measured down to a fraction of a second. The time it takes between full moons is known as a Synodic month and is days long. Keep track of all the Full Moons throughout the year on the Full Moon Calendar >

Visit the April Moon Phases Calendar to see all the daily moon phase for this month.

Full Moon Phase

The Full Moon on April 15 has an illumination of %. This is the percentage of the Moon illuminated by the Sun. The illumination is constantly changing and can vary up to 10% a day. On April 15 the Moon is days old. This refers to how many days it has been since the last New Moon. It takes days for the Moon to orbit the Earth and go through the lunar cycle of all 8 Moon phases.

The 8 Lunar Phases

There are 8 lunar phases the Moon goes through in its days lunar cycle. The 4 major Moon phases are Full Moon, New Moon, First Quarter and Last Quarter. Between these major phases, there are 4 minor ones: the Waxing Crescent, Waxing Gibbous, Waning Gibbous and Waning Crescent. For more info on the Moon Cycle and on each phase check out Wikipedia Lunar Phase page.


Phase Details for - April 15

Phase: Full Moon
Illumination: %
Moon Age: days
Moon Angle:
Moon Distance: , km
Sun Angle:
Sun Distance: ,, km

Sours: https://www.moongiant.com/phase/4/15/
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Moon Phases

Dates of Moon Phases in Year

Below you can find dates and hours of all Moon Phases in All dates and times are given both in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and Africa/Accra time. Times are shown in Daylight Savings Time when necessary and in Standard Time in the other cases. Additionally, the Lunation number (Brown Lunation Number, BLN) is included for convenience.

Lunar Phases — Takoradi (Africa/Accra) Time
New Moon First Quarter Full Moon Third QuarterLunation
Jan. 1, Wed Jan. 8, Wed Jan. 16, Thu Jan. 24, Fri 
Jan. 30, Thu Feb. 6, Thu Feb. 14, Fri Feb. 22, Sat 
Mar. 1, Sat Mar. 8, Sat Mar. 16, Sun Mar. 24, Mon 
Mar. 30, Sun Apr. 7, Mon Apr. 15, Tue Apr. 22, Tue 
Apr. 29, Tue May 7, Wed May 14, Wed May 21, Wed 
May 28, Wed June 5, Thu June 13, Fri June 19, Thu 
June 27, Fri July 5, Sat July 12, Sat July 19, Sat 
July 26, Sat Aug. 4, Mon Aug. 10, Sun Aug. 17, Sun 
Aug. 25, Mon Sept. 2, Tue Sept. 9, Tue Sept. 16, Tue 
Sept. 24, Wed Oct. 1, Wed Oct. 8, Wed Oct. 15, Wed 
Oct. 23, Thu Oct. 31, Fri Nov. 6, Thu Nov. 14, Fri 
Nov. 22, Sat Nov. 29, Sat Dec. 6, Sat Dec. 14, Sun 
Dec. 22, Mon Dec. 28, Sun 

<< Moon Phases Moon Phases >>

For your convenience we have prepared another list, this time with both local and UTC times of each phase. A date of nearest phase is marked in red, dates of the Full Moons are in bold font.

Lunar PhaseLocal Date & Time — Takoradi (Africa/Accra)UTC Date & Time
New MoonJanuary 1, WedJanuary 1, Wed
First QuarterJanuary 8, WedJanuary 8, Wed
Full MoonJanuary 16, ThuJanuary 16, Thu
Last QuarterJanuary 24, FriJanuary 24, Fri
New MoonJanuary 30, ThuJanuary 30, Thu
First QuarterFebruary 6, ThuFebruary 6, Thu
Full MoonFebruary 14, FriFebruary 14, Fri
Last QuarterFebruary 22, SatFebruary 22, Sat
New MoonMarch 1, SatMarch 1, Sat
First QuarterMarch 8, SatMarch 8, Sat
Full MoonMarch 16, SunMarch 16, Sun
Last QuarterMarch 24, MonMarch 24, Mon
New MoonMarch 30, SunMarch 30, Sun
First QuarterApril 7, MonApril 7, Mon
Full MoonApril 15, TueApril 15, Tue
Last QuarterApril 22, TueApril 22, Tue
New MoonApril 29, TueApril 29, Tue
First QuarterMay 7, WedMay 7, Wed
Full MoonMay 14, WedMay 14, Wed
Last QuarterMay 21, WedMay 21, Wed
New MoonMay 28, WedMay 28, Wed
First QuarterJune 5, ThuJune 5, Thu
Full MoonJune 13, FriJune 13, Fri
Last QuarterJune 19, ThuJune 19, Thu
New MoonJune 27, FriJune 27, Fri
First QuarterJuly 5, SatJuly 5, Sat
Full MoonJuly 12, SatJuly 12, Sat
Last QuarterJuly 19, SatJuly 19, Sat
New MoonJuly 26, SatJuly 26, Sat
First QuarterAugust 4, MonAugust 4, Mon
Full MoonAugust 10, SunAugust 10, Sun
Last QuarterAugust 17, SunAugust 17, Sun
New MoonAugust 25, MonAugust 25, Mon
First QuarterSeptember 2, TueSeptember 2, Tue
Full MoonSeptember 9, TueSeptember 9, Tue
Last QuarterSeptember 16, TueSeptember 16, Tue
New MoonSeptember 24, WedSeptember 24, Wed
First QuarterOctober 1, WedOctober 1, Wed
Full MoonOctober 8, WedOctober 8, Wed
Last QuarterOctober 15, WedOctober 15, Wed
New MoonOctober 23, ThuOctober 23, Thu
First QuarterOctober 31, FriOctober 31, Fri
Full MoonNovember 6, ThuNovember 6, Thu
Last QuarterNovember 14, FriNovember 14, Fri
New MoonNovember 22, SatNovember 22, Sat
First QuarterNovember 29, SatNovember 29, Sat
Full MoonDecember 6, SatDecember 6, Sat
Last QuarterDecember 14, SunDecember 14, Sun
New MoonDecember 22, MonDecember 22, Mon
First QuarterDecember 28, SunDecember 28, Sun
Sours: https://www.calendarcom/moon_phases/

Full Moon Calendar

Our Full Moon Calendar includes the dates, names, and times of all full moonsoccurring in Each of the full moons have been given a specific name (full moon names) with fascinating facts behind their meaning, including the famous Blue Moon. And in case you didn&#;t know already, a full moon is a lunar phasethat occurs when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. The full moon calendaris important because the lunar month is only 29 days long on the average, so the full moondates shift from year to year.

Full Moon Calendar Times

The full moon calendar dates are expressed in Coordinated Universal Time (UT), or Greenwich Mean Time, the international basis for other time zones. If your local time zone is currently on Daylight Saving Time or Summer Time, please add one hour to the standard times listed in the Next Moon phases tables. To create a full moon calendar based on times in your city, please use the Time Zone Converter. You may also simply subtract five (5) hours to get to U.S. Eastern Time.

Full Moon Calendar Dates

The full moon calendar is expressed in Coordinated Universal Time and includes the dates, names, and times of all of the full moon dates.

Popular Full Moon Calendars

Some popular full moon calendars, in addition to the Full Moon Calendar, include the following: Moon Calendar ,Moon Calendar , Moon Calendar , Moon Calendar , Moon Calendar , Moon Calendar , Moon Calendar , Moon Calendar , Moon Calendar , Moon Calendar , Moon Calendar , Moon Calendar , Moon Calendar , Moon Calendar , Moon Calendar , Moon Calendar
You can also check out our Full Moon Calendar, Lunar Calendar, Lunar Eclipse Calendarand Solar Eclipse Calendar!

Full Moon Names History

Full Moon Calendar

Full Moon Calendar

Full Moon nameshave been used by many cultures to describe the full moon throughout the year. Specifically, Native American tribes used moon phases and cycles to keep track of the seasons by giving a distinctive name to each recurring full moon, including the Flower Moon. The unique full moon names were used to identify the entire month during which each occurred.
Although many Native American tribes gave distinct names to the full moon, the most well known full moon names come from the Algonquin tribes who lived in the area of New England and westward to Lake Superior. The Algonquin tribes had perhaps the greatest effect on the early European settlers in America, and the settlers adopted the Native American habit of naming the full moons.
Sours: http://fullmoonphases.com/full-moon-calendar/

Full moon calendar 2014


Here is the schedule for all the Moon phases for If you&#;re going to go skywatching, remember that the best time to see the night sky is when you have a new Moon. When there&#;s a full Moon, the dimmer skies are washed out. Please note that all the times listed are in Universal Time, also known as Greenwich Mean Time.

Moon Phases and Dates for

Moon Phases, January
New Moon &#; January 1,
First Quarter &#; January 8,
Full Moon &#; January 16,
Last Quarter &#; January 24,
New Moon &#; January 30,

Moon Phases, February
First Quarter &#; February 6,
Full Moon &#; February 14,
Last Quarter &#; February 22,

Moon Phases, March
New Moon &#; March 1,
First Quarter &#; March 8,
Full Moon &#; March 16,
Last Quarter &#; March 24,
New Moon &#; March 30,

Moon Phases, April
First Quarter &#; April 7,
Full Moon &#; April 15,
Last Quarter &#; April 22,
New Moon &#; April 29,

Moon Phases, May
First Quarter &#; May 7,
Full Moon &#; May 14,
Last Quarter &#; May 21,
New Moon &#; May 28,

Moon Phases, June
First Quarter &#; June 5,
Full Moon &#; June 13,
Last Quarter &#; June 19,
New Moon &#; June 27,

Moon Phases, July
First Quarter &#; July 5,
Full Moon &#; July 12,
Last Quarter &#; July 19,
New Moon &#; July 26,

Moon Phases, August
First Quarter &#; August 4,
Full Moon &#; August 10,
Last Quarter &#; August 17,
New Moon &#; August 25,

Moon Phases, September
First Quarter &#; September 2,
Full Moon &#; September 9,
Last Quarter &#; September 16,
New Moon &#; September 24,

Moon Phases, October
First Quarter &#; October 1,
Full Moon &#; October 8,
Last Quarter &#; October 15,
New Moon &#; October 23,
First Quarter &#; October 31,

Moon Phases, November
Full Moon &#; November 6,
Last Quarter &#; November 14,
New Moon &#; November 22,
First Quarter &#; November 29,

Moon Phases, December
Full Moon &#; December 6,
Last Quarter &#; December 14,
New Moon &#; December 22,
First Quarter &#; December 28,

You can listen to a very interesting podcast about the formation of the Moon from Astronomy Cast, Episode Where Did the Moon Come From?


Like this:


Sours: https://www.universetoday.com//moon-phases-and-dates/
Full Moon Movie Trailer 2014 (Official)

May - Moon Phase Calendar

It’s the Moon’s journey as it orbits around Earth that creates the predictable dance between light and shadow. And while the changes may seem slow, on any given day the amount of Moon illuminated by the Sun can vary by as much as percent. The illustration above shows the range of illumination for today - October 13, The illustration is set to your computer’s clock and therefore gives you an accurate reading for your own particular time zone.

The four main Moon phases in order are the New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon and Last Quarter Moon. These phases occur at very specific times and are measured by both the Moon’s luminosity and how far along the Moon is in its orbit around Earth.

The New Moon Phase occurs when the Moon is completely dark with zero-percent luminosity, while the Full Moon Phase is completely bright with percent luminosity. The First and Last Quarter phases happen when the Moon is exactly half illuminated, with percent luminosity. When people say “today is a Full Moon” it’s important to remember that doesn’t mean the Moon is full all day long, only that the Full Moon Phase occurs on this day. In reality, the exact moment of the Full Moon can be timed to the second. To learn more about the exact time of the Full Moon and the current Full Moon info, check out these Current Full Moon times.

The remaining four Moon phases occur at halfway points between the main phases. Unlike the main phases, these minor phases don’t happen at a specific time or luminosity, rather they describe the Moon’s phase for the entire time period between each main phase. These interim phases are Waxing Crescent Moon, Waxing Gibbous Moon, Waning Gibbous Moon and Waning Crescent Moon. The illustration below shows all eight main and minor Moon phases and where they occur in the lunar cycle.

Moon Phases In History

Imagine a Neanderthal peering out of his cave some dark summer night as the Full Moon rises above the horizon. Nothing on Earth was quite like this strange brilliant object arcing through the night sky. What did he think it was? It’s not hard to imagine how the Moon became the source of many religions, myths and legends throughout the ages.

The Greeks were among the first to take a scientific look at the Moon and her phases. Around BC Greek philosopher and astronomer Pythagoras carefully observed the narrow boundary line—the terminator—between the dark and light hemispheres of the Moon. Based on how the terminator curved across the surface of the Moon, he correctly surmised the Moon must be a sphere.

moon giants

A few centuries later, around BC, Aristotle took Pythagoras observations even further. By observing the shadow of the Earth across the face of the Moon during a lunar eclipse, Aristotle reckoned that the Earth was also a sphere. He reasoned, incorrectly however, that the Earth was fixed in space and that the Moon, Sun and Stars revolved around it. He also believed the Moon was a translucent sphere that traveled in a perfect orbit around Earth.

It wasn’t until the 16th century that our understanding of the Solar System evolved. In the early s Astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus developed a model of the Solar System where Earth and the other planets orbited around the Sun, and the Moon orbited around Earth. One hundred years later Italian Astronomer Galileo used one of the first telescopes to observe the terminator and deduced from the uneven shadows of the Waning Crescent Phase that the Moon’s surface was pocked with craters and valleys and ridged with mountains.

These observations were revolutionary. Copernicus and Galileo upended the long-held Aristotelian view of the heavens as a place where Earth was the center of the Universe and the Moon was a smooth, polished orb. Telescopes and new minds helped scientist understand that the Earth and planets orbited around the Sun and the Moon was a battered and cratered satellite held in our own orbit.

Sours: https://www.moongiant.com/calendar/may//

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The full moon calendar

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Here you see the full moon calendar with the full moon dates of and exact times and dates in an overview.

Thursday, 16 January , am
Saturday, 15 February , am
Sunday, 16 March , pm
Tuesday, 15 April , am [**]
Wednesday, 14 May , pm
Friday, 13 June , am
Saturday, 12 July , pm
Sunday, 10 August , pm
Tuesday, 9 September , am
Wednesday, 8 October , pm [**]
Thursday, 6 November , pm
Saturday, 6 December , pm

Time specified in Central European Time (CET) or Summer Time (CEST)

Calendars have turned more digital. The first full moon as of was on Saturday,

Deceased at full moon
  • – Dave Madden (–), American actor ("The Partridge Family")
  • – Gary Bettenhausen (–), American auto racing driver
  • – Sir Arthur Owen Woodhouse (–), New Zealand jurist and chair of government commission
  • – Stephen Sutton (–), British blogger and charity activist
  • – Chuck Noll (–), American football player and coach
  • – Kenneth J. Gray (–), U.S. representative from Illinois
  • – Princess Lalla Fatima Zohra of Marocco (–)
  • – Robert "Throb" Young (/–), Scottish guitarist of the rock band Primal Scream
  • – Morris Lurie (–), Australian writer
  • – Luke Somers (–), American photojournalist

Events at full moon
  • – Temperatures in Melbourne, Australia reach degrees Celsius ( degrees Fahrenheit) and Australian Open matches are postponed.
  • – A second wave of big snow storms hits the north-east of the USA.
  • – An earthquake, magnitude , shook the region near the coast of Northern Peru.
  • – A total lunar eclipse takes place at (UTC).
  • – Wildfires in California destroy properties in Los Angeles and San Diego, thousand of homes are evacuated.
  • – The city of Pello, Finland, offers 50 euro to each Finnish speaking taxpayer who changes language to Swedish to secure the bi-lingual Finnish-Swedish government.
  • – Recep Tayyip Erdogan wins the presidential elections in Turkey.
  • – Former Formula One Champion Michael Schumacher leaves the hospital to continue his recovery at home.
  • – First ebola patient diagnosed in the US, dies in Texas.
  • – In the Red Sea, a migrant boat sinks off the coast of Yemen and at least 70 people drown.
Sours: https://www.fullmoon.info/en/fullmoon-calendar/html

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